RXBAR - Protein Bar

Category: Camp Kitchen

Discovered I don’t like to eat while backpacking. These bars were so good I wanted more. It made eating exciting. They are easy to chew for those who have dental issues.

Great consistency, not like most bars. Chewy and tastes great. I have not seen how it will hold up in the heat, but no complaints so far. Good ingredients.

Simple clean ingredients and tastes good. Plenty of flavor options. Avoid keeping near body or heat sources for too long as the bar might melt a little bit.

The image is wrong, I had the choco sea salt bar. If I was in Bird Box, I would rather look than eat another one of these bars. They're terrible.

Delicious! Most bars are pretty tasteless or chalky. This one is so good! I love mango and pineapple and it was genius to put them together.

I like the fact that they are made with egg whites without the yolks. They taste great and are very filling.

Very good bar! Hits the spot after physical activity. Great tasting as well. Bonus, no messy mixing.

Product not at all what I expected. Blueberry nowhere to be found. Sat in my stomach like a rock when eating midway through a moderate hike. Be sure to try the item to see if it agrees with you before heading into backcountry.

I bought one of the Chocolate and Sea Salt to try out hiking. It tasted fine during my hike but then bought another same flavor and tried it for breakfast, pre hike meal and couldn't eat it. It's not surgery, which I prefer, but the second time there was a lot more sea salt and I think that was the main issue at 7am. The ingredients look clean to me and will try again for hiking rather than pre hike.

Absolutely one of the worst bars I’ve ever tasted. Tasteless and bland.

Glad it was easy to get off my teeth; it was everywhere.


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