Aether 70 AG EX Pack - Men's

23 Q&A8 comments

Was trying to decide between the Aether 70 and 60. The 70 was a little much but...It has a good acc

Ariel 65 AG EX Pack - Women's

17 Q&A4 comments

This is my first real backpack is 20+ years and, wow!, have they changed! I'm glad I got fitted inst

Everyday Camera Pack - 30 Liters

0 Q&A10 comments

Purchased after following so many reviews and crowdfunding. So much praise but for $300 you can find

Traverse 85 Pack - Men's

0 Q&A1 comments

Purchased for Philmont. It’s a lot of pack that will fit your needs. Worked well and only had one

Ultra-Light Packcover - Medium

0 Q&A8 comments

"Waterproofness" proved to me in 3 mile mountain bike out with full pack in pouring rain (cats & dog

Crown V.C. 60 Pack - Men's

0 Q&A19 comments

For years, I carried a 50 pound pack. A few years ago, I traded my 6 pound Gregory for a 4 pound Deu

Wander 70 Pack - Kids'

0 Q&A9 comments

Fits me perfect! I'm 5'2" and approximately 100lbs. For a petite woman with a 17.5" torso it's bee

Shape-Shift 3L Reservoir - 3 Liters

9 Q&A15 comments

Let's start with the bad -- this bag doesn't hold 3l unless you unzip the center zipper, which is on

Hydraulics Insulated Delivery

0 Q&A2 comments

Recently used on a Mt. Whitney summit in very cold temperature. Kept my water from freezing in the t

Litus 22 Pack - Men's

1 Q&A2 comments

Good bag. Very light weight. I like the simplicity. Not to many bells and whistles. Just the main po

Zulu 40 Pack - Men's

9 Q&A10 comments

I had a lot of hope for this guy. It's three pounds lighter than the pack I've been using for years,

Quick Connect Hydration Hose Kit

4 Q&A1 comments

It makes filling your Osprey reservoir easier which is always welcome.

Utensil/Peg Bag

0 Q&A5 comments

Perfect for keeping tent pegs together. Was looking for something light and sturdy and this is perfe

Authority Pack

0 Q&A2 comments

I use this for commuting into NYC and for carrying stuff to the gym. Overall, it is a very good bac

Airporter LZ- Pack Duffel Small

0 Q&A4 comments

The bag was massive on my Womens 50 L bag. There was so much extra room that I didn’t end up usin

Redwing 50 Pack - Men's

7 Q&A11 comments

This pack is amazing. Kelty makes fantastic bags and this is my favorite so far. The front loading s

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