Osprey - Hydraulics Sternum Strap and Tube Magnet Kit

Category: Backpack

My Osprey backpack came with a bladder that had a magnet like this on the tube and the chest strap. When I added another brand of hydration tube that fit water bottles I missed the ease of the magnet clip. This fit the hose just fine. I had already exchanged the bite valve on the hydration tube to an Osprey, so I thought the tubing size was correct and it was.

I have been looking for a magnetic clasp for my bladder for a while. I have a platypus bladder and use it mainly for trail running. It did not seem like it was going to fit when I first bought it but it did once I soaked the part that goes on the tube for a few minutes in hot water. The magnet keeps everything in place even with all the bouncing from running.

This product works, but getting the magnet on the bladder's plastic tube took needle nose pliers to get it on. There were zero directions provided on how to best get it on, and I was worried about breaking it, so I thought, "F it. If I break it, I'll return it." Hey Osprey--add directions on how best to put it on the tube.

This little magnet keeps my hydration hose in place. It is always on my sternum strap instead of flopping around where it could get damaged or dirty. Hate dirty water!!! P.S. Filter your water, stay healthy on the trail...

Just perfect. Simple, easy to use and STRONG !! Had a few others and the magnet just did not hold and the tube was flopping all over.

Imstalled this on a non-Osprey pack and it works great. Super strong magnets help keep your drink tube out of the way.

My first time using a magnetic system- easy to apply and use. Protects your hydration system mouthpiece.

Wanted an extra magnet for my second pack. Massless it ready to transfer the hydration pouch.

Use this to secure my metal Emergency Whistle don’t need the additional magnet.

Works great, very handy. I have one on my day pack and my big back pack.

Very nice product but didn't meet my needs. Worth looking at!


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