Mountain House - Mexican-Style Rice and Chicken - 3 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

I was really hoping this meal would be good. I love Mexican food, I love rice, and I love chicken. But what doesn't EVER belong in Mexican food? Olives. This whole meal just tasted like olives, and they didn't even soften very well when cooked. It was a major disappointment. To top it off, "Mexican" is used very loosely, there wasn't any spice resembling Mexican food to be found.

I am someone who likes subtracting weight but not for the price of real tasting food. Most dehydrated products have a fake chemical taste and end up with a disturbed digestive system. But this product makes the most sense considering that it is natural to have "dehydrated rice" cause that is how it is anyways.

We ate this on Isle Royale and it was one of our favorite meals. We rolled this filling into flour tortillas and ate every last bit of this tasty, spicy, goodness. The olives were a bit of surprise, and even though i don't normally like olives in my food they were just fine in this. The rice came out great.

I was trying out new flavors in my last backpacking trip. You should skip this one. It's not horrible after a long day. It's just that all the other flavors I've tried before were better. On the pro side: it was easy to make and the 3 server size was perfect for 2 people.

Typically, I am not a fan of olives, but on each occasion that I have brought a pack of this meal out on a trip with me, I have shoveled each last bite into my mouth and enjoyed it all. The meal is filling and flavored well. I have no complaints!

Almost too much "mexican flavoring powder" used in this meal. Even adding a little extra water could not powerdown the amount of spice and flavoring. The beans did not reconstitute well, even after 20 minutes.

I thought this was pretty tasty! I shared it with a friend while hiking, and it was a good little lunch. Good amount of spice and had great flavor. Not much chicken in it, but that was totally fine with me

This is a really tasty meal for backpacking or just a lazy night while camping. It is easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes!

The food tasted great and it was easy to prepare. It was filling and a wonderful hot meal after a long day of hiking.

Is a bit spicy, but not too much. Make sure you let it "cook" for the specified time, or the rice won't be soft.

Ate this on a recent trip to Sierras. I like it, and the kids like it also. Pretty tasty, and filling.

My son used this for a backpacking trip and really enjoyed it. Simple, lightweight, and fulfilling.

To quote my girl friend,” this tastes like dog food.” And I would have to agree with her.

Pretty good flavors which offer a break from typical chicken and rice meals.

really enjoyed this in a burrito wrap, with a layer of string cheese


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