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Out of the box, the pump hose was broken in 2 places.

My wife and I bought our first one five or six years ago. After our third generic air mattress had a hole I decided we weren't saving any money, plus, if you don't sleep well, you're not going to have a good time. Camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Works great. I think it's baffled, so when one person gets up the other doesn't hit the ground. It's very solid. Not light weight, but not too heavy either. You're getting what you pay for. The best thing is; I don't think about it. It just works and I sleep.

When i took this out of the carry sack that it came with i didn't really expect it to pack down and roll up as small as it did. Having said that I find that it would be still a rather large item to bring on say a backpacking trip where one would needs to consider weight and pack space, but when loading it up with other essentials in the car for a more relaxed camping trip it surprisingly packs pretty well. Once i unrolled the mat, it was a bit low light and didn't seem to difficult on how to put the pump pieces together, it did take me a bit to notice that on top of the pump handle it is marked for inflation side and deflation. Once the pump was attached i probably had the whole mattress inflated in about 10 min or so. It did seem to take a little bit to ell if I was even inflating the mattress at first but after a couple minutes of pumping once it started to inflate it seemed to go pretty quick after that. One of the first things I noticed was that I didn't stick to the pad as much as i have with other products which was a nice feel when just camping with some sheets since it is the middle of August in Missouri where it can get quite warm and humid. One thing i noticed is that when moving around on there I barely felt my wife or the dog moving around anytime they rolled over as i feel some of the air pockets and the way they suspension seemed to work mitigated some of this. I did occasionally wake up hearing the dogs nails on the mattress a bit which was of some concern for punctures or anything like that but it held up rather nice and the material was thick enough that it seemed to be a non-issue.

My wife have used this for camping as well as in our home for guests. It is a great size, light weight and packs wonderfully into its bag (Even with the pump its a light weight and good pack size). When it is inflated, weight is evenly and comfortably distributed, but we have now been through TWO of these mattresses, and both have popped within 1.5 years. I guess in terms of air mattresses lifespan is always an issue, but we expected more out of the product.

So far, after 3 weeks fully inflated the bed is still perfect, I love that the shell is cloth-like and not plastic. Very durable.

For how small and lightweight it is I was surprised how long it took me to blow up. The canister pump supplied is basic and will get the job done but any pump will do. Seriously I had to use a bike pump once because I didn't have anything else and was getting light headed. The pad is comfortable and warm but I do wish the pad had a better valve for adjustment of stiffness.

I wasn't sure what differentiated this from a regular aero bed. It definitely feels like thicker rubber, but it's lower to the ground which I like. It held up for 5 days in a row--I haven't used it more than that first week but it didn't need re-inflation. I let some air out to make it softer--so it can get really firm. Super satisfied.

My boyfriend and I loved this air mattress! It was quick to inflate & deflate, does not lose air, stable & doesn’t transfer movement when one of us turning, perfect size for car camping, and offered enough room and support! 10/10 would buy again!

I tried this out last weekend for the first time. I did previously pump it up in the house and lay on it. After 3 days it didn't show any sign of needing more air. The pump works really well and it doesn't take much effort to manually inflate it. It dropped to about 40 degrees over the weekend and I didn't feel any cold air from beneath me. Great for car camping!

I felt I owed this mattress a favorable review after sleeping on it for about a month straight now. Due to some unfortunate events at the homestead that I won't go into the living room became my new bedroom. Enter the Kingdom Insulated Air Bed. Pros: holds air well, the included pump inflates it quickly, durable material Cons: requires some blankets laid on top of mattress to prevent heat loss

Is way better than I expected for the price. Feels like bed. Is easy to inflate with my battery powered inflator. Didn't bother to use the manual one that comes with it. Paired with the Kelty duo sleeping bag, it's like having home comfort while camping.

As a person who always gets cold camping, I need a good insulated mattress. I slept on top of a mountain pass with the Kingdom Air Bed, and it lived up to expectations for keeping me off the ground and warm. The surface is very soft, as advertised, and comfortable to lie on. Even with 2 people sleeping on it, the bed is quiet and steady compared to other air mattresses I've tried, so you don't get woken up when the person next to you moves around. When pumped up well, it is firm enough that you don't even really know it's full of air. It maintains its firmness well throughout the night, without any sagging, and it didn't pop even with an excited pup running all over it. It's also nice to have a full-length mattress compared to sleeping pads where your feet are always hanging off a bit. My only complaints have to do with the pump. It takes me about 2.5 minutes to inflate, which doesn't sound long but sure feels long. The pump itself is pretty loud, so you wouldn't want to be setting up after bedtime with other campers nearby. I couldn't get the little piece on the end to snap into place (even after multiple people tried), so someone had to hold the hose in place while I pumped, making it a two-person job. The hose on my pump also got a hole in it after just two uses, even though I am pretty careful with my equipment. Overall, though, if you're looking for a more comfortable set-up for car camping, this mattress will meet your needs.

This item is very durable and will make your sleep nice and comfortable. Do not over inflate it or you will destroy it. Make most of uneven surfaces very even. I used it for 4 months while living at my friend's place. Could be used outside and floats perfectly and could hold 450lb on the water surface. Definitely worth it's price.

I have two of these air mattresses. The first one I bought started to leak, and REI promptly replaced it (while I was on a camping trip). As long as it's within the one year warranty. The mattress sleeps so comfortably, and of course it can be adjusted to any firmness desired. It's great for car camping, highly recommend!

this bed is very good. definitely doesnt leak - I had this inflated for a friend for a new years party, and then the same friend used it for a st Patty's day party - didnt put an ounce of air in it. fills up fast, the hand pump it comes with only takes about 2 minutes to fill up at a brisk pace. it is a little noisy and crackly, and it is definitely NOT. a queen; this thing is swimming in my queen fitted sheets. but overall awesome air mattress.

This mattress served our purposes well for car camping. The pump quickly inflated the whole thing in about 120 pumps. It was very comfortable and easy to adjust to let air out because the first night it was too hard. One night I let too much air out and it was no problem reinflating it as the hose quickly connected. To the valve without coming out. The mattress has friction strips all over so one does not slide all over.

I bought this after borrowing a friends. This is the most durable air mattress I’ve ever tried. It holds air better than any mattress. There is little to no shifting when moving through the night so it doesn’t bother the other sleeper. I highly recommended this for camping and in the house.

Incredibly comfortable. The material and construction seems durable. It's slightly bulky to pack- about the size of a stereotypical sleeping bag- but that's to be expected given it's size and pump.

The hand pump is huge, not like what the picture shows. It took 105 pumps to fill the mattress and my hands hurt afterwards. The handle was made for small hands so the little knobs on the end of the handle dig into your palms. The mattress is also hard as the ground; what's the point.

Was very comfortable and pumped up easily. My wife and I fit perfect. Purchased this one over the one that includes bedding as I can only see having to remove, wash, and reinstall bedding as being a lot more work than opening a sleeping bag and airing it out when done...

The pump hose was broken out the box. I would recommend everyone to check before heading out on a trip. I am not sure if it's just a bad pump that I got or the pump hose in general is fragile and I doubt the durability of the pump.

We used purchased this for a visit to the in-laws over the holidays and it worked great. Comfortable on a cold carpet floor and easy to inflate and deflate. It is also lightweight but made with sturdy fabric.

To be honest, I never liked the air bed. It was nothing to do with the product/quality, but I usually associate one with the generator/pump noises and the smell (diesel) while I car camp. I use thick self-inflating mattress for my car camping trip usually. This product, though, changed my opinion about air bed. The pump was easy to use to blow it up. I don't think it took that long to pump it up fully (the way I liked). The material is very sturdy on one side and comfortable, non-skid on the side I slept on. I was camping in eastern Washington where goat heads are everywhere (my flip flops collected several), but had no problem dragging it around to find a perfect spot for meteor shower gazing. I blew it up during the hottest time of the day, but it didn't seem deflated at all in the chilly mornings. Taking the air out to fold was very easy, too. If I have one thing to say, though, that maybe the pump is a tad taller. I am 5'7" and my back was bending rather unnaturally while pumping. If you are taller, it might be even more uncomfortable. But, all in all, I am very happy with the product!

So far so good. Stayed inflated the 3 times we used it. Comfortable and appears to be durable. Fills fast and empties fast. Good positive closing valve.

This is an amazing air mattress, great quality, super comfortable, and easy to pump with air! I cannot believe how light it is too!

We camp a lot and this is the lightest and most reliable air mattress we have ever had. Highly recommend.

Easy to inflate/deflate on camping trips. Easy to repack into carry bag. Very comfortable to sleep on.

Best air matress I have ever owned. It stayed inflated two weeks with no air loss.



In the features advertised with the bed specifications, you state that the pump's "separate deflation valve lets you dump air quickly"; however, in the Q/A section, you state that the deflation valve on the pump doesnt work for this. Which is correct?

The deflation valve for this Insulated Air Bed is on the bed and not a part of the pump.


Will this fit inside the REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Plus Tent?

This queen air bed is 79 x 56 x 6 inches and the Half Dome 2 Plus is 92 x 56 inches, so it will be a tight fit.


Will this fit inside an REI Co-op Passage 2 tent? If not, what air beds or sleeping pads or mattresses will fit inside there?

This air bed is too wide for the REI Co-op Passage 2 Tent. The REI Co-op Camp Dreamer XL Self-Inflating Deluxe Bed is a better fit.


Does it make a difference which side of the mattress you face upward. The valve is obviously I'm one side.

​This air bed is designed to be used with the REI Co-op logo facing upwards.


Can a different pump be used with this mattress ? An electric pump?

Other types of pumps can be used including electric.


Hello. I own this mattress and I'm wondering if you offer a replacement part for the air valve that I can purchase and keep for possible future use? Thank you, Aida Kaspar

​We do not as of December 2018 stock replacement parts for the air valve.


How does this compare to the Megamat Duo in real usage? This seems to be thicker, lighter, and larger while packing smaller. Much better price too. 

Both sleeping pads are great options for car camping. The MegaMat Duo is very comfortable and insulated for all-season use. The Kingdom Air Bed is 2" thicker but is only insulated for 3-season use.


This looks to be 4 inches narrower than a standard queen bed. What size sheets are recommended to purchase for this?

For the Kingdom Insulated Air Bed, we still recommend that you choose queen-size sheets to work best with this mattress, since full size bed sheets are too tight.


Does this have flame retardants of the type considered harmful in the REI-sponsored Duke study?

None of our REI Co-op sleeping pads, mattresses or sleeping bags are treated with flame retardants.


REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed - Queen Item #136261 How do you deflate this mattress? It has a deflate port on the pump but does not seem to work. Please advise

This air bed can be deflated simply by opening the deflation valve. The included pump is not required to deflate this mattress.


Does this mattress make any or much noise - when you sit on it or roll over?  Some air mattresses have a "rubber-balloon" sound to them with each time you move, unlike fabric mattresses...

​Based on feedback and reviews this air bed does not make noise when using it.


Will the commercially sold Coleman electric pump work with this mattress?

​We recommend using the low-volume hand pump that is included with this mattress. However, with the correct valve adaptor and proper care, you can use an electric pump as well.


Is the only difference between the Kingdom and the previous Relax model the insulation?

​Yes, this bed features insulation, which increases it's weight and packed size. While the Relax does not offer insulation, but is lighter and smaller packed.


We lost the nozzle on the pump for this. Can I get a replacement part. If so, how?

​We’re sorry, but replacement parts for the pump are not available at this time.


Can the pump be used to deflate the mattress? If yes, how? No instructions are provided with the unit.

This pump is not designed to deflate the mattress.


How much weight can this mattress hold? "2 adults" could mean anything.

​This air bed has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.


Will this fit in the REI half dome 2 plus 2018 version? Looks tight..

​This queen air bed is 79 x 56 x 6 inches and the Half Dome 2 Plus is 92 x 56 inches. This may cause the inner wall to push outward.​


Does REI sell (or know of) battery air pumps that will work on this mattress? Love the mattress but pump is quite large and having a smaller battery operated pump to inflate mattress would be great!

As of August 2018, we do not have a battery operated pump that is designed to work with this bed.


What are the main differences between this and the Relax Air Bed?

​Compared to the Relax Air Bed, this air bed is insulated. This will cause the bed to weigh more and be larger in pack size.


What is the R value of this mattress?

​​This bed had not been given an R value. Although, it is designed to be comfortable down to 40 degrees.


Is it dog friendly?

​We recommend having a sheet or cover over this bed if being used with dogs to avoid a puncture.


Does this mattress come with a pump?

​Yes, this air bed does come with a pump.


What material is this made of? Is it PVC?

​This mattress is made of a TPU coated material and is completely PVC free.

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