Fitness Electronics

Index Smart Scale

0 Q&A2 comments

This is the perfect scale if you own garmin products or just by itself. Lots of information, accurat

Flash Dot LED Vizlet Safety Light - Package of 2

0 Q&A6 comments

I have been using these for nearly a year. The crease where the flap folds over has become brittle a

Slice Heart Rate Monitor and Activity Tracker

0 Q&A4 comments

It has littel to no worth and quite ugly - I thought that the PSI was an interesting option but in e

Versa-Light Plus Safety Light

0 Q&A9 comments

I bought this a couple days ago and have been using it non-stop since without having to charge it.

Jib Wireless Headphones

0 Q&A2 comments

I got these because another headset I got conked out on me. And thus far, I would say they are OKAY.

Method Wireless Headphones

0 Q&A1 comments

These are great for a while. Lays nice on your neck, buttons are easy to use (even with gloves on),

Versa-Light Max USB Safety Light

0 Q&A2 comments

Great product, i have two of them now, they keep me from tripping in my early morning runs in places

Endurance DIVE Wireless Sport Headphones with MP3 Player

139 Q&A9 comments

I had a Sony MP3 player that I lost (which were great). I was so desperate to get another MP3 player

Endurance SPRINT Wireless Sport Headphones

168 Q&A12 comments

I have been using these at the gym for about a month and I love them. They stay securely on your ear

Reflect Contour 2 Sport Headphones

59 Q&A6 comments

really wanted some earbuds that were bluetooth and had the ability to use siri. These do the trick g

Live 500BT Wireless Headphones

24 Q&A1 comments

These BT headphones are quite comfortable and have surprisingly good sound quality. The base is espe

Curvyman Cord Supervisor

0 Q&A10 comments

I have tried two other "solutions" and find this the best of the three. Lightweight and easy to wrap


0 Q&A17 comments

On my second device. Both share the same issue of shutting off by itself. I don't know if the switch

Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch

0 Q&A16 comments

Went to the store looking for a headlamp, but a sales associate brought me this and I'm very happy w

ArmPod SmartView Sumo Armband

1 Q&A2 comments

Got a new phone. Needed a larger armpod and love the Sumo armband. Easy to get the phone into and o

Swift-Clip Cap Light

0 Q&A2 comments

I have two of these I clip to a tech ball cap while running in the winter. Headlamps hurt my head an

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