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We just received our Dreamer Double matt yesterday. We were looking at similar mattresses made by Exped and Sea to Summitt and we’re intrigued by this because of the great price point. Although we have not taken it out on the road yet, I thought I would provide some feedback since there is such little info about it. Like the Exped, this comes in a large carrying bag with an elastic opening instead of velcro. There is plenty of space in case you’re not able to roll it up tight. It took about an hour for the pad to self inflate to about 90% full. It comes with a pump/pillow to top it off or you can just blow into one of the valves and top it off. It is incredibly comfortable and soft on your skin. The fabric topping seems very durable. When you lay on this pad by yourself or with someone else, the air does not shift around. It is very stable and you can’t feel it when your partner moves around. Lastly, deflating was very easy. With two large one way air valves, it took me 10 minutes to have it deflated, rolled up, and in the bag. I’m optimistic that this mattress is going to fully meet our needs. We intend to share it with our dog.

I bought the camp dreamer double deluxe sleeping pad with the intention of using it on a 3-week cross-county National Parks car / tent camping trip with the family. I drive a Subaru Outback with a Yakima roof box, so I’m not extremely limited on space, but space is limited enough that it requires advanced planning to make sure I have everything I need, and that everything fits.

So disappointed! Camped 5 nights and lost air nightly. Doubled checked valve position; nothing wrong. Tested both valves w/soapy water later; air bubbles out when in “inflate” position. Never went pancake flat but did soften. Now must haul back and return in USA; had planned to store here in Taiwan for future camping. Won’t buy another for USA camping now. Darn!

REI, you have a quality problem with this product.

We camp quite a bit and don't always use a mat depending on our destination but when we do fast car camping and want a more cushy weekend we used to use a blow up mattress. After patching and waking up on the floor several times over the last 3 or 4 years I decided to splurge on this and it was worth it! It was easy: self inflating with memory foam and inflatable core. It is necessary to give it time to fully inflate and then I topped it off for a firmer sleep. It was very comfortable, strong (our two boys kept jumping about on it) and insulated, honestly the best sleep Ive had outdoors. My husband is a big guy, 6' and over 200 pounds, and he agreed. Plus we didn't bounce around as the other tossed or turned throughout the night. My kids definitely want their own. If you have read any of the 5 star reviews for the (Exped mat, which I tried out at the Rei store) this is the same dreamy sleep at $100 cheaper price tag!

I wasn't sure I'd like this but we spent 4 nights on it last week and it was awesome. Unlike my blowup mattress, I did not go flying (and awaken) every time my partner got up in the night, it is comfy and easy to set up. I read comments about people losing air but we had no problem, wonder if they didn't seat the valves properly (they reverse so if slightly off kilter would lose air?). I also had no problem inflating or deflating by myself. It's like a giant thermarest so if you roll it tightly to remove air, then unroll and reroll to get more out, it comes out smaller than when it arrived. The instructions are printed in a slightly darker blue on the end of mattress with the valves so not easy to see but makes sense. I moved the bed after our first night so the valves were at the head of the bed away from the door so I wasn't sitting on them as I entered and left the tent.

Great quality compared to the other branded beds, for less. Comfortable even if not fully inflated. Fits my Toytota Tacoma long bed with a little less than full inflation perfectly, which is what I bought it for. In fact, I likely wouldn’t inflate it fully anyway after trying it both ways. Very durable and way better than your standard air bed with a lot less bulk. Takes a little time to get fully deflated, but I’m not complaining. The blow up pillow that comes with it works well as a pillow, but I would bring something more for long use. Satisfied!

The title says it all. Bought this for my Labor Day camping trip, and since it came UPS the day before I left, I made the mistake of not opening it up and checking to see if everything was there (not that I should have to). Now I’m sitting here at a KOA with a REI mattress that definitely looks like it was used before me...and the pillow/pump is missing. Guess I’ll have to drive into town (15 miles) and buy a stopgap until I can return this thing.

My husband bought this mattress for an upcoming trip. He decided- smartly- to test it. The glue around one of the valves was already pulled away from the mattress and even though it inflated fine- shocker- it didn't hold air. And it's leaking from where the valve has pulled away from the mattress. Probably repairable, but I refuse to repair a brand new mattress. Poor quality control.

Bought both an Exped and Camp Dreamer to compare while backyard camping over the 4th of July. Exped had slightly better materials and stuff sack design, but it leaked air through the night despite multiple top offs. The Camp Dreamer was just as comfortable and firmness stayed consistent. The pillow also functioned fine for what it is. And it’s $125 cheaper. Returned the Exped.

This mattress is very comfortable when you let it self inflate then top off with the included pump/pillow. I dread putting the thing away, though, it's definitely a two-person job and you have to put all your weight into it to get the thing reduced to a manageable size. Inspect the pad closely when you get it home from the store... It will never be that size again.

I have yet to sleep on it, but wile testing for leaks in the living room, Meatball thought he would do some testing of his own. If this old dog chooses this over his 3 dog beds? I think we are on to something.

I was sick of air mattresses that don't hold air after a year of use and also tired of uncomfortable cots. I tried out an Exped at an REI store and fell in love but couldn't justify the price point. When this product popped up during an REI sale, I jumped the gun on buying this. Now I will say this is very comfortable, just like the Exped. It does take a while to self-inflate. REI says 30 min-45 min, but I would say it's closer to an hour. I cannot figure out how to get the pillow pump to work to inflate the mattress all the way. My boyfriend and I have ended up getting a small electric pump to pump it up all the way. We have to top it off every night though which I don't think we should have to do. Maybe it's because we aren't the lightest of people (he's about 185 and I'm 165ish)? I think this product would work out much better as a single than a double. It also takes up a lot of room. Much more than a standard air mattress. But again, it's very comfortable (when you can get it fully inflated) and I'm hoping it holds up a long time.

This mat is amazing. If you toss it in your tent while you’re staking down things and unpacking, giving it ample time to self inflate, it’ll take about 4 pillow puffs to inflate. When finished, you have to make sure the valve is in PERFECT position so it doesn’t leak. Made this mistake once, but didn’t take away a star because you don’t wake up on the ground like with an air mattress. Still plenty comfortable. Doesn’t make a sound when sleeping and you don’t feel your partner. The warmth is awesome too! I can get the packed size down to around the size of a 5 gallon water jug. It takes time and a team but it’s possible. I fold in half and roll up like a sleeping bag while my son leads the way by rolling his body across and getting most of the air out. It’s hard work for sure. It’s pretty huge. I wish one of the valves was on the long side as it’s kind of a pain to use the pump in the tent. We have to turn it sideways to pump and the flip it around which is easier said than done. Even with its issues, it’s still a 5 star mattress!

I wasn't sure what to think of this - it was a bit bigger rolled up than I had expected, and took up much more space than anything else we own. Living in the city we have barley any storage for big items so when this thing showed up, I was already sure we were going to return it. Based on the great reviews, we took it anyway on our trip this past weekend. Holy goodness, this thing was amazing, we slept like babies!!!! We had to keep all of our other friends and family members out of our tent because everyone wanted to lay on it! The best part about it is that you cant feel the other person moving on this thing which is so rare. It was totally worth the space that it took up in our car and our place at home. We did end up having to pump it back up again the next morning to top it off, but for how easy it was, it didn't really matter. Highly recommend! The only feedback I have is that it's an insane pain in the rear to roll it back up again, tightly to keep things as small as possible, not a deal breaker though! Buy this - so you too, can have your own camp kingdom!

We tried it out in the store today on the concrete floor and it felt like we were laying on a cloud! We went in to buy and ex-ped and the salesman informed us of the New REI brand one that came out a few weeks ago. Ordered it right away! Cant wait to take it out!! Will update after testing it out camping!

My wife and I returned perfectly good sleeping pads and bought this on sale. Got to our campsite way out in the middle of nowhere and the glue around the valve was nearly gone. didn't hold any are overnight. When we returned it the very next day the cashier said "yeah mine did the same thing." Either get good single pads or pay for a quality double.

I use mine inside my popup camper, overall I am happy but there are a few things I don't love.

Really comfy, easy setup and take down. Developed a slow leak after 3 uses. Will be returning for a new one.

Amazing comfort with this pad. One first use I thought it was deflating but in fact I had not blown up both sides of this double air pad. Night two went amazingly once I made sure both sides were inflated.

I’ve had my eye on the Exped Megamat Duo for a while and I finally decided to splurge on a luxury camping item when I saw this bed at a much better price. I ordered it on Monday (a holiday) and it arrived Friday without any directions. I think there is some way to use the pillow to inflate the mat, but I can’t figure it out. I let it self-inflate for several hours and topped it off with about 10 breaths. It looked so comfy in the middle of my living room floor, my dogs & I had to lay down for a snuggle. I thought the pillow would be useless, but it is actually quite nice. This bed is by far the most comfortable camping mattress I’ve ever had. It is big but not too heavy & I can’t wait to use it on a 3-night canoe trip in a few weeks. My grandkids will be happy to get my hand-me-down Big Agnes Hinman which has served me well and still has many years of life in it, but which can’t compare to the luxurious comfort of the Dreamer.

My partner and I love to go truck camping and this matress hits the spot. It is easy to setup and tear down. It is very comfortable and we were warm even when camping in the snow. The draw back for some is that it is bulky when not in use, but I don't mind.

Lost air. Was uncomfortable when inflated. Would not recommend.

This mattress allows you to enjoy camping without back pains or lack of sleep. I highly recommend! Mine is the double and is about the size of a queen mattress. Obviously for car camping!

I bought this on sale for camping and as a second bed option when traveling. We absolutely LOVE this bed! It is so comfortable, I have used this as my personal bed when I'm in the dog house with my spouse and sometimes even when I'm not in the doghouse!!! LOL!!!



Can we purchase a new carrying bag for the mattress?

We do not have replacement bags for this pad.


I see some Q&A re leaving the bed flat for storage; however, that's not an option for me... will it cause damage, etc., to keep the bed rolled up for months (or longer) at a time? I can pack it loose, but really need to keep it rolled up to store.

​In an ideal scenario, leaving the pad flat and is preferred but as many people don't have the space it's also fine to leave it rolled up for extended periods.


How do I clean this product? Our puppy decided to use it as her bathroom and I'm cleaning our sleeping bags now but this is too big for a washer. Can I spray it down with a hose and some soap?

Spot cleaning or washing by hand in warm water using a mild detergent is the best way to clean this bed. We do not recommend putting it in the washing machine. Check out the link below for more information on how to clean a sleeping pad/bed.


Should I be storing this mat inflated and flat? I've seen some articles online in regards to storing self-inflating mats at least partially inflated and flat for better air circulation and to maintain the foam better.

​If possible, the best way to store this bed is flat and partially inflated.


We seem to be losing air even during the day with no weight on it. The valves are left in the inflate position and the caps are on as securely as possible. Is this probably a defective Mattress? Per reviews it seems like a few people have  this problem.

We suggest taking the bed to your nearest REI store for an inspection.


I have a small battery powered air pump. Could I use this to inflate the bed rather than wait for self inflating or using the pillow pump? Do I have to use the pillow pump to finish the deflating process?

This sleeping pad inflates and deflates well without the use of an electric pump. You can push air out of the pad when rolling up for storage. Keep in mind, we don't recommend using a electric pump due to the valve design.


I am looking at the REI camp dreamer and an Exped megamat duo lw+. The exped is about $120 more, but has a 5 year warranty and zero reviews of leaks or flawed valves (that I've found). How does this compare and will this mat hold up?

This pad is uniquely constructed with different materials, allowing it to be more packable but not quite as warm in comparison to the MegaMat Duo. There are no known issues with the valves leaking or flawed on this sleeping pad.


The pad has 2 reversible valves but an earlier question response noted the pad had only 1.  Am I to keep one valve closed to inflate even though both have the inflate/deflate option?  How long does it take to fully or 90% inflate?

This pad has two inflate/deflate valves and takes approximately 30-45 minutes to self-inflate.


I purchased a used dreamer at the store garage sale. the pillow/pump is missing the one way valve. this made it very dificult to inflate/deflate. is it possible to purchase a replacement one way valve to go into the pillow/pump or an entire pillow/pump?

​We unfortunately do not sell replacement valves or pumps for this sleeping pad.

Megan E

What size sheets would fit on this mat? My husband hates car camping because his back always hurts in the morning. I’m hoping this could fix that! 

This sleeping pad measures 78 x 55 inches. Queen-sized sheet should do the job.


My cat put a hole in the mat. What would be the best repair kit for this kind of fabric?

Oh, kitty cat. The REI Co-op Sleeping Pad Repair Kit or any other repair kit listed in the link below will work.


Is there an air pump that is compatible with this mattress to hasten the inflation process?

This bed features a pillow/inflator pump​ included.


Some storage answers have said store it flat with valves open, while others say store it flat and deflated, which is it? Is it better to have it flat with the valves open which means inflated, or to store it flat and deflated with valves shut?

​Store with the valves open so the foam inside the bed is not compressed.


Does this bed come with a set of instructions? The one I purchased didn't have any instructions except for a few pictures that were printed on the bed.

The set-up illustrations on the pad are the only instructions included with this pad. We also have a set-up video attached to the product on

B Dizzle

Does it have 2 separate inflate and deflate holes, or is there only one hole with a reversible inflate/deflate valve? The second picture for this item shows 2 holes, while the instructional video shows one hole with a reversible valve.

This sleeping pad features one inflation valve, and two deflation valves.


Is there a patch kit for this mattress?

Yes, here is the link:


Do you have a sheet set for this one like the Kingdom? Any plans for making a vacuum pump to get that last little bit of air out? I'd buy it. -Carolyn

As of May 2019 we do not have a coordinating sheet set for this bed, nor do we have plans for a vacuum pump, but those are great ideas!


What is the denier value of the material? Does the bed maintain the air pressure or does it additional air after 1, 2, 3 days or more?

This mattress is constructed with a 75-denier fabric on the bottom and 30-denier on the top. The mattress is well-built quite durable, but you may want to add a bit of air each night before you use it. Things like the temperature can have an effect on the air pressure.


Will this fit inside a Half Dome 2 Plus?

​This bed is slightly too large for this tent.


Are the dimensions of 78x55x4 actual true dimensions of the inflated mattress? Thanks

The listed dimensions of the inflated mattress are correct.


How should this pad be stored when not in use? Is it preferable to be laid flat (under a bed perhaps) with the valves open but pad not inflated or is it okay to leave it rolled up in the deflated state? 

This bed is best stored flat with the valves open.


What materials are the mattress and inner foam made out of?

We are researching that information and will post an update when we learn more.


Can you use this pad folded in half (as a pad 27.5 inches by 78 inches)? I would like to be able to use half the pad when I am sleeping alone in my car while still being able to use the full pad when I have company.

This pad cannot be inflated and folded in half.


How do you attach the pump/pillow to the air mattress to add air? Which end of the pump/pillow attaches to the valve? I have trouble finding a way to grip the two parts that should mate to push them together.

Excellent question! ​First, remove the caps from the valves on the pump tube and on the side of air mattress as well. Next, push your finger into the largest valve on the tube and the mattress so the valve rotates to expose the little orange nipple in the middle which is considered the inflate position for both components. Follow this by placing the inflate tube on its side next to the pad and grasp the smaller valve between your thumb and pointer finger and push the tip into the pad's opening. You'll need to secure the pad and valve with your other hand so it stays in place during this process. Once the components are attached securely, simply push down on the side of the tube with both hands repeatedly until the mattress is filled to your desired firmness.


Do the two sides of the pad inflate individually or is it one single air chamber for the entire mat?

This sleeping pad is constructed with two chambers. Both valves have an inflate and deflate setting.


How does you work the pillow/pump work to inflate the mattress?

The pump pad included with this bed is designed to connect to the TPA inflation valve on the bed. Make sure you've closed the deflation valve prior to inflating.


Same question as Janna above. I love the mattress but can't figure out how to get it - and the pump/pillow - back in the stuffsack. No problems with my smaller Thermarest. Thanks for any help.

​Once you have deflated this pad, you will need to fold it and roll it tightly to get it back into the stuff sack. You'll want to leave the valves in the "deflate" position while you are rolling the pad so that you can compress the mattress down to its smallest size. You can also loosen the compression straps on the stuff sack to make it a little easier to close.


How to deflate?  I’ve flipped the valve to the open position as shown in the drawing on the side.  Am I supposed to press on it and roll it up?  When I let go, it reinflates.  Does it self-deflate?  It isn’t doing that, either.  It inflated just fine.  

To remove air from this mattress, you will want to remove the valve cover first. You will notice that the valve is labeled "inflate" on one side and "deflate" on the other. Simply push on the valve to spin it around to the setting you need. Make sure you can see the word "deflate" to remove air from the mattress. You can use the included pump to remove air or you can roll the pad up with the valves open to pack it down.


How much does it weigh when uninflated?

This bed weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces.


I have a camping trip coming up and I just bought this pad so it is brand new. How can I prep it so it doesn't take hours to self inflate?

Try fully inflating the pad and leaving it inflated overnight. This will allow the open cell foam to completely expand.


How do we self inflate? the pump works, but we can't get the self inflation to work. 

To self-inflate the pad, simply turn the valve to inflate. The bed should slowly start filling up with air. Self-inflation is going to be slow for the first couple of times as the open cell foam needs to expand. After inflating the pad a few times the self-inflating process should get faster. Keep in mind the pad is not going to fully inflate by itself. You can use the pump to reach the desired firmness.


How well would this hold up to a dog walking on it? For example, would there be a risk of him popping it? When I felt it in the store, it seemed to have enough padding that it wouldn't be a problem.

Good question. There's always a chance your pooch's paws could puncture the pad. You're likely okay to have a dog on the pad but it is recommended you take precautions to prevent punctures.​


Is this pad insulated?

Yes, this pad is insulated.


Why is the R value so much less than the EXPED Duo? 

This pad is uniquely constructed with different materials, allowing it to be more packable but not quite as warm in comparison to the MegaMat Duo.


When did this come out?

​This bed is new for spring of 2019.

Tina H

What is the weight limit?

This bed doesn't have a specified weight limit.


The width spec looks wrong, 30" wouldn't be double. What's it supposed to be?

Nice catch! We are updating the width to 55". Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention.

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