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Got talked into this bag when the store I went to did not have the Kelty Cosmic 20 bag in stock. I needed a bag for my camping trip the next day. Size/Weight are good but I wish it came with a compression sack. The stuff sack will be too large to fit in my sleeping bag compartment on my pack. I have only taken the bag camping once so far to Caprock Canyon out in the panhandle. It got down to around 22-25 degrees F. I would say the core of my body was kept fairly warm all night. The only issue was I could not keep my feet warm at all. In fact it was quite uncomfortable because there were times when I couldn't even feel my toes because they were so cold. I chalk this up to the fact that I hadn't done any exercise before going to bed and I was using the bag very close to it's EN limit. I would not recommend this bag for use below 25 without a liner. I am 6'0" and 190 lb. 23 years old. The regular size was more than enough room. I think the foot box is too large and difficult to heat up with just your body heat.

I took this down sleeping bag on a backpacking excursion and slept in a hammock in mid 40 degree overnight temperatures. It kept me warm when I needed it to and when I overheated (I sleep hot) it didn't make me sweat which is what stood out to me. It was roomy and light weight so it makes sense for 3 seasons and backpacking at that. I had no problem fitting my pillow inside the bag when fully zipped up and didn't feel constricted. I certainly recommend this product for avid backpackers, and can't wait to use it in below freezing temperatures.

I've been really happy using this bag on my last few camping trips! It's light weight, well constructed and comes with all the features I would expect. My only issues would be the lack of a true compression bag so I can fit more in my backpack. I tend to bring a lot with me, so every little bit of space counts. I would highly recommend picking up a compression sack. Otherwise, actually sleeping in this bag was delightful. I used it during some warm spring nights in the mountains, and was able to regulate my temperature well. When it got a little cold, the draft tube and draw cords made it easy to keep warm air in. Also, I tend to move around in the night to different sleeping positions, the extra room meant that the bag didn't bunch up as I rolled about. All together a top notch bag I am looking forward to using in the future!

this is a great sleeping bag from the REI brand. as with other reviews 19 degrees is definitely too low for this bag. I've used this bag in summer/shoulder seasons in Colorado/utah and has been up to every task so far. Slept in this bag on a cold November night in Utah down to 15-20 degrees, Definitely too cold for this bag with almost all clothes on. I'd say it likes to be in weather 25-40 degrees, if that's where you're at then this will work perfect for you. Not the most durable piece of gear but doesn't really need to be. If you know what you're buying this for then it will serve you well!

The one thing I loved about this bag was the feel. It was light weight and soft. The downside was the temperature. I couldn't stay warm in this thing at 30 degrees. I was awake all night freezing. The temp rating on this is way too low.

I've used the previous version of the Radiant, purchased in 2017. It simply doesn't keep me warm, even in spring temperatures. With this bag I've resorted to wearing full long johns and fleece top during spring front country camping.

I recently put this bag to the test on an AP hike. One night it was about 26 degrees and abput 20 mph winds all night. I slept comfortably in my bag in my hammock all night.

Took this bag to Zion National Park back country and camp ground. Stayed warm in 35 degree weather with no issues when others with similar bags didn’t. Made the ZNP experience that much better b/c I got a good nights sleep every night. I had the long/wide version and at 6’4” 200#, had plenty of room to move around.

great bag and the description was spot on! I am a big fella at 6'5 and 325lbs and fit just fine. used the bag in the Donner Pass area in early October and it was cozy in 23 degree temps. the bag is way too warm for summer Cali trips but will be my go to for cold weather trips

Best sleeping bag ever. I'm 5'11 and still had room to move in this bag. My boyfriend got the same brand and we zip them together to snuggle. The materials are very high quality. I could sleep in this everyday!

I slept in this bag fully dressed with a winter hat on at 41 degrees and was very cold (male). 50 degrees fully dressed at best.

Great sleeping bag. Nice and warm. Zippers work great packs light and small and lofts quickly

Only had this a short time but it seems like a quality bag. Used it Memorial Day 2-night backpacking trip. First thing I did was try to get the zipper to snag because nothing is more aggravating in the middle of the night. No luck. It won't snag or catch. I zipped it up and down fast several times with ease. I'm 5'9", 160lb and it's plenty roomy. It's not super light like the REI igneo I own but it has more leg room, which I like. Also, not ultra compactable like some high end bags but at this price it's compression is superb, and fits easily in my sleeping bag compartment . The baffle keeps heat in. My Nemo pillow fits inside the hood and I can still cinch it up comfortably. I could roll around easily in it and slept with some light base layers down to 32° in the Sawtooth mountains. 5 Stars if it were a little lighter

As a 6'1 250+ pound guy, with shoulders wider than most refrigerators, I was extremely impressed by my ability to fully cocoon into this bag. On a cold spring night it was so warm I actually unzipped it and just used it as cover, and the lining was very comfortable against bare skin. My only complaint is that the stuff sack didn't come with compression straps, and if I wanted the compression straps I would have to buy it separately.

I bought this as a three season backpacking bag in February to keep me warm while backpacking. I used it in February along with my thermarest closed cell foam pad in +32 temperatures yet still I still shivered. I know that part of that was because of my pad, but I do blame part of it on the bag. I would call this bag a 35 degree plus bag. Other than the problems with warmth, I would definitely recommend this bag.

Just got mine yesterday and tried it out in the backyard last night. Temps went down to 20 degrees and I was in my Hennessy 4 season hammock with under quilt. Stayed warm with thermals,wool socks and fleece hat. I’m a big boy 6’2” 240# and there was lots of room for position changes. Happy with the purchase at this price point.

I received this bag and straight out of the box I like it. It feel quality and i have never seen a zipper system like this. I started ripping the zipper back and forth and i couldn't bind it. I was very impressed. I like how the bag packs down into the included bag, not compression. It was light and fit perfectly into the bottom of my back with a little extra room for other things. The way the hood wraps around your head and the amount of space that is left for breathing is prefect! I use a small tube pillow and it fit great and never moved around. The bag was very roomie but not in the way so there was extra air to heat. Unfortunately i tested this bag in 62 degree weather so i can say if it kept me warm at 20 degrees but when I sleep in my hammock i was reflectix and my bag. I can say that having the foot sack of the bag go almost up to my knee I didn't use the reflectix and the bag kept my heat from blowing out from under me. I really like the bag and would consider buying it.

This bag has a rating of 19f comfort of 32f. I had long johns and wool socks and was cold at 42f, it's since been returned.

I have had this bag for over a couple years now, and am still content with it. For reference, I am 6'1", 275lbs with a large frame from my head down to my cankles. When I bought this, comfort was the priority, and this bag is an easy decision for the price point. But with a low price point something has to give, in this case it's the warmth. One night I had it at about 5000' elevation in sub freezing temperatures (high 20s at night.) After that I determined without a doubt, if the temp ever did reach 19°F, I would be too cold to sleep. This may not entirely be the bags fault, as I have the Long Wide version, which creates lots of dead space unless you have my frame and are 6'4". That night I layered up a lot: thick merino wool beanie, down jacket, long underwear and socks. Still cold, and I run HOT. The awesome thing about the size is (as long as you have a nice thermal sleeping pad) you can unzip it and use it as a quilt so long as the temp permits. Lastly, the zipper is snag machine, which is pretty easy to mitigate as long as you're careful.

Bag is reasonably light and well made. Price point is excellent. Spent several nights in the 38-42 degree range and stayed comfortably warm.

Bought this for my son to use on his backpacking trips. He loved how compact he could make the sleeping bag and its comfort.

Exactly as expected. Warm in 6C overnights. The Zips pull without snagging and it packs small for hiking

I originally started with the “standard” bag and it exceeded my expectations on quality and keeping me warm. However, at 5’10 and..ahem...200 lbs, it was a tad snug on the sides and foot box. Regarding width, it wasn’t tight or claustrophobic, it just made rotation from back to side to stomach a process and the bag kind of spun with me which required correction throughout the night. Regarding length, I like my pillow inside the bag and want to be able to have my arms above my head inside the bag when I sleep on my stomach but not have my feet pushing out the bottom of the bag. So I exchanged the “standard” for the “wide, long” version and it’s perfect. Additional $20 and well worth it for me. Arms above my head, fully contained within the bag and plenty of room at the feet. Bonus, I can insert my sleeping pad inside the bag, thus no bag spinning. It added a little bit of weight (appears to be half lb heavier) and I sacrifice some space (guessing 10-20% larger when compressed in sea to summit compression sack) but it’s worth it for the comfortable sleep. When pulling the elastic draw strings I am in full, darker out cocoon mode, with no pressure contact on either end of the bag, fantastic.

Great Quality, light weight. Liked everything about it.

This bag is very comfortable. It was shipped with a stuff sack and storage bag. I will use the small drawstring stuff sack for this bag. The larger storage bag has potential as a laundry bag at base camp. According to my kitchen scale, the weight with the included stuff sack is 2 pounds 9.2 ounces. It was extremely easy to shove into the stuff sack. It fit perfectly into my backpack. The stuff sack is by no means water resistant, but the bag held up well with the water splash test I did. I also like that it held up well when my pet dog walked across the length of the bag. There were no holes or pulled threads afterwards.

I have Marmot, North Face, and REI sleeping bags that I use, depending upon the temperature and the amount of room I have for packing, be it a backpack, pannier, or vehicle. The Radiant 19, men's long, is my new favorite all-around bag. I am 6', 200lbs, with wide shoulders. It is perfectly roomy for my feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, and height, allowing me to easily change sleeping positions. It feels to me like the ideal weight for most temps, and has enough substance that, when using it with a Therm-a-Rest pad, I had no discomfort when sleeping on my side, which is usually an issue for me when camping due to a few unfortunate biking wrecks throughout the years. Also, the material if very pleasant against the skin, not at all plasticky. I haven't had the opportunity to try this bag in cold weather, but I can say that I was surprised that I was perfectly comfortable even at 76 degrees F, although I did unzip to the knees during the night. In the interest of "science," aka this review, I did test its water resistance by using it in a pretty heavy rain (1" per hour), and it performed admirably. No leaks unless face hole was pointed up, of course, and only dampness along zipper if sleeping zipper-up, and that was only noticed by running my finger along it. Speaking of the zipper, this one moves easily without snagging, the best of all my bags. It fits nicely into one of my compression sacks which takes it down to 10" x 12", but I'm sure it would compress much more with a smaller sack and more motivation if packing space were an issue.

This bag is really a comfortable, high quality bag all around, but I bought a 19° bag because when you're hiking in the Rockies, even mid-summer nights can get pretty chilly. I understand that the comfort level in a bag will be 10-15° higher than the lower limit, but this bag still disappointed a bit.

This bag is the best sleeping bag I've used. First, this bag is ultra lightweight and compact. It fits perfectly in the durable napsack which came with the bag. I hiked miles upon miles through hot/humid and technical terrain in NC with this on my pack and noticed zero additional weight or discomfort. For this reason alone I recommend the sleeping bag to everyone in the market. Aside from the weight and compact design, this sleeping bag excels in comfort. The bag is longer than my other REI bag. This is an excellent feature as it allows for someone to fully stretch out and enjoy a good night rest. The bag provided ample comfort with temperature control. I was neither too hot or too cold. I fully expect this bag to operate beyond standard rated temperature. The material is soft to the touch and is made of a breathable and durable fiber. The construction of the sleeping bag is excellent and did not cut, tear, burn, or otherwise be damaged. The zipper construction is spectacular. It does not stick or otherwise jam. Even my 3-year old had no issues with zipper control. The bag fully zips and unzips with ease, and the overall zipper length is beyond enough to enter and exit the bag, or unzip if temps are too warm. The hood on the sleeping bag allows enough room while also maintaining heat for a good night sleep. The hood also allows for a makeshift pillow once filled. Finally, and although not my primary concern, the color of the bag popped and is pleasant. It matches several other items in my REI portfolio and my kids love the blue.


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