Backpacker's Pantry - Vegetable Lasagna

Category: Camp Kitchen

Doesn't taste like lasagna at all. Overpowering taste of what I think was oregano. No cheese at all. Pretty yucky brownish color too. Not sure I could identify any vegetables in that brown mush. Threw out after a few bites.

This lasagna was not hard to eat. It tasted fine. But in comparison to Mountain House, eaten 3 days later, this one paled in comparison.

After a long day of hiking, I ate the entire package myself. Was very tasty and hearty with the TVP. Great vegetarian option. Yum.

The bag says 2 servings and they really mean 2 hearty servings. It tasted like lasagna and was very filling.

Disgusting, couldn't eat all of it. Ingredients are unrecognizable. Had upset stomach after eating it.


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