GSI Outdoors - Halulite Boiler Pot - 1.8 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

Very easy to use, and boils water well. Just used this for three weeks straight and have no complaints.

Works great and is big enough to store my fuel can and stove inside it. Helps to save space in my pack.



Will the 1.1 litre version of this pot nest inside this 1.8 litre pot?

The Halulite 1.1L Boiler Pot does not nest inside of the Halulite 1.8L Boiler Pot.


What are the internal height and diameter of this pot? I have and older stove I am looking to nestle in a pot.

The interior diameter of the Halulite 1.8L Boiler Pot is 4 5/8 inches. The interior depth is also 4 5/8 inches.

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