Chimes - Ginger Chews

Category: Camp Kitchen

I have anything with ginger but i saw these and thought I’d try it u know that ginger is good for you so i tired it bec it said mango on it. It was not only good but spicy. I don’t do spicy either but knowing it as good for me helped get past that. Deff have a bottle of water near you when trying this. But would buy it again!

Nice texture and flavor ( mango) but I am very sensitive to chemical heat and it really burned my mouth. Nowhere on the packaging does it say “spicy”. I won’t be able to eat these. Please make them with no heat and I’ll be an instant fan.

Honestly I don't understand why REI asked me to write a review but these things are amazing. If your sick; buy them. If you enjoy ginger; buy them. They are slightly tacky little drops of heaven and everyone needs to experience.

It is very hard and unpleasant to struggle opening the package. of the individually wrapped ginger chews. Please find a better way and I will be happy to buy many more of them

I love Ginger and all of its benefits. I wish they would come up with "hard" Chimes Ginger. The chews stick to your teeth!

Love these bad boys. What a product honestly. Get ready for a ginger party in your face.

A perfect flavor. Fruity sweet, with a bite. Love 'em.

These make great snacks for on the trail...or anywhere


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