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I have had the bonfire now for 4 months and take it with me all over. The storage/carry works great and holds up well. After at least 15 burns the stove is working as promised. Low smoke and a complete burn down to ash every time.

I bought the bonfire a couple months ago and absolutely love it!!!! It is so much better than a traditional fire pit. You can sit it on the ground without it burning the grass and it's very easy to light. I also love that it reduces the smoke. My husband and I are full time RVers and we can't imagine having anything else. Definitely worth the money!!!!

I purchased the SS Bonfire after the bottom rusted out of an alternative style fire pit option I was using (for home only). I used it to burn some limbs that were in my yard. The fire burned hot and bright the whole time and made quick work in the chore. It was a windy day and the Solo Stove was not impacted at all, keeping the burning material in the pit with no worries about flying sparks or debris that could be a fire hazard. I opted for the Bonfire size so that I could used it at home and pack it up for camping or evening beach trips. I'm really pleased with the unit and looking forward to more use over the summer and fall!!

I owned mine just under a year and have found the burning efficiency ( oct 2016 ) is great , just like the video that catches your eyes, Im an arborist so to really test this product I tried different woods . and of course they all work just fine I do recommend hard woods like acacia and oak these are common names used in California.

WE love our Bonfire! Easy to get going with all the air it is able to pull from the bottom. Awesome flames that come out of the holes at the top due to the secondary combustion. Leaves nothing but ash at the end. Does burn crazy hot so you have to keep feeding it wood as it will eat it up quick.

My township has a law that requires a spark screen over any type of fire pit. Unfortunately Solostove does not offer a spark screen and the third party screens I found won't work as they are all too large. I had ordered this with store pickup, but because of the local screen requirement, it won't even be leaving the store. It really seems like a great fire pit, but the lack of aspark screen seems like a pretty glaring omission, especially since spark screen laws seem to be pretty common.

Works as designed. Much less smoke. Great heat. Gets REALLY hot. Recommend using a trashcan lid to cover once done. No complaints at all.

I didn’t believe it that it produced very little smoke, looked at a bunch of reviews and thought I would take a chance.

Great fire pit and easy clean up. Burns very hot and sores away easily. You have to purchase the stand separately.

The best fire pit I have ever owned. REI was the only local store to carry it. Very happy

I've been looking at fire rings, fire pits, and chimaneas before I pulled the trigger on the Solo Stove Bonfire. It works beautifully, and the smoke is directed up, so much so that my wife said that she didn't smell any smoke. It gets wonderfully hot just from the ambient height as proven by the numerous burnt marshmallows we roasted. Love the product, and will be a heavily used this summer

Pros - portable but not cheaply made. Smokes very little and gets plenty hot. elevated base reduces heat transfer to ground (or deck). Large enough for more than a few people to sit around.

This is an awesome product. The wood lights quickly, burns hot, and there is very little smoke. It is nice having the entire canister heat up as it gives off a lot of warmth. Highly recommend it!

This fire pit creates a cauldron of fire in a few minutes after lighting the wood. The draft allows it to be lit with a single match and a newspaper. The smoke quickly dissipates in a few minutes once the wood catches fire. Then is gone for the rest of the night.

I read a lot of reviews, watched a lot of videos before deciding to bite the bullet and get one. I'm glad I did! Used it twice camping so far and it takes all the work and amazingly SMOKE out of the fire. Once it's going, just feed in wood, no fooling around stirring the fire. It just burns. I usually spend all night moving my chair to stay out of the smoke. NOT with this. Didn't move all night either time and didn't smell like a fire. I also enjoy watching the flames and on this thing, the fire doesn't seem to burn as much as "dance" above the wood. It's mesmerizing to watch. Clean up is a breeze with just a small amount of powdery ash and surprisingly, the unit itself doesn't smell of fire so you can store it right in your RV, truck or car without it stinking things up. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fire, but not moving around to stay away from the smoke or the fuss of tending it.

While light weight and portable, designed to protect the ground, you'd best get a cart to wheel the thing around with if you are going very far from your vehicle. We bought a large metal garbage can just for the lid to cover it with so it wouldn't fill with water when it rains and make a bigger mess. Will probably return it.



The weight is listed as 20lbs. is that correct?

​The 20 pound listed weight for this fire pit is accurate.


I am interested for taking this to the beach. My only concern is how long it takes to cool off. Is it okay to pour water on this? If not, how long does it take to cool so it is safe to touch?

​We do not advise using water to put out the fire or cool down the pit. Unfortunately we do not have an estimate as to how long this pit will take to cool down as this will depend upon many variables like fire strength and outside conditions.


This firepit is advertised as emitting less smoke. I am curious as to how that works. 

​This fire pit features a venting system that creates robust combustion resulting in less smoke.


can you use duraflame logs in the solostove?

Yes, Duraflame logs can be used in this fire pit if they fit inside.

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This may be ridiculous to ask, but is the solo stove bonfire pit safe to use on an outdoor patio that is wood? Would it need a slate platform to rest on our could we place it directly on the wooden deck?

While this fire pit is safe to use on a wood patio, we recommend setting it on top of some bricks or a heat resistant mat.


I'm curious if the outside surface of the Solo Stove becomes hot to the touch as I imagine or if the cooler air serves as insulation directing all the heat directly upward. Anyone with experience able to give me some insight on this? Thanks!

​The outside of the stove will be hot when in use. Do not touch any part of the Bonfire when in use.


What is the - Inside Diameter - of the Solo Bonfire? The written spec's are 14" tall and 19.5" diameter but those walls look like one inch on either side.

​Internal dimensions are 17.7 inches in diameter and about 11 inches deep. The ring that seats on the top of the stove narrows the opening diameter to 15.75 inches.


What size and length of individual pieces of wood are best to load this up with?

​The manufacturer recommends using 4 to 6 average sized logs. The diameter of the opening measures 19.5 inches. The height of the fire pit measures 14 inches. Do not overfill the pit.


I've read and watched several reviews of this but nowhere does anybody mention how much HEAT does it put out. Will it keep you warm sitting around it or is just some fancy smoke-less burner. I am comparing this to Snow Peaks portable campfire.

Just got off a 10 day camp trip. Brother in law brought the Solo Stove along for its first run and the heat was Aamazing!! So much so that we had to make our circle bigger because it was so hot! No Smoke!! Every family in our group is getting one for camping and backyard evenings outside! 

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Can you cook food above fire pit?

​The Bonfire does not include a cooking platform for campfire cooking, but you can campfire cook over the Bonfire with a tripod that includes a hanging grill or cast iron pot.


Solostove website has this for $299, does REI match price?

Use your 20% coupon and still comes in less expensive. 

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