Alpine Start - Instant Coffee - Package of 8

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I have tried many instant coffees over the years for camping, school and those super late mornings where the only time I have is to boil water while I'm in the shower. Hands down this is the best tasting instant coffee. It replaced my french press for backpacking and early morning hikes. Highly recommend!

I love this coffee! A friend of mine gave it to me to try and I have been hooked ever since! I will use it when I travel and even when I am home. If it's an early morning, this coffee gets me out the door quickly. It tastes great and you just add water! I take with me every where I go.

Love this instant coffee! Quick and with a kick! The first time I had a taste was mid Tahoe Rim 100 miler and my crew was drinking a hot cup around 3am. I took a sip and finished every drop. This is my go-to blend for the early morning days, or being out on the trails and need a boost.

I used to beg friends going to NZ to bring back Jeds; I no longer need to! Alpine start is a great instant coffee. I know what other reviewers talk about with the chemical flavor of others, not alpine start. This is good flavorful coffee without the mess of clean up on the trail.

I tried this at the Outdoor retail tradeshow, then went home and instantly ordered three boxes. I find the flavor to be equal to my daily french press, full, slight bold taste but smooth on the palette. Perfect for a afternoon wake up call and less waste then a french press.

I really wanted to like this more than Starbucks via because it's made by outdoor people..but its falls way short of the taste of the via. Obviously much better than the jar of Nescafe..but tastes more like that. Hopefully they make an espresso blend soon. I'm sticking w via

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my gf since it got rave reviews in Backpacker magazine. She had a cup while we were snowshoeing up on the mountain and loved it. It has a bold flavor, good kick, and none of the instant chemical after tastes. I had a sip and agree.

I've been keeping a pack or two with me everywhere I go. Used several occasions when no one else brought coffee camping or I am out and about. Really enjoy the full flavor of this coffee COLD, just mix with water straight out of the tap/ bubbler/ alpine lake!

Use gaggia machine with Kone beans at home, but looking for something decent and easy for camping. Giving it a star for easy caffeine only. It smells and tastes awful. No better flavor than inexpensive grocery store instant and worse in aroma.

This is my go-to in the office, at the crag, or for literal alpine starts. Alpine Start coffee is a favorite-- their products are high quality, delicious, and affordable. I'll always have a stash in my bag or pack. Highly recommend!

I don’t usually drink instant coffee. But when I do, I drink Alpine Start. Cue world’s most interesting man montage. At this price point, there is no better instant coffee. Balanced and satisfying.

I would buy a cup of this coffee at a coffee shop. I actually use this at home from time to time. It’s way better than the cheap grocery store options as well as the Starbucks instant in my opinion.

As a person who MUST! have coffee in the morning this is a great light weight super tasty instant coffee to have on the trail. I've tried many brands over the years but really enjoy this one.

This coffee is our new goto for mornings when we're not wanting to brew our own while camping / traveling. It's also a great piece to take on a plane when airline coffee just doesn't cut it.

This is it folks, the best instant coffee on the market. I love the smooth flavor and energy I get from just one cup. Super easy to pack and great for both outdoor adventures and travel.

I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and this is the best instant coffee out there, hands down. It is a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it. It will dissolve in both hot and cold water too.

meh. it's instant coffee so I guess it's hard to complain about the taste. if you are looking for a caffeine fix via warm liquid and don't like tea - this will get the job done.

This was a tasty cup of coffee. The only complaint is that the micronized nature of the dried coffee leaves a decent amount in the package. It is hard to empty the contents.

This coffee tastes pretty much like brewed coffee. I will buy it again in the future. I usually take some packets of Starsbucks, but will add this to my camping kitchen.

This is the best instant coffee I have ever had. I have used it for multiple hikes, climbing trips and military operations. Tastes good and gets me goinng.

We were pleasantly surprised by this instant coffee. The crystals are much more finer than Folgers instant coffee. It tasted more like espresso.

It’s just ok. Possibly overpriced Sbux Via’s? Alpine Mud is so much better, if you can find it. Positive note-easy to make and carry.

Coffee is a must when camping / backpacking. A MUST. But I've grown tired of instant coffee because I've found that no matter the quality of the instant coffee granules, they all have an underlying chemically flavor. Maybe because it's the way it's processed? Who knows. So I decided to give Alpine Start a try, but was unfortunately disappointed because although they tout quality instant coffee, it still had the chemical flavor that all other instant coffees do. This was right after 'brewing' the coffee. Then I let it sit for a little while cooking breakfast, and as it cooled down, the flavor became unpalatable :( Maybe it was the pack I received?

I just spent 24 days in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska, and I relied completely on Alpine Start as my coffee source. That's huge for a coffee addict like me. Their coffee tastes great and makes it easy to prepare while minimizing waste and coffee grounds in the wilderness. The low weight no hassle made mornings easy and enjoyable. I will be taking Alpine Start on all of my trips from now on!

Really enjoy this coffee, hot or cold. Better taste than other brands I have tried and dissolves easily in water.

I’ve been an avid Alpine Start drinker for awhile now and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s my go-to for adventures and early mornings at home where I’m too lazy to brew fresh coffee. Alpine Fresh tastes delicious and is so quick and easy. Definitely check it out - so much better than other instant coffee brands!

I am by no means am a coffee expert, but i do know what like. I do drink all my cofee black. I do like the thought of instant coffee rather then hauling the beans, a grinder, and some way of brewing the coffee. My initial thoughts are the following. Super small and super convenient. When i opened the packet, it smelled heavily of beef jerky. It was really intense. But it put in my coffee mug anyways. Pro tip: empty the packet in your mug before you put water in, because the steam makes the coffee stick to the packet and its hard to get out. The coffee tasted bitter. It wasn't terrible, but more bitter than I like.I will probably buy it again just because I like the company and their support of public lands issues and advocating for more effective policies affecting the environment.

I picked this up at my local REI because I was heading out camping and didn't want to deal with having to bring a pour funnel, filters, and traditional ground coffee. My options were this or Starbucks VIA. As a rule, I really hate 'bux. I had low expectations for this product, because, well, it's instant coffee. I'd really hoped to get my hands on another product I'd tried previously, but it isn't available at REI. So I settled for this. Man was I caught off guard. This stuff is good! I mean, not just "good for instant coffee" good, but it was actually really good! I had coffee both mornings of my camping trip and it was as satisfying as my traditional cup I brew at home.

I used this brand of coffee for my breakfasts on Wyoming's Glacier Trail and was surprised at how good it is. Starbucks VIA line used to be my go-to choice, since it was the only palatable alternative to Folgers or similar instant coffees, however the Alpine Start product suits my taste much better. No grit left over in the cup and a smooth finish! Will use this product again.

Sometimes you just need to get up real early, whether that's to summit a big hill before corn o'clock, start putting in trail miles so you don't end up with yet another bivy, or you just need to get to Stevens before the parking fills up. Alpine Start is an essential tool for those, well, alpine starts. I'll usually mix two packets with 16oz of almost-boiling water in a half-size Nalgene, and sip on that throughout the morning. If I'm fading in the afternoon, I might mix a single packet with 16oz cold water. Either way, Alpine Start is always in my pack and my car.

This has been our family go to coffee every day since we discovered it last year. We no longer need a coffee pot taking up space on our kitchen counter and it's so convenient to take on the go! I never would think I would fall in love with instant coffee! SO GOOD!

Hi have been drinking this coffee for about a year. I started out drinking it for outdoor trips, but I now keep it in my desk and at my house for when I don't feel like brewing a full French Press or drinking a nasty Keurig cup at the office.

Until now, instant coffee was always something we had to suffer through while backpacking or climbing mountains in the nearby Cascades. No more! We discovered Alpine Start and decided to spring for it, and have never looked back. This stuff manages to accomplish the impossible- dissolve quickly in water (hot OR cold!) and offer full flavor without being bitter or acrid. In fact, we found it to be super smooth and easy to drink, turning AM coffee into something we look forward to on excursions instead of just another thing to take care of. My husband has even started bringing it along on day hikes, when instant coffee isn't totally necessary, because he likes it so much. Needless to say, these coffee snobs highly recommend it. :)

This coffee is SO GOOD! My old go-to was Starbucks Instant Via, and I even got the French press system for my MSR WindBoiler because, personally, I don’t think those sbux packets are that great. Then Alpine Start made these packets with instant coffee that’s easily portable, delicious, and can be “brewed” hot or cold! It's a really good product created by a small team of passionate people, and I’m all about supporting that.

It's good. you really can't tell it's instant coffee

I have to admit that this coffee has become a big part of my adventures. I have abandoned my past camp coffee press and other ,not so great, instant coffees. I look forward to waking up and drinking Alpine Start coffee in the early hours that begin long adventure filled days. This coffee is honestly the best! I hand out packets to my friends or just random fellow campers. I want everyone to experience this coffee. Seriously! Alpine Start all the way!!! Get it, try it and fall in love with it.

My son and I took this on our recent backpacking trip to the Adirondacks. I quickly discovered that it is quite tasty, but the way to make it is with two packets per cup rather than one. Perfect!

I was really hoping this would be great, but it is barely OK. Better than some, but really has the smell and taste of instant coffee. Reminds me of the really cheap stuff of years ago (Tasters Choice, etc), but is a bit better. Has that same smell, though.

I bought this after reviewing a few instant coffee mixes and it does not disappoint. I used this on my trip in Banff since I knew I may be away from a few coffee shops and also didn't want to travel with grounds, and this coffee taste like coffee. It's a medium roast and has a richer taste but isn't bold in flavor (people think they want bold but really they want coffee with cream and sugar to weaken the flavor). You can drink this coffee black or with cream/sugar. It is really tasty!

I REALLY wanted to like this instant coffee more than Starbucks Via. It comes close but Via is more bold and dissolves a little better.

I have been using Alpine Start Coffee for the last 18 months for my outdoor endeavors. I've mixed it with Carbopro and used it to Climb Mt. Rainier, I've used it during triathlon, rock climbing, trail running, or even to make a quick brew during a refuel on a road down to Austin. For me supporting small businesses are important and a company like Alpine Start is a great example of a small business taking a leap on a product and doing an amazing job!

Love this stuff. So easy to just put in your bag and when you need a pick-me-up you can just add it to water (cold or hot)!!!

i had no idea coffee could taste this good! you have to get it

A small packet of coffee you literally can stow anywhere, what's not to love? The best part is that it literally is the best instant coffee on the market today, hands down. The versatility to make a smooth cup of Joe whether you have acess to hot water or not is perfect for any type of adventure you find yourself into. Throw a pack in a travel bag, a hiking pack, your bug out bag, or just in you pants pocket and your always ready for a great sip of coffee.

I received this coffee as a gift and brought it along on a 4 night backpacking trip during which I "cold soaked" my food. So, even cold this is the best instant coffee I've ever had. The next trip I took I used some other stuff I had leftover that was a different brand. This Alpine Start instant coffee ruined my ability to drink any other instant coffee and I ordered more as soon as I returned home. Won't go without it again :)

I love my morning coffee. For me, it’s an art form to make. But how to lighten my load for backpacking? Though not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised Alpine Start was closer to real coffee than any other instant I’ve tried (even more than instant Starbucks). Alpine is smooth and flavorful. No bitter, instant taste. Thank You Alpine Start!! I’ll be enjoying waking up to you as I watch the sun come over the mountains.

Love Alpine Start!!! I’m currently hiking the CDT and have been surviving off of it. I also just completed an attempt of Nolan’s 14 while heading north on the CDT and stuck some in my running saving! You can easily mix it cold with Nido or protein powder for some extra calories. Highly recommend it whether or not you carry a stove! I LOVE coffee and it is by far the best instant stuff I’ve found!!!

Love this coffee, especially as a morning person who NEEDS coffee to function. It's made camping and backpacking trips that much better...because instead of having to choke down a cup of brown water, I get to ENJOY my morning cup! Pro tip: I double down on the packets for an even richer cup of coffee. Enjoy it hot or cold. Tried it once, and I will never go back to any other instant brands. 10/10 recommend.

I don't necessarily consider myself a coffee snob, but I definitely appreciate a good cup of coffee. So instant coffee on camp trips has always been a little difficult to choke down. This stuff, though, is actually good. Used it on a hot weekend camp trip this summer. We were fortunate to have ice with us, and it made for the perfect iced coffee. So easy, and tasty.

I can’t start my morning without a cup of coffee. I’ve never been impressed with other instant coffee brands and carrying a heavy or bulky device in the backcountry to make coffee just didn’t make sense. I always felt like I was compromising. Until I found Alpine Start. The taste is incomparable and it’s so light and easy! Definitely my go to from now on!

This coffee is amazing, not only has it saved me on the early alpine start mornings in the mountains and at the crag; but as a teacher, it has been an amazing coffee fix in the mornings where I realize I need to just run out the door! It tastes great, travels well, and dissolves in water, both hot or cold! WOW!


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