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I just took the Nemo Hornet 2P on a 3 day trip backpacking in the Linville Gorge, so I thought I'd do a review. It packs down small, and I liked the convertible stuff sack that lets you cut the size in half if you want to put the poles on the outside of your pack. Setup is quick and easy, but as mentioned in other reviews, it's not easy to get the floor totally flat, which is a small annoyance. The interior size is great for one person and your gear. I would probably rate the tent 4/5 if I truly planned to use it as a 2P tent, but I went in planning to use it for me any my pack, so it works great for me. One small but welcome surprise is the tent's visibility at night. The guy lines light up more than expected when a flash light shines in their direction. This is appreciated if you grew up in a scout troup tripping over everybody's tent lines... I chose to make and bring a ground cloth. The fabric is thin for sure, but I think it will hold up as long as you are careful about handling and not setting it up on rocks/roots. We had some steady rain, but nothing hard. Still it held up well and kept me dry, so no complaints there so far. Lastly, for someone not interested in single wall dyneema or tarp tent setups, it is crazy light for what you get. All in all a great tent for the price.

It saddens me to leave a sour review of this tent. First I want to acknowledge that this tent is flat out sexy. I love the streamlined shape and head room. I love the flashlight pocket at the top. I love the extra foot room from staking it out correctly.

This tent was recently used for a 12 day, 75 mile Philmont Trek. Encountered a several rainy days ranging from showers to wind blown thunderstorms since it was "monsoon" season. I did not experience a wet tent due to the rain. The rain fly was properly guyed out and a tarp that served as a footprint was tucked under the tent. There was some condensation several times but not enough to soak the sleeping bag or mat. The light weight and small size of the tent and fly were a definite plus. The only con was that there were not enough stakes to set up all the guy lines.

I read the reviews for the previous Nemo Hornet 2 and then read how many of the issues were fixed in this model. It sure is light, but the issue lies in the moisture affinity of the material used. If the rain fly is properly guyed out and tensioned correctly then the fly does a somewhat decent job allowing the accumulated moisture to run down and drip down the inner side of the fly, however if you shake the tent slightly then the moisture will just rain down on you. I may have been able to deal with this factor if the tent were longer. I am 6'2" (74") and the tent is 85" long but somehow I still cant lay in there without touching one or both ends. If anything is pressed up against the head of the tent then the moisture will soak right into it since it is not protected by the fly. The moisture issue i have experienced, along with others, occurred on cloudless, cold nights where I needed the fly on for some extra insulation. If this is the case without rain, then I would expect issues with rain. I will be researching the fabric materials a more in depth and I will likely opt for more weight if there is no way around the moisture issue of lightweight tents. I'll be falling back to my 10 year old crawl in tent that weighs about 1lb 9oz after changing out the stakes, thats less than the Nemo hornet 2, its long enough to fit my dog at my head and it has never had a moisture issue in heavy downpours, light snow, and hail. Sorry Nemo, I'll try again when your material design changes if that is possible...?

This tent was a much looked forward to upgrade from a more affordable, heavy tent I'd been lugging around. As received, fully packed with all accessories, it weighed the advertised 2 lbs 5 oz. These are initial impressions after an overnight shake down trip, me sleeping solo at 5'10", 170 lbs.

This tent is great! I love the design, the ease of setup and the thought out details that went in to this tent. What I noticed right away about this tent was the flybar design for the top poles. These truly helped in keeping the tent maximized for interior space as well as helped keep the rain fly up and away from your tent.

After having some friends praise the 1p version, I purchased this tent because it is lightweight, for fact that it could fit two people and supposedly would accommodate my height without a problem. I found it on sale so I pulled the trigger and I regret that decision. I will be returning the tent for the following reasons..

I bought this tent to help shave a couple pounds off my load while solo backpacking.



What’s does “cutaway rainfly” mean? The picture make it look like the rain fly doesn’t cover one end of the tent, so it seems like water would easily get in if it rained. 

The grey panels on the floor and tent body are completely waterproof. The cutaway rainfly is designed only to cover the areas that are not waterproof so you can keep your pack weight low and save space.


This feels like a dumb question but I’m a beginner backpacker. What is included in the minimum trail weight be the packed weight?  I read one place that said the 1 lb 15 oz included tent poles and rainfly. So what else would be included for the extra 7 oz

Great question! Minimum trail weight is typically the tent, rainfly and poles while the packaged weight is everything you purchase: tent, rainfly, poles, stakes, stuff sack, pole sack, instructions, guylines, etc.


what is the folded length of the pole? i am looking for a bikecamping tent and I want a short folded length. Thanks!!

The poles for this tent measure 19 inches when collapsed down.

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