Backpacker's Pantry - Louisiana Red Beans and Rice - 2 Servings

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I won't say it isn't flavorful... because, I do like the taste. It isn't SPICY though. It's like, a Midwesterner's version of a Louisiana dish... not a Louisianan's version of a Louisiana dish.

I carefully measured 2 1/2 cups of water, brought it to a boil and added to the mix. I waited the appropriate amount of time, opened it up to stir it again and saw it was quite soupy. I waited an additional 10 minutes and it was pretty much the same. I ate it anyway, the flavor is on the bland side but fine, if I had used less water I think it would be better (but would also likely taste more salty). I might by buy this again as the price is cheaper than others but I'd use less water, wait longer, and possibly bring a hot sauce packet to kick it up a notch.

This was a warm and satisfying meal that is well seasoned and the texture of the rice is similar to parboiled or quick cooking rice, so don't expect it be like regular long grain rice. The key is to mix it very well as soon as you put the hot water in with it. You've really got to get those little beans, rice and seasonings mixed together for proper soaking; proper amt of water and plenty of soak time. Overall this dish is absolutely satisfying. The two-person is perfect for a hungry 150 lb. dude who has been hiking all day. You'll be full and happy.

Went on a backpacking trip a week ago and bought several dehydration foods for the group. By far this one was everyone's favorite. It has spicy flavor and when adding a little less water than the bag suggests it comes out to a great consistency. It didn't take much time at all to make. When setting up camp in the dark it was a quick and easy fix. Will buy again for the next trip, it's a must have.

Definitely needs 20 minutes to cook, and make sure you stir thoroughly. I'd suggest putting this into a bowl and stirring it again to eat because I got a big glob of spices and salt. But honestly, this is a staple of my packing adventures. I hate freeze dried meat, and this just hits the spot. Kind of salty, but it really is necessary sodium when you're really sweating. Great as a side, too, when you have some fresh caught lake or river fish, and the two servings becomes solid. Otherwise, be prepared to not finish this just due to the sheer amount of food!

Good value but needs to set up 5-10 min. longer than recommended, and is a little bland for my taste. These are minor criticism that are easily overcome. I usually pack a small spice dispenser containing a mixture of 2/3 Cayenne and 1/3 garlic powder. Small sprinkle solves the problem.

This totally exceeded my expectations. I bought a variety of food and tried this first because I don’t like beans but there was so much flavor in this I really loved it. I need to remember to separate out the servings because it was too much for me to eat in one sitting.

This red beans and rice from Backpackers Pantry has long been my go-to dehydrated meal when backpacking as a vegan. Good as is, but I typically like to add a few extra spices to kick the flavour up a notch. Highly Recommend for anyone looking for a good vegan option!

Smelled great as soon as the water was added, and tasted just as good. Not worrying about the fat content though, I'd reduce the water a tiny bit and add some squeeze butter or margarine which would make it that much better. Not too spicy at all in my book.

I won't lay any claims to being a food aficionado and I can be a downright P-I-G after a long day (or a cold one) on the trail. But I like this. I found it a little soupy but I need all the hydration I can get. I will buy again -- price is right!

Took along on a two night trip. Of the food selections I took this was the highlight. Good flavor fairly true to instructions prep. I recommend using slightly less water than directed at a full boil and be sure to let it sit the full 20 minutes.

Tastes great, but is a bit bland for "Louisiana" fare; we add some hot sauce to it, and then it is great. Let it sit for a few minutes longer than the package instructions say, and you'll be a happy camper.

Wow - this stuff was delicious! I was expecting it to taste just fine for backpacking, but I would be fooled into thinking this was a craft kitchen product, suitable for dinner any day of the week!

Definitely recommend. We typically bring along some summer sausage to give it a little meat, but it’s also great on its own. Especially if you’re looking for a high protein vegan meal.

I have had the red beans and rice twice on my last two trips and it was very good. I would purchase again. makes a great main dish or side dish.

Unlike most FD I've tried, this is pretty good. Basic, pleasantly spicy, and the portion seems right. Bring some tortillas to go with.

Spoon broke through the sides of the package when I stirred it. Quick recovery moves averted a spill, but small leaks did occur.

A great meal for anytime of the day. I'm taking this meal backpacking in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to dig in it again.

This has been a staple on wilderness trips for me for several years. Nice little bit of spice, but not overwhelming.

Backpacker's Pantry is definitely the cheaper brand of freeze dried food but I found the Louisiana Red Beans and Rice to be too salty to truly enjoy. It started out kind of bland but when I reached the bottom of the bag it was painfully salty to eat. I bought it because it was on sale and cheap (about $3) butI would not get that one again.

light, easy to prepare and just the right amount of spice, no need to bring anything else.

Excellent meal, easy to prepare and inexpensive...a staple.

Love it...

Great Flavor use less water than recommended unless you have more time to let it cook or its soupy.

Despite using slightly less water than the instructions called for, ours turned out runny. Maybe that's the way it's intended to be but that's not the kind of red beans and rice I'm used to. Still tasted good.

flavorless heartburn in a bag, quick but id stick to soup if you want that....if you want rice get the sweet and sour pork -thank me later.

Way too much salt. I have almost supressed salt from my diet and found this very Hard to eat. Same with other meals. So much sodium is unhealthy.

Very good at altitude, and after nine hours of climbing. Too much for one person. OK for two.


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