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These boots are overkill for most of my usual trail hikes, but eventually they will come on longer hiking/camping trips, and I love these shoes for their versatility, comfort, and promised durability. They look and feel sturdy without being too heavy. The locking eyelet just below the ankle makes it easy to adjust the fit very precisely. I'm pretty new to hiking and bought this pair in-store after trying several other models. My husband, a seasoned hiker of many years, ended up buying the men's version of the same boot a couple of weeks later to replace his old boots. He is extremely happy with his purchase as well. The quality will be well worth the price!

These boots are awesome. They provided comfort, support, and stability throughout my 500 mile hike across Spain with a 12 lb. pack. I did not get any blisters. My feet stayed warm and dry, even when I trekked through a wicked rainstorm crossing the Pyrenees. When the weather grew warm, my feet also stayed dry; the boots were breathable. I wore different thicknesses of SmartWool hiking socks depending on temps with no issues. I did not replace the insoles, but am sure that the right pair of insoles would have made them even better. They are still in excellent condition. Although I am curious about other types of boots, I'd have to be convinced to buy something different.

This is the BEST hiking boot I’ve ever worn! I’ve had these for almost 3 months now and they perform well on all trail conditions. I wear a size 8 and these fit true to size. I have a slightly narrow foot and a medium sized bunion on one foot. These boots fit snugly around the heel and the ortholite insole hugs the arch of my foot. The toe box is wide enough that my toes are free to move and my bunion is not being pinched from the top or side of the toe box. Here’s some pros & cons:

These boots are perfect except for one thing - they run too narrow for my feet and my pinkie toes get smashed. I'm going to get them stretched and see if that helps because these are the most supportive boots I've found for my problem feet. The arch support is great, and for being a backpacking type boot they work just as well for dayhikes. I have some issues with the bones in my left foot and have to wear custom orthotics, which fit great in these boots. I also require a stiff sole with flexion only in the toe and it's been a challenge finding hiking boots that fit the bill. These are perfect, it's just too bad they aren't wider. But definitely a sturdy and comfortable boot.

I’m a big fan of these boots. They’re comfortable, surprising light, and very supportive. One of my favorite features is the fact that the laces click into the eyelets at the base of the ankle, which allows for varying how tightly the foot and ankle are laced up depending on terrain. I do have fairly narrow feet and found the toe box to be on the wide side of things, but still comfortable. I also initially had a little chaffing at the top of the ankle cuff, but that went away after a couple hikes.

Awesome hiking boots! If you're hesitating about purchasing these: don't. This is my first pair of high top hiking boots as I've almost exclusively hiked in trail runners. I was a little apprehensive about the transition, but it went smoothly. The Quest 4D 3 GTXs provide good ankle support, excellent traction, and are super light weight. Took them out for a short hike to break them in and had a couple of hot spots where the base of my calves were in contact with the top of the boots, but no blisters or other issues. They did really well on snowy and slushy trails - my feet were dry the whole time on a 15 miler! The thing I loved the most about these boots is the wide toe box. Lots of room for your toes to spread out on a long hike. So glad I tried this boot. Can't wait to take them backpacking!

I love these boots. I already had a two year old pair of Salomon's and love those as well. I wanted two pair because our ranch is very muddy and so I needed to allow one pair to dry out and still have another pair. I switch between them but these are higher around the ankle than my other pair and thus I really like that. I hike in very rocky terrain and my ankles turn easily so these are very helpful to keep my foot from completely rolling on the side. They are very comfortable.

I bought these boots for my first backpacking trip that was going to require creek crossing and ended up happening during the remnants of a tropical depression. I used the boots on a few shorter day hikes to break them in, and I had some issues with the ankle supports rubbing on my ankle bone. I did not get any blisters but did have sore ankles, which I wrapped with my headscarves for extra padding. On the last day of my trip, my ankles stopped rubbing, and the boots actually felt really good. There is plenty of cushion and lots of room, even for people with wide feet, like me. My feet stayed dry when everyone else on the trip had wet socks. The boots did well in the water, even when I ended up in water over the top of the boot, but only for a brief time. My socks got wet on top but my feet stayed dried, which was impressive considering the conditions. I did have some issues with my toes jamming into the front of the toe boxes on the downhill sections of the trail, but I attribute that to keeping the laces really loose to prevent my ankles from rubbing.

This is a solid boot. I am not used to the height on the ankle so I had to get used to that but provided a lot of support. I had to stretch the boot because the little toe side was rubbing quite a bit, I have an average size foot. I have not tested the waterproof qualities of the boot, but I suspect they are good. The downside to that is that they are especially not breathable. Overall a good boot if you are looking for a very sturdy high boot.

The only con is that they are a little bit heavy, and probably strictly made for heavy loads. I am generally a size 8, although my left foot is closer to an 8 1/2. These run a little bit big with extra wiggle room for your toes. I had initially ordered the size 8s, which felt great. But then I went to the REI store and practice on their downhill boulder and quickly realized I needed a size 8 1/2. I actually went back to REI 2-3 times exchanging these boots. I tried on the size 9s which felt like BOATS in my feet. I'm sure I could have floated upstream in them. The size 8 1/2s fit me perfectly for what I plan on using them for. REI has a great return/exchange policy. So if you need to hike 20 miles in them to make sure they're a good fit for you, you're allowed to do so! Thanks REI! The stormy blue color looks gorgeous in person and the leather is very rich. I was stuck between the blue or the brown for awhile, but went with what sings to my heart. Enjoy!

These boots are very comfortable and have great traction, however when I went on my first hike with them, my heels lifted enough in the boot to chaffe them raw. I finished the hike wearing two pairs of socks to reduce the chaffing, but ultimately exchanged the boots for a pair of Lowa’s. If you have what an REI worker described as “Salomon shaped feet” they’d be great boots, however the heel lift makes them unbearable if you don’t.

I bought a pair only a few days before my trekking trip in Peru. I am for sure quite nervous because no one is supposed to go on multiple days hiking in new boots. That just spells trouble. (But I decided that all my other boots are too small and I had to get the right size.) it turned out that these boots are so comfortable and well constructed. After my 10-day high altitude trekking, I only got one small blister on the toe (which might very well be caused by socks or other) and felt extremely comfortable. Highly recommend it.

My last pair of hiking shoes were below the ankle, it was time to support them with a 13 mile day hike ahead of me, 18 miles round trip. These boots did not take long to break in, gave me no hot spot issues and provided amazing support. The laces provide the opportunity to adjust the support in different areas. My only addition would be some heel cushion, but that is strictly a personal preference. Well worth the purchase.

These boots were the star of a recent hiking trip in the Sierra Nevadas. I'd gone shorter distances in them but had not seriously tested them before this so was prepared for some adjusting/breaking in, but there was no need. Three days of desert/mountain hiking and not a single blister or even hot spot anywhere on my feet. They were tough but light and handled all different types of terrain really well. They kept me warm in snow but didn't make me sweat in heat. I walked ankle-deep through many streams and my feet stayed dry as a bone. I'm a huge fan!

Not sure why the women's 12 is so large, but there was no amount of sock or insert that could fill out the room. Want these to fit so badly....

Just received my 3rd pair today. I've worn out 2 pairs. I've got a wide forefoot and narrow heel and these boots fit perfectly. Nice heel cup that holds my foot in place. can be worn right out of the box with no break in required. I notice the grommets and lacers on this new pair are plastic instead of metal. Hoping they hold up.

These are great for multi-day treks. I was into barefoot running/hiking for a while, and my ankles and arches took a major hit when I carried a pack. I decided to try out the big guns, and low and behold, they are amazing. These are the highest boots I could find as far as the ankle. I believe they run true to size. I do wish they came in narrow, but c'est la vie. In the end, very sturdy, great ankle support, and great for snow and ice. They are a little clunky, so probably not necessary for day hikes.

I have been wearing this particular boot for years.They are very good for protecting your feet and ankles. They tolerate a lot of abuse when I do my trail work. And that way, my feet don't have to tolerate any abuse! They really last a long time.

Easy break-in, comfortable, neither too hot or too cold, good ankle support on rough ground.

I love these boots as I’m on my third pair. Doug does a good job at fine tuning them too.

Best boots for my tos but we’re to heavy for me and backs bothered my ankles

These are the most comfortable hiking boots I've ever had.

The lacing is perfect and the shape is great but they are a bit loud in terms of design/aesthetics and unnecessarily heavy/shanked. However, they are also pretty rad. For the right foot, they seem incredibly supportive and like you wouldn’t want to take them off if they fit you. I made sure I got the right size in store and wore the right socks when testing them out- they chaffed the skin above my ankle pretty badly and seemed like they’d be a pain in the butt on an extended backpacking trip. If you prefer to hike/backpack in the summer, they may get too hot. Was stoked to take these out for winter and spring hikes though but ultimately it didn’t make sense to keep them as most of time outdoors in the winter is spent skiing. I went with the Lowa Renegades ultimately and I’m happy with my choice in terms of comfort and versatility.

I have been a Salomon fan for about 3 years. I have the Quest Prime's and couldn't live without them. this however is a totally different boot. The toe-box is so uncomfortable that I am sending them back. They never made it out of my living room. Have debated if they might break in, but no. The width is just not there and over a 15-20 mile hike and doing that day after day these would be miserable. Do I think they are great boots, I do, I just think unlike the Quest Prime you need to size up which is unusual as Salomon's run large generally. I am disappointed as I had such high hopes for these boots.

I am going back to Asolos. Might be a bit heavier but these hurt my feet after only 6 miles! I never had to break in my last park of Asolos. These felt like I was walking on hard surface. My feet hated it. Also I took mine back. My friend by accident got same style and she hiked probably 50 miles in hers and they literally are falling apart at the seams.

Sturdy boot that has enough sole & last that it helps protect my well-used feet. I bought a half size above my regular shoe size to give me toe room & it’s a good fit. As with all Gortex shoes or boots, it’s warmer than a low top or any hiking shoe/boot that isn’t Gortex. I had returned the Zamberlan boots I boot due to their weight & the Salomon has more flexibility & is lighter. Zamberlan is an excellent boot, however.

This is my third pair of this boot and if they keep being produced, I will continue to buy them FOREVER! Superb grip. Great cushion. All day comfort. Whether it be 5 miles, or 15 miles, these will keep your feet happy :) I have a somewhat wide foot, but with a long second toe. These are the only boots/shoes I own which don't cause a problem for that digit.

I bought these boots in prep for a 9 day Alaska wilderness trip and they were perfect! The fit was outstanding, and I have bunions an difficult feet to feet. The boots were very comfortable to wear for long periods and I felt very stable and secure when hiking across very rugged, uneven, and challenging terrain!

Let me just start by saying that I normally wear an 8-8.5 US in normal shoes. I have wide feet so it's often hard to find boots that don't cramp my feet. For 15 years, I normally hiked and backpacked the backcountry of the Sierra Nevadas in tennis shoes, because they were comfortable, unrestrictive, and cheap. However, the trails were eating up my shoes and I got tired of buying a new pair every few months. I needed a shoe that could withstand a lot of miles in harsh conditions and that would be suitable for thru-hiking the JMT/PCT. Also, I have a real problem with rolling my ankles (genetic defect), so I was looking for a boot that would give me the extra ankle support to avoid injuries. After trying on several pairs of hiking boots in the store and heeding the recommendations of the REI representative, I ended up purchasing these boots in an 8.5. Unfortunately, they were very pricey, but I was hoping that the quality and comfort were going to make up for that in the long run.

amazing shoes. wore them on a hike in the snow and they didn't need any breaking in. I usually wear orthotics but the foot bed felt comfortable without them. My foot is narrow and they fit true to size. I usually go up a size in athletic shoes but i did not need to in these.

Wife bought these for Iceland. She loved it. It was very comfortable and light weight. She liked this a lot better than Vasque which was causing heel pain from the stiff bottom. This pair didn’t require any break in and was comfortable from the start.

I have slightly narrow feet so usually I have to lace up hiking boots really tight and the lip digs into me, but this boot fits perfect and the lip collapses on itself, not into the boot. Very sturdy, with great support around the ankle.

Even though this boot does not come in a wide size, it was wide enough and has a rigid enough sole to fit comfortably with my hallux rigidus (osteoarthritis of my big toes). I have been happily hiking in them the past several months.

These are soo comfortable with a great arch support and fit at the ankle. Needed to replace a three year old pair of Salomon hiking boots that I loved. These are clearly a step up from what I had and lightweight

I love my boots! They were very expensive for my budget and I had to use credit buy they are worth every penny. I need them for work and recreation so wearing them a lot. They feel great!

I'm an avid hiker and I am admittedly picky about my boots. I have long feet and narrow heels. There was a time when heel blisters was a thing I could not escape. I have had multiple pairs of my old favorites but they don't work for me any more. After reading many reviews I gave these boots a try. I was looking for a blend of my favorite trail runners with a study, supportive backpacking boot. When I tried these on I was immediately impressed with how supportive they were. My heels felt locked in and there was enough arch support. I brought them home and wore them around the house. They were comfortable and again, really so supportive and solid yet flexible. Today I wore them on a three mile test hike (short but technical with lots of jagged rocks and obstacles) and they were great! I couldn't really feel the rocks under foot and had good traction while going over them. I haven't carried weight yet and only went a short distance but so far, I am really glad I went with these boots. I'll put them to the distance test in a few weeks (15-20 mile day hikes) and then add the pack weight later.

I’m still breaking them in however a few hikes on elevated Arizona trails and they grip well and keep me feeling like I’m strong on the trails.

The shoes are comfortable. Good ankle support. I do experience it slightly “clunky” .wish it was more form fitting. But they will work well.

After endless praise from many of my friends I finally decided to give these boots a try. I love them, but

I am a field biologist with insanely high arches, so last year when these boots went on sale I jumped on the opportunity to snag a pair up and try them out for myself. I have worn these boots 40hrs a week for ~9 months now, and they have served me quite well during that time. I work in extremely variable environments, so having boots that can stand up to that challenge is well worth doling out some extra cash. These boots are a bit heavy, but it's worth it, in my opinion, for the added durability and stability.



Hi - my feet are wide and technically I am a 9-1/2 - should I try a 10 ?

​As of November 2019, we don't carry these boots in wide sizes. Most people find these boots to run true to size, so we recommend going with the size you typically wear for hiking boots.


I saw two previous questions asking about crampons, one said no they are not crampon compatible at all and the other said they are compatible with strap-ons. Is this true? Do these boots take strap-on crampons or not? 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Since these have the new 4D Advanced Chassis design which give the forefoot more flex, we don't recommend them with rigid mountaineering crampons. A flexible hiking crampon like the Kahtoola KTS is more appropriate:


Are these available in wide?

I'm sorry, we only sell these boots in the US standard women's "B" width.


Are these boots suitable for a mountaineering course in the Himalayas? Like for longer treks, rock climbing, rappelling etc?

These are excellent backpacking boots but they're not compatible with crampons and therefore we don't suggest them for mountaineering.


Will these soles delaminate like my Asolo's?  They don't appear to be Vibram so I don't know how to interpret whether they will have the EVA breakdown problem that is happening with most of the hiking boots now )( made without sewing on the sole)?  

​The outsole won't delaminate with normal use.


I want to know the length of the 6.5 sized insoles.

The insole length is 9.75 inches.


Are these completely waterproof?

These are waterproof up to the gusseted part of the tongue. I have these boots and use them regularly here in the rainy state of Washington near Mt. Rainier. The GORE-TEX membrane has always kept my feet dry during the rainy seasons.


what kind of sole do these have? flexible, semi-rigid or rigid?

​The sole is semi-rigid.


Can these be resoled?

​Unfortunately this boot cannot be resoled.


Are these B0 or B 1 boots?  Trying to use these on via Ferrara trip with glacier not sure if I need to get the salomon ALP instead. 

These boots are B0 (3-season) boots. While they can be worn in winter conditions, they will not have the compatibility or shank support needed to use crampons. For this, we recommend looking at mountaineering boots:


Are these crampon compatible?

These are compatible with strap-on trekking crampons like the Kahtoola KTS, but we don't suggest them for use with fully rigid mountaineering crampons. You can check out our entire selection of winter traction devices here:


For the brown color, there's 2 different shades. Is it the darker or lighter brown?

The more accurate pictures are the ones depicting the lighter brown color.


Do these run narrow or wide?? I have super narrow feet with high arches. I am buying a pair for a 4 day backpacking trip and was wondering if these would be a good fit for me?

Based on feedback and reviews, these boots run true to length and wider in the toebox. These are probably not the best bet for your 4-day backpacking trip if you have a narrow foot. Please call us at 1-800-426-4840 for other recommendations.

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