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Sneakers are much lighter and more comfortable compared to your average hiking boot. They are very comfortable and and great to walk in. Even in cold Boston winters, with snow and slush, my feet stayed warm and dry! The velcro makes it easy to put the shoes on and off, which is great when it's chilly outside and you're going in. All in all, these make living in the snow great because your feet are protected from the elements without them being too heavy and bulky!

I bought the tan ("rose gold," in my opinion) shoes in size 8. I love the color of these shoes. I love the style of these shoes. The functionality of sliding your foot in is too tight and the shoe opening isn't as elastic as you'd hope. The finger straps are too small to fit a finger in to really leverage, and use to slide the shoes on. I'm a person who's looking for ease-of-use and like to slip shoes on. They are a beautiful shoe — just not functional.

I read all the reviews and some said they ran large. I don’t know what they were talking about. I am a true size 6 in every shoe. I ordered size 6. These are soooo narrow in the toe box. So uncomfortable. Maybe I got a lemon, I don’t know. I like the look of the shoe, thought they’d really go well with running tights, etc. My gosh, they’re horribly uncomfortable. The rest of the shoe fits fine. Its that toe box that gets me. They’re going back.

When you first open the box, you can see the different textures from silky to satiny. I selected the black model since I thought it would be very functional -which it is. It is very easy to put on and the velcro is rather strong. Aesthetically, I did not love the pull in the front, I thought it was too high and it made me look like an elf. Over time, I have come to appreciate this feature since it makes putting on the sneaker so much easier,It has great traction for walking, a little loose over time for running if you find yourself having to run. Super comfortable- I was thinking of buying the pinkish one later. I am very adamant about good support in the ankle and foot all around and I would say while this is not a boot; it certainly fits the bill. You can hike and do everyday stuff. I found it dressy enough to take it to work on casual Friday.

The sneakers are rather fashionable, as sneakers go. The wrap strap has not worn in/have wear marks on it, and does not dig into any part of my upper foot, which I was concerned about. No funny hot-spots or rubbing on the heel. The shoes also have fairly decent grip on the bottom, not sure if this is something I would attempt a strenuous/muddy hike in though. The fabric on the shoe holds up quite well,at least for the time I've had them, and wipes clean as well.

Return a 6.5 vented black Kinetic old model for smaller. Rei sent me size 6 UNvented new model in black. For summer wear and for walking advise the old black model with mesh fabric. The new black model with opaque fabric doesn’t breathe as well and may have been design for winter wear. Still nice styling but very little arch support or foot pad. Looks great with leggings and yoga skirt.

For some reason, this style of shoe is really in right now, but it's a weird style. It seems like it's meant to be worn sock-less with yoga pants or skinny jeans? I'm not a huge fan of wearing sneakers without socks because sweaty feet so it's not ideal. If you're into this style though, they are comfortable shoes for casual wear. I would not use them for any athletic activities though.

These aren’t new faves. Incredibly light and comfy. Great tread. Strangers stop me to compliment them.


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