AlpineAire Foods - Guacamole Instant Dip - 2 Servings

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It definitely has the right consistency and color but we found the taste to be vile. Had to spit it out! Yuck.

I saw the horrible reviews after I tried it. I wouldn't have tried it if i saw them first. I packed in all kinds of heavy stuff to make a bean burrito work - this was my lightweight accompaniment, that could be thrown out if it was awful. It wasn't. It was good. I think the haters who have reviewed this didn't mix it up right or something, because it was a really solid addition to a yummy meal of fresh tortillas, beans, chile peppers, onion, garlic, rice, corn, salsa, and cheese. Seriously, I think this product is a game-changer for gourmet backpackers, which I think I am. Ignore the haters, give it a try. My one complaint is that the instructions said to mix it in another container. Bologna! I mixed it in the pouch, like all pouch meals should be capable of. Worked perfectly for my complicated meal production.

Not even close. Upon opening it the Hulk-green chunks smelled exactly like the plastic container that holds the cats kibble. I wanted to throw it out then but decided that I should give it a try. My fears were confirmed and it tasted as bad as it looked. The flavor can only be described as spicy old avocado with the after taste of rancid oil. There was absolutely nothing appealing about the whole thing - color, smell, taste and a $9 loss.

We (4 of us) tried to choke this down. Our other brand breakfasts were great, but this was a huge miss. Refund please.

Nobody in our group loved this. Most liked it ok, but felt that it did not need the amount of spice it had, or maybe different spices that what was used. To be honest I have never had guacamole that was spiced like this, so I did not like it. We had brought our own spices to put in this, but could not use that because it was already 'flavored'.

I have never left a review for an item that i have purchased on any website. this item needs a review. 100% this could be the worst tasting food i have ever experienced. 5 guys tried it and all agreed it was inedible. i wish there was a way to return the item, but on the trail and opened, not going to happen

I tried AlpineAire after using Mountain House everything for a long time. Not a good Guac flavor. Maybe as a spread on a sandwich but probably not, for me anyway. My AlpineAire chocolate banana instant smoothie was even worse. Zero out of two for AlpinieAire - back to MountainHouse choices for travel food.

It's not bad, a bit spicy which is good. The hardest part is getting your chip with the dip out without getting it all over your hands. Best for car camping or glamping where you could put it in a bowl (and bring chips) at that point bringing your own from a freah avacado may be better.

Tastes like they tried to add something to make a chip flavor, and it is just nasty. The bean dip was so awesome we were very hopeful for the guac. Glad we only bought one as I hate to waste food and nothing can make this better.

Although it looked like decent guac when reconstituted, it tasted like quite overripe avocado. Would not get this product again.

I tried this a few months back on a day hike. It's quick and easy to fix, looks good, and lightweight. Tastes awful.

Try it a home first. Consistency is great but it tasted like someone dropped a cup of black pepper into it. Weird after taste and it did have a cardboard hint (like I eat cardboard regularly but - it was strange). Boo. I think if there were freeze dried tomatoes added and take out the black heat and replace w freeze dried ro-tell? Maybe.... too bad.

This was disgusting. There is a typo in the instructions mistakenly calling this "gucamole," but maybe this is intentional to distinguish it from the fresh, bright, spicy flavor of real guacamole. With the ingredients on the label being the same as guacamole, I had high hopes, but this tasted defective.

I bought AlpineAire guac to go with their bean dip to make a burrito. The bean dip was surprisingly good however the guacamole was inedible. the best thing that can be said about it is that it is bitter. It's all downhill after that. Just get the bean dip and be happy with that fine product.

This stuff tastes like chewed up cardboard. I clearly did not read the reviews before purchasing for a trip. Truly a terrible product. Bad color, bad taste. Our whole trek group was gagging. REI should remove this from their shelves!

If you go into this thinking that's it's going to anything like actual guacamole, don't buy this product. After adding almost a whole travel size bottle of Tabasco, we still couldn't make it taste good. Worst impulse buy ever.

Really wanted to like this, but it doesn't taste like guacamole - or even avocado - at all. We have a long trip coming up and was hoping this was mediocre. After tasting at home before the trip, we had to throw it away.

I thought this item was terrific: easy to rehydrate and the spicing was remarkable for dehydrated food. I was on a 7 day back camping trip so it was great to have something resembling avocado toast.

Despite a good texture and nice appearance, this has a very odd, chemical-like aftertaste. I shared this with a dozen friends on a backpacking trip and everyone agreed this was a "No".

Disappointed with this product. Texture was off, distinctive cardboard taste, bland . Was hoping for something edible, and missed the mark. $8 down the drain.

Good, and not very good, because the too much spicy touch hide the others tastes. Convenient because you can easily and instantly hydrate a smaller portion.

Looked fun in store, so I was willing to give it a try. Tastes like rehydrated cardboard, nothing like guacamole. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

Cannot recommend this. Taste 3/10. Definitely had the texture of guac and had an OK tatse - mostly. Something was off. Not worth the price.

If I could give this product zero stars I would. It’s absolutely disgusting and has a chemical taste - I wanted to scrape my tongue off.

Don't buy this product. The taste is awful and the texture is very weird. You dont want that in your bagpack

Sent this out in my resupply on my recent backpacking trip and it was delicious.. 10/10 highly recommend.

I had high hopes for this but it was pretty terrible. It tasted stale and nothing like quac.

When I can't take my favorite fruit with me backpacking, this is the next best thing!

I like the guacamole - I enjoyed the spiciness. it is a bit expensive though

Nothing like a 'special' food when in my home to make camping more special~

We were extremely hungry after a hike and couldn't even finish this.

I wasn't expecting much, but this was bad horrible after taste.

Tasted horrible threw it away. Such a waste of money!

This was not good and i was so hoping it would be!


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