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Gotta say, I was reluctant to spend so much $ on a sleeping pad, but after countless nights of having to choose between either being warm enough or comfortable, I went for it. I'm so glad I did! I'm a side sleeper and I tend to sleep cold and I stayed super warm and comfortable on this pad in my 20 degree REI Joule down bag during several 35 degree early June nights on the Oregon PCT. Also, the pumpsack works amazingly well and only needed a bit more than one full roll to completely fill it! We even used the pumpsack to pump my hiking partner's Big Agnes Double Z - with teamwork (it doesn't actually fit, but one of us held the nozzle on the pad and the other rolled). It was less crinkly and noisy than the Double Z and I like that the nozzle is so low profile. I'm very happy with it.

When I set up this pad in my living room after purchasing online I was very happy with it. I am a 190lb side sleeper and it was thick enough to make be comfortable. However, once we got out on the trail with it, this pad was a pain. My hip sank to the ground and even after making sure it was inflated all the way I could still feel the cold ground on my side, so I ended up switching with my boyfriend who is about 30 lbs lighter but he was still hitting the ground. More than that though this pad was extremely loud. Every time we moved, even a little bit, it was like crunching a bag of potato chips. Neither of us slept and it even woke up my mom in the tent next to us. We ended up not using it the next night and my boyfriend just slept on the ground.

My old thermarest pad delaminated just before out Nepal trip and I needed a new pad right away. Our trip, we hoped, would take us over two 6,000 meter passes and I wanted something insulated, comfortable, and warm; light too. I was truly pleased how comfortable this pad was even in cold weather. I also liked how easily and quickly it inflated and deflated; the double valve system is really nice. It is also quite a bit quieter than some other pads that have extreme fabric noise every time a person rolls over. And, over two months of constant use, it worked perfectly every night, not a single problem. What I didn't like was the price—rather high—and the weight—though frankly I did choose the long pad because we would be sleeping on snow and I wanted a bit of extra room

I bought this about 8 months ago. I have used it camping in freezing temperatures along the Colorado Trail and in Banff National Park. It added warmth and comfort and my sleeping bag did not slide all over. I was impressed with how well it kept my body off the ground. The included inflation device worked in seconds and packing was almost as quick. This was my best equipment purchase of the year.

My wife slept great on our rim2rim trip. Weather was warm, so no review on insulating abilities. Comfortable, quick to inflate with included inflation bag (thank you StoS). But the thing crinkles and crackles enough to wake the dead when you roll over. We were told it will go away with use, and we'll hope for that to happen!

Just slept on this pad for the first time. Very comfortable. I am 6'3" 170 and a bad back. No problems. Slept wonderfully. The inflating and deflating is genius. Relatively light. Quiet. The team who developed this pad deserves an award! I am looking forward to many many nights using this pad.

I am a large guy (230) and have finally found my sleeping pad. I've previously used self-inflating pads (most recently a REI Trail Lite 1.5) but found them too narrow and barely comfortable. I didn't like air pads like the Klymit (V-pattern was not comfortable) and the REI Flash series apparently has some reliability issues. So I sprang for this Sea To Summit Comfort Light Insulated pad in Large. For $200 my expectations were high, but I am happy to report it is worth every penny.

This was super easy to blow up with the wind tunnel pump (you attach the bag, blow into bag, then roll up like a sleeping bag, and it inflates). That was incredibly cool. The pad was very comfortable. The one issue is that if you move around, it's quite loud. So if you're tossing and turning, AND you're a light sleeper, then it could bug you.

This is my favorite sleeping pad. Reasonably light, reasonably quiet, and doesn't bottom out when I sleep on my side. If you are really trying to shave down your weight, you could get the ultralight version and get most of the benefit, but I think its worth a couple extra ounces to get a great night's sleep.

The sleeping pad is semi-comfortable but I haven’t had a good night sleep on it. I’m a side sleeper and I found that I was slipping off of it a lot Because the material is slippery. It’s also extremely noisy and you can feel every bump under you if it’s not inflated all away.

I've gone through about 3 different sleeping pads. This one is by far the best in terms of comfort and portability. I'm a side sleeper and have always been really sore and gotten poor sleep when camping. With the Sea to Summit Comfort Light, I actually slept through the night!

Very comfortable and easy to inflate using the "pump sack." However, this is a very expensive item, even though I purchased it on sale. Decided to spend the extra $$ in hopes of getting a better night's sleep in the campground - it paid off!

This sleeping pad is probably the most versatile mat I may ever buy. It is comfortable, warm, and lightweight. Usually you only get two of those qualities and have to sacrifice on a third. But not this sleeping pad. It really is pretty incredible.

Lasted three trips -- 4 nights -- before developing a seam leak that can't be repaired. Not the best thing to find out in 20 degrees and snow.

I had a cheap sleeping pad before this one and this one is so much better. I am a side sleeper and I never felt the ground. I also love not having to blow it up like the other. The bag used to blow it up is so easy.

This pad is the seventh or eighth pad I have owned in my long camping life. I have evolved as pads have. I still use closed cell foam when it is really cold. Usually under a three season pad. The Exped is still my go to winter pad. Having said that, this Sea to Summit pad has finally hit the combination of weigh/warmth in the seasons that snow and teens are but a dream. Third night out in two weeks with this pad. I have multiple ortho issues. I am a side sleeper. I wear XL shirts and have a thirty inch waist. Just about everything that can go wrong for sleeping on the ground. This pad has been my dream come true! I can sleep in any position and actually sleep. Short of the bear rubbing down my tent side and grunting in the proximity of my head I do not thing I lost of minute of sleep to discomfort!

Best pad ever. NO, I mean NO noise when moving around. Soft and comfy. Great thermal barrier too. Easy to inflate and deflate. Won't leave home without it.

The wilderness brings many surprises but didn't expect a leak in my new Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad. Several uncomfortable the High Sierra.

I was expecting more for the price and weight. The included stuff sack pump seems unnecessary and gimmicky. Inflation was easy enough the old fashion way. Fabric has a plastic feel. Comfort for one night on a hardwood floor at home was average at best. Cannot comment on warmth. The only thing that really impressed me about this pad was the valve!

I have used both a closed cell pad and a self-inflating pad on previous backpacking trips. I used this on a 6-night trip in the Gila Wilderness and slept as well as in my own bed. I used it with a sleeping bag that has a sleeve for the pad so there was no sliding around. I am really glad I bought this.

this is a very comfortable sleeping pad the only problem is that the valve started leaking a couple times after I was out backpacking at my job working wilderness therapy.I know REI is great about replacing stuff so I just need to take it back there

So light and yet so comfortable!!! Have backpacked for 3 consecutive summers in the Sierra's. Always dreaded going to sleep because my hips and legs hurt badly. But no hip pain this time! I was out 16 days and never once had hip, knee or calf pain!

It's a little bit expensive and a little bit heavy, so those are the down sides. It blows up in about 30 seconds, is super cozy warm, and has survived many nights laying directly on the ground without issues or even looking worn.

Great sleeping pad and a huge upgrade from my 10 year old thermarest SOL. Great for back and side sleeping, though sitting upright you’ll feel the ground a bit. Only used on a trip to Glacier NP so far.

I really appreciate the way the design allows the air to reposition in any direction for easy adjusted/active comfort. Plus, it only takes like 10 seconds to blow up with the airbag package sleeve.

An instrumental part of my sleeping comfort on a ten day sheep hunt. Temps hit well below freezing every night. Great light weight product.

First the basics: I'm 59 years old now and a side sleeper. Over the may years of backpacking, I've tried any number of 'sleeping' pads with the word 'sleeping' being a misnomer. It was so bad that I dreaded laying down at night and eventually switched over to hammock camping instead of tents (I love hammocks by the way). Well..... we were planning a recent trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park and low and behold, the rangers did not recommend hammocks at all which meant I was back to a tent and trying to find a pad thingy that was loosely referred to as 'sleeping'. Did some research and came across this one. I was like, well, I've tried the other (name brands), so why not. It surely can't be any worse. We just got back from our 4 day adventure and now I can provide an adequate review. What I love about this pad: Wow... is it super easy to inflate. I love the design. I wasn't getting dizzy trying to blow this thing up like some some other pads I've had. When it came time to dump the air out, again, super easy. I had this thing emptied of air, rolled up and in the stuff sack while others were still trying to get their self-inflating mattresses emptied of air and rolled up. The weather got down into the 40's and I was able to use my sleeping bag as a blanket, so the insulation on this pad worked perfectly. Laying on my side, my hips didn't feel the ground like I've done with other pads. This is actually the first time I've not dreaded laying down at night and was able to get a decent night's sleep. I still have to find the right pillow, but I have definitely found the right SLEEPING pad. I still love my hammock (underquilt and all), but this pad has made tent camping an option for me again when I am not able to use my hammock, which means I can have new adventures.



Do I need to use a air pump to air the pad up?

A pump is not necessary for this pad. Approximately 5-8 breaths into the valve can fill this up.


I am considering buying this pad. I am 5'5" and weigh 185 pounds. I have total hip replacements and sleep on my side. Is this thick enough so I won't feel my hips on the ground? A review said it was not recommended for side sleepers. Thanks

For a person in your situation we recommend a sleeping pad that is at least 3 inches thick. The Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Pad​ is only 2.5 inches thick, so it is not ideal for your needs.


Will a puncture completely deflate this pad or will some chambers stay inflated?

If the Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Pad is punctured the entire pad will deflate.

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