Climbing Shoes

Dragontail LT Approach Shoes - Men's

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Got the shoes. Really like the look and the build, but they run tight if not small. Im exchanging

Zone Climbing Shoes

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I have used the Zone on a couple of indoor bouldering sessions. The shoe has potential as warm weath

Acrux SL Approach Shoes - Men's

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Leave it to Arc'teryx to come up with this very different looking, but way functional shoe... It's v

Free Range LV Climbing Shoes - Women's

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Got up on the wall with these on Thursday. I've been in the market for a more aggressive shoe for so

Grand Traverse Approach Shoes - Women's

7 Q&A19 comments

I bought these shoes with some trepidation, since hiking shoes often rub one of my feet wrong. I fo

Oxygym Climbing Shoes - Men's

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Fresh out of the box these shoes edged well while being comfortable whether walking around the crag

Dragontail MNT GTX Approach Shoes - Men's

1 Q&A28 comments

I'm glad REI kept this out of their "approach shoes" category, even though Garmont says this is for

Stickit Climbing Shoes - Kids'

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I bought these for my daughter who got invited to join climbing team. The shoes lasted for two and a

Aspect Climbing Shoes

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I'm a beginning climber so I don't know a whole lot about shoes but from what I've experienced in th

Oxygym Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I absolutely love that this shoe is machine washable. I also love this shoe because they were comfor

Force V Climbing Shoes - Men's

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I bought these shoes and tried them about 2-3 weeks in the gyms going at least 3 times a week if not

Free Range Climbing Shoes

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I really love this shoe as I've gotten so much better at climbing. Toe hooking, heel hooking, and ed

Mythos Climbing Shoes - Women's

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I'm more of a mountain-climber than a rock climber so I use these shoes typically as part of a bigge

Miura VS Climbing Shoes - Women's

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These shoes are awesome! The rubber is super sticky which makes me much more confident in my feet. T

TX4 Mid GTX Approach Shoes - Men's

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I like the narrowness of the boot in the mid area, but it made it hard for me to tighten the laces a

Crux II Approach Shoes - Men's

0 Q&A12 comments

I needed something more legit-looking than Chacos to convince people at my climbing gym I'm totally

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