Mountain House - Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

Put simply, the best freeze dried meal I've had. It's obviously simple to prepare, with just some hot water and ~15 minutes to rehydrate, but the taste is surprisingly complex. It's like something you'd get at a restaurant. You can see for yourself on the ingredients list what's in there -- corn, black beans, hash browns, shredded beef, etc. -- and you can actually taste it all.

I love the Breakfast Skillet so much I was reluctant to try something different, but glad that I did. The spice was mild, so I did punch it up with a little chili powder. Now it's a coin toss between this and my now-tied-for-favorite.

It's pretty good, but I wouldn't exactly call it breakfasty. Taste more like a burrito bowl. May buy again, but for dinner.

this is worse than baby food, seriously, consistency/texture is terrible and not any flavor, would never buy this again

The Mountain House breakfast skillet is better, but this one is ok.

My SO and I are planning our first backcountry camping trip, and we decided to try some freeze-dried meals before we went. This was our first selection, and we were very pleased! Not bad at all. (Four stars only because it IS still freeze-dried food. I'd feel odd giving five stars to food that doesn't taste like it was cooked that same day. For what is clearly is, though, yeah, great product.)

I love almost all MH meals, but this one was disappointing. Not what I expected and certainly not as good as the breakfast skillet.

I take Mountain House meals on quick camping trips when I don't want to cook or for longer car camping trips when I plan to hike all day for several days. The breakfast hash in particular is tasty without adding hot sauce or additional condiments and tastes decent if you put the leftovers aside to eat later (which isn't the case with all MH meals).

Purchased this before Death Valley and had it on morning one. Far exceeded my expectations; it's very filling and delicious. Fair warning, there is a fair amount of kick, at least in the one I ate. I enjoyed it but it you have a sensitive GI tract, you may want to try this before you get one the trail.

Food is really a personal preference so this is my take. What is there to not like about cornedbeef and hash? This is my favorite meal from any company. The best part is that the spices mix perfectly with the potatoes and meat. This cannot be said for most meals.

One of the better breakfasts out there. Beef didn't fully re-hydrate, but still tasted great, would just leave a little longer. Just enough heat/spice. Will be adding to mix when backpacking. Was actually big enough to share for breakfast between two people.

When we go backpacking we alternate breakfasts between store-bought instant oatmeal and Mountain House breakfasts. The breakfast hash is tasty and ample, with just a slight amount of spicy kick. We had no problem reconstituting this at 11,200 ft.

I bought this to eat as breakfast on a six day backpacking trip. As usual with Mountain House, the packaging was light and small, making it easy to carry with no burden. Freeze-dried foods can be hit-or-miss, but this one was absolutely amazing.

Took this hash on a 5 day back country trip. By far the best breakfast in a bag that we had on the trip. Drop it in a warm tortilla and its about as good as it gets. Had it 3 of the 5 days and it didn’t get old.

This was a great meal! Loved having a hearty breakfast after a chilly night. It could also be a great dinner since it has meat and veggies. Great flavor! Loved this meal.

Had this on a couple of hikes now. Enjoy the taste and texture. Hydrate just a bit longer for the chunks of beef to get moist. Great start for a long day on the trail.

Very tasty. Just add some hot water, stir and wait several minutes. Easy to eat from the container and the container will re-seal if you want to save any for later.

Bought for weekend backpacking trip. Mountain House meals are great. This goes down as a breakfast or anytime favorite. Pack some tortillas and make a burritio!

not good. tasted synthetic and salty. tried to drain it but it was still soupy. I am a Mountain House fan but this will not go back on the trail with me.

This is hands down THE BEST freeze dried meal I have ever eaten. I could eat this for breakfast in lieu of making the real/fresh thing. It's THAT good!

Tried this on the trail and wow! Perfect with a little Tapatio sauce (gotta have it, you know?). Generous portions and would even make a great supper.

Got this for a multi day hiking trip and it was delicious! After multiple days of rain it was nice to have something hot with a bit of a kick!

Saved this for my last breakfast after a 4 day backpacking trip in the Tetons - it was like having a gourmet meal. Absolutely delicious.

This was a great breakfast but it is very hearty! It had a great spice to it as well. This would make a great dinner choice as well.

Really good and quite filling. You need to add your own salt and pepper to taste (and maybe salsa if you're carrying the weight).

Does what it says on the tin, it's got a nice kick to it and it's so filling I struggled to eat it all. Will buy again.

Soo yummy with just a tiny kick of spice! This is a backpacking breakfast favorite of mine.

Hearty breakfast, fast to make and super flavorful. My favorite meal for trekking.

Good breakfast option, brings a little heat. Liked the beans and corn.

This breakfast tasted great!!! Even has some spice!

Very good. Would purchase again. Easy to prepare.


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