Teva - Original Universal Sandals - Women's

Category: Women's Footwear

Haven't received my sandals yet but I know I'm going to enjoy wearing them.

I’ve been dealing with foot pain for a couple years now so I bought chacos and tevas in hopes I was lacking proper support. The chacos are sturdy and will take time to be worn in but the Tevas are incredible. Immediately, I noticed a difference in my feet and I can actually walk without significant pain. These are cushioned and soft almost like I’m walking on pillows. Hoping they’ll wear well over time but I feel they’re well worth a try.

This is the second exact sandle (except first one has a black strap instead) which I purchased. The black strap has worn down considerable since I just slip it of and off. It is better to loose the strap. I wear it only in the home to keep the floors clean. I love the support of my sandles!

You can't tell in the product photos, but the "Maressa Birch" color doesn't have normal webbing. Instead of having smooth hemmed edges along both sides, the weave is left raw (that's the best way I can describe it) so that both sides of all of the webbing straps have a sort of soft fluffy edge. Not my favorite look, even though it is sort of subtle and probably anybody else would never get their face close enough to my feet to notice. Also though, these sandles run big, by like a half size.

I bought these sandals a couple of weeks ago. I love them! I wear them to walk around in and to go out with my friends. They are cute and go well with my clothes. They feel very comfortable to walk in. One of the straps initially rubbed against my toe when I first broke them in, but I just adjusted the straps to fit my feet better and that went away! I love them and wear them everywhere!

Bought these to replace an old pair of Universal Originals and these new ones did not disappoint! Comfortable and classic, I hope these last for years to come like my last pair did!



What is the weight of the pair?

​Based on size 9, the pair weighs approximately 12 ounces and will vary slightly by size.


Are these (original universal, non-fancy versions) still offered through you guys in men's sizes/colors?

As of May 2018, do not carry the men’s version of the Original Universal.


Are these shoes good for water use? Can they even go in the water?

These sandals are a great option for water activities.​

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