Arc'teryx - Gamma MX Hoodie - Men's

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This is the piece that, once you get it, you'll wonder why it took you so long to finally buy it. Yes, it's on the pricier side for a soft shell, but I find that it blends well in both city environment as well as in the backcountry, which is where it excels. As someone who puts out a lot of heat even in the winter, I have found this to regulate my temperature very well.

I have had this jacket for a little over a year and I love wearing it. I use this jacket for anything from cycling (because of its wind resistance and storm hood that can fit over my helmet), to cold icy days, to really cold snowy days (as a shell over my Arc'teryx Atom LT). Over all I would say that this jacket is probably the best soft shell on the market. I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a high quality soft shell.

I bought the hooded version of the Gamma MX for a trip to Europe, after owning the unhooded for four years. As with my first, which has been indestructible and still looks great after many washings, the hooded Gamma MX added protection from light rain and was the only jacket I needed. The hood is large, leaving a good overhang for the face. I repeatedly crushed it into a small day pack with my camera when not needed and it always shook out nicely. And, they've fixed the too-small-for-hands cuffs, making it easier to get on and off.

I've owned this piece for about six months and have worn it in highly variable conditions down to a low temps near freezing. It's a reliable, protective piece of gear that fits in somewhere between a shell and a true mid-layer. It's my outer shell on most long, alpine hikes over a silk-weight, long-sleeve shirt. I carry a true, uninsulated hard shell to cover over when it rains, turning the Gamma MX into my primary insulating layer. This is not a hard shell jacket, so take the reviews complaining about waterproofing with a grain of salt. Not what it's for. The DWR is good for light drizzle/rain for short periods and easily replenished when it wears out using Nikwax Soft Shell Proof. Six months of near daily wear and the DWR is still good.

I like the overall quality and feel of the jacket, but around the cuffs if you any watch you will have some trouble sliding your watch through the opening. This problem is especially noticeable with large watches like the fenix line by Garmin.

This is a great looking jacket but just wouldn't work for my everyday use. The pockets were to small for phone and keys would have put a hole in the mesh pockets. If you are buying for hiking I think this jacket would be great!

I'm living in the Central Cascades in Oregon and the spring weather is really unpredictable. This is a great piece of that covers wide range with various base layers.

I live in Atlanta, and it doesn't get too cold here in the Winter. Occasionally it'll drop in the teens, but most of the time, cold weather bottoms in the low 30's(F). I've found this jacket to be perfect for that weather, and unlike my other hoodies, the gamma doesn't make me feel too hot when the temperature is a bit warmer. It's an excellent balance of wind resistant and water resistant while remaining breathable.

Jacket arrived used with white wear marks where pocket zippers located.

Very comfortable to wear between temperatures of 30 to 60 degrees.


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