MSR - PocketRocket Deluxe Stove

Category: Camp Kitchen

MSR has made significant improvements in their newest small stove evolution. The Pocket Rocket Deluxe has a more powerful flame, built in piezo igniter and a pressure regulator, all for 2.9 oz. Great job MSR!

Small, lightweight, compact and super easy to use. This is exactly what I wanted! When I accidentally run out of propane for my camping stove I've used the pocketrocket for a backup as well.

This is far and large WAY better than my older Pocket Rocket (2014ish version). I think it’s more stable with dishes. I love that it’s pressure regulated and it for sure boils water FAST. I love that it’s got a bit more wind control - I always felt like I had a lot of heat loss with the older stove.

The piezo lighting design is flawed. Works once or twice and then will stop working. The issue is that MSR uses two wires, one from the starter and one from the burner. They are pushed into a plastic tube to join them. While hiking the vibration causes them to seperate and you lose the connection and the spark. To fix, you need to have a pair of needle nose pliers to push the bottom wire loop up into the tube to bring the wires back into contact.

Out of the box the self igniter would not work. Will light with a lighter. Heats very well when lit. After playing around with it for a while the igniter starting working and then failed again. Will try to exchange for another one and hope it works better.

When the starter works this stove is great - lights immediately, heats water rapidly. But our starter worked for just 7 days, pretty disappointing. It also uses WAY more fuel than the store clerk said, based on her experience. Cooking for 5, this stove went through one canister of the size in the photo after one dinner and two breakfasts.

I used it for 3 nights camping. I own one of the super light stoves but it is very in-efficient with gas consumption. It was very loud as well. The MSR Deluxe is awesome! It's a little heaver and larger than the other stove but well worth the small weight and size difference.

Worked great on a multi day trip. Was glad I had a back up spark on two occasions but not sure why it didn’t work so I can blame the stove. Really light and convenient.

On first trip stove worked great but ignitor stopped working the third day! I still love the stove!!

I am accustomed to good quality items from MSR. Heck, they make the most advanced non-RO portable filtration system in the world. I had the previous version of the pocket rocket and while smaller, had regretted it's lack of ignition. I was driven right to this one as soon as I saw it. Out of the box everything looked fine. I screwed on my EN417-Lindal adapter to test on a propane canister and no gas came out. It took me a few tries--the valve seems to have been stuck. Anyway, eventually it did, but the sparker wouldn't ignite it. I tested with a lighter and it lit fine. One positive note is the burner is really silent and an improvement over the prior version, albeit larger. I finally figured the burner comes unscrewed. Like all MSR, these are made to be as field-serviceable as possible so I started looking for the issue. It turns the spark cable and the metal wire in the burner are connected through a small hollow hose. This is so you don't twist off the wire when unscrewing the burner from the main mixing chamber (which holds the igniter cable). The both wires should have been touching, but the bottom part was evidently so far apart the spark never made ir through. Eventually I was able to wiggle the lower wire up enough to where once screwing on the burner again, the wires inside would meet and the spark would make it from the igniter mechanism all the way to the burner. It took some figuring out and I am sure others who face this will just return it. Bad QA/QC and questionable design by MSR. I am keeping it, but I could see how this will require frequent fidgeting during field operation.

We decided on the PocketRocket Deluxe for our JMT trip because of (1) its ability to simmer (we like to break the monotony with some food that's not just rehydrated in a bag), (2) its reported good performance in the wind, and (3) the piezoelectric igniter that distinguishes it from the cheaper PocketRocket.


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