Backpacker's Pantry - Granola with Bananas, Almonds and Milk - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

call it whatever but its not granola, more like oatmeal. decent sized portions but not as tasty as it sounds and no way that photo is what you're going to get. the bananas really don't rehydrate well and overall a little on the runny/mushy end, frankly would have been better with just quaker oats

On a cool mountain morning it was the most welcomed and delicious thing ever! Very easy to make although we used too much water. Was the perfect amount for 2 people. Not too filling but enough to get us through the day's hike.

I was not sure about the bananas aspect of this option, often when a banana's not fresh it can have a weird taste. This one pulled it off for a nice breakfast during a backpacking trip.

This granola was great. I was able to enjoy this meal while picking them up and putting them down. One little top tip I have for you is to rinse the bag with water and drink it.

Basically granola and powered milk, I have to say that the coconut and brown sugar were stronger flavors than the banana. Certainly better than some other dehydrated breakfasts

More calorie-dense than most of the dinner meals, and super tasty. I ate it hot instead of cold; no ragrets. Not even one little letter.

Ate this breakfast at valley overlook in the Rocky Mountain National Park camp site. It was tasty and was enough for two of us.

Bought a bag of this to try on a car camping trip. It's amazing how good the bananas taste and the granola is good also.


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