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I got this as a replacement for my older style Q-Core after the valve would no longer hold air. This valve is a huge improvement - good on Big Agnes for fixing this chronic problem. Easier to inflate, deflate, and offers fine adjustment. My only comment is that this model feels more narrow than the original Q-Core, but it is sufficient for my needs. I also got the "deluxe" version because it was on sale, but it's still not clear with the difference is in feel, so I imagine the standard insulated Q-Core would be fine.

I needed something packable for a winter bikepacking trip and this fit the bill. I have taken it camping locally to test it out and have about 8 nights sleeping on it thus far. I love the one-way inflation valve and the micro air pressure adjuster. The pad is about as comfortable as one can expect. My only issue with the pad is that in order for me to be "comfortable" I let a significant amount of air out of the pad once it has taken shape and is fully inflated. I weigh 220 pounds so that is a lot of air displacement when I lay on it. My hips sink through the pad to just barely touch the ground below which causes that area to loose all insulating power. Only an issue when it is exceptionally cold out. I sleep with more air in it to provide that buffer between my body and the ground on those nights at the expense of not being quite as comfortable.

I sleep better on this than my mattress at my house. If you’re going to have a big Agnes long and wide this is the ticket. I would certainly invest in the pump though this bugger will wear you out. I have only used it 4 times so I can’t really attest to its durability but it seems great. Definitely on the pricey side of things but with the sale and my dividend I talked myself into it.

After 69 magical nights I can say this is the best thing I’ve ever slept on. It packs smaller then my old school Thermarest and it’s way warmer. It slides in smooth to my Big A Hog Park 20°. Sometimes though, when it’s cold in the morning, it’s not as firm. I just blow a little on the hole and it’s back to being stiff.

A few REI employees recomended this brand, and for our needs it was a good investment. Light weight, compact, and easy to deflate for quick pack up. Like the softer "material" (on top side) compared to the all plastic options out there.

Pros: soft, quiet, thick, decent sleep Cons: losses air in cold and damp climates, need an oxygen tank to blow up

Hands down the most comfortable pad I have used/tried. I have back issues, which resulted in a recent surgery, and was nervous about sleeping on the ground after that. I should not have worried, this pad is more comfortable than some beds I have slept in. Even though my back was sore from hiking in the evening, I woke up in the morning refreshed and without pain. While it is a bit heavier than other pads out there, for me it is definitely worth the extra .5 pounds or so. This will be my go-to pad for any type of camping in the future.

This pad is probably the most comfortable sleeping pad I've ever used, and this model is more durable than some of the lighter weight models. This would be great for a side sleeper who is used to having their hips get sore when they camp, or someone who doesn't sleep well outside. It's better for car camping than backpacking because it is definitely on the heavy side.

There is denying that this is a BIG boi, which I like as someone that’s 6’2 and like to sleep on my stomach with my arms over my head. If you’re cool with sleeping in mega comfort and maybe slightly embarrassing your friends with smaller pads, this is a solid bet. Good and secure valves. Material seems like it could take some abuse.

I made the mistake of thinking that since my Big Agnes pad held air prior to purchasing that it was good. However after several uses I began waking up on the ground. Unable to find the leak I sent it to Big Agnes, who informed me that since I bought it at an REI garage sale they couldn't help me. Beware folks, you get no warranty when you purchase stuff at the garage sale.

I love this sleeping pad. It is very comfortable and gives me the support I need. This feels the most like a mattress to me and I have tested a few sleeping pads. Absolutely recommend for any light sleepers looking for a good night sleep in the woods.

I bought this shortly after I fell and fractured 4 vertebrae in my lower back. I was used to sleeping on a Thermarest pad since 2007. I was so worried about how I would do after sleeping on that after a full day of backpacking. I can tell you, that I woke up with no aches or pains in my back after a full night on this pad. It did get down in the mid 30s low 20s, and I was warm for the 4 nights I was out in the back country. I am very impressed. I highly recommend getting the BA House Pump to go along with it. It will save your lungs. Especially in high elevation, or a long day of hiking. I couldn't imagine blowing this up since it is so thick. I also love the fact I can adjust how firm or soft I want the pad. It is also very light and packs up very small. BA did a good job on this pad. I wouldn't change a thing.

I had this same sleeping pad in the regular. I carried it around on an eleven month trip but only had to use it about 15 nights. I returned it when I got back in place of this one! I love it! I wake up less and side sleeping is great with the extra width because I don’t have to hang an arm off and all of me fits! I’m a 5’4 200 pound girl and this sleeping pad is my favorite! I did get the blow up bag/stuff sack and it’s perfect with it.

Replacing very old Thermarest gear (20+ years) and having a 46 year old body, comfort was something I was seeking for a sleeping pad. This was amazing. It was better than some hotel beds we used on our trip to Yellowstone. It can be a little noisy when tossing, but it was like sleeping on a cloud. Plus it was half the size and weight of my old stuff and three times the thickness. Buy it, you will love it.

I’m a decent size guy. 6’3” 220lbs. I was Skeptical whether this expensive air pad was going to do the job. I don’t have an REI anywhere near me so all I’ve had to go by is a few YouTube reviews. Conclusion: best air pad I’ve ever purchased. This is made of quality material and my back does not touch the ground. Will definitely be going back to Big Agnes for my future air pads.

I had the older W-core for 4 years when it started leaking air. Big Agnes replaced it with no questions. This pad is so comfortable I just ordered my wife one. The first time My backpacking buddy saw it he ordered 2 for him and his wife. Couldn’t be more impressed with Big Agnes and their customer service or products. I now own a lime lite tent also by Big Agnes

Bought this to go with my Big Agnes Hog Park, I've yet to use them together but I did sleep on the pad for 5 nights in Death Valley in another bag. I'm 6'3 285 and was very comfortable. Easy to inflate with no pump and very easy to deflate and roll back into its pouch. The quick adjust button is very convenient to get the pressure just right.

With a total of three months sleeping on Q-Core Deluxe pads, I’m comfortable recommending them to anyone looking for a good night's sleep in the great outdoors. This delivers a comfortable night’s sleep even on lumpy, uneven ground. I use it with a BA Lost Ranger sleeping bag, which is somewhat fitted but not a mummy bag, and provides enough insulation to allow me to sleep comfortably (with long UW and socks) to near-freezing temps. It also has a nice fabric topside that makes it both more comfortable and more quiet than most other pads. One word of caution though: my previous Q-core Deluxe pad developed some leaks around the welds after a friend trying to be helpful inflated it with an electric pump. So - do not over-inflate, and of course partially deflate your pad if it’s going to be sitting in the sun - or in a sunny tent - for the day. On the whole though I highly recommend this pad. It’s well worth its slightly higher cost and weight.

I purchased this product to go with the Camp Robber Bedroll, and I must say, it is the most comfortable sleeping pad I've ever slept on. I will be taking it this summer to West Virginia for the World Scout Jamboree, and needed something that would keep me comfortable for 16 days on a cot, and would be light enough to carry in my luggage. I set it up initially without the Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra. I had to buy the pump because it was difficult to pump without it. I do think this should be included or discounted when you buy a pad at the same time (manufacturer issue, I know). That said, I set it up with the sleeping bag and took a nap yesterday and I had a very restful sleep. My son begged me to sleep on it last night and I let him. This morning there were no issues. It maintained the level of air throughout the night. It is a bit heavy for backpacking, but, I think it is well worth the weight. You won't have a more comfortable pad on the trail.

We bought these to use on our camp cots. They fit the cots perfectly. We are older, so we layer these over egg crate foam which makes a very comfortable bed for our old bones. They are also easy to roll up and they fit in a small space.

We took this to BWCA camping and it was the best ever. The pump works well too. I slept so well despite our tent being on rocks and tree roots. Packed up well too and fit well in packs to go in canoe and on portages.

First use was last night at 11,600 in CO. BIG upgrade from my old pad...adjustable air, wide and long. Well worth the weight and price. Slept great.

Easy to use and pack. High quality product that was well made. The ajustabily is great to have with a pad that doesn’t deflate at all overnight!

This is awesome. Inflates to be massive and very comfortable, and then packs down very small and light. Love it. Get the inflator for it.

Very comfortable mattress light weight packs down small but takes a while to inflate since its not self inflating,

Awesome sleeping pad. Light weight and super comfortable.

Very comfortable and stayed inflated during cold nights



What is the best way to store this pad? I usually store my sleeping pads laid out flat under a bed with the valve open - same for this one?

​We recommend storing your sleeping pad laid flat with the valve open.


Will REI ever carry the regular/wide for the Deluxe and SLX again? Some of us have the 84" length MSR and other tents where a long pad of 77-78" isn't going to work. Thank you

As of November 2017, we do not stock regular wide. All available sizes are on our website.


Will this pad fit inside the big anges lost ranger sleeping bags

​This sleeping pad is compatible with the Lost Ranger sleeping bag. The regular length pad (20 x 72 inches) goes with the regular length sleeping bag. The long length pad (20 x 78 inches) goes with the long sleeping bag. The long wide pad (25 x 78 inches) goes with the long wide sleeping bag.


The regular wide has not been available online for a while. Is it going to come back in or should I order somewhere else?

As of August 2017, we are out of stock of the regular wide size and do not know when it will become available again.


I've had lots of leaks with old& new slx pads. Is there any difference in the material thickness or material in general that would make one big Agnes better than others here? Core ultra or deluxe any better? How about compared to Nemo Cosmo non-insulated?

​The SLX has 40-denier nylon on both the top and bottom. The Deluxe pad has 40-denier nylon on the bottom and 70-denier stretch nylon on the top. Heavier denier typically suggests increased durability and weight.


Does this pad require an air pump of some sort?

A pump is not required to inflate this sleeping pad. The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra can be purchased separately to inflate the pad.


Only one width is given in the specs. How wide is the "wide" version?

​The long wide is 25 inches wide.


Will the Pumphouse Ultra work to pump up this pad?

The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra is compatible with this pad.


What are the major differences in this pad and q core slx? Are the same valves used in each and is this just the 2017 model? Appears to be a different top layer and a little heavier....absolutely love the slx

The Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Pad is a half an inch thicker and 9 oz. heavier than the Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad. Both pads use the same valves.

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