MSR - Alpine Stowaway Pot - 1.6 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

I am not the kind of person who cuts the handle off my tooth brush. Nor am i the person who shaves off boot laces, or weighs my gear on a gram scale. I want heavy duty stuff that will work. This pot will fit the MSR dragonfly stove (everything but fuel bottle), and not make you feel like a fool trying to cook in a teacup. If you got the room for it, you can't do better for the price. I fit this in my 70L gregory pack just fine.

This is an awesome pot! The stow away handle is very well designed. The handle clasps shut to hold the lid securely in place while stowed in your pack. This pot is very durable and you don't have to be afraid of taking a scouring pad to it to clean it out like you do with the non stick pots. I like this pot so much that I use it a lot even in the home kitchen.

This pot is everything you need it to be. The lid works as a plate, the pot boils water or is large enough diameter for frying and everything stays right inside.

I personally think food cooks better on stainless steel rather than lighter metals. The shape of the pot (short and wide rather than tall and skinny) makes this pot more versatile and easier to use- I like to cook real food in the backcountry, and in tall skinny pots its hard to do anything except boil water. The locking lid system also makes for efficient packing- when not in use I can stuff other things in the pot and clamp the lid down, then shove the streamlined pot into my pack without creating gaps. The built in handle is also functional when cooking; it stays locked in place and stays cool enough to touch. Its a perfect size for two people, probably even three unless you eat like a bear.

It's not light, but it's dependable. You cannot destroy this pot. Burn rice to the bottom and scrape it off with gravel. Run out of fuel and stick this into a campfire to melt snow. Beat a bear out of camp with it. Lock the lid on to store leftovers in the bear bag after you run him off. As a bonus, the whisperlight fits inside for packing. Buy a titanuim pot with wierd coating to boil water for ultralight trips, but for all around use, this is the one.

This pot nests perfectly inside the MSR Duralite fry pan which itself nests on the MSR mountain plates. I also store my MSR Wisperlite inside the stowaway along with my spatula, spices, and handle for the fry pan. Basically, with this setup I've got everything I need for 2 in a handy, secure container/pot.

I wanted a pot that was big enough for the nesbit, tinder, and some rice/beans/boullion. I really like this. I had a cheapo cookie sheet i cut up to make a wind screen and folded into thirds and put in the pot. I used a wire coat hanger to make a triangle shape for hanging the pot. With magnets, you can lift the pot lid without messing anything up to dipper out water with a ladle and then add stuff to cook a meal for 2. I do wish there was a thermal bag for this so you can bring rice to boil and then stick it in the thermal bag and let it cook during the day for a hot dinner/lunch.

This pot is a great pot for 2, maybe three, people on the trail. The dimensions are some of the best I've seen: the sides aren't too high or too low to make stirring a pain, and the bottom is big enough to brown some meat for your one pot meal. Also, the handle is sturdy enough to support whatever thing you're cooking, and it's flip-over-and-latch mechanism is genius for securing spices, cleaning supplies and food tight in your pack. Plus, this thing is a tough little pot. It seems like it can really take a beating, and have the lid still fit tight!

Pot is simple cleans easily, hold enough for two if necessary. Just does what it is supposed to do without frills. For me it is a solid addition to my pack.

Bought this pot for car camping and it worked great and will look forward to using it for times to come. The only drawback is when pouring liquids from it, the folding handle has the propensity to come out of its fixed position and fold up on you; thus, spilling the contents if you aren't careful. Otherwise, good for the price!

This product is slightly heavier than some of its modern titanium counterparts. But for me-as a minimalist-the extra weight (which really is not much) outweighs the costs of the competition. It being stainless steel is more sturdy and durable than the lighter weight versions. You can drop it, throw it, fall on it, and it still will maintain its shape. Another pro to the stainless steel is it conducts heat better, reducing the amount of fuel needed to carry and also saves time. Its lid can double also as a plate which I find very useful. The size is probably a little much for one person-I think it would be good for 2-4 people. But I don't mind the size much even though I'm alone much of the time because I might as well have the extra room just in case, also when it comes to boiling water to sanitize, I want to boil a lot at once to save fuel, and thirdly I store many things inside of it so it doesn't take up much room. I only had to minimal problems with it. One, it slid around on my "MSR Pocket Rocket Stove" too much but if your careful-which you should be anyways-it doesn't matter. Second, the bottom was scorched fairly quickly but that doesn't really effect the cooking at all. So overall, I think this is a durable, great size, and is a great product at a low cost.

i bought this product because it was stainless steel.didnt want the coated products due to the idea being kicked around that[the coatings]are being linked to medical problems.also if need be i could use it over a fire.the product is of good quality.before i buy anything,i research it.ask others.then i go to the store to spy on it lol.where i play with it be sure it will withstand the punishment i surely will give coatings was an important thing for me.great job!!!

I'm a car camper and was looking to downsize my "kitchen." I'm particular about the type of cookware I cook with in terms of its material. I used this pot recently for the first time to make brown rice and it came out really well! I'm going back for more cookware of this brand.

I use this pot to store my stove, fuel, and spork. I helps save space. I also find it very easy to clean. I fill it about halfway with water, put in a dab of soap, put on the lid latch it down and shake. Most of the time I don't even have to get my hands wet.

I started out with this pot in the early eighties, and carried the "albatross" hither, thither, and yon!! For many years.

I use this 1.6L pot with the smaller 0.775L pot as a companion. As a pair, these two pots nest very well. There is a little rattle, if that kind of thing bothers you, but throwing a small dish rag under the lid of the 1.6 takes care of that. These are great for camping, as they're so compact. The build quality is solid, and I prefer stainless or cast iron to aluminum, just in general. They're not the lightest thing out there, so I'd probably lean towards titanium for backpacking, but that's just my opinion. Get them on sale and have them forever.

I've owned this pot for years, but never use it because its diameter makes pouring problematical. My ideal 6-cup pot has a 6" diameter, making non-spill pouring easy.

the folding handle design keeps the lid on and doesn't take up much space unlike those ones with the wing nut that's always poking into your back or the ones where you need to carry a separate pot gripper. its more durable than an aluminum pot you can drop it kick it step on it and it keeps its shape, its a little heavy but worth it for the price over titanium or something

I bought the 1.6 liter and the 1.1 liter pot. It turned out that the 1.6 liter was too big. I just needed someone for 1-2 people so the 1 liter size pot is perfect for me. I boiled thin spaghetti last night with 3 cups water and it worked great. I really like the stainless steel instead of teflon or aluminum for health reasons. This is a great pot.

We have been camping for over 50 years. Along those years we have updated and added to our gear. CHildren, Grandchildren etc. With the addition of this stowaway pot, we now have the best of everything. We gave away our nested set. However, we camp less (we are in our 70's). But when we do it will be nicer and easier than ever.

This pot worked well on its first week-long camping trip. it cleaned up easily and stores nicely - it holds our MSR Pocket Rocket stove, a folding spoon, a scraper/scrubber for cleaning, and has room for some more. It distributes heat well with our Pocket Rocket for boiling water; over a camping stove, cooking other types of food is difficult - it was fine but took some practice. Great size for 2 people.

Burnt food will stick to the bottom if you're not careful. Otherwise, it works very well as a space saver. Keep your stove and fuel inside. Very sturdy and convenient

I love this. I Use it for camping and as a take away container. I have every size, ready for any occasion. Make a difference and save the planet. Say no thank you to the plastic. Yes to reusable containers. With love, Brittney

recently purchased for backpacking trip, very light and durable, the handle extension is perfect so you won't get too heated reaching over a fire. made camp veggie curry with rice + breakfast was seasoned eggs and black beans.

This is a great pot! Light, reasonable price, and very very well built. If you are looking for a pot to take into the backcountry that will server 98% of your needs, then this is the one! Can't recommend this enough.

I bought this last minute for a trip down to WV! And it worked amazing! Fit very well on stop of my whisperlight MSR stove! Can't wait to use this pot more!

Great product of a good quality. I like how the handle folds and keeps the lid in place. It is indeed easily to stowaway. Totally recommend

I have all three of the pots and love them. They’re great for storage on a bike. Easy to clean even when you accidentally burn something.

I have one of these that must be 25 years old or more and wouldn't trade it for anything...okay, maybe a Corvette.

Great utility at home or camping. Wish miner lunch were somewhere

Great for backpacking. Lightweight and gets the job done.

Pretty good. Works fine. Cheap but Little bit heavy.


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