YETI - Rambler Wine Tumbler - 10 fl. oz. - Package of 2

Category: Camp Kitchen

I agree that it may be "insane" to pay a premium for stainless steel drink ware. I have a few YETI's that are about 3+ years old. Still keeping drinks cold, no rusting etc. If it does what it says, it's worth it! These wine tumblers so far are nice. Is it barbaric that I am drinking beer out of them?? hehe.

$40 of the cost goes to the Yeti name. Love Yeti products but the wine tumbler are not easy to hold which could easily be fixed with some sort of textured finish. As it stands, you really need to be careful picking up your cup full of alcohol. :)

I bought the yeti wine tumblers for my wife at Christmas and she loves them.


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