GPS Systems


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The batteries died 3x within one hike (10hrs rt of Humphrey's in AZ). The conditions were above free

tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor

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This sensor is accurate in a stable environment, i.e., indoors, total shade, neutral placement condi

ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer

1 Q&A4 comments

The idea of a computer that uploaded to Strava and only required battery changes once a year sounded

M430 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch

2 Q&A3 comments

If the wrist HR monitoring on the M430 is not accurate enough (or not at all accurate according to s

Edge Explore Bike Computer

0 Q&A2 comments

The unit worked for a couple of days on test rides and then once on a tour, it stopped working. Touc

Ionic GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch

36 Q&A60 comments

The Fitbit Iconic has all the fitness features (GPS, heart rate, waterproof, sleep, multiple workout

Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer - Mountain Bike Bundle

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The device looks to be made well, but it was more than I was looking for and I couldn't get it set u

Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer

9 Q&A10 comments

There is a bug that only displays north as up on maps. We’ve downloaded the latest version and Ga

Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch - HRM-Run Bundle

2 Q&A3 comments

I don’t write reviews but disappointed in Garmin. Have really enjoyed this watch for just over 2.

Edge 830 GPS Bike Computer - Mountain Bike Bundle

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Got this yesterday. Touchscreen doesn't work. REI suggested I contact Garmin. Been on hold for 90 mi

5 GPS Watch

0 Q&A2 comments

I owned a Garmin 920XT then a Fitbit Ionic (died after 2 years) before the Suunto 5. I bought the w

Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

7 Q&A8 comments

The vibration for the alerts is really so light as to be imperceptible. You truly have to use the au

Forerunner 645 GPS Watch

0 Q&A1 comments

I am a long time Garmin product fan. I tried this out to see if the sleep, strain, RHR, HRV, and re

Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor Watch

54 Q&A77 comments

Have had for almost a month now and I really like this watch. Only reason it did not get 5 stars is

Edge 820 Bike Computer

2 Q&A11 comments

Fully charged, I can navigate 40 miles before it says "entering battery save mode" and screen cuts o

Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer - Sensor Bundle

0 Q&A2 comments

I've been using the Garmin 530 with the sensor package for about a month now. It was a great purchas

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