Wild Zora - Paleo Meals To Go Cliffside Coconut Berry - 3.2 oz. Pouch

Category: Camp Kitchen

I love the ingredients in this meal - especially the blueberries. While the package that I prepared seemed a bit runny for this type of meal, the taste was there 100% and I liked the crunch from the nuts. I would definitely recommend this for a filling breakfast. The best part is that it is gluten free, grain free, dairy free with no added sugar. I am going to add this to my list of food to bring on the trail.

I've tried every single one of the meals in their lineup. This one is honestly just unappealing to me. The ingredients are solid and healthy, and it's a ton of food for the price, but the flavor is just not there. I don't really like any of the meals they make, and like I said I've tried them all. If I was hungry and had nothing left to eat but this, I would gladly eat it since it's very filling. But if I had other stuff to eat, I would not eat this.

Hated most every bite. it really didn't taste well at any part of my hike


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