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I loved the look of the Kodiak Original boot, but it just didn’t have enough cushion for me. I tried on the Jaya and it immediately felt great! I have wide feet and these fit well. I’m usually an 8.5 or 9 and decided to get a 9 in case I wanted to wear thicker socks with them. Happy with my purchase!

Like another reviewer, I bought these on a whim—I needed utility-type boots, but what really caught my eye was the gray color. Took a little fiddling to find the right size. Tried my regular 9.5 first, and the whole shoe felt hard, especially the heel. Went to a 10 and it was like a completely different boot. Super comfortable and IMO, cute even in the larger size. Love the waterproof-ness and the sole feels like it will be great on ice.

Bought these boots right before my 8 day trip to Whistler, BC and they were perfect! I will say that the waterproofing of the leather was great unless I was walking for hours in slushy snow :) But even with that, they dried out great and if walking in fresh snow they kept my feet super warm and dry! I would highly recommend these shoes for light hiking, walking around town, dressing up and dressing down! I love them!!!

Used these as a winter “going out” boot in Alaska, good on the ice and keeps my toes plenty warm. Cute and functional.

I bought these after getting a cast off of a standard ankle fracture, the podiatrist told me to wear sturdy lace up boots only for 6 weeks. I bought them the same time as a pair of Clarks lace up boots and realized these were much sturdier yet stylish.

I purchased these boots a month ago as I moved from San Francisco to Zurich and knew I would need something that would 1) keep my feet warm and dry 2) that I could walk through snow / melted wet ground on 3)look okay enough to wear to work (we dress casual). I got these in the blue color and they are amazing. We often get overnight snow in Zurich but it either doesn't stick or melts every morning. That said we often also go to the mountains for winter sports so need a footwear you can wear on packed snow. These do a great job at being cute AND practical.

These are beautiful-comfortable-made well. I am so overjoyed with my purchase. I absolutely love them!!

I wore these out of the box for several long days on my feet in a row and found them nothing but comfortable. They've kept my feet warm and dry on snow, slush and icy footpaths. Very happy with my purchase.

Saw these online and was impressed. A visit to my local store allowed me to try them on. Sadly, they run quite narrow. Still looking for the perfect boot.

No need to break in, very soft, fits tight on width. Slippery on wet city street especially on steel grills on pavement

I had been looking at these boots for awhile. One day while shopping in Columbus I figured I would just try them on. I. Am so glad I did. These boots are extremely comfortable. I have worn them almost every day since I purchased them. I normally wear a size 6 1/2 and they fit perfectly.

These boots are great! With the addition of comfy insoles, it's even better. If anything happens to the soles, they are made in such a way that a shoemaker can replace them. I love these boots and I highly recommend them!

First time owning this type of boot and love them. Very comfortable and lost a lot of weight and fun to wear boots with skinny jeans!

Very supportive. I have a narrow foot and it fits great. I have had several compliments on them. Very high quality

I wanted boots that were warm and secure for winter bike commuting, but stylish enough to wear at the office (with jeans) and around town. These fit the bill! In fact they're so warm I often change to another pair of shoes at work. I haven't worn them in rain, but the traction and waterproofing in snow/ice has been great.

I was excited for the "waterproof" claim these boots had, as I walk a lot for my commute and also enjoys hiking. Thought these were the best of both worlds. Had them less than 6 months and both the heels and toes are splitting. And water eventually seeps in even before the splitting. Overall so disappointed for the price and claims Kodiak made.

I love these boots so much, I wanted to know for myself whether they were waterproof or not. I filled a plastic shoe box full of water, put a stapler in one of the boots, and submerged it up to the laces.

This is my second pair of Kodiak boots and I like these ones even better. The fit is snug, but after a few wears, they are all broken in and comfortable. The tread on these is much better than my first Kodiaks. I have spilled several items on the boots, and you would never know - they clean up beautifully.

Love the look and fit, but after only two months the sole is splitting on the toes.

I will be returning my pair of boots. They are already ungluing in the front with less than one month of use. Glue and water don't mix. The shoes stopped being waterproof after 2 Oregon winter outdoor weekends (rain). These shoes are too pricey to last so little. Thank goodness I bought them at REI!!

I’ve had these for a couple months now and they lasted well through the winter months.. Now we’re getting into spring and one boot started splitting near the toe box... This should not be happening for the price I paid! Super bummed out because these are so comfortable and I love the look of them..

Great shoe overall! The tread is deep so you get good traction. The shoe is insulated and waterproof so it is perfect for the snow and slush. It’s also not ugly! My only complaints are that they scuff somewhat easily and are slow to break in. But those are an easy fix.

My feet are very picky when it come to shoes. I really like to be barefoot or wear sandals. I bought these shoes and walked around the house hoping they would work. I have now worn them a handful of times and so far so good. I have happy feet at the end of the day.

These boots are so comfortable! They are made out of quality materials and should last me a long time. I love wearing them out on weekend nights to add a little style to my outfit but they are great for everyday use too! Very pleased with them so far.

Purchased this pair about 1 month ago, and so far have been great! Used them for a night hike (wet/muddy terrain), snowshoeing and snowtubbing. Feet stayed warm and dry. And nice enough to wear out and about. Definitely would recommend.

I ordered the Jaya in the blue, size 7. I'm returning for 1/2 size larger. Like one of the reviews below, the boot feels tight in the heel.

I got a size 10, which I am in every other shoe and hike boot, but these were way too tight and small! They are also too narrow and the heal pinches. I will be returning these.

I went hiking in these a couple of times and my knee is killing me. I returned them. I love how they look. They are a very attractive hiking boots but I wish they fit better

Disappointed. I ordered half a size larger than my normal shoe size to accommodate wool socks but these were way too small and narrow. I will be returning them.

Lasted 3 weeks of town walking before sole came unglued. REI replaced them. Second pair lasted 3 months before same problem. Was very disappointed

These were way too small for my size 11 feet. Will be returning them. I’m bummed, as they seem to be great shoes!

So great for winter wear. Got a half size bigger than my normal shoe size and fit perfectly

These boots are great for everyday and even walking in the snow! They are perfect!

Love these boots. They are my go to boots for casual wear....

saw these on sale in store and thought they were the perfect utility type boot to replace my old pair from target that were falling apart. They didn’t have the size in the color I wanted, but I determined I’d get an 8.5 (I think they run a tad small). I typically get 8-8.5. When I got these in the mail (olive color, btw) I was a little worried I should have gone up to a 9 as I like to wear thicker socks with them. BUT after a day of breaking them in they fit BEAUTIFULLY. There was a spot on the heal that was a tad hard to start with, but it smoothed out and shaped to my foot. By the end of the day, these boots felt like home and I feel like I can do anything in them!!



How are Jaya, Original and Surrey boots different?

The main difference is the Jaya boots are waterproof while the Surrey II boots are waterproof and insulated. Any other differences are considered cosmetic and styling.


One reviewer said she had wider feet. How comfortable are these boots for a person with somewhat wider feet? Thank you.

These boots have a classic fit with a medium width. We recommend going a half size up for a more comfortable fit.


Do these have the padded tounges with full bellows to keep the water out like the orignal kodiaks? Does the difference in sole construction (glued vs. sewn) one sole replacable and the other not? What other ways are the two styles different? ?

The tongue of these boots have a similar padding and bellows compared to the Original. Both the glued sole of the Original and the sewn sole of the Jaya can both be resoled. One of the main difference between these two boots is the leather on the Jaya is a full-grain leather compared to the smooth leather on the Original.


I wear a size 6 in regular shoes. Am wondering, with heavier socks, if a 6.5 would be better? Your chart shows they run "true to size" but without trying them on am not sure how to order.

​With the addition of thicker socks, we suggest sizing up one half a size.


How is the ankle support for these boots? Much support there and how would they be for plantar faciiatis?

​This boot offers some lateral support around the ankle. These are not designed for plantar fasciitis but with a more supportive aftermarket insole or an orthotic, they could fit well.


how is the arch support of this boot?

We consider these boots to have a moderate arch support.


Are you going to get the gray in size 6?

As of October 2018, we are out of stock size 6 in the grey color and do not anticipate more in the near future. All available colors and sizes are on our website.

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