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My girlfriend and I have been using this tent while cycling across the US. After having used it over a few months the zippers began to malfunction. The sliders constantly became stuck and some areas of the track would remain unzipped after the slider passed over allowing for the whole zipper to become easily undone.

I used the REI Passage 2 tent on two separate backpacking trips. It wasn't too heavy but it is definitely not on the ultra-lightweight backpacking side of tents. The bathtub bottom made it such that even in the event of a storm, there is no worry about water seeping into the tent, the material felt durable as well. I liked the multitude of pockets within the tent and the latern latch/hook was a nice addition. I really like that the vent stands on the rain-fly were made of metal which provide for a sturdy, durable ventilation system; i have another backpacking tent where the vent stand is made of plastic and it has already started to bend. However, i wasn't a huge fan of the two-pole design. Although it was incredibly easy setting up the tent by myself, the two pole design was less stable and the tent hook would let one of the poles fall.

I’ve alwas camped/Bushcrafted by building primitive shelters, tarp camping or hammock camping. I still love those things but I just got a new camping dog who I love to go out on overnights with. I decided to get a tent so that she could stay close to me especially since coyotes could lure her out until she could be pro early trained and trusted to stay on command. This tent is plenty large enough to accommodate her and my gear on such excursions. It’s (relatively) lightweight and packs up nice. Very easy to setup. I’ve had it out in pouring rain all night with no issues. Love the double doors, vestibules, and venting tabs. Awesome tent for the price..... highly recommend.

I had the older model but had to return it due to a snag in the lining. They didn't have any left in stock to exchange so I upgraded to the newer model which I'm very pleased with. The little revisions are excellent! I took my new tent out recently and it did not disappoint. It poured the first night for hours and not only did I stay dry in the tent, my random gear in the vestibule was dry as a bone too. It was windy and surprisingly chilly the whole weekend and I didn't even notice inside the tent. I had a microlight 2 as backup but I think I'm going to return it as I'm so pleased with the passage2. Love the door socks, pockets, color coding- everything was on point. Is it the lightest option, no, but for the price- this is definitely the best option in my opinion.

I have my Passage 2 now for about 4 years. I am an avid backpacker and white water rafter. This tent has done it all from 100+ nights to 17 degree winter camping. Its fast and easy to set up and break down. I'm 6'1" and have used it with someone my same size. I will be getting another one when ever mine needs replaced, so far it has no signs of letting me down.

After a weeks use hiking in a national park, this is a good tent. I usually go by myself, but like the extra space of a two person tent. The tent set up easy. It doesn't pack down real small, but you can deal with it. It's also not the lightest on the market, but good for the money. The rainfly goes on easy and works well. The guy lines are kinda wonky and seem to just be for show. The interior pockets are very nice and the mesh is absolutely big proof at night. Overall, a solid tent for the low price you pay versus a Big Agnes.

I got this tent as a gift to myself when I became a member. I love it. Years later it is still my favorite and I see no reason to look for another. It is a bit on the heavier side but for the price and comfort it is well worth it.

I got this tent for my 1st AT hike, 4 nights. The tent was easy to set up and had no issues what so ever with this tent. The rain fly provided enough ventilation and protection from rain, I did have one night of light showers with no leaks at all. It is a 2 person tent, I was all by myself so I had plenty of room in the tent for my backpack and gear. Protect your tent with the foot print, it will make your tent last and help keep it clean. The only issue is if it were just a little lighter. Over all good choice for the money

This tent took (maybe) 10 minutes to set up by myself. Frustration-free with the color-coding. On its first use it had the challenge of standing up against a notorious Wisconsin thunderstorm-- hail, pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and 30 mph winds. It not only kept me warm and dry, but felt sturdy against the wind. I can't recommend this tent any higher! It's lightweight(not as lightweight as some others, but it's sturdiness and quality is worth every extra ounce to me) but can hold up against some inclement weather. The inside has some mesh pockets hanging from the ceiling that are durable and convenient. Take-down took about 10 minutes as well. Easy to use, and durable. I have a feeling this tent will last me for many years to come.

I bought this tent in December when it was 79$, and god was it a good decision. For one, I managed to plop it down over a sharp rock one time, Somehow I stabbed into my muscle on my knee, but had NO holes anywhere in the lining. How that works still confuses me to this day.

I was in a jam when I bought this tent last year. My bike was grossly overloaded for the tour I was planning and tossing my old eurkea (8.5#) wasn't going to help matters. I needed a small lighter tent for solo backpacking and bike touring. The passage was on sale with all the right features I was looking for. I had considered the Passage 1 but decided that the second door, extra floor space and 2nd vestibule were worth their (2lbs) weight in gold. Good Stuff Color coded markers for the poles and ease of setup are great. Lots of little pockets for stuff inside. Small size when packed The dual vestibules are great for storing gear. I kept my panniers under one side and used the other as a cooking porch. Low price point.

I used this tent for 6 weeks doing field work. I LOVE this tent. It's lightweight and very easy to assemble. I was miles away in the field when a thunderstorm blew through in New Mexico. When I got back to my tent, it was sitting on a small pond... somehow not even a drop of water got in! A different storm with much higher winds came through when we were in Wyoming. Several of my friends tents were left with only 1 or 2 stakes in the ground or their tent polls had snapped. This little guy stayed firmly on the ground with no damage. The rain fly was also great. It stays out far enough from the tent so I could keep my boots outside without them getting wet in the rain. This tent is also great for hot and cold weather. It kept me cool in 90 degree weather and kept me warm in 30 degree weather. I was surprised by how much warmth the rain fly kept in.

Got this tent for a 6 week coastal trip to California, in January. It is the best tent! So easy to set up. And this is my first tent of my own, so I had very little experience setting up tents. There was crazy rain, and winds, with flash flooding nearby, and this tent didn't leak one bit! Everyone elses tents were leaking or blowing away in the wind, and my tent was totally leak-proof, and stayed staked down! And not just for 1 night - many nights in a row! I highly recommend this to anyone. Now that I'm more interested in traveling lighter, I'd say the only downside is that its a little bulky, but that's okay because it is spacious (fits 2 adults comfortably) and leak-proof!

This tent is just the right size for me and my gear. Though it is considered a 2 person tent, unless you and your partner are small, consider this a one person tent. I never used this tent until quite a while after I bought it and didn't get the rain fly on right the first time. This tent has no spreader bar on top and the fly vents are small, so it feels quite confining. Materials appear durable, though. This is a low price tent and worth it.[read, you get what you pay for] If you are going to be in your tent quite a bit, I recommend spending a bit more money on one. This one is good for occasional use, though.

I just set it up for the first time and was very impressed with a setup in leas than five minutes.

I just used this tent on a 2-week trip through 5 national parks. It held up great! The easy setup made it no hassle at all to move from park to park. We had great weather most of the time, but the last night we were in Badlands, where the campground is on an open plain, we were hit with a serious thunderstorm and 30mph winds. I was nervous and watched for any sign of collapse, but the tent held up! I'm very impressed and happy with this tent. I look forward to using it on many more adventures.

I’ve had a lot of tents, including several that setup similarly. Still, this is the fastest setup of any tent I’ve ever had. High quality materials and everything fits together perfectly. Luxurious for one, snug for two, but absolutely doable. Plenty breezy and still held up to rain no problem. A tad heavy for long distance backpacking, but fine for a night or two and perfect for multi-day paddling trips. I would recommend you purchase the Passage 2 footprint, as the tent’s dimensions will not matchup with garden variety lightweight tarps.

The tent is great. It's a little short. But nothing beats being able to get a tent up in 10 minutes. It has wonderful pockets and breaths well enough while still keeping rain out. It has little top vents in the rain fly for when the weather is warmer

I bought this a few weeks ago and the first outing included rain. Stayed dry and cozy through it all. Easy to set up and take down. Would be pretty tight for two, but is very nice for one plus a canine companion.

I purchased the Passage 2 as my first backpacking tent. I thought it would be a great asset for kayak camping as well. Recently we were predicted to get about 8 inches of rain in about 4 days with some storms being strong at times. I thought it would be a great opportunity to really test out the tent. For four days the rain did not stop. Some storms reached 50 mph winds. The tent stood strong. I noticed about 1 tbs of water in the lower corner of the tent. I was able to soak it up with a washcloth. I didn't see any evidence of how it came to be. I am not disappointed, 8 inches of rain is a lot of water. These were the absolute worst conditions I would probably camp in and only had to worry about 1 spoon full of water. No tent is 100% water proof. I did not treat the material with any water proofing silicon. It may have made the difference in 1 tbs of water and none at all. I will be able to camp with confidence sleeping in this tent.

I love this tent. This is the first backpacking tent I have purchased and it has been awesome so far. It is easy to set up by myself, the instructions and color coding make it super simple. The first night I took it out was to Broken Top and the winds blew over 25 mph all night and my little tent never collapsed. Two other campers, with much fancier tents, had their tents break and/or collapse. For the price, it doesn’t get much better.

I have a much older version of this tent, but have been recently been extremely impressed by its durability. My Passage 2 has withstood a high altitude Colorado thunderstorm that produced quarter-sized hail, nights in the Mojave desert where wind gusts reached 70mph, and temperatures as low as 20 degrees and as high as 90 degrees. It's slightly heavier and bulkier than other backpacking options, but if you are willing to sacrifice a pound or two for easy set-up and great durability, I recommend it!

I had a old passage 2 that after many bike packing an camping trips finally wore out. It was best tent ever. I bought the new version an have to say they really screwed it up. * New design on doors when open makes it so that screen is in your face all the time. * Doors for fly will not stay open unless you roll them back an loop. Pain in the neck when you just want get in an out especially when wet! *1st rain Storm the floor leaked. * Fly on side walls don't pull tight at bottom so they just lay on the tent. This is even with guide ropes secured. I will be returning it.

I bought the older version of this tent 5 years ago. I have been on countless backpacking and car-camping trips with this tent. It has kept me dry and warm during down pours, wind storms, and snow. I used it for six weeks straight one summer during my geology field camp. It has also served as my climbing basecamp for several seasons. It has a few patches now, and a bent pole (from when my friend decided to try and jump over the tent), but it has been through so much with me. It is also very easy to set up - I regularly set it up in the dark on my own. I am truly impressed with the quality and simplicity of this tent.

The ease of setting up is wonderful. Very roomy for one person, and it held all of my gear inside. Very sturdy in strong winds (about 40 mph) with all leads tacked down. Was able to cut down on some weight to pack lighter. Not bad to pack even with 1.5 gal of water added. Would like to give it a 5 star, however the clips on the rain shield to the tent body are very difficult to unlatch on 2 ends. I have to pull on the strap and forcefully pinch to detach. Even had help one morning from another hiker in our party to get it to release. They had problems as well.

One of the best tents available. Going on over a year. I've been in it all.

This is a reflection of the older Half Dome 2 HC. I used this tent as a wilderness guide in Utah. in the winter I used the whole thing but during the warmer months used only the footprint and rain fly. With heavy heavy use (living in it for at least 6 months or more) it lasted about a year. It eventually succumbed to sun wear and I had to buy a new one. Best tent I have owed.

Good entry level backpackers tent. We've used this tent for a couple short hike-ins and 5 day stretch exploring Iceland. Pretty happy with this tent, though we'll pick a different rainfly design for our next tent.

Bought one in 2012 and we used it a lot for climbing/camping trips. The pole broke after 3 years and we got one of those tent poles splints. Then the rain fly ripped and we put some duck tape over it. The final straw was this year when the zippers wouldn’t zip anymore.

Ive had the Passage 2 for the last 6 years. I use it to camp about 8 times a year, and backpacking 2 times a year. This tent has never failed me. I can set up this tent in under 5 minutes and nothing has broken so far. Their is some wear starting to show on the tent floor though. When it comes to moisture I have yet to have any significant condensation be a problem (this tent has been to the Carolinas, Arkansas, and significant parts of Michigan).

I bought this tent to use on RAGBRAI (a week-long bike ride across the state of Iowa). After riding anywhere from 50 to 70 miles a day, it took me around 5 minutes to fully set up. This is exactly what I wanted after a long day of riding and being out in the sun. It was also very simple to put away each morning, and the bag is actually big enough so you don't have to have a masters degree in tent rolling to be able to pack it away. Great product!

I've taken this tent out several times now. It's fast and easy to set up and I like the extra features like the interior pockets. I've never had trouble with condensation. The last time I camped I was hit with huge thunderstorms and torrential rain. Even with the fly vents open not a single drop of water made it in the tent!

I love this tent. I’ve done multiple trips and it holds up to hard winds and PNW rain. Doesn’t need stakes, which is nice. I get this thing up in under 5 minutes. The rainfly is quick and easy to throw on, so if it’s a summer night and it you want to have an open canopy you can without worrying about having to get super wet trying to get the thing on if it rains at 3 a.m.. I like the way the doors tuck into the ceiling, and I also like the ceiling storage. Plenty of ceiling loops to hang stuff from, I’ve always liked this option. Have I told you how much I like the ceiling? Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much out of this little tent, but it’s the perfect size for me.

I've had an old Half Dome 2 for over 10 years, so that's what I'm comparing to. Despite having this one being brand new and free! (to me, as a product tester), I'm gonna stay with my old tent.

2 weeks ago we went on a road trip to The French Riviera for the 4th of July. The passage 2 is small enough to pack in our luggage and we camped in it all week, then at the beach we needed some shelter and it was perfect! Im bringing extra stakes next time for the beach!

Purchased this tent (and the footprint sold separately)

I've been through everything with this tent. On beaches, in forests, in the desert, in pouring rain, in 60 mph winds...its NEVER let me down, never leaked, has great airflow and is fairly lightweight for its size. It's extremely roomy with one person and cozy with two. I love the little pockets for storage when I'm sleeping in here long term they REALLY come in handy. Very easy to set up, takes me under 5 minutes every time. After years of using cheap tents I finally decided to invest and I'm SO glad I did. I've had it for over a year now and look forward to waking up in it still. Also love the aesthetic design of it, when I sleep without the fly and open my eyes to a beautiful geometric pattern. Thank you REI!

Old passage 2 design floor didn't leak without the footprint. I think the designers skimped on the floor plastic. Light rain woke up wet not buying again

I bought this as an upgrade for my old Coleman tent. I liked the idea of having the vestibules to store my boots and gear. I used it this weekend for the first time without setting it up ahead of time (my mistake). The tent only comes with 8 stakes and should have 14. It basically comes with enough to stake the 4 corners and the vestibules. There are 4 lines that need to be staked on the fly. The other bummer is there are 2 loops sewed to the fly on either end to help pull it out from the tent to help airflow and keep it from resting on the side of the tent. Now I need to get some paracord to create guidelines for that. Other than that it seems like it will be just what I wanted, but it disappointing that it does not come with everything needed to make it as it was designed.

I bought this tent in preparation for some camping at a music festival in Virginia. It was super lightweight and easy to pack. The setup was less than 5 minutes, and very manageable for one person, but on the smaller side for 2 people. We had an air mattress inside that took up all of the space. this would be great for true backpacking adventures but probably too small for a camping type setting. it did collect A LOT of condensation overnight under the rain cover and on the outside, but we stayed dry inside the inner part of the tent. The pockets were super helpful and it was pretty easy to get in and out of. Overall it worked for what I needed but I'll probably upgrade to something a little bigger for the next camping adventure.

I've had this tent for about 2 years. Used it several times in various conditions(nothing too crazy). As an entry level backpacking tent, you can't go wrong. The one thing I wish they would change(they understandably never will) is that the stuff sack is really long. It makes packing it in anything less than a 55L pack impossible. Where I'm located, I need to camp with a bear can so things get tight pretty quick even in my 60L pack.

I enjoyed using this tent. It is easy to set up, spacious enough for two people even if one of them is larger (I am 6'3"), and had a good sized vestibule. The tent was high enough to sit up on the in side and had several built in gear pockets, which were handy for keeping things orderly. The two doors made it easy for each of us to enter and exit and made the tent feel bigger.

I've had this tent for a couple years now and man, it's great. I will start out by saying that it is a little heavy for a long backpacking trip, I have a second ultralight tent that I take for those, but I leave that in the closet and take my Passage for anything less than 2-3 nights. This tent is a workhorse, ultralight tents wouldn't stand a chance against this baby in terms of durability. In terms of bang for your buck, this tent is unbeatable (especially on sale!) I have probably spent 50 nights in this tent so far, everywhere from the desert to mountain peaks to the beach, and she is holding up great. It held up against high winds when I got stuck in a big storm and it has never leaked in the rain. The only wear or damage the tent shows is a little hole in the screen where a mouse tried to get in, but I patched it up, but no other wear. Plus it's super easy to set up, even with just one person. I can pitch it alone in about one minute, which is great in inclement weather. Very simple design. It's one drawback is that there is less head-room than in other 2 person tents (such as the REI half or quarter dome), but there's still enough room inside for it to be comfortable. My boyfriend (who is a big guy 6'2" 200lbs) and I (medium-sized woman) fit comfortably inside together. When I share it with girl friends, there is ample space. Two big guys might find it a little cramped, but that's true of almost all 2 person tents. It's definitely worth investing in the footprint (or just a regular blue tarp cut to size) to extend the life of the tent. I anticipate having this baby for years to come!!!

I bought this tent a while back and finally got to take it out into the wild. It is very light and easy to set up. As many others, I feel the "two person" is more for "one person" and gear. I have used it in cooler, wet weather and warm humid or spring and fall in Texas. It is great for most conditions I face in in Texas and can highly recommend it.

I have used this tent about 4 times, and for the price tag I don’t think you can beat it. Super spacious (I’m 6’3” and fit comfortably), decent vestibule room, and if split between two people can get close to UL weights. I dare say best two man you can get under $150.

Chose this tent for solo camping in BWCA, Everglades, & the harsh beyond. Refreshing in functional, intuitive design and durable quality, with a bare minimum of useless flare and putziness. One person could assemble this out-of-box and blindfolded in less than four minutes.

We love this tent! We bought this tent and the passage 1 for our recent camping trip. Both tents are easy to set up and cozy. We had plenty of space for all of our gear. Definitely more of a summer tent though. We camped in the mountains at the end of May and ended up getting snowed on and it got down to 26 a couple of the nights we were there. We didn't get much snow. It was mostly just very cold. Despite having warm enough sleeping bags, we were not prepared for such temperatures clothing wise. We ended up leaving to go home a day early. The tent performed just fine. We stayed nice and dry but it really isn't meant to keep someone warm when it's that cold out. We're optimistic and excited about our next camping trip later this summer though!

I have enjoyed the previous version of this tent for years. When the new improved version came out on sale I decided to treat myself to a new tent.

Very happy have spent 3 nights in it. 2 were solo and one with a friend, wasn't cramped. Love the vestibule on both sides. Great ventilation and easy set up even solo. Great value for the price!

This tent worked well for my first backpacking trip in January. I was happy with the tent's performance. I've been camping since then in both very hot and very cold temps, and one thing I appreciated was the vents on both sides of the rain fly, to allow for airflow. I enjoy the vestibule on both sides, as it is a good place to store my boots, out of the weather, yet not muddying up the inside of the tent. 55 mph winds pulled the stakes holding the rainfly down, out of the ground on the last trip, so I'd suggest squared stakes which stay in the ground more securely.

Excellent for camping and primitive hiking, aluminum poles and lightweight, easy to fold up, but kind of a tight squeeze for two adults.

I love this tent! I’ve set it up right before a heavy rain fall and the inside stayed nice and dry! The extra stow pockets are also nice

I purchased this tent for me as my son is in the Boy Scouts and now sleeps in the scout tents rather then in my tent as with cub scouts. During the latest trip it poured during the night and I was one of the few that was completely dry. A few of the tents that day had half an inch of water and most soaked all the clothing and sleeping bags. So far really impressed with this tent. I did pick up the ground cover as well as I find that works better than a tarp. Only change I would make is for the top loop I would prefer a hook of some sort to hang my LED lantern.

TL;DR: easy set up, keeps you dry, doesn't collapse under moderate snow. Kind of heavy for extended backcountry trips. Great value for < $200

I bought a Passage 2 in 2012 when I was 18, as my first tent. I'm now 25 years old, and it's still my go-to. I've probably spent over 100 nights in the thing between camping, backpacking, and a whole lot of work trips, and it still looks and works like it's brand new. I've spent nights in gale-force wind and rain, so much that the tent was nearly squished flat each time the wind blew (through no fault of its own), and I somehow came out dry with no more than a few drops of water coming through the vents. I'm now looking to upgrade to a tent with a weight better suited to backpacking, but I'm so fond of this thing that I'll probably hold onto it until it's in absolute tatters (which might be another decade or two away, haha).

I bought this tent to do some backpacking and camping with my son’s Boy Scout troop.

The top of the tent has an open view with bug mesh. This made for beautiful starry nights on the trail! Easy to set up, and doors on both sides allowed one person to sneak out without waking up the other person! Love this tent for the warmer season!

Really great tent for the price. Actually think it's a bit sturdier than the comparative high end products...and it's 1/2 the price! Took it for a weekend 30 mile hike with my girlfriend. Mornings in the high 30's low 40's with no problems.

Tested this 2-person tent out with my 8-year old son at home and on the trail and have no major issues. It was a breeze to setup, even with the "help" of an 8-yr old. The color-codes allowed my son to be the lead on pitching it the second time. I'm 5'10 ~215# and there was plenty of space for both of us and even with a 2nd adult, it would not have been too snug depending on pack size. We were only carrying enough for a couple nights so that helped with space, but it was about what we expected on size. We camped in great weather (no rain, 74/60F) so we did not use the fly. We sprayed the tent fly at home with the hose to make sure there was no leaks or water intrusion, and no issues there. The overall construction was solid, so no issues with potential rips or zipper jams that we noticed. The storage pockets were adequate but nothing special. There were loops to attach lightweight light or other accessories. One minor negatives we encountered was when the rubber tip connected to the ripcord of one of the poles popped out while breaking down the tent. It took a few minutes to force the cord back in the pole far enough to properly seat the tip. Very minor, but looks like it could have been loose from the factory. The weight is a bit on the heavy side for a 2-person backpacking tent, but only slightly. We have another lighter, more expensive 2-person tent so for the price, the Passage 2 is a great deal without adding too much weight. Our other tent is a little more sturdy as well, but for a 3-season tent the Passage 2 is more than adequate. I just wish we could have tested it out in more varying weather.

My husband and I enjoyed trying out this tent as a more economical but less lightweight alternative to our current backpacking tent. This tent also has a more spacious interior than our current 2 person backpacking tent.

Just tested my passage 2 with a garden hose. Blasted it with water and not a drop inside!

Awesome tent. Roomy. Versatile. Easy to set up. Time will tell how rugged it is.

Good solid tent. Not an ultralight but I got it for car/boat camping.

This is a great tent. Durable and held up doing the trip.

I bought this tent for various reasons and ended up using it for all of those same reasons. Everything from car camping, but backpacking. It is lightweight, easy set up and comfortable. Definitely money well spent.

I took this tent on a week long trip on the AT in VA. It is easy to setup, even in the dark. Using it with the foot print I was able to stay comfortable in wet conditions. It is a great backpacking tent.

Needed a new 2-person tent. This wasn't the lightest, but it was inexpensive and still lighter than the bargain tents.

Have used this for 6 nights in Iceland during summer and on several trips to the Sierra's the past 5 years. Stellar performance in very heavy rain (no floor leaks or seams) and recently in a sleet/snow mix. The vestibule is large and the rain fly extends down very low to the ground so good in precipitation. No issues with condensation and it has a nice net for a light above the tent center. The elastic in the tent poles has retained its flex, so no issues with the poles coming apart during set up. In the summer, it is mostly all screen so good ventilation and nice views of the trees and stars. To date, the best tent I have owned, but the others were REI Half-Domes of various years. The only drawback is the weight and the packed size. For that I am seeking a 1P, but I highly recommend this tent- for the price, quality, and performance it can't be beat.

Took my 1st bikepacking trip. Incredibly light easy to carry tent. Set up in 3 minutes or less. Just in time to sit in it for most of the next 12 hours through one of the worst thunder storms I have ever experienced. Legit 2 inches of rain overnight. Ground was so wet it felt like a waterbed through the tent floor. It did NOT allow water to penetrate through the seams, floor or rain flap. Everything inside was totally dry.

I recently bought this tent for a backpacking trip to Catalina. It is a fairly lightweight and easy to assemble tent, definitely user friendly out of the packaging. I will say that for the price, I was expecting a little higher quality when compared to the Coleman products which you could buy for half the retail on the REI product. But I decided to go for this due to REI's excellent warranties and the product reviews from other users. It may be slightly large for packing as far as backpacking, so if you are going on a serious trek and would like to optimize your space, you might need to invest a little more. I am sure this is a perfectly suitable and durable tent, so I will give a generous 4 stars although I think 3.5 is realistic.

I purchased this tent in May for a backpacking trip in the Wind River range in late July on the Bears Ears Trail . We covered 43 miles in seven days and encountered snow, hail , high winds and torrential rain. The tent performed perfectly! Easy to use, spacious and lightweight! Having spent hundreds of nights in tents from Peru to Alaska this tent is without a doubt the BEST tent for the money I have ever purchased,

I love this tent! It’s great quality for an affordable price and super easy to set up. I think it fits two people comfortably and I love the space outside the tent, but under the raincover for storing my backpack and boots. There are plenty of pockets and the pocket on the ceiling is great for a headlamp. I would recommend for anyone looking for a good 2 person tent for backpacking and car camping.

I am a female and I carried this tent for an 11 miles hike. It was not heavy at all. It was my first time setting up a tent and the day before my trip, I watched a YouTube video about setting it up; since the instructions were vague- attached to the bag. I slept in it alone and I could fit my bag; as well as have my stuff scattered around from inside my bag. Quick set up and take down.

I’m super happy with the tent. The double entry point is convenient. Zippers flow easily. I’m 6’5” and I have plenty of room. The only criticism that I have is that it does not come with a footprint, which makes no sense to me. I found out when it arrived. An additional $30 on Amazon or by Tyvek for about $20. A little irritated about that, but with that aside, it’s a keeper

i bought the old tent like the first week of December last year i love it so much and this my favorite tent of all I would buy another one these if I had to I love rei now I been them for long time I got this one Beause my old boy scout troop had them I love them I love using hiking tent I been camping long time with hiking tent I keep on using them .

I highly recommend this tent. I first used it for backpacking and primitive camping, but now I even use it for car camping. Comes with an excellent rain fly as well as a nice footprint. This tent has withstood storms on the Carolina coast (I beach camp a lot) including heavy winds and rainfall. Easy to set up (takes me about 3 minutes) and easy to take down and fit back into the original bag. Fits two campers comfortably. Has very convenient pockets inside to hold items. If you are looking for a two-person tent, buy this one!

The REI Passage 2 is a lightweight, quick to setup, and spacious tent. I pulled this out of the shipping box and had it fully assembled in 3.5 minutes. The intuitive design makes putting it up simple and quick. Disassembly was just as easy. The stuff sack is sized correctly for the tent with no extra room but I found tent does not have to be folded and rolled perfectly to still fit. I took this out for a 3 day solo trip to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. It is EXTREMELY spacious for one person and would be a great fit two people. The weather was very warm and there was no sign of cooling off by the time I was ready to go to sleep. The first night spent on the ridge, I left the rainfly off as I did not expect any dew. I awoke in the middle of the night to find a beautiful clear night sky filled with stars visible from all directions thanks to the entirely mesh upper portion of the tent. I spend the second night in the valley, it was not any cooler but I would have ended up damp without the rainfly. The rainfly is spaced pretty evenly from the tent. The only area I found to be close was the lower edge on the center of wider side of the tent, there is a loop on the fly in the center that an extra stake (purchased optionally) would prevent it from touching if you are expecting heavy rain. The fly has two nice sized vents on the top that are adjustable and the vestibules are large enough I was able to leave them open overnight, stay dry and have much needed ventilation for the temperature. The side pockets and upper pockets provide more than enough storage for all the little things that easily move around and get lost in the tent. I can never find my headlamp after I put it down in my tent, not a problem with the Passage 2! Two of the pockets on the top are designed as a stuff sack for each door when fully opened to get them out of your way, especially nice when emptying and cleaning the tent. I ran the tent and rainfly zippers open and closed many times and encountered no snags. The door zipper does slow a little at the transition from mesh to the lower fabric but caused no excess strain on the tent. The criss cross pole design with color coded sides of the tent, rainfly and (optional) footprint really do make it simple and quick to assemble. This is not an ultralight tent, but losing a little weight changes the price dramatically. This is a great tent at a great price.

This is a great tent for the price. Lightweight and VERY waterproof. We have a bad habit of camping when there are storm warnings but luckily the Passage 2 has kept my girlfriend and I dry through all of it. Excellent storage inside. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going for a long weekend in the woods. I'm sure this tent would do just as well on extended trips. It packs much smaller than the package it originally comes in and the poles are aluminum so it is nothing to strap them to the outside of your pack.

This is one of the best tents i have ever owned. It is only a 3 season tent in San Diego. I would never want to use this in the fall in the mountains of Utah where i grew up. I went camping in Dec here and it got to 48 degrees. it was not pleasant. I would summer camp in this anytime though.

I like this tent. It's light, sturdy, easy to put up. The rectangular floor is easy to live in. The zip entry on both sides is really convenient, and with the fly up there's a vestibule on each side for things you don't want to bring inside, but that can't be left out in the rain.

It's a great tent; roomy, easy to set up and relatively light weight. Material and build has a high quality feel to it. There are multiple features and extras that you wouldn't expect in a tent of this value. Rain fly fits nicely and keeps the bad stuff out! I love this tent!

I just took this tent on its first trip and I love it! It's very easy to setup and tear down, the pockets are very handy, and it has plenty of room for two to sleep comfortably. My favorite part is that it all easily fits back into the bag without any trouble! Many tents I have experience with require exact folding techniques to pack them back up, but this design has plenty of room for error.

I'd give it 4 starts, however... I agree with other reviews of this tent that it's very easy to setup and take down. My son and I tried sleeping in it at home before a camping trip. Very glad we did. The manufacturing smell was enough the we couldn't spend the night in it. I hand washed all the fabric components in a bucket with Dawn dish soap. This eliminated the plastic smell and made it livable.

I used this tent for the first time backpacking in Big Bend last weekend. The only other backpacking tent that I have owned is comparable in weight (about 5 pounds with everything), shape (rectangular) and size, but the Passage 2 tent is significantly less expensive and seemingly just as durable! I loved how simple the setup was. I timed it, not rushing at all and had the tent setup, with rainfly and staked in about 7 minutes. The rainfly clips to the tent or to the footprint which is really nice. It is the easiest tent I have ever setup/taken down!

This tent kept us dry in a terrible rain storm. It is warm, has more room than you might think, and kept us dry. It also wasn’t bad with the fly off for cooling off. It was also easy to set up. I would definitely recommend.

Found awesome ease of set-up. Great room in the corners, w/o risk of rain! Great tent, either for two, or a backpacker, who wants a stable tent, big enough to bring his pack or dog in, and have a great night's sleep!

This is my first tent. I don't have experience with previous tent. However, I really liked it. I used this tent for a 2 week camping trip in USA. It is very easy to install and disassemble; in less than 10 min. I was sleeping alone in the tent (5 ft 2; 110 lb). I like I could put my backpack into it.

Perfect little tent for a 6'8 and a 6'2 father and son first time backpacking experience. Easy to set up and take down> It had enough room for both of us.Close but not uncomfortable.

This is a great all around tent. A bit heavier than I would use for backpacking, but would work if you're on a budget. Instead, it makes a nice 2 person car camping tent. The dual doors and vestibules are great, as is the privacy screening halfway up around the whole tent. My only wish is that they made a 3 person version. When my wife and I have our dogs, this one is too tight for all of us, and don't want to size all the way up to a 4-person. Please make a 3-person version soon!!!

This tent fit all my needs. Light weight, easy to put up, and roomy! I had it up quickly and it is quite roomy for how light it is! Take down and pack up was also a breeze.

Great tent. Easy to set up. Comfortable and roomy for 1-2 people. Love the mesh top to be able to see the sky when the rainfly isn't needed. Great overall tent.

I bought this to replace an older model rent and it has been great. Super easy and fast to setup, enough space in side for my 6'2'' self with my pack.

This tent was easy to set up and spacious. After hiking and the weather, I was very satisfied with this tent.

Extremely easy set up. Well built and spacious for a two man. Highly recommended

I love the overhead storage. Kept us bone dry during and overnight rain.

I enjoyed everything about the tent except the rain cover. The rain cover was difficult to get into the right position in order to keep it from letting water in. I did not know this at the time and my tent ended up a tad bit wet on the inside for the remainder of the trip. If you don't get the cover in the exact position 100% correct it will suck in the rain.

I bought this over a year ago. I thought I’d wait until I had a real challenge for it. I just did 4 nights in Zion National Park. We experienced rain, snow squalls high wind and sunshine. At no point during overnight rain or snow did any precipitation come through the rain fly or from underneath the tent. You do get condensation from your own breath overnight but this occurs with any tent. I was also able to tighten down the fly close to the ground so wind getting into the tent was minimal. The guy out locations did well to keep things locked down. The vestibules were large and held my 55 liter bag, boots ect. safe from the weather. There were plenty of mesh pockets on the ceiling for storage as well as a small strap to hang a small light. I also want to mention I’m 6’2 and at no point did I find my head or feet rubbing on the walls.

First time I took this out it ended up raining hard! Four different times throughout the night. I was worried because it was a new tent but I stayed dry the whole night! The next night was crazy winds all night! Haha we did check the weather and yes that was a surprise but this tent handled it like a champ. I was the only one in the tent that trip and had loads of room but I can tell even when the hubs and pups go we will still be comfortable.

I purchased this tent for my backpacking trip to Isle Royale National Park. On day number 2 of our adventure, it rained harder than I've ever seen in my life for 5 hours Non-Stop. it rained so hard for so long that my tent was in several inches of standing water with no end of the storm in sight. To my Delight, when I finally made the Mad Dash into it, my tent was as dry as a bone! I've never slept so well in my life! Fantastic little tent!

If you're traveling with your wife you will want a tent with two side doors... like this one We just spent a month camping, hiking and canoeing in Canada with this tent and it rained nearly every night, we were totally dry and comfortable. Very easy to take down and put up. The sides are high enough to block wind under the rainfly and the mesh roof is great for ventilation. Has several mesh pockets too if that's your thing. REI really put some time into this design. The few nights we car camped we just let the air out of the air mattresses and folded the tent up like a taco with the bags and everything inside. Worked perfectly. During the weeks we were canoeing, the tent went up and down and stowed snugly in its bag, although waterlogged it still fit.. It's a two person tent, there's lighter tents but that's not why you'd buy this one. It's durable, waterproof, easy to get in and out, large vestibules, easy to put up and down, will not blow down in wind. We used 10 stakes to hold it down and for venting but stakes aren't even necessary. Also, it's got four guy lines on the corners but has the tabs for center guys line too. Detach two of the four outer guy lines and use the two center guy line tabs instead... Or use parachord. You should do this for ventilation. You'll see. Great tent. I'm very happy with this purchase and I'd buy it again.

I have been looking for a new tent for a while. One that will last me for years, is affordable, and has the features I need. The Passage 2 is great! It sets up and breaks down incredibly easily, is super affordable, and has excellent features such as a double door and double vestibule, lots of pockets, and great air circulation. I have taken it out on multiple trips now in hot and cold, dry and rainy... and have been so happy with it.

This tent is by far the easiest one I've ever had to set up. The instructions are simple, are printed on waterproof material and are permanently attached to the tent's bag. The lightweight but strong tent poles are easy to use and the tent itself is roomier than expected for 2 people. I also like all the pockets inside the tent. Kudos to the REI Co-op Passage 2 designer(s) for creating such a sturdy, lightweight and easy to set-up tent.

Ok tent for any basic and limited usage (you get the quality you pay for) Generally, very happy with it, BUT it only comes with 8 stakes, when the tent actually requires 12 (4 for the corners, 4 for the rain sheet guide-ropes, 4 for the 2 entrance corners (2 stakes per opening)). This just seems incredibly petty.

I've taken this tent backpacking twice. now, this tent is a major upgrade from what i had before. this tent has a simple 2 pole x-pattern design. get the poles in the loops on the tent canvas, then hook the tent canvas to the poles. no sleeves, and the tent stands up on it's own without using tent stakes (my last one didn't and i hated it). but i think the tent is just a little heavy for backpacking. also, i used the footprint. i think footprints are important and you should buy one, unless you're camping out of a car and you already own a tarp. that'll work, too. complaint on the footprint and ends of the tent poles- they don't snap into the footprint or tent canvas. there is no retention at all. i'd put one end of the pole in the pole holes, then it would simply slip out while i was trying to get the other end of the pole set in the other side.

Tent arrived yesterday. Unpacked it, and I was surprised at how light and compact it is.

I bought this so my daughter and I could have a light weight tent for longer hikes and it is perfect. Works great when she doesn't want to come for my pup who never refuses and adventure

The Passage 2 is a great tent. It's easy to set up, lightweight and breathes well. Great value. I have zero buyer's remorse and look forward to taking this tent backpacking!

Love this tent but hate the fly. I was hoping for a pole system that would naturally push the fly out without having to run four outside lines pulling the fly out.

I bought this as a gift for a friend, who used it on a car camping trip. The tent was easy to set up and was very compact. Compared to our 6P tent, it is much lighter and rolls up to probably fit under a backpack. It didn’t rain on our trip, so we didn’t get to test how good the rain fly is. Overall, my friend is happy with this tent. I would recommend it.

I've been looking for a good budget tent. An ultralight backpacker recommended this one for a budget. I set it up in my house since it's too hot for outside in AZ. It's spacious. A lot better than my previous Kelty where I had to sleep at an angle. This does so much more than that previous tent. I can't wait to take it to Tonto National Forest this year.

Just put this tent to the test this weekend. Had a twin size air mattress inside over two days of non stop rain and nothing inside was wet. Plenty of air circulation and easy to set up and take down. Plenty of inside storage pockets for all your gear. Definitely a great buy and this will be my go to tent anytime I just need to head out.

Nice tent but don't call it light weight set up. This 4lb and 13oz Tent is heavy by most of today's standards. 3oz shy of 5lbs. I rather take my UL2 FLY CREEK ON A THROUGH HIKE for two hikers. I use this REI tent for car camping and holds up well in rain. Still waiting for some snow to try it out. I think mine was missing some stakes.

Had the pleasure of sleeping in this tent a few times on my road trip from New York to California and back. Fit my 5'9" 175 pound self, a 160 pound St. Bernard, and my pack with plenty of room. feels like it's built to last. If I can, I'll revisit this review after a few more trips. Love the tent so far.

I just used it last weekend in Desolation Wilderness and it was soooo easy to set up and take down! I really like having a door on each side and a vestibule on each side for keeping my boots and pack covered during the night. We had two adults and two 25# dogs in it and it all worked out just fine!

Bought this during REI’s recent sale and for the price this tent is a fantastic deal. Used it on a 2 day rainy trip and the inside was bone dry. Very happy with the quality. Looking forward to using it for years to come.

I have the solo passage tent, that I use for bike trips. But sometimes want a bit bigger tent for trips that my gear is hauled for me. I was impressed with the Passage 1 that when REI had a sale, I snagged the 2.

I've used this tent twice now, once on a trip by myself and again on a trip with my brother. Both times, it was super easy to assemble. Best of all, it was perfectly roomy for both myself and my tall brother.

This replaces my 12 year old Quarter Dome 2 tent that was having gummy fly issues. Easy to pack , setup, and take down. Very roomy for one person, plenty of room in the vestibule area.

Worked great at 12,000’ on the way up Mt Whitney! Footprint is a little large with the two vestibules, but makes up for it with the two doors and bomber construction.

This tent is enough for what we need to sleep under the stars and its light on our car. Sturdy and easy to assemble at the campground. very happy with it

Took the Passage 2 out for a three night test run. It poured - I stayed dry. Great tent, might be tight for two but roomy for one. Easy set up.

This is an owesome product really easy to set up gud for 2 person very spacious. Rei is a good store to buy camping gears. Tnx

Supper easy tent to set up and fit 2 people with packs comfortably. For the money its a great tent

Tent is perfect size for two, or as is my case, one and a dog and equipment. Great dome view!



Can you ship to the UK

Yes, this tent can ship to the UK.

Tom J

Are the dimensions of 88 x 52 the actual floor size inside the tent or the distance from pole to pole where they touch the ground?

The floor dimensions are exterior, not including the webbing where the poles attach.

Timber Boaz

I'm 6'4" , with 88" at the base may be tight what is the diagonal measurement? It'd be just myself and backpack I'm thinking that may work with gear in the other 2 corners

The diagonal measurement of the tent floor is approximately 102.22”.


This tent comes with the rain fly, just not the footprint correct?

Correct, this comes with a rainfly, tent body, poles, and stakes. The footprint is sold separately.


Would a standard Army cot fit comfortably in this tent?

Yes, a standard size army cot will fit in the Passage 2 tent, but keep in mind the lower peak height. This may make climbing in and sleeping a little claustrophobic.


Can this tent fit 2 people and a 50 pound dog?

It would be tight, but two average size people and the dog should fit in this tent.


Hi! We are planning to camp in a remote Florida island this month and we are aware there are lots of mosquitos and no se ums.  Does the tent protect against them or should we add a special net?

This tent has no see um mesh.


had some massive winds out camping, completely collapsed my tent, and bent my poles completely. anyway to buy new poles for this tent? I have all the stakes and everything, just need a new pole set.

For replacement poles, we recommend TentPole Technologies.


I recently purchased this tent. Should it be coated before the first use with any DWR product? Is it necessary to coat the seams as well? Which areas of the tent/rainfly do you recommend coating, if at all? Thanks...

The rainfly on this tent will come completely waterproof, seam-sealed, and with a fresh coat of DWR. You don't need to treat this tent with anything when it is new. Over time, you may want to restore the DWR as you notice a change in performance. You can learn more about maintaining your tent in the article below:


What is the Denier value and hydrostatic head rating of the floor and fly?

The rainfly, floor and canopy are all made from a 75-denier polyester. The mesh is a 40-denier No-see-um mesh. The hydrostatic rating on this tent is 1,500mm.


Does the passage 2 rain fly have a SPF rating, for example if it was used as a sun shelter?

No, this tent does not have a UPF rating.


Hi. What DWR sprays do you recommend for your Passage and Half Dome tents? Is it recommended to also treat the canopy exterior and underside of the tent floor with DWR spray?

Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof Waterproofing Spray is a great choice for the Half Dome 2 and Passage 2 tents. Feel free to use it on the floor, rainfly and canopy of the tents.


I bought the footprint with the tent. I thought the footprint would be tight when used with the tent but when the tent poles are in the tent & footprint grommets the straps connecting the footprint have about 1/2 inch of slack in them. Is that normal?

​This is normal due to the different possible staking positions.


Does the rain fly have a small window pane made of clear plastic that allows you to see through it? I have an old version of this tent model--same architecture and design. The window pane is nice for looking out at nite and getting your bearings.

Thanks for the question! No, this tent doesn't have a clear window on the rainfly.


I purchased this tent last year, but lost the tent poles. What were the tent pole dimensions so I can purchase new ones? It doesn’t seem that REI carries any replacements. Thanks.

We recommend Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They will be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly:


What are the advantages of the Passage 2 over the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2?

Great question. Both tents are designed for 3-season camping and offer excellent ventilation, ease of setup, very similar weight and floor area. However, the Passage 2 has a peak height 40" compared to 36" on the Zephyr 2 tent.


what is the sliding piece on the tent poles

The piece that you are referring to is a tent pole repair sleeve. Should one of the poles become damaged in the field, this piece serves as a temporary splint.


I have been searching online for a tent in various places and have seen some sites with tents that have the California cancer warning. Not quite understanding what that means. Can anyone weigh in? Also, would this tent fall under that same warning?

​To meet the flammability standard in California (CPAI-84), tents are treated with a flame retardant chemical additive. The warning label is added to comply with California's Proposition 65 if the chemical used is specified under that proposition. This proposition requires that any products that contain a chemical known to the state of California to potentially cause cancer or reproductive harm are required to be labeled with a warning to consumers.


I need a new winter tent. Would you recommend this tent or the Kelty Discovery 4 for winter camping? Average of 1-3 ft of snow and windy. Besides myself it would be my xxl dog, and maybe a friend (if I can talk them into it) staying in the tent.

​This tent is a 3 season tent due to its limitations; it lacks the structural integrity to withstand strong winds and snow accumulations.


I just ordered this tent, is the rain fly included?

​Yes, the rainfly is included with this tent.


Would this tent be spacious enough for 2 adults (5'7 and 5'11) and 1 dog (40 pounds)?

The Passage 2 is a little too small for the three of you to sleep in comfortably. We recommend choosing the Passage 3 tent or the Half Dome 2 Plus tent instead for the additional floor space.


Do I need to buy separate stakes to use the guy lines and stake the doors at the same time? first time camping with it last weekend, seemed like it was short two poles...

​This tent comes with eight stakes and four guy lines. You can purchase up to four extra stakes in order to stake the door and guy the tent out at the same time.


My tent poles somehow went missing for this tent. Is there anyway to buy replacement poles? 

We use Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They will be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly. They can be contacted at 800-266-9527 or at the link here:


Will a 55” Pad fit inside, even tho size is 52”

​A 55" wide pad would push on the walls and so is not recommended for this tent.


Not sure what it means about the foot print being sold separately? The tent by it self is all in losed right?

​A footprint attaches to the underside of the tent to protect the floor. It is not necessary, but highly suggested.


What is the floor thickness?

The floor is made of 75-denier polyster.


What is the length of the poles?

The poles are each 147" in length.


Is this tent sealed with silicone or polyurethane ??

​This tent is treated with polyurethane.


I'm seeing that the max height this will fit comfortably is 5'10", well i'm 5'11' may not sound like much but an inch can make a difference. can this fit someone who is taller comfortably?

​The tent has a peak height of 40" and measures 88" L x 52" W. To determine if you will fit and be comfortable we suggest measuring your sleeping bags and pads as well your height while sitting up.


Hi. Could someone explain to me, please, how tent doors can be fixed on tent when they are unzipped and opened?

​The doors of this tent are sewn into the ceiling panel. When the doors are unzipped completely, they can be rolled up and stowed in the ceiling panels to enter and exit the tent easier.


I have a passage 2 tent lost the rainfly. Can we get a pattern or dimensions so we can make one. Thanks Will

We unfortunately do not stock replacement rainflies. We do not have a pattern available for the rainfly.


Do I need or is it recommmended to do any of the steps in your article on how to waterproof a tent before using this tent for the first time? I don't want to damage any existing coatings or do something unnecessary.

​The tent comes factory seam sealed and is ready to use. Follow the Expert Advice directions after there has been some use of the tent:


Will this tent hold up against a heavy down pour? Or moderate snow?

​This tent will handle heavy rains but is not designed to handle snow loads.


Hi! What makes the difference between "minimum trail weight" and "packaged weight"? I'm at the point where I'm counting ounces pretty closely for my pack gear and would really like to keep my tent weight at or below 5 lb if possible:-)

Packaged weight includes the tent body, rainfly, poles, stakes, stuff sack and guywire. Minimum trail weight includes the tent body, rainfly and tent poles only.


Does this unit require the purchase of a passage 2 footprint to setup the rainfly only pitch? Or can you use other brand footprints, or just a tarp?

Good question! Yes, if you would like to set up this tent with the minimalist shelter option, you'll need to have the Passage 2 footprint.


I have a few holes from campfire ash in the rain fly. How do I get a replacement rainfly?

A replacement rainfly is not available. You can use repair tape to repair the holes.


What required additional gear do I need to purchase to set up this tent if any?

​Thanks for the question. Nothing additional is needed to set up this tent.


I'm planning on backpacking the Wonderland Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park. Would this be a good tent for a 10 day backpacking trip there?

​This tent is a great choice to backpack the Wonderland Trail with.


What denier are the various fabric parts of the tent made from? ie, rainfly, floor, etc.

​The rainfly, floor and canopy are all made from a 75-denier polyester. The mesh is a 40-denier No-see-um mesh.


Are these tents free of flame retardant cancer causing agents or do the contain them

To meet the flammability standard in California (CPAI-84), this tent is treated with a flame retardant chemical additive. The warning label is added to comply with California’s Proposition 65. This proposition requires that any products that contain a chemical known to the state of California to potentially cause cancer or reproductive harm are required to be labeled with a warning to consumers.

Chris in Boston

Which poles are better? The Passage 2 6061 or the Passage 2 Plus DAC Pressfit

The DAC Pressfit aluminum poles included with the REI Half Dome Plus 2 are higher quality than the 6061 aluminum poles included with the Passage 2 tent.


How much space is there for your packs with two people? Is it just enough space to have your pack at your head or feat? Is the vestibule/storage area outside of the tent?

There's not much space inside the tent once you have the sleeping pads and sleeping bags layed out. The vestibule on either side is covered by the rainfly but outside the tent body; it's a great place to keep your pack, dirty clothes, and wet/muddy boots.


My son lost the bag for the tent, the stakes, and poles (including the little repair piece). is there a way to buy replacements?

You can get replacement tent poles from Tent Poles Technologies. Please use the following link in order to contact them:


I have the older style. Do you offer a replacement fly?

​We're sorry, we do not carry a replacement rainfly for this tent.

Bike Camper

What is the lantern you show in Picture 11 for the Passage 2 tent?

​The Black Diamond Moji Lantern is the lantern pictured:


Just bought and set up tent indoors, including fly (obviously not staked). I have one hollow metal tube about 6 in long left over...was in the bag with folding poles. What is that? hecde07 pics above show 4 bags. 1 for footprint? My tent has only 3.

​The short metal tube is a temporary tent pole repair sleeve.

Mark Po

Can this tent fit in a 50 liter bag along with a 15 liter sleeping bag

Yes, the tent and sleeping bag can fit in a 50 liter bag.​

Drew Roberts

On a hike this last summer a tent poles broke in the night from a single c storm. The tent is pre 2017, so I was wondering if replacement poles can still be purchased? Or can the pole be repaired?

​REI uses Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles. They should be able to make a replacement pole that will fit your tent properly. They can be contacted at (800) 266-9527 or at the following link:


What size compression sack is recommended for the tent, fly, and footprint? Or would you recommend storing the footprint separately after use (before cleaning / during transport home)?

​A 10 liter compression sack is a good choice.

Constant Camper

Are the poles hubbed or are they two completely separate poles?

​This tent comes with two separate poles.

Aamer Javed

Can this fit two Coleman trailhead II cots?

No, the cots are 30" wide. The Passage is 52" wide at the floor and tapers in as you go up the walls.


I am planing to climb Mt.Shasta next year some time in May. Will this be a good tent for that?

This tent is a great option for 3 season backpacking but is not built with the structural integrity to withstand gale winds or accumulating snowfall. A 3-4 or 4 season tent is better geared towards mountaineering.


Does this tent have a way to secure the tent doors after they are unzipped?

​To secure the doors open, roll them to the left hand side where they almost touch the main body poles. There is a tab there that you can then secure a webbing around so that they remain open.


How long are the tent poles. I'm in Europe now and need to replace them. My Passage 2 is from 2012, still waterproof as I found out during a full night of pouring rain in Scotland!

​The 9-section poles are 148 inches.


Can the rain fly be repaired if it gets a hole in it?

Yes, you may be able to repair the rainfly yourself, or it can be sent to Rainy Pass Repair.


Is this double walled?

​This is a double wall tent.


Are there special washing instructions for the rain fly and mesh part of the tent? Mold specifically on the rain fly... I failed to properly store the tent over winter.

​For a detailed explanation on how to care and cleaning for your tent, please refer to the link below:


What would it be like it I am not able to stake down the rainfly to make both vestibules? Will it still stay on, just a a flappy door? Thanks!

The rainfly will stay on the tent even if you are not able to stake both the doors down on the vestibule. It is likely they will move quite a bit in the wind if not staked or secured.


What size inflatable pad do I need?

Most sleeping pads fit nicely in this tent. Two single sleeping pads or one double sleeping pad will usually allow enough space to sleep and move around the 88 x 52 inch floor. We suggest comparing the width of your sleeping pad to these floor dimensions to ensure fit.


I was reading some of the issues with the previous models of the passage 2 and Footprint, will this passage 2 be compatible with this Footprint? Thanks I hope to purchase both.

This tent is compatible with the Passage 2 footprint (item #110838).


Does this tent have a "bath tub" floor or is there a seam connecting the floor and wall?

​This tent does not have a bath tub style floor. There is a seam that connects the floor to the wall.


I'm confused with minimum trail weight and packaged weight, what would be total weight for tent with rainfly and poles. I understand footprint weight is not included. Thank you!

The minimum trail weight is the tent body, rainfly and poles. The packaged weight are those items plus the stakes, guy lines, tent bag and any other miscellaneous items.


Would you recommend this for the PCT?

​This 3-season tent is designed for moderate weather. If you believe you will encounter heavy winds or snow we suggest a 3-4 season tent with a more substantial pole structure. Please use the following link to our current selection of backpacking tents:


Is it possible to get a placement pole?

Tent Pole Technologies has replacement tent poles:


This item DOES come with rain fly but DOES NOT come with footprint?

That is correct. The REI Co-op Passage 2 Footprint is optional, but recommended.


Has anyone camped without the footprint? Is it neccessary?  Thank you!

A footprint is not necessary for tent usage, however, we do recommend it because it will protect your tent floor from abrasion, will provide a clean surface for your tent to rest on and ensure rain water is not collected underneath your tent.


Is the bag that the tent comes with waterproof or should I put it in a dry sack if strapping the tent to a motorcycle?

​The included storage sack is not waterproof.


What are the dimensions of the rainfly (preferably the older version's rainfly)?

Due to the complicated nature of making a rainfly, that information is not available.


I currently have the older model of the Passage 2, and I was wondering if you could recommend a compression sack for the tent and rainfly.

If the poles are being left out an 11 liter compression sack will be a good fit.


I am going to use the Nikwax tent & gear solarproof to retreat the water proof coating. Is it safe to use the tech wash aswell? And can I treat the foot print and bottom of the tent at the same time? Any special care instructions? Thank you!

You are able to use tech wash on tents. For detailed instructions on how to care for your tent, please refer to the article below:


Can you, please, give more information on the materials? What is the denier and waterproof rating (in mm) for the fly and floor?

The rainfly, floor and canopy are all made from a 75-denier polyester. The mesh is a 40-denier No-see-um mesh. The hydrostatic rating on this tent is 1,500mm.


I've lost the rainfly for my tent. Is it possible to buy a replacement rainfly?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement rainflys for our tents.


Which foot print is the best for this tent?

Here is the link for the footprint:


I see that the rainfly is made out of polyester. What was it treated with for waterproofness? And what would be the best product to treat it with to keep it waterproof?

The rainfly is treated with polyurethane. Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof Waterproofing Spray will help maintain the waterproof coating.


What are the pole length and the number of sections per pole?

The tent comes with 2 poles each measuring 126 inches in length. Each pole has eight sections.

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Does the rainfly have two zipper openings for each of the double doors?

This tent has vestibule and door openings on each side of the tent.


Does this tent come with a rainfly included?

​Yes, the rainfly is included with this tent.


How do I find the footprint that goes with this tent? I see one for Passage 1 but not Passage 2.

Here is a link for the footprint:


Does the rain fly have double zippers?

​The rainfly has two-way zippers.

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Will this tent be available in different colors?

​As of February 2017, we do not plan on stocking any other colors. All available colors are on our website.


Is this tent available for purchase at the Berkeley REI store and can I see a picture of it?

​A photo will be available soon. Store stock can be checked by clicking find in store below the add to cart button.


What is the difference between the old Passage 2 tent and the recently updated version of the Passage 2?

The new Passage is 2" shorter and 3" narrower than the older version, but it has more volume. So more room in the head area.

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