Mountain Hardwear - Paclite Stretch Pullover Rain Jacket - Men's

Category: Men's Jackets

It’s really incredible how Gortex has progressed: the material on this jacket is so flexible and easy to move around in, and *completely* waterproof (my older Gortex jacket is so stiff). The stretchy, breathable fabric they use here is really comfortable to wear.

It Passed the test in the Argentinian Patagonian. Convenient for layering, blocking sun, rain, and wind. Never felt cold, hot, or clammy after hours of hiking. It looks great and is comfortable. Happy with my investment. Thumbs up REI and Mountain Hardwear

With so many rain jackets it was tough to choose which one was best. Ultimately the sales staff asked how I would be using the jacket and suggested to go with something Gortex. I went with the Mtn Hardware pullover and have been super happy. It wasn’t cheap but it has kept me dry several times and it looks cool!

This was my first Mountain Hardware (and Goretex) jacket and was immediately impressed with the quality of the construction and design as I thought it would be stiffer and heavier. The fabric is very soft with a slight stretch and feels nothing like the old Goretex jacket my dad had back in the day. It wears very light and breathes well.


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