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I bought one of these early last summer. I used it on a 3-day trip and then on an 18-day JMT trip. The pad is comfortable and super easy to inflate and deflate. The weight is great as well. On the last night of my JMT trip, the pad sprung a leak. I woke up on the ground every hour or two all night... Not good, but at least it was the last night! I'm pretty careful with my equipment, so this wasn't an abuse issue. The price and weight has gone up a bit from 2017. Have changes been made to the materials?

Used on snow with temps down to the single digits at 5000ft. It's a little more sensitive to uneven snow than my x-therm. I would recommend this as a good shoulder season pad or for alpine use. Back it up with a foam pad for sub zero temps. If you're planning on using this for summer backpacking you might be better off with the lighter, cheaper, lower r value version of this pad. Five stars because it performs as advertised and at a good price.

I bought this for a backpacking trip up in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. I knew it would be cold and I wanted a better and lighter pad than what I have used for camping before. I can't say this was the pad I chose, rather it was the one that was the size I needed. I am 5'11 and weigh about 300lbs. I also wanted wider pad. This was the only one that was available at the time and I was lucky it was on sale.

I bought this pad for a 5-day backpacking trip in the Smokies in Feb. 2018. Altogether I've used it for a total of ~25 nights in the woods and ~10 nights on living room floors, and it's been great. Super soft, warm, and compact size and weight. I also like how silent it is compared to other lightweight sleeping pads (ie neoair) and how fabric-like the material is. My only caveat would be that the uneven surface is great for back and side sleepers, but can be unpleasant to have your face on if you're a stomach sleeper like me. Minor problem though, I still love it!

I researched the lightweight pads with high r rating - this one was the best on paper. It was great for 5 nights backpacking then it spring a leak, and another and another. The welds down one side all gave way. No punctures, no tears. Having paid for expedited delivery and had a 2 hr trip to return it - not to mention two nights sleeping on the ground, this pad in every way was a let down.

This sleeping pad was great, easy to blow up and comfortable, until after about 30 nights of use it began to leak. When looking for the holes, I found that they were all over the pad where the divots are and were due to the glue coming unstuck. This happened not only to my own pad, but also to my trip mate's and my brother's, all of which began to deflate after about 30 days of use.

I purchased this pad almost a year ago now. I have used it several times including in below freezing weather. Its been on a goose gear floor in the back of my Jeep. It's been on the carpet at my rental house. I find it comfortable and a good insulator between me and the ground. No deflation issues. I use an electric pump and it will air up in about 5 seconds. I also have a pump sack that can inflate this pad without much trouble. The only draw back I have is that it is a bit too long. My purchase history says regular length but somehow I feel like it might be the "tall" version. I recommend it and I would purchase it again.

I really liked it at first. 50* night with a 40* bag and this pad was toasty. Purchased for a mission trip to Mexico. Died on the 3rd night. I was using exclusively on the REI cot, with towels on the bars to protect from metal edges. I can't find why/how it's leaking, but it will no longer hold air beyond a few minutes when I lay on it. I will be taking it back.

I used this product for about 4-5 trips and then put it through a 20 day trip in September, and it worked great throughout that time. Then it got cold on my next trip, and that is when I began to find leaks. I patched the 5 that occurred, but a new one would appear each night, leaving me sleeping on my zlite. I thought I had fixed the problem, but on the following trip it kept happening, and I reached 16 leaks before givving up. These leaks were not punctures, otherwise I would understand. All of the leaks appeared at the intersection of welded/nonwelded, prompting me to think that it was a manufacturers defect. I spent a lot of time researching this pad and alternitives, and finally settled on this one. I am very disappointed, I spend a solid amount of time in the field, and I need gear that I can rely on.

I used this on my PCT thru-hike. It only made it 200 miles. It got small holes on the top surface in the creases. My patches did not prevent further air from leaking out. I weigh 250 lbs, so maybe I’m just too big for it. Maybe someone smaller would have a longer lasting experience with it. Considering how heavy it is, I expected the material to hold up better. It is very comfortable and has a great R-value to keep a person warm. I hope it works for others. I’m now using a different sleeping pad.

I just used this pad on a 55-mile section of the AT in Shenandoa. Despite it being in early June, the temps at night dropped down to the high 40's and the last night were at 38. The pad was very comfortable, if not a bit heavy and bulky for a guy who is trying to get lower pack weight. I got the extra wide and long pad. This was probably a bit of overkill, but I like having room to roll and am a side sleeper. The pad was very easy to inflate (using the air bag) and deflate. Both of which I loved.

I've tried this pad a couple of times now in the rotten Michigan weather we've had this spring, and I couldn't be happier. It inflates easily, the mummy design is very effective - didn't deflate at all during the night in 20 degree temps. If does slide around a bit more than I'd like but then I contribute to that too. Picked it up on a bit of a sale so a great value for the price. It packs down well, not wickedly heavy, I'd buy it again for sure.

I bought this pad when my 6-year old, first generation Neo-Air failed while I was in Alaska. I was stoked to see REI come out with a branded sleeping pad and eagerly bought a Regular size for about $70 less than a Neo-Air. The mattress fit me well at 5'10", 150 lbs. and I used it a couple of dozen times, including on the Canadian section of the GDMBR. I liked the softer fabric-y lining, which was much less noisy than the Neo-Air, as well as the functional valves, which quickly inflated and deflated.

High hopes for this sleeping pad. Love the insulated feature and how incredibly light it is. First night was great, I sleep on my side and never touched the ground. Unfortunately that's where my comfort ended. Second night it deflated in an hour. Aired it up thinking it might not have closed the valves tight enough or over filled it. Hour later I'm on the ground. No holes or punctures, possibly a bad seam. Will probably get a different brand with better ratings.

bought this pad last summer and it has performed very well. it can inflate enough that side sleeping is comfortable, and packs small enough to consider on long section hikes. I have used this pad on a week long BWCA trip and a thru hike of the Superior Hiking Trail. Worked perfectly fine and kept me warm when it dipped to 10*F even though I was in a hammock.

I got this sleeping pad for my 6 weeks of camping in Chile. It was amazing the first week, but on the first night of a 14 day backpacking trip it deflated. I spent 2 days in rivers looking for the hole and patched it multiple times. The hole was on the top side and was clearly a manufacturing issue. I have now read other reviews of people who had this same issue. It still doesn't work! I will be taking it back ASAP.

I bought this pad after Outdoor Gear Lab's great review and was initially really impressed - light, comfortable, and very portable. However, after around 8 trips of ~3 nights a pop each, this pad started leaking mid-trip in Colorado.

just came back from my first night with it. One night was all it took. It blows up much faster than it takes a selfie inflator to do that. I have had self-inflators that I had to do more blowing up with than I do with this pad. It holds its pressure all night; you don’t have to re-up at least twice like you do with similar pads. The other valve is for deflation; don’t pull that valve unless you want the entire pad to go pretty instantly to zero air because that’s about how quickly it will happen. Needless to say, doing it when you are packing is like having a dream come true. Rolling up the pad to force out the remaining air is almost as easy as rolling up an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. No bending over your knee, no crushing against the ground.

This pad excels in just about every way. It’s light, insulated and amazingly comfortable. I was so happy to find this pad but when it sprang a mysterious leak with no visible hole mid backpacking trip last week I was bummed. I read the other reviews and this is a very common issue (or defect rather). I returned it and got an xtherm which isn’t as comfortable but should be more reliable which is honestly way more important when you’re counting on it days from a trailhead. Fix the defect and I'd give it another try.

I bought this sleeping pad about a month ago after taking back a different sleeping pad from a different company, because it was not helping keep me warm in the Rocky Mountains. After purchasing this REI Flash pad, I went home to test it out & immediately found out that the pad I had bought was deflated. Frustrated, but still wanting a good/better pad for my purposes, I drove straight back to REI & exchanged it straight up for the same pad. Again, I went home to test it out & everything worked fine. The pad was super comfortable, I could feel it reflecting my body heat immediately, and I even slept on it for a night in my living room floor.

This was such a life saver piece of my pack on a month film expedition across remote islands of Indonesia. I’m so glad I “splurged”! I have a chronic neck injury so a good mat and pillow I realize I can’t leave home without and is essential. I will bring this everywhere!

I bought the pad to go in autumn in Yellowstone. Temperatures went down to 25F at night, I was cozy on the pad, never cold. I tend to move at night and the large model was perfect, I never ended up on the floor. Lightweight, small, easy to inflate.

My first choice to meet my needs but 2 for 2 both deflated during the first use. Took back. Search continues... Member since 1989 I've been using the OG Thermorest since it first came out and not even a hole or leak in all the years owned.

Bought this just 14 months ago, for use as a spare pad when I bring a friend camping. Because of this, I hadn't used it for ~7 months. First time I used it this year last weekend, went flat on my friend. When I got home, confirmed the issue is the same as the above reviewers who mention defects at the waffle weld locations. Because its been just over a year, can't go through the easy return process, so going to mail in and hope they accept.

On my bike ride across Nebraska my Flash Air Pad inflated fast by mouth, stayed inflated all night and deflated in a flash when I packed up in the morning to resume my ride.

I have enjoyed using this model. Good insulating properties. Easy to fill. No issues this far. No punctures so far.

I bought this pad because of its comfort, warmth, and its relatively light weight. I used it for one section hike on the PCT, and it was great. Then it developed a leak at one of the seams, as described in at least 11 other reviews on this site. The leak was not from a puncture, rather a weak seam. When I returned it, staff at REI were clear that is is an unreliable product. This pad is fundamentally defective, and REI should stop selling it.

I bought this pad because it has a really great R-value for its price and weight. And, it's super comfortable. I'm a side-sleeper and I enjoy this pad very much. However, I read a LOT of reviews about the durability and leaks that can happen with this pad. I'm really hoping that mine holds up to use.... time will tell.

There wasn't a pin hole I could find. It seemed to leak from a seam in the middle starting on the third night. This is too bad as it is quite warm and comfortable for the price compared to other pads I have used. I was able to put some moleskin over the tiny leak and it did hold air for most of the night after that.

2 Pads went bad within nights. Was excited to find a pad with a great R value, light weight, and compact. Took on a 5 day trip, deflated by the 3rd night, but I could not pinpoint a leak. So I took it back thinking maybe It was just a bad one since I always use in the tent with a footprint and clear the site before. Returned for a replacement I used it one night before it started becoming fully deflated after 5 minutes of filling it.

I've had this sleeping pad for a little over 2 years now and have gone on a couple of backpacking trips with it. I love how it packs down small and how light weight it is. When I lay on it, I don't have any issues of touching the ground and the few times I camped when it got below 30, I could definitely tell when a limb accidentally went over the edge. I haven't had any issues with it deflating luckily.

Got this pad for a trip back in February to George Washington National Forest, deflated on night one. Could not find the leak. Returned it after my trip. Got a new one. Used it this weekend for 1st time for a backpacking trip to Spruce Knob, West Virginia and it deflated again. Glad that I had another pad with me as a backup plan. I don’t recommend this product. Size and weight are great but durability is poor.

I’ve only used the pad one night so far, but I slept like a baby on the side of Mt. Shasta! The pad is lightest and warmest pad I’ve ever used. And comfortable! Definitley reccomend if you’re looking for light and warm!

I bought this pad last year after, after my other 4 season pad failed. I was very skeptical that this pad would be comfortable and keep me warm. My first nights use was in the teens and as soon as I payed down on tho thing you could feel the warmth. I absolutely love this pad it is so comfortable. I have about 14 nights on this pad so far. Warm , easy and fast to inflate, very comfortable.

I bought this pad in 2018 and used it three times in Rocky Mountain National Park (summer time backpacking). The first two nights were just fine. The third night was awful. The pad would not stay inflated more than 30 minutes resulting in a very long, cold, and sleepless night. The inflation valve is poorly designed, thus resulting in a serious air leak. I would not recommend this product.

Positives: This is a comfy pad, when fully inflated it is good for side sleeping and provides good insulation. I just transitioned to hammock camping and have used this in lieu of a underquilt (that I will be purchasing shortly). I have used this down in 40F weather in a hammock and remained comfortable even though I am a cold sleeper. Reasonably lightweight, easy to deflate and pack away.

This first time I used this sleeping pad it deflated during the night on me and I was sleeping on the ground. Luckily I tested it camping for 3 nights and not on a long hike. I checked for holes and found none it seems the valves don't work correctly. I let it lie during the day as an experiment and it deflated in a few hours with nothing on it. Would not recommend.

This pad is insanely comfortable. I got the wide regular. I sleep straight through the night and never wake up with discomfort. I’ve used it about 15 times. I have not experienced a leak yet, but I understand the risk in buying ANY air pad is that you WILL eventually get a leak. Assuming I can patch it in the future, I plan on using this pad for forever!

I purchased on Feb 21 in Cary NC and was very excited to get this after speaking to the employee who assisted me in picking out a pad for my needs. I got home and inflated it on my hardwood floor and layed on it. I rolled over on my left side, then back to my back, then to the right side and it popped like a balloon. There was then a 2 inch gash near my belly area. I am 6'4'' and 240 pounds and had bought the Long and wide model. Needless to say tomorrow (sat) I will be returning and most likely getting the Therarest that I had been looking at before being assisted. After it popped I began reading the reviews and am shocked at the number of horrible experiences with this pad. Mine cost $149.99 and REI's response to people is that they don't have enough negative feedback from this product to address the issue of seams giving out and leaking air. Lesson learned, I will always read the reviews rather that take the word of one employee.

I was told this would self-inflate which it did not. It also deflated within a couple of hours of the first use.

There are a lot of reviews about leaks but I haven't had that experience. REI was running a deep sale so I took the risk. I have not experienced any leaks in the first 5 nights of use. I found the pad, paired with a z-lite and a synthetic -20F bag, to be sufficient at -5F. I have been baby-ing the bag out of fear of a leak however...

I bought this back in November and have used it on a couple of climb/hikes (including Mt. Whitney) and backpacking trips. It works great. I can sleep on my side and have later even found rocks under my tent that I didn't know were there. It hasn't developed any holes yet, and is pretty light weight. I recommend it.

I purchased this for a mountaineering trip I was taking upon the recommendation of an REI store sales person. First, let me say, I have always been impressed with REI equipment and with numerous purchases, I have never had a problem. I tested this at home before my trip. This first night, it lost its air within about five minutes. Patching two leaks in the seam (which seemed to be a manufacturing defect), I encountered another leak the net night. Each night the pad would develop new leaks which I patched. This continued until five patches, at which time I gave up on the product. I believe the leaks were due to poor quality of manufacturing as as the pad was placed over another mattress pad (for insulation) with my down sleeping bad on the top. There were no sharp objects and all the leaks developed in a similar manner at the seams of the pad. In my opinion, this product should be pulled from the shelves at REI as it does not represent the quality of product expected from REI.

I really wanted to love this pad but it really failed me — not only did it get fungal-y /mildew-y after its first use (it was fully dried out, etc), it started to deflate after the second night of use. I’m an experienced backpacker and I’ve never had either of those issues happen to my previous pads.

This is a nice lightweight pad. It takes between 15-20 breaths to fill. I'm a side and stomach sleeper and haven't had any problems with my hips, shoulders, or knees bottoming out. I've used it one summer/fall and the coldest temps for sleeping were in the low 40s. It was plenty warm. I like it!

went on a transcontinental bike ride this summer from washington dc to llopez island. probably camped approximately 18 times. sleeping pad was easy to blow up. it was comfortable and did hold its air pressure throughout the night. easy to deflate and roll up. fit well in my bike packs.

This pad was super comfy and worked great for just over a year. Then it started developing leaks in the bottom of the baffles. It sprung three separate leaks over three nights of use. It was great while it lasted, but I will be looking for something more durable in the future.

I am a person who has difficulty sleeping so i picked up this sleeping pad and i sleep well on it. I can sleep on my back or sides comfortably. It claims to be an all season but i have yet had a chance to test it in the cold winter. Ill have to wait a couple months to see

I purchased this air mattress November 2018. I used it for the first time for two nights in The Catskills with my bro n sis. Immediately the first night i woke up in the morning and it was deflated. A brand new mattress and : Fail! Going back to get a Therma -Rest .

Used it for an 10 day kayaking/camping trip, so my requirements were that the pad needed to pack small, lightweight and easy inflate/deflate. Definitely fit the bill, packs compact, and inflates and deflates very quickly, very comfortable as well. Glad I bought it.

Bought this sleeping pad right before a 10 day Hoover Wilderness- Tuolumne Meadow’s hike. Very comfortable and very happy with insulation from ground as well as quick inflation/deflation. Highly recommend !

I like this product a lot because it rolls up pretty small, the only thing is that it’s narrow at the bottom, so my feet would always slide off but other than that it’s really comfortable and it doesn’t take that long to blow up.

I have only used this pad for two nights on a recent trip to Moab but it worked great. I used it in an REI sleeping bag and it was extremely easy to blow up and was comfortable to sleep on. I would definitely recommend.

I used this pad once and went to blow it up for a trip next week and there is a leak/seam issue somewhere-- Was very pleased with this pad until now. REI take note that there is a design flaw somewhere and 100$ wasted.

With one backpacking trip done it works fine. My hip does not touch ground with this pad. Like the separate inflate deflate valves. It got wet one of the nights, but dried out within an hour or two. So far so good.

Despite the reviews that it deflated for no reason I bought it anyway. The third trip I took it on it failed...miserably. Inflated it, threw my bag on it, by the time I changed into my PJ’s it was flat :(

I bought this for my winter backpacking kit. Used it a total of two times and it now won’t stay inflated. Made what would have been a great trip a miserable one. Don’t make the same mistake and stay away.

Bought for my journey on the AT and didn’t get very far when it started to spring leaks every night for four straight nights. Needless to say bought a new Matt on trail and sending back for refund!!!!

I’ve used this pad probably 40 or so nights. I had one leak, I patched it. Now it works perfect and continues to do so. I’ve had it down to 20 degrees and stayed very warm. Love it, highly recommend.

I am in woods now. Very comfortable. Insulates well. Love the color. Some people wrote about staying inflated. No problems on that. Inflates quick and deflated quick. Great product. I like the wide.

I bought this and it was great at first. I used it a lot and it kept me warm. After a couple months, it was leaking and I couldn't use it anymore. Really terrible quality.

Five days of backpacking in the Grand Canyon in February, this pad did not fail me! Such an upgrade from the sleeping pads of old. Was delighted with its performance

Purchased this product on sale and used for two months. When it did not hold air, I exchanged it for the same product but had to pay the difference of the sale price.

Went to BWCA and decided max comfort. I felt like I wa sleeping on my mattress at home!!! Only issue I had was little help at store had to ask for assistance.

I bought this at garage sale with $5. There are several tiny hole on the top of it. After I fixed them, this sleeping pad works well, Very comfortable and warm.

I haven’t used it in cold place R rating on this product is not the highest, I use it in 50’s degree weather and it’s so comfortable.

I bought this sleeping pad recently. On the third night of using it, it sprung a leak. Will return and buy something more reliable.

used one night did what its billed, it was in the 30's in a hammock in a military bag stayed warm Decided i need a wide pad

I had one that went flat in the middle of the night and my girlfriends brother has now had two of these go flat.

It started leaking almost immediately, and ultimately had to return it because i believe it was the valve seal.

Lightweight, quick inflate and deflate, and super comfortable nights sleep!

I've previously reviewed this product, giving it a 1-star rating after it let me down (literally) on an overnight hike in cold weather. In all fairness I am using the product (albeit a replacement) so I feel the need to modify my review. So here it is:



Do you have to have a pump to inflate or can you blow it up manually?

You can blow the pad up by mouth or use the REI Co-op Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump or the Sea to Summit Air Stream Pump Dry Sack fit this sleeping pad:


Is there a known leak issue with this pad as other have reported? I used at 6800' and it went flat overnight but down at 6200' seemed OK. Beautiful pad otherwise, perhaps best I've owned.

​As of August 2018, we have not received a significant amount of feedback regarding this pad having a leaking issue.


Is there a weight limit on this?

​This sleeping pad does not have a specific weight limit.


Hey there, I have the O.R. Advanced bivy sack that I'm planning on using for alpine touring, my question is how wide is the foot end on both the long-wide and long-regular of this sleeping pad? Thank you! 

Good question! This sleeping pad in a long wide is approximately 17" inches , and the long is 16 inches wide at the foot.


Hi! I’m 6ft tall, 185lbs and a side sleeper. Which size do you think will fit me best? I tend to move and shift a lot when I sleep, so is it worth getting a wide? Or perhaps a long wide? 

Any size of this sleeping pad will be good for your height and weight. If you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, a wide or a long wide pad may be preferable.


I have the other flash pad does this one have the same valves as that one or did they change them. I currently have an exped bag I yse to blow that one up. I am considering this one because of the R value.

The valves are the same for both pads.


I'm a pretty big guy...6'2" 280 lbs. Do you think this will be thick enough. I mainly sleep on my side and back.

​Yes, this pad will perform well. We recommend the long wide based on your height and because you are a side sleeper.


will it sit well inside ?

​Yes, this sleeping pad will work well with the bivy.


Sorry, one more question. Is this pad available in different colors?

​As of February 2018, we do not stock any additional colors for this sleeping pad.


Hi there, could I ask what is the thickness of the material used for this pad? Would it be more/less susceptible to punctures compared with other pads in this price range with this level of insulation. Thank you!

​The 30-denier ripstop polyester allows for great durability for the weight of the pad.


Can you recommend a pump sack for this pad?

The REI Co-op Stratus Sleeping Pad Air Pump or the Sea to Summit Air Stream Pump Dry Sack fit this sleeping pad:


When did this pad come out?

​We started selling this Flash sleeping pad in early January 2018.

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