GSI Outdoors - Baked Enamelware Cup - 12 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

The way in which the lip of this cup comes together will grab your mustache hair and attempt to rip it from your face. Every sip of my delightful, hot cider was ruined by the agonizing sting of loosing one of my face whiskers.

I bought 2 of these early June. Took them on one camping trip where I used them for hot coffee. Cleaning then when I got home I noticed the both had severe pitting inside. I exchanged them for another 2. Haven't taken them camping yet so we'll see how they do.

This mug is cheap and light. However, if you intend on using it for anything hot, (coffee, cider, things that a mug is typically used for,) keep looking. The entire thing conducts heat very well, which not only cools down your drink quickly, but makes the rim and handle so hot you can't even pick the thing up.I returned it and bit the bullet on a more expensive insulated mug and am happy with my new choice.

Do not use this smug for anything hot. The handle and the whole cup will heat up really quickly, making too hot to handle, rendering it useless for coffee/soup/etc.

It's super aesthetically pleasing, great price, and convenient but it makes everything taste like metal so I don't like using it.

The cups handles absorb all the heat from coffe, etc. making them uncomfortable to hold.

The cup it gets super hot so its dificult to have a cup of te smothly

Perfect with hiking

In an effort to cut back on waste while also providing our wedding guests with a fun and functional favor we decided to use these cups as our drink cups. I waited for coupon season and once it came I was ready to make the purchase. While I was excited to place the order I searched for "GSI green cup" and threw 150 into my cart. As soon as I hit submit I realized I had forgotten to apply my coupon which was going to save me a few hundred dollars. SHOOT! I called for help, a wonderful lady in customer service helped me and corrected my order while also talking to me about my wedding and telling me about Great Basin National Park being a great honeymoon location- it's rarely visited and her great uncle was the very first ranger there! She was so incredibly helpful and pleasant. 2 days later I received a shipping notice for 150 TWENTY-FOUR OUNCE CUPS. I didn't even realize that they came that big! That's bigger than the biggest beer you can order at 22oz. I panicked. I called REI immediately and explained that I had meant to order 150 12oz cups. The gentleman laughed and made some jokes with me about needing guests to sign a waiver for cups that big, how fast the kegs would kick, and how fun my wedding sounds and that he wanted to come. He helped me place the correct order, with my 25% off, and told me not to worry that they would be on their way. I apologized profusely for my huge mistake- feeling terrible for whoever will handle my in-person return of 150 giant cups. Well, 2 days later I received everything that I had ordered. All of our wedding cups have arrived, both the correct size and the wrong size. The customer service within REI is beyond any I have ever experienced. Never once did anyone act annoyed, but rather cheerful and so incredible happy to help. I will remain a lifelong member. The cups are great and will be such a great addition to our wedding. REI, you really kick butt.

I bought two of these, one for my boyfriend and one for myself. We really love them. I was a little concerned before buying them because I read online that the handle heats up, but really it only gets warm but doesn't burn your hand or anything. I think they're really cute and they work perfectly!

I purchased this item a few weeks ago and couldn't have been more satisfied with it. It's proven to be very durable, easy to hook up to my backpack with a carabiner and extremely lightweight. Great product to invest in for those long adventures backpackings!!!!

This is a nice camping cup! Feels nice in the hand, and is pretty tough. Only qualm I have is that if you pour very hot liquid into the cup, the steel handle will get very hot and almost impossible to hold. You have to wait a few minutes for it to cool.

This is a never go wrong mug Can be dropped or heated Holds plenty and the rolled lip does not get too hot It is steel so it cools easily Scrub the rolled edge with comet scourer before use, to get rid of any residual taste

I find the cup/pot combination aesthetically pleasing. I would prefer a larger cup but this was the size available in the store when I bought it. It works amazingly like a cup.

Just brought this little mug on a 3 day 30 mile trip to Dolly Sods in West Virginia. Just what I needed for oatmeal and hot cocoa. Loved it.

I have to agree with the previous review. Being metal, these cups are quite cold first thing in the morning and they instantly freeze your yummy cup of coffee you've worked so hard for. Plus, the metal rim is all you taste. I had to return them. [...]

Oh how sad to pour that first cup of camp coffee early in the morning, only to have it be nearly undrinkable. The metal rim on this mug imparts an awful metallic taste. These are going back.

Enamel wear isn't easy to find. I was pumped to see REI had these in stock. Durable, Storable in a variety of conditions.

It's affordable, yes, but I love the classic aesthetic to this cup.

Good for camping but they rust and are a little expensive.

[...] this one will work just fine.

If you add hot liquid in it, you'll feel that hot liquid when you touch it. The handle won't save you. After using this for a few years on my backpacking trip, I switched to a small insulated tumbler and never looked back.

I got a metallic taste from the rim that made my coffee unpleasant, but my companion couldn't taste anything unusual. Cute mug. Light weight. Your mileage may vary, but I'm returning mine.

I liked it! The only bad part is if you put hot coffee in it, the metal heats up and burns your hands!

This is a great durable all around camp cup for anyone. While it is not considered ultralight by any means I would consider it ultra versatile.


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