Coleman - Compact Propane Stove

Category: Camp Kitchen

I bought this stove because of its size (perfect for fitting into sea kayak hatches) and the idea of Coleman quality. I got one right—it's the perfect size for those group sea kayak trips.

Wow. Over $50 for this!!!! It’s worth about $17. Doesn’t even have a latch to keep it closed. The gas connector thing has no place for it to store and you must carry it somewhere safe. You loose it and your done. I see the bigger model on amazon for $45. This was a ripoff.

Very poor quality, you should not sell this product, when most people think of REI they think quality and this is not it

Great little stove-setup is really easy. Only negative: wish it have a handle for easy transport along with a more firm latch to keep the lid secure. Not have a starter was not a deal breaker for me.

I needed a stove that was compact and easy to set up when car camping. Coleman is a reputable brand and it was inexpensive.


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