REI Co-op - AirRail Plus Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad - Women's

Category: Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

The pad inflated ok, when we checked at home. It was stored self inflated but with the valve open in a safe place. The very first time we tried to use it on an overnight hike it would not stay inflated, it was in a tent that had both a footprint and a built in floor (another REI purchase). It was never exposed to anything that might puncture it. But the very first time we used it it failed, deflated completely, so we filled it again, and it deflated again. Returning.

Seriously, this was so comfortable I considered using it on the floor in my room instead of sleeping of the mattress I have that hurts my back. I did a short backpack trip and found this to be easy enough to pack as far as size and weight. I am 5'7" 138# and I purchased the long length.

I love this Air pad, it’s great for me as a side and stomach sleeper. It’s wide and keeps me from sliding. and it doesn’t crinkle like other popular pads, the crinkly sound annoys me and wakes me. I only wish there was a shorter torso version for ultralight backpacking!


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