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After using the Small size of this pillow for camping for a few years, I've finally upgraded to the Large size. If you value comfort over ultimate packability, it's definitely worth it. It packs down to about 30% larger than the Small, but when it's fully expanded, it's as comfortable as a standard pillow.

Love this pillow. I bought the medium size with the cheerful blue pattern. It isn't really a sink-into-luxury sort of pillow. It's more like a European bolster, which doesn't seem to promise great comfort but actually supports my head and neck very nicely for a good night's sleep. As mentioned by another reviewer, this pillow also has a hidden talent, which I first noticed while tent camping. It created its own eerie muted internal static light show when compressed by an elbow in the dark. Having reassured myself that aliens were not to blame, I went back to sleep and have since been able to reproduce the performance at home, but not reliably. Is it weird to admit to taking your camping pillow into a pitch dark room to punch it?

I have tried other camping/backpacking pillows on the market, and have been sorely (literally) disappointed with them all, until I met this pillow! It is great for backpacking as it compacts nicely, but when you are ready to use it, it expands by itself to a larger size. It's great because you don't have to blow it up and feel like your sleeping on a balloon. The foam inside naturally expands when you open it up and the whole thing is just warm, fuzzy, and cushy, like a little cloud. This is the most comfortable camping pillow I've ever tried and cannot recommend it more.

I traveled with this pillow for 10 months and can say without exaggeration that this is the best piece of gear I own. Weight weenies can keep their 1 ounce plastic bags that they call pillows. If you're not the type who can sleep anywhere, anytime, and on anything, get yourself one of these beauties. For me, a good night sleep easily outweighs any extra weight or bulk.

When I received this pillow in the mail, I was a bit disappointed. It was flat and lumpy, and pretty pathetic. I decided to wash and dry it to see if that would revive the fluff. It did! The pillow is incredibly fluffy and comfortable now. The only down side is that to be able to use it in my mummy sleeping bag, I have to scrunch down deeper into my bag so it will fit in the hood. But that was expected since it is rectangular and not rounded. Overall it is a great purchase.

I really like this pillow. It's very warm and very comfortable. It doesn't pack down extremely small, but it's so comfortable I don't care. I always slid off inflatable pillows, but not this one. I especially like putting it in the hood of my sleeping bag. It's my "comfort" item I take backpacking, regardless of weight. I take it on airplanes and car trips too. It stays fluffy, no getting flat. And it puffs right back up in the washing machine.

I originally got 2 of these (medium size) for 20+ mile hiking/camping with a friend and they worked out so well I take one on car/plane rides now. They compress to about 1/4 the actual size and fit well in/on a small to medium backpack. I imagine the small size pillow would be best if space is at a premium, and they may be a tad heavy on super long hikes if weight restriction is at a premium, but the medium works out well for me and I like the larger sleep surface. I tried inflatable versions and returned them all, no amount of padding or underinflation helped make them comfortable. These are soft and plushy and highly recommended.

We got these pillows, size small, to supplement Rei Trekker 1.75 self-inflating pads. The pillows provide surprisingly good support even in this small size. I am sleeping relatively hot, and many synthetic fibers are usually too sweaty for me, so I used to wrap pillows into T-shirst or other pure cotton layer. Not these pillows: they provide a very good ventilation, so I am comfortable with my head right on it, without an additional cotton layer.

Any little thing that can increase comfort on the trail is worth the money. I was sick of sleeping on my lumpy and uncomfortable sweatshirt every night while on the trail, so I invested in this pillow. To be honest at first, the pillow seemed like it could pack down a bit smaller, but then I tried it out for the first time! This pillow is as comfortable and supportive as a normal pillow, and less than half the size and weight this pillow was one of my best backpacking purchases. Before this pillow I bought an inflatable one and that was less comfortable than my sweatshirt! Definitely worth the the money!

From a womans perspective, I like this product. My only complaint, and this is an obvious one, is that it is a compressible pillow. Therefore, when you sleep, it will compress. Thus, the product does not give you the complete support of a normal pillow (obviously). But for those of us that cant sleep without that head and neck support, this does the job. It is made from a soft, smooth material. The small one, which is what I have, will defintely fit into your sleeping bag. Always think about the fact that you can use some of your extra clothes, to prop up this pillow even more. Happy camping!

I decided to get a pillow and after debating on which size, I settled on the larger one for comfort. the large fits in with my sleeping bag area at the bottom of my Aether 70 back pack, so although a little bulky, I had the room so I went with the larger pillow. Good choice for me, it made a big differnce on the trail. the only thing I wish is that it puffed up more and was a little firmer. but really that is just being picky. this pillow and the REI chair were the 2 best items that I added to my pack this year.

I bought this pillow for my wife for our camping trips. I bought the small because I wanted to get something that would pack down easily for backpacking. Even rolled up I personally think the small is a little large. Also, this pillow is too firm for me. With that said, my wife LOVES it. I would recommend just going to the store and testing the pillows out before purchasing. I prefer the REI Backpacker Pillow, only because it is a little softer and packs a little smaller. All in all, I think this is a great buy.

I bought this pillow for the occasional backpacking trips I take with my husband. After a successful first run, I was satisfied I had made a good choice.On the second trip out in very dry weather I was astonished to see, whenever I touched the pillow, static electricity INSIDE it! It was dark when I first noticed it, and I couldn't believe my eyes at first. But after waking my husband and having him confirm what I saw, we now call it my "lightning pillow" as the electricity looks like lighting inside the cover. It doesn't come out and make shocks or mess up my hair or anything, but it is very entertaining! This pillow is a great comfort to an old lady, and it squashes down and fits right into my sleeping bag stuff sack.

This thing is awesome. It's exactly the right size to shove into the space in the ambulance, and gracefully cradle my noggin while I wait for dispatch to send me a running. I got the large size, and I'm happy with it. It does take a minute to fluff up, but who doesn't have a minute? You can use it to savor the bliss you're about to experience. It packs down small enough so that the supervisors don't notice, and it's not ridiculously expensive. I don't expose my personal pillows to germs, and I'm much more rested and ready to serve the community. If you work on an ambulance, get one!

The first time I used this pillow I was impressed. I bought the medium size thinking I would need it for extra comfort. I wish I'd bought the small because it works so well. I can roll it up tighter than I saw it packed in store, and it only needs about 5 minutes to transform into what feels like a regular pillow. Easy to machine wash and dry and it actually becomes fluffier, but you can still store it compressed.

This is by far one of the more comfortable compressible pillows on the market. The main reason I looked at this pillow is because I appreciate backpacking with some of the comforts of home--needless to say, I am not an ultralight backpacker. Although I enjoy having some of the comforts of home on the trail, I do still try to keep my pack on the light side. Since this pillow did not add too much weight to my pack, I went in for the purchase. I purchased the medium pillow and have had the pleasure of using it on a couple of backcountry expeditions. Generally, I unroll the pillow as soon as I set up my tent so it has time to fluff up to its full potential. When packing, it is very easy to compress. In my opinion the only down side of the medium pillow is that it is still a bit on the bulky side even when it is fully compressed. For that reason, I think this may be a pillow more suitable for car or base camping. However, if you do not have much in your pack as it is, this may not be an issue. I will likely travel back to REI in the near future and see how the small pillow compares. If that is still bulky, I may look into other options.

This is one of the best purchases that I have made. I have had the pillow a few months and it has saved me a number of times already. First, I was staying with a family for 6 nights and the pillow they gave me was so flat and stained and smelled. I took out the Therm-a-rest and had 6 happy nights. On a recent 3000 RT car trip, I was tired and needed to sleep in the rest stop and the pillow placed in the right position after I reclined in the driver's seat allowed me to have many hours of great interrupted sleep to drive fresh. Unless you never travel overnight, you should have this pillow with your travel gear. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because I don't like the feel of that fabric on my skin--I use a regular pillow cover over it to make it feel like a real pillow.

I own two of these awesome pillows (Medium). The medium size I find to be useful for car camping, where weight does not matter, and short distance backpacking where I am ok with sucking it up. My wife and I use them every time we travel to be guaranteed a comfortable pillow. The medium size also makes for great lumbar support on longer car trips.

First and foremost, this is a luxury product. There's no reason you can't sleep on a pile of clothing, or a super-thin hostel pillow, or the side of your arm. That being said, I love this thing.

We bought four of these pillows in size medium for family car camping. They compress down to about 1/3 their size for transport. My husband and older daughter (age 9) liked their pillows but I was less than impressed. I found the pillow to be very lumpy and too firm for my taste. My head ended up sliding off of it and I woke up every night with my head on my sleeping bag rather than on the pillow. My younger daughter (age 5) also had trouble with hers as her head was literally too light to "squish" it down. I recommend trying out the pillow in person to see if it works for you.

I bought this because I was running a relay and wanted a packable pillow that was comfortable for those moments when I could get a little shut eye. This pillow was great! I have since used it on a backpacking trip and was really happy with it. I normally stuff extra clothes into a stuff sack to use a pillow, but having an actual pillow makes a huge difference, and this pillow packs down to a reasonably small size. My boyfriend got one and loves it too. These pillows will replace the old pillows we use for car camping as well.

I've had this pillow for about 3 months and have taken it both camping and on a backpacking trip through Europe where I stayed in hostels. It's very light and can roll up pretty tight (I've never had an issue compressing it - I have the medium). I'm short so I have a fairly small adult mummy sleeping bag and it fits perfectly, making sleeping more comfortable. I've also had to wash and dry it (I got bed bugs in Europe so everything was high heat) and have had no issues with it losing size or anything.

Ordered two of these(medium and large) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and packability of the pillows. They pack up very nicely and eventually fluff out to a very large size after fluffing it for a few minutes. As previous reviews have mentioned, fluffing the pillow is a must because the pillow is initially flat and lumpy. I haven't had a chance to use the pillows in the field but have little doubt that the medium pillow will be a staple in my camping/roadtripping/backpacking travels. I've grown tired of sleeping on dirty clothes or mishaped packs and really just want a more comfortable experience and there's no doubt this pillow will help accomadate that.

I've been looking for a good travel pillow (for plane and camping) for quite some time and have tried various ones, all of which have "died" or I've thrown out because they no longer provide good support. So far, I really like the thermarest for it's compact size and comfort. I would recommend getting the medium size because it "lofted" better than the small but the small isnt bad either.

Purchased the SM size from REI to use while camping in a tent and taking a nap in the car while on Phish tour.

While it may look lumpy and bumpy when first unrolled, this little pillow expands fully to provide the most comfortable nights sleep. It is firm but not to firm providing just the right amount of support for even a side-sleeper like myself. I have a recurring neck injury and was a bit worried so I did quite a bit of research and purchased three pillows. I figured I could give them to my sons and husband who can sleep with their head on a bag full of rocks and wake up well rested and without complaints. One was a luxury pillow which I thought would be the best, but actually this little pillow was. I bought another in large for myself. Have used it over and over again. Love it

I was really excited about this pillow when it arrived. It got to my house about a week before I went on a backpacking trip and I hand washed it that day. I probably dried this pillow 4 times in my drier on medium heat.... it never got completely dry. When I packed my bag the night before the trip I noticed it was still a little damp. I put it in the sun when we got to camp and it dried more but I was unimpressed with the amount of drying I had to do to just be able to use it. However, overall the pillow was very comfortable and compressed down nicely. I would probably use it more for camping than backpacking.

I first saw this in the Bend, OR REI store but didn't pick it up as I was travelling. Once home I was looking for a pillow but didn't want a pool toy to sleep on so I took a chance. Some of the reviews say it's flat, but give it a few minutes and it fills out nicely. (the one opened up in the store was a bit "used" I think.) It's well made, fluffs up great and does, in fact, pack down around 25% of it's size (25% of it's totally fluffed up size). just give it about 15 mins to expand to really appreciate it. This thing rivals my regular pillows on my bed, and I'm really picky on pillows! I got the small for backpacking (at 7oz, it's worth it to me) but I may get a couple of the biggest ones for my bed, they're that nice!

We purchased 4 of these (size Medium) from our REI on Saturday afternoon for a quick trip to the woods Saturday night. We are a family of 4 and were tired of taking up precious cargo space with our pillows from home. Josh at the Colorado Springs REI was very helpful and knowledgeable, and steered us towards these. They were so packable we forgot where we had stuffed them, and they were very comfortable! My 4 and 7 year old said they liked how soft they felt against their faces, and my husband and I discussed that they were soft, yet had some stability, which we liked. Great pillows- much nicer than cheap toss-away pillows and better than bringing our nice pillows from home.

This pillow is super soft and it is pretty lightweight. I personally will sacrifice weight for comfort when sleeping (especially in a hammock). It doesn't slide around at all in a hammock and stays under my head.Of course this doesn't pack down to the size of a bic lighter, but it compresses enough to squeeze in between some small stuff in your pack. I did, however, make the mistake and just bought the large size. I do have a large head but a medium would have worked fine for me. So I'm thinking about buying a medium sized to save some weight. This is worth a spot in your pack, your neck will thank you.

First off this pillow stinks like chemicals, even after you wash it. Second, it does not fluff much and it takes all day for it to expand. If you're lucky enough and the pillow expands in time for bed, you will have a terrible time trying to sleep with the chemical fumes and the nasty kink in your neck from the pillow flattening out with the weight of your head. This pillow is literally a piece of junk and waste of your money.

I've never had a camping pillow. For car camping I take my normal pillow, and for backpacking trips I just use a sweater or shirt. For a recent trip to Havasupai I decided to break down and get camping pillows for my wife and I. I bought the Medium version for me, and the Large for my wife. I was shocked how supportive both pillows were. Once I unpacked and fluffed it a little, it was very soft and supportive, almost as good as my expensive pillow at home. After 4 nights of consecutive use, I'm thoroughly impressed.

Order came quickly, great service.

I bought a medium one last year for a 10 day Southeast Asia trip and it was great for use on the plane and while hostelling. I also used it again for that same trip this summer as well as on various camping trips. It still looks great and has a lot of loft. I liked it so much, I bought a large one, mainly for my husband to use but I've found that it's the only pillow that doesn't make my neck hurt in the morning so it's now my everyday pillow. I might even get the XL sized one for use every night as it will probably fit in the standard pillow cases I have a little better than the large one!

This Therma Rest compressible pillow (size small) fit right in the hood of my mummy bag. It did not flatten down and gave just the right amount of support. Nor did I get head sweat. I am picky about my pillows and this is the best pillow for camping IMO. Surprising how small it rolls up into the sewn in pocket. Good things do come in small packages.

Have been looking for the perfect pillow for some time and this is not it. The main problem with the product is that it does not stay firm as you use it. It expands nicely out of the sack but, when you rest your head, it compresses to the point of being next to useless. In fact, if you put your head sideways, you can hear the foam crinkle inside as it decompresses. What the product needs is some sort of air bladder to prevent decompression which, alas, it does not have.

Yes, you could roll up a fleece jacket and use it as a pillow, and in the winter that's what I might do. But since it is a 100 degrees outside right now, fleece seems a little silly doesn't it? Granted, the pillow is a little bulky, but I always seem to find a spot for it in my pack. There is a good 8 month period here in Texas where I can get by with just a sleeping bag liner, which leaves more than enough room in my pack for this pillow. It is a little luxury that has helped me get some decent sleep after many a hard day (well, as decent a night's sleep as is possible in the woods).

Comfortable pillow, that packs down fairly small. The durability of the pillow however is the only reason for the bad review. Used maybe 3 times before the interior foam tore and had a noticeable gap right down the middle even though the exterior fabric remained intact. The pillow was barely used before it fell apart.

I had a pair of the Therma-Rest camping pillows (medium, I think) for over 10 years and they went on many many trips. They were awesome, as long as I roughed (fluffed) them up when setting up camp. They got lost in a move so I needed to buy a new pair (that purchase was one medium and one large) . I immediately grabbed the large, my girlfriend loves the medium.

I bought this pillow as a Christmas/birthday/graduation gift for a friend and was pretty disappointed when it showed up. I had a nice pillow from my youth but I just couldn't remember the brand. I took a chance on Therm-a-rest and this pillow just didn't cut it! The fill was strips of foam, good for rolling it up and packing (though it still doesn't get that compact), but then again anything without mass will have a low density, know what I mean? Look at other brands if you want a real pillow that will still pack into a small package, because they do exist.

I bought two of these pillows for my son and I for our car camping adventures. It was easy to store with our camping stuff, easy to pull out and fluff up, served its purpose well. When it was super hot one day we were camping, I pulled my pad outside and the pillow was a wonderful addition for my nap! Kiddo loved his too. We have subsequently used it for airplane travel and that also went well. Lastly, I liked it enough that I picked one up and sent it to a friend who is currently deployed -- it is lightweight and useful enough that it seemed worth the effort to send her way.

After continually trying this pillow in different circumstances, I must concede that it is 100% wasted space in my pack. It's bulky, and even when you unroll it and leave it to inflate all day long as Therm-a-Rest recommends, it's flatter than a forgotten clif bar left in the bottom of your pack after a week long trip. :( Don't waste your money.

Second one I have purchased. First one disappeared on me somewhere between the Everglades and Raleigh. Picked up my second one before a week in the boundary waters after a miserable rafting trip in Utah with stuffed clothes. This pillow is my luxury item that makes its way on backpacking trips where other luxuries stay home (chair, booze).

We bought the large size pillow to take along on trips, found it fairly comfortable, but feel there is room for improvement. Even after washing and "fluffing" it feels somewhat lumpy. Am going to try repeating the process and see if it smooths out. It is very easy to pack, and nice and lightweight when space and weight an issue.

I have nothing but good things to say about this pillow. I bought this for a lightweight solution to use while backpacking overnight.

I just bought the medium size of this pillow and took it out for a 15-day trek on the Appalachian Trail. It was well worth the cost and the few ounces of weight and the space it took it my backpack. It compresses well and fluffs up quickly when you shake it out. This pillow definitely helped rest well each night on the trail!

I purchased the small for comfy support when hammock camping. In this application, it is absolutely PERFECT. I appreciate the two sided warmer and cooler fabric options. After countless uses, it rebounds to shape nicely. I also like that I don't have the worries that come with an inflatable pillow.

What is WRONG with you people who love this pillow?

I always had trouble with camping pillows -- they were either too soft or slippery or not big enough. This one compresses small but gets big quickly after you unstuff it. I've been able to get to sleep and stay asleep.

I needed to replace my old pillow and comfort and convenience were important considerations. I sleep on a variety of surfaces, from the ground to wooden platforms. The pillow is great for all around support and warmth for my head and neck. Get the large size for best comfort!

Stomach sleepers, stay away! Do not purchase the Therm-a-Rest Compressable Pillow: it's far too high and stiff, and will destroy your neck.

I bought the medium and couldn't be happier. I use this mostly for car camping and long range hunting trips where packing space is sparse after dogs, tents, cooking supplies, coolers, and other gear are thrown in the vehicle. This is the first camp pillow I have ever bought that I have been impressed with. It packs up small but really fluffs up when you open it. The closest thing to a real pillow I've found. That being said, it's not a great backpacking option for extended trips because it will take up a lot of pack space. Other than that you can't go wrong.

We used the pillows on a recent float trip when we camped overnight on a gravel bar. The loose foam stuffing does plump up a bit after being released from its compression sack but does not come close to being supportive for your head. I resorted to using backpacking technique and rolled up a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to put under the pillow. I am a fan of Therm-a-Rest products but do not feel this pillow was worth the cost.

I recently received this product as a gift and I was severely disappointed!! Will be returning! The pillow case is nice but feels like shredded newspaper inside! Would not recommend!!

If there's one thing I want on a backpacking trip, it's a good night's rest after a long day on my feet. So, I will take some extra bulk to make sure I sleep well. And, this pillow did not disappoint. I can sleep on my side, on my back, or on my stomach, all are comfortable with this pillow. And, when I wash/dry it, it puffs up nicely and still rolls back into itself as it does when it's not just washed/dried. I like it.

Wonderfully comfortable. I got a medium for car camping but found it a bit large for backpacking. It's so comfortable though I've been sleeping with it ever since I got it. Unfortunately I have had to exchange it one time in the short period I have had the pillow because of a small rip in the fabric that I assume is from sticking it in the washing machine with other clothing. Rei was great though and returned it and then re ordered the color I wanted easy and quick. Seriously great pillow. Would recommend for anyone looking for something for travel.

Great packable pillow. Works far better than any other camping pillow I've tried before. The filling recovers form being packed way better than others I've used.

I never like to skimp on a good nights sleep in the backcountry. I never could sleep comfortably on air pillows or my rolled up jacket so decided to give this pillow a try. It is lightweight and compresses just small enough to stuff into my backpack, definitely worth the few extra ounces! Takes just a few minutes to fully puff up after un stuffing. As close to a regular pillow as you can get in the backcountry. :)

My wife and I both got one of these pillows last year before a big camping roadtrip. Slept on it for 2 weeks straight and couldn't think of any cons to this pillow. Was great for sleeping in the car, was even better while camping. We bought the medium sized pillows and they're a perfect size. They will also pack down reasonably small. We love them so much that we use them for lounging around the house.

I bought this to replace the blow up pillow for back packing. This pillow made a huge difference for me. I bought the large as its the closest thing to a real pillow. It's fairly soft, quite (compared to the blow ups) yet firm. I sleep both on my side and back.

I spend a lot of time sleeping in a tent as a Geologist. When home I used a fancy foam pillow but it gets hard at night when camping because of the low temperatures in many of my field sites. I have gotten fairly spoiled when it comes to pillows... I tried normal pillows (too flat) inflatable pillows (too squeaky) and finally found the Therm-a-Rest compressable pillow (just right).

This is slow to expand once unpacked. I think it took a couple hours. It is lumpy inside. It feels like nickle size marbles inside but not quite as hard as a marble.Its better than no pillow at all but not worth this price.I have the medium. I would suggest the large only because the medium isn't full enough once your head is laying on it. I am returning mine and will not be replacing it with any Thermorest but if you are adamant, get the large.

I love camping but my wife and kids don't so every little thing I can bring to make them more comfortable will make my day better so I tried these out. They are great pillows and a great size. After being compressed in the backpack for 6 hours though they took a good 25 min to expand to a comfortable size and loft other than that little issue these were a great value for the $

I bought this for backpacking and haven't actually used it on a backpacking trip yet. But, I have been "field testing" it along with my new sleeping pad in my house, lying on it while I watch TV. It's really comfortable, maybe more so than my everyday pillow. I took it on a road trip and slept soundly in the car with it. I also used it for a car camping trip and slept soundly then too. I can't say how the weight factors in for backpacking, but it is pretty comfortable, which is important to me, so all in all I'm very pleased with it.

Not the most compressible, nor the lightest, backpacking pillow — nor what it was meant to be. If you’re willing to allow a little extra room and weight in your pack, you’ll be rewarded with a very comfortable pillow and a great night’s rest. Much more satisfying than a stuff sack of the few spare clothes I had — especially since my sleeping bag got wet, requiring me to use my puffy (which would otherwise have been my pillow) to stay warm.

Used small pillow on 10 day river trip down the Current River. It was comfortable n much nicer than a stuff sack full of clothes. It fluffed up well but went pretty flat over night. It's a little difficult to compress n roll up for packing. A little too bulky. I would buy a medium if I could do over again n space wasn't an issue. Still better than anything else I've found.

This little pillow is the best. It's big enough to be comfy but small enough to pack easily. My favorite thing about it is that it fits right into the hood of my mummy bag. No more pillow slipping out from under my bag during the night!

Backpackers are known for keeping it light and minimal. I’ve learned that a pillow is my luxury item that I bring and I love that this pillow is so lightweight and isn’t inflatable, giving a better nights rest for my head. It’s also nice to be able to rearrange the foam inside to match my pillow needs that night. I have the small and find it packable enough into my bag. It’s be great if it compressed more, but not if I would lose more loft when I unroll it. At the end of the day, my head is comfortable and that’s what matters to me.

First time camping for multiple nights and bought this since I was also traveling via airpline to my location so needed something small. I know there are pillows that probably get smaller than this one. Packed down this one is about the size of a football.

The pillow is filled with compressible foam beads that do a good job mimicking the comfort of my pillow at home. Slept 5 nights at temps ranging from 20-45F. At temps above freezing I noticed the heat retention of the pillow a lot more, especially with the pillow inside the hood of a bag. It runs very warm which was uncomfortable some nights.

It starts out pretty compact. It unrolls and takes a few minuets to puff up but then is firm enough for support and comfortable. It does take some effort to recompress but it does. I would recommend it. It is more like a standard home pillow than the others I have tried. I slept good and it didn't try to run away from me all night.

Love this pillow so much! It is great for travel in a car, airplane, camping, or even as an actual pillow. It compresses really well, but does take a bit to return to its "pillow" shape. Like other reviewers, I ran it through the dryer before first use and it got nice and fluffy! I would recommend this over any inflatable pillow!

I am not a pillow "snob" but I do like a good pillow as it affects the quality of my sleep. These pillows offer compactness and yet delivers on comfort. The "fluff" time is reasonable, and while it takes my wife a wee bit of finagling to compress and roll it back into the self-contained pack, it's not very difficult at all.

Initially bought a small pillow but as the weight difference is minimal I traded for a medium size and was glad I did. I just love this pillow for camping and its useful in the car too. Its very comfortable.

I've had a bumy camping pillow for 11 years that just didn't have enough bulk. This bad boy compresses quite well and over about 10 minutes, the large turns into a great squishy pillow that makes for a comfortable nights sleep.

I've been sleeping on a Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad for a while. Since we car camp I used to just bring my regular pillow with me but it didn't cut it on the pad, it was too thin and too big. I decided to buy this on a whim because it was one of the less expensive options and I've heard good things about pillows with shredded foam inside. This didn't disappoint, at all. I was impressed with how quickly and how much it lofted after I unrolled it from the pocket. No memory foam smell either. Though it does compress down a little while I sleep it still stays fluffy enough for me. Honestly, this pillow is great and I'm considering getting a larger one for my bed at home because it's super soft, machine washable, and I really like the malleability of the shredded foam.

My husband and I each have a large. The pillows take an hour or so to full decompress and fluff up. When you first unpack them they feel really lumpy, but once they've fully expanded, they're great. We put them in the washer on gentle and the dryer on regular with no problems. I highly recommend them to anyone.

When I received my pillows both were significantly compressed. After unrolling them they somewhat expanded over a several day period. Washing and tumble drying them on the bedding setting produced exceptional results. I would recommend doing this as well as storing them unrolled until you pack them for use.

Being a wildland firefighter, I generally spend more time sleeping in the dirt than I do in a bed. That being said, this is the most comfortable camp pillow I have ever used. As others have said, it is a little bulky even when it's rolled up. But I think the comfort is totally worth the sacrifice. Fluffs up nicely and fairly quick if you hand fluff it when you unroll it. Completely machine washable, and it gets super fluffy in the dryer. If you need a good pillow in the field, you can't go wrong with this.

I did not want a blow up pillow as that sounded like it would be a disaster. While this takes up more space in your pack, it is worth it for a comfortable nights sleep and no sore neck in the morning. It compresses down but fluffs up nicely once opened. Happy with this item!

I bought a Medium size 2 years ago for a Europe trip since I have neck trouble with a pillow that is too lofty as most hotel pillows. When I got the pillow, I followed directions by allowing it to loft, then machine wash, then dried on med heat. The pillow was a little too lofty for me, so I split it on a seam and took out about 1/4 of the stuffing, sewed it back together and it it PERFECT! I take it everywhere when I travel. When it’s rolled up I stuff it in my north face recon daypack water bottle pocket and cinch it with the upper side strap. It also makes for a soft armrest for car long car rides, a lap pillow for my IPad on a flight and the perfect pillow for sleeping! Usually anytime I do laundry on a trip, I throw it in with whatever I’m washing and it comes out perfect. I’ve purchased this as a gift for others with neck problems and they LOVE it too. I won’t settle for a substitute! By the way, it still looks brand new after all the thousands of travel miles. It is the one thing I make sure to not leave behind.

I posted a review a few days ago with a low rating and it was wrong ~ so Im back to repost. When I first got this pillow it felt like it was filled with hard foam and totally uncomfortable. My huband and I thought you were all nutty for giving it rave reviews. But we reviewed too soon.

Got tired of using thin inflatable and then adding clothing to give a little more bulk. After reading about this product I thought "that's it," what a mistake that was. It is nothing but a bunch of pieces of "something" inside a cover. Stick with the other lumpy things like your clothing; at least it has another purpose.

I have yet to find a comfortable camping pillow and this was also a poor choice. They definitely just chopped up old recycled foam and threw it in the pillow. I actually just slept on a rolled up hoodie instead. Spend your money on something better!

Who it’s for: This is a good pillow for those on the go with a little extra room that can accommodate a travel pillow. It does well for camping, but can also be used on an airplane or in the car.

I bought this for a camping trip. I use a tempur-pedic type pillow at home and really appreciated that this pillow didn't go flat. It is the perfect size and folds up into it's own pouch for easy carry. It would also make a great travel pillow.

I decided to try this after having several uncomfortable nights sleeping on fleece jacket and socks in a stuff sack. My only two comfort items I take with me are this and my Therma-Rest seat pad. The pillow and seat pad team up for a comfy combination at night. Some have complained about the pillow compressing through the night, but since I've combined this with my seat pad I can't speak to that issue. If you're like me and can't sleep well without a pillow this might do the trick, it did for me.

I just used this for the first time and it made this city girl much more comfortable in the woods. It was easy to use and pack, however, it does take some time to fully expand after being packed down. I fluffed it quite a few times in the middle of the night. We set up camp by noon and I left it out for 8-9 hours for it to expand before we went to be but it still wasn't fully expanded. The next morning it was much better. Would be great for multiple day trips where there is only one base camp.

This pillow is a MUST if you are going camping/backpacking. The design makes the pillow compact, so it doesn't take up too much space. It still is larger than an air pillow, but the size difference is worth it for the comfort. When you unroll the pillow from the pack, it's incredibly comfortable and even rivals my pillow at home. Some of the insert does clump up a bit, but I wasn't bothered by this as you don't really notice once you lay your head down. Would highly recommend purchasing!

I was skeptical at first because it was so lumpy, but after 4 days of camping I was convinced I needed one for at home too! Just enough pillow and holds it's shape. Super compact; great for travel anywhere.

I bought this pillow to use during my Peace Corps service. After 820 nights of use (not including siestas) the pillow was still in good enough condition to bring back with me to the states.

When I first got this pillow (6 months ago), it took a machine wash and dry before it got really nice and fluffy. Still, even when I pack it up really small and unpack it, it looses some of the loft it got from the wash and dry. Yet, it is still ULTRA comfortable, way better than stuffing clothes. In fact, it is about as awesome as any other regular pillow, and I fall asleep pretty instantly on plane flights with it too.

I take this camping, whether in my backpack or my saddle bags. It doesn't take up much room, weighs nothing, and is extremely comfortable.

Such a great pillow! Compacts down real nice but expands so fully and comfortably you're amazed it was ever that small.

When you lay on it, it just compresses and provides zero support whatsoever. It’s like there is nothing even there.

Great pillow. Would recommend washing and drying it before you use it if you want more volume.

This product seems like a great idea, after all who doesn't like therm-a-rests? Well what I found is since it has no air-holding ability the pillow compresses under your head just like a therm-a-rest mattress would do if you left the valve open. So what starts out as a wonderful feeling pillow ends up flat after a couple of hours. It's not so bad if you don't have to roll it up each day but still not so good.

So nice I bought it twice ! Really the closest thing to my home pillow.

This is a great pillow! It is very comfortable and works really well! I live in the Andes Mountains and I travel quite a bit. I carry this with me whether I'm staying in a tent or in a hostel and it has yet to let me down! My only complaint is that it is still a little bulky when compressed. This isn't a major issue, but it is hard to justify taking it with me when I'm trying to pack extra light. (Comfort rules over the bulk for me most of the time though!)

I looked to see if this had a valve like other Thermarest products. But not -- it's "stuffed" with their foam, which I was concerned might not loft enough. So I tested it -- and like it enough to cut off the tags! It rolls down as promised and stuffs into an attached flap. I might not want to devote this much space when backpacking, but it will certainly go with me bikepacking and car camping. Like that it recycles manufacturing foam. Quality looks good.

So when I came across this at EMS I thought it woas going to be the best thing Ive purchased for sleeping in months. I bought it, brought it home, washed it (recommend you do this to give it more loft) and began llaying in bed using it thinking it was going to be the best thing on the trail.

This little pillow is awesome! I bought the medium-sized pillow in red for a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip through Yosemite. It was so comfortable and fluffed up so nice that my boyfriend tried to steal it every night. Needless to say, he'll be getting his own in blue.

[...] a good sleeping bag, a good sleeping pad, a good sleeping liner, a good pillow.After deciding on a bag, pad, and liner, I looked into Therm-A-Rest pillows based on their reviews and the fact that they are made in the U.S.A.I've always hated big fluffy pillows, so I decided on the Regular instead of the large size. My order was filled promptly, and the pillow was delivered in a compact state that was very small, but it fluffed up nicely after unfolding it - it was comfortable, but not quite what I expected.IT PAYS TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND OTHER REVIEWS:After washing the pillow (gentle cycle) and running it through the Tumble dry cycle, it fluffed up to just the right size, thickness and hardness. Even after sleeping on it several times, it keeps its shape. When I force it down into the stuffed position to fit into my backpack, it fluffs up somewhat, but I still have to go through the wash/dry cycle from time to time. When I use the pillow in a car or even in the bike trailer, it can go a long time without losing any of its fluffiness.The price is reasonable, the quality is high, the product seems very durable, and with a little washing/drying/fluffing you can sort of mold it to your ideal shape.Plus, for what its worth, this product is made in the U.S.A.

This compact pillow has won me and my family over. We purchased them for a week long camping trip and now use them for road trips, camping, flights and around the house. It easily compacts and rolls into itself, is soft and cozy on both sides and is the perfect medium support. The insides are made from extra "foam" from the thermarest self inflate mats and although i was nervous they'd be chunky, the pillows fluffs great and you can't even tell.

I love this pillow. I had previously bought an inflatable pillow and was not happy with it at all. This pillow is soft and supportive. I went with the Medium which I think is the perfect size and balance between packing ease and sleeping comfort. While it is small in size when rolled up, it is a bit on the bulky side so while you should be able to find a spot in your backpack for it, it might not fit in some of the smaller nooks in your pack.

I needed a pillow big time. I really enjoy camping but I hate having to haul huge pillows around because they're big, cumbersome, and can get icky because they can't go in a pack. I've tried using my fleece and my pack as a pillow, but that always left me with a poor nights sleep and big pains in my back. I finally came across this pillow and thought I'd give it a try. I got a size small and I LOVE IT. I use it for camping, sleeping on long car rides, and I actually use it when I sleep at night (that is, if my husband hasn't stolen it). It does roll up in a convenient bundle, although I'm not sure that it would be small enough for backpacking. I don't keep it rolled up between uses - I think that would ruin the fill.

I'm writing this after a 20 mile two night camping trip, with a ThermaCare heat wrap stuck to my neck and shoulder, wincing in pain from the slightest movement. Maybe Therm-a-Rest and ThermaCare are in cahoots with each other. I was excited to get a pillow that got great reviews and I could use for both airline and car travel as well as camping, but….this is the second camping trip I've used this pillow on and both times I've suffered neck pain, waking up in the middle of the night to fold the pillow in half, hoping for more support. It does expand with a bit of time and fluffing, and it is excellent on airplanes and in the car. On hard, uneven ground, though, it just doesn't provide the support I need. It is difficult to compress and takes up a little too much room in my pack as well. That said, I do love that they use leftover bits of memory foam and it's made in the USA, and I'll be keeping it. So for air/car travel it's great, but for camping I'll have to find something else.

Great pillow. Takes up very little space. If you like a soft pillow, store it rolled up. If you like a firm pillow, fold it in half, stuffing the top under the storage flap. Need it to be more fluffy? Soak it and throw it in the dryer. The medium size is perfect to fit in the hood of a sleeping bag, but big enough that your head won't roll off it. What a huge difference in comfort, especially when paired up with a thermarest pad!

I used the pillow in my Mummy bag and it stayed in place all night.I toss and turn and the pillow did not fall out of the hood of the bag once.I have the medium size. I gave it 4 stars only because 5 stars means perfect and doesnt get any better.Perfect would be my queen size down pillow but unfortunately it would fill my backpack so this pillow is the next best thing.It packs small and expands fairly quickly.Buy one,you'll like it

For years, my camping "pillow" was simply folding up some clothes and making do, which is better than nothing, but hardly comfortable. I do mostly car camping these days, and have come to appreciate just how much more pleasant having a pillow can make sleeping. Of course, this takes up a good amount of space. I've started doing camping trips on my motorcycle, which means packing space comes at a premium. This thing packs down to be slightly larger than a Nalgene bottle, and when unpacked, fits perfectly within a mummy bag.

I bought this for an overseas mission trip but when it came, it looked too bulky for my backpack/luggage. I gave it to my son instead for camping and he loves it. It mushes down a lot and is a comfortable sleeping pillow. Fluffs back up nicely. Good for the price, I thought.

I bought this before a deployment to Afghanistan. I have deployed many times before and the pillows always suck. This was phenomenal. At times it would get thin on me due to almost no humidity but once it was washed and dried it was super poofy.

This is the perfect camping pillow. never again will I sleep on a smelly t-shirt shoved into anything! The filling is interesting. This pillow gives medium spport when unstuffed. If you need a firm pillow you will not like it. It rolls up very tightly and easily and takes up very little room in my pack or my trunk depending on how I'm camping. My wife and kids love theirs too. They use them on road trips as well.

After forgetting our pillows again, we finally decided we needed camp pillows that we wouldn't forget. After trying a couple out, including a down camp pillow, I can say these are the only ones comfortable enough to sleep on! Bulky? Yes. But what is the point in bringing any pillow if it's not going to get you a good night's sleep. P.S. Get the Large if you're an adult and wait for the sale!

I bought this to use for a work assignment that required some RV and tent camping. Had vehicle access to the site so weight and size was not a huge consideration. Overall very comfortable, I tend to sleep on my side and stomach and this worked well for that. While it does compress down some for storage it is kind of an odd shape. Seems durable this far, the fabric is nice and soft and felt cool which I enjoyed.

This pillow is great. Nothing to inflate, deflate, or break down! It takes a few minutes for the filling to fluff up, so if you try it in the store, don't judge the product by how it appears as soon as it unrolls. I found that the smaller one tends to be more firm. It seems a little bulky when you first roll it but it "squishes" down. I've taken it camping, backpacking, and on planes and I love it!!

I bought the "Large" size and am not dissatisfied, but with great compressibility comes an annoying drawback.

i bought this for a 4 day backpacking trip in arkansas. i was a little skeptical about it being able to hold up if you can pack it down so easily but it did. it does lose a little shape after laying on it a while but that should be expected.

I'm glad I had this as I hate stuffed clothing (even jackets) for a pillow. Overall I liked this pillow. It folds up pretty well - though don't even think about a L size if space is an issue for you. But it didn't get poofy enough for me on my first time out with it. I'll take others advice and wash/dry it and hopefully that will help. But it was the nicest pillow I've had while hiking/camping yet.

Wow, I love this pillow. I've tried a few of the top rated blow-up backpacking pillows, and they just don't hold a candle to this thing. No, it's not 3oz like my others, but it's well worth the additional weight in comfort. Basically feels like a real pillow. Doesn't slip around either. I use it for backpacking the vast majority of the time, but also it's great for planes, trains, and automobiles.

Honestly, I took a nap on it after I first unpacked and let it fluff. After being in compressed state it takes a minute or two for the foam bits to re-expand but it’s nice once it does. Way better than my old air pillow. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is my pal picked one up as well and his seemed slightly less filled than mine, which would result in a softer pillow. I like mine.

This is a great product. It has great loft, packs easily, is compact and light, it's washable, and it provides as much or more support than my regular pillow. I have had this product for over 2 years and am very happy with this product. Has great durability and is a product that I can rely on. I would most certainly buy this product over and over as gifts to my friends and family.

I rec'd this pillow as a gift, and was VERY excited about it - until I used it. I sleep on my side, and this pillow isn't thick or firm enough to hold my head in a comfortable position. Good concept, and it might work better for back sleepers. My search continues...

This is a great pillow and the 3 available sizes make it very versatile for all types of occasions. I initially bought the XL and used it for backpacking several times but it is quite large and bulky for my taste. I decided to keep it for car camping activities rather than return it.

When I was young I used to think it was silly to haul a pillow when a wad of clothing was "just as good." Well, once my mid 30's hit, my neck stopped agreeing with that concept. I gave one of these pillows a try based on my great experience with Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfy this pillow is. Now I don't camp without it.

I got this on a whim, I figured I'd see if it was actually worth toting a dedicated pillow on a backpacking trip. This is really comfy, and serves as a much better pillow than my usual collection of clothing. It is kinda bulky - takes up a lot of room if you are space hungry, but if you can strap it to the side and don't mind the weight it's nice to have.

screw all those other reviews saying ahh it too heavy, its too bulky. This is by far the best and most comfy pillow out there. In my opinion my pillow and pad and versatile when backpacking. I would never buy a down pillow (too flat/non supportive) or an air pillow (like sleeping on hard air) . I bought the small and it fits perfect in my mummy bag.

My husband and I both used this pillow for the first time this weekend car camping! We both loved the size and support the pillow offers and will not go camping with out it! I'm a back sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper and the pillow adapts well to both of our sleeping styles. It also fits perfectly in the little hood of our mummy sleeping bags.

We bought this pillow in size small for our son's first major hiking and backpacking trip. He said it is comfortable. We originally bought an inflatable pillow (twice as expensive) and ended up returning for this one. The only downfall is that it is not the easiest to roll-back up, which is why I'm lowering the rating to good vs. excellent.

Took the pillow out on its maiden voyage on a week long trip. I use this in my hammock (small size) and it is unbelievably comfortable. Also packs down real small and is pretty light. It fluffs up nicely and the casing material is super soft on one side. Definitely worth its small weight and space for the massive comfort and sleep benefits.

I bought the medium size for a 5 day canoeing trip. It fit easily in the top of my pack and smooshes down to next to nothing. But once you open this pillow it continues to fluff out very large. And it's so comfortable!! I slept very well on it for multiple days. During the trip I joked that I would sleep on this pillow at home. Great buy!

Compresses to about the size of a one liter water bottle, which makes it great for packing and traveling. I thought it was comfortable; the fact that the inside is made up of packing-peanut sized chunks of foam didn't bother me at all. Perfect for sleeping on planes, especially if you hate those horseshoe-shaped travel pillows like I do.

I bought this pillow for weekend backpacking trips and long road trips. I was really impressed with the amount of loft the foam had for how compact it rolls. The Small pillow fits perfectly in the head of my MT Hardwear mummy bag and helped keep me warm and comfortable. Great product and and great price. Would buy it again and again.

I bought the large pillow for camping, but I've since used it for 12+ hrs on the plane. For the latter, it was fine and nice to have, but smaller might've been better. Fits into my regular-sized backpack, my duffle easily. Washes simply—no outrageous care instructions. However, I've noticed it can get a bit lint-y so wash separately.

After purchasing a very expensive air pillow simply because of its weight and compatibility and for my ego for always wanting the most expensive item available, it just did not work for me. I'm a side sleeper and my pillow goes above my shoulder and under my head with my arm straight out. The air pillow was hard no matter how much air you let out of it air is air and it does not have any cushion to it. They all say they have a soft fluffy cover around the air bag but you've still got a bladder inside no matter what. If you're a back sleeper or in a casket this type of pillow might work well. But this Thermarest pillow is very comfortable. I went with a medium only because the small seemed a little firm for me but that's personal preference I guess. Could have just been the one I tested. It might be a little bulky for a thru-hike of the AT but for a middle aged weekend Backpacker like me I don't think you can beat it and the price is definitely right.

I got this as a gift and will never give it up. I had used my extra clothing as a pillow until that ultra cold trip where I wore all my clothing to bed. This pillow is well worth the space it takes up in my backpack. It is my essential luxury item I always take along. It is also perfect for catnaps in the car on long trips.

This was a little bulkier than the blow-up options, but it was well worth it. It was the most comfy pillow ever! Absolutely loved it! My husband and I each have one and he loves it as much as I do. One bit of info, once you unroll it, it will take a bit to puff up, but once it does, it is surprising that it packs so tight.

Tried it once at home before camping. It is compact then you fluff it up to use. Lay your head on it and it compresses to half an inch. Returned it for an inflatable pillow.

This pillow is extremely comfortable! I am against the fake blow-up ones because of their lack of comfort and durability. The only problem with this pillow is STATIC! I toss and turn when I sleep, which makes tons of static on this pillow. Its not a huge problem, just is annoying having your hair stick up. Great product.

I have always struggled with comfort and packing light- and this product is the best of both worlds. The pillow is light and compressible, but once it is laid out for a bit it expands to a comfortable head rest. My pillow has been through a lot of wear and tear and still functions as it did the first time I took it out.

I was all excited about this pillow after reading the reviews but I didnt like it at all. It has these firm foam pellets that hurt - very uncomfortable. My husband didnt like his either. On a good note, it seems very well made - so if you can deal with it, it will probably last well. That's why I gave it 2 instead of 1.

It is what you would expect from a compression pillow. It takes up a bit of space in the pack, but I'm definitely more comfort than minimalist. It takes a bit to fluff up too. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants a pillow, but if you don't qualify it as a big need for you, then forgo it for extra pack space.

I purchased this pillow before heading out for and AT section hike. Having it made all the difference in the world for a good nights sleep. It is relatively lightweight and packs down nicely. The stuffing is incredibly comfortable. I couldn't imagine camping without it now. It was also great for the car ride home.

I used this for on a retreat and found that I slept well. The pillow was easy to pack, the stuffing fluffed up in a few hours after unpacking and was easy to clean when I arrived home. The stuffing is different than any other pillow I have used. It took a little getting used to, but still comfy. It is worth a try.

I bought 2 large pillows and 3 medium ones for my family this season. I find the medium ones more comfortable. For the most part they stuff nicely, and they don't take up a lot of space. They need a short while to unstuff. These pillows have helped all of us sleep better while camping. I am glad I bought them.

To me, this pillow is no better than a rolled up fleece jacket. And it doesn't compress that small--about the same size as my normal latex foam pillow at home, so I don't see a role for this product at all.

If you've never had one, you don't realize how much it effects backcountry sleeping. Mothing like a compressable pillow after a marathon hike. Absolutely worth a little extra space in my pack. The absolutly hardcore hikers will laugh at me but, hiking should be enjoyable and relaxing and this certainly helps.

I wanted to switch travel pillows for music camp coming up, not camping. I guess I was so used to my contour cervical pillow that I felt no support with this soft, fluffy pillow (I have another Therm-a-Rest). Would've taken up less space in my luggage, though. I'll keep looking at other Therm-a-Rest pillows.

Love how I can control its shape and loft the way I like it. Also the textile surface is comfortable. I actually use this pillow at home, it's better than my regular pillows. Only problem is the seam on one side, and the pull toggle for packing it tends to dig into my face on occasion. Other than that, perfect!

I am extremely happy with this pillow. After a quick washing the loft of this pillow increased tremendously! It gives me the right amount of support whether I'm hanging in my hammock, or if I am ground bound in a tent.

Been using this pillow for a few weeks as a travel pillow on plane trips and car camping. Compacts into a pretty manageable size and fluffs up well when unraveled (usually stuff it into a standard backpack). I found it to be pretty comfortable. I did buy a medium and as a side-sleeper it worked fine for me.

I just purchased four of these pillows -- for my husband, our two daughters, and myself. We have only used them on one campout so far, but we loved them! Not a complaint from anybody, not even the 5-year-old, who usually has a complaint about almost everything, so these pillows must really be magic!

Just used this for 2 days and was the most comfortable I've ever been. Nice that it doesn't inflate (so can't pop). Packs much smaller than it looks like it will. When you open it, give it a minute to fluff up. I got a small because, being packed tighter, it seemed a little firmer, which I like.

I got one in 2008 and stopped using it last year cause it finally ripped. I do not use it only for traveling, it's my everyday pillow. I've bought several because I end up giving them away so people tries them. This last one was for my boy and he fell in love with it. He uses it as a teddy bear!

when i first opened this, i did not like it because the piller did not expand. When i took it backpaking, we set up in the afternoon, and were outside all evening. when i climed into bed, i noticed that it just took a few hours to expand. i thought it was a lot better then sleeping on my clothes.

I used to roll up a jacket for a pillow. No longer - this pillow rocks! Very comfortable - makes a big difference for me sleeping. It takes up a fair amount of space in my pack even when compressed - but I found that I can jam it into the stuff sack with my sleeping bag and I get that space back!

This pillow was just small enough to fit into the same stuff sack as my Marmot sleeping bag.

To address some of the concerns that maybe haven't been touched on - my concern with a compressible pillow was whether or not it would stay "poofy" enough to make it worth bringing a pillow along. I had always stuffed clothes into the sleeping bag sack. Granted it's not going to be your posturepedic at-home monster of a pillow...but it does very well. When you first bring one home, don't fret. Just take it out, fluff it a few times, and you'll see it stays nice and poofy. To get it even more so, run it through the wash and drier. That's when it really shines. I just got back from a weekend camping trip and it was one of those luxuries that is really worth the extra oz's and space in the pack.

This was perfect for what I wanted. Fluffs up nicely. However, give it an hour or two to reach it full potential. This is not a minimalist pillow, but not over kill either. I got the medium and it fits snug in my sleeping bag. A large would be to big for backpacking.

No more wadding up clothes under my sleeping bag to use as a pillow! I love this comfy thing not only for camping, but for taking on flights in my carry-on bag. It doesn't compress extremely well, but good enough to warrant packing it for a camping trip if you have space for a comfort item.

This is the only pillow I've used since I purchased it 5 months ago, whether traveling or at home. I can fluff it in a couple of seconds anytime I need to, which is seldom. It washes and dries easily. I purchased the XL because I no longer backpack, but it still easily fits in my suitcase.

I bought the size 'L' for backpacking because I wanted a more home-like pillow. Slightly bulky, but not too heavy. It condenses easily around other pack items. I have washed in the machine 1 time & it has returned to the original shape. I think this will work well for weekend trips.

went on our annual trim camping on an island in Lake George, NY. saw this but wasn't going to purchase...i have a pillow. but after thinking about space restrictions i decided to get it. glad i did! packs well and regains loft as soon as it's unrolled. great addition to my gear!!!

These pillows are very easy to pack and a great way to enjoy some added comfort in your tent or bivy sack. The weight is hardly enough to worry about, and it beats using a stuff sack full of stinky clothes!

This thing is amazing. I'm glad I purchased it. My wife loves hers too.

I bought this for a 2 week camping trip in Mexico knowing sleeping pads/pillows were not available. This pack pillow is so comfortable and the perfect size - it's big enough while sleeping but also small enough to fit in my small day bag. Perfect for any and all situations.

Whoever thought of this needs to win a Nobel Prize. How can you say no to a very comfortable pillow that packs down to about the same size as a tee-shirt. I'll never sleep on my rolled up dirty clothes again. Adds almost no weight to your pack - well worth the comfort.

Best purchase I made, replaced my lost camp pillow. This thing was the bomb and made for a much better and needed nights rest after a day on the trail. Bought the larger size and the extra weight is well worth the comfort. I would not want to go back to my old pillow.

These are really nice Pillows, I was given the Large as a gift, I bought the XL for car camping, I try to stuff the XL in my Backpack for hiking, but I usually take my Regular/Large. But these are worth every penny. Light weight & keep your head warm in the cold.

This is my second pillow from Therm-a-Rest. I use a large for camping but bought a small for backpacking. It works great! Just like the large version, you need to leave it out a bit to let the foam expand before using. Packs small and light. And it's affordable.

This pillow is exactly what I've been looking for! Very comfortable to sleep on, and compresses easily, although I wish it was a little bit more compressible. I like that it you don't have to blow it up, so it feels like a real pillow & the fabric is very soft.

I bought this for my wife as a way to get her more excited about doing bigger backpacking trips. While it is too big for me to want to lug around, she really likes it. I will admit that it is comfortable, but it does take up much needed space in your pack.

We just spent 10 days car camping in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. This Thermarest pillow is by far my favorite camping pillow. I used the XL version and slept great every night. I wish it packed down more but I really liked the uncompressed size and comfort.

Comfort level is unbeatable - there's a reason I use the same pillow type (shredded memory foam) at home. It compresses pretty well, decently enough for use in kayak camping. I was the envy of the other campers for it; it provides superior sleep quality.

Bought this for an overnight to be sure I had a decent pillow where there was none. Really like this product which is reasonably compact. Had been searching for such a product in the wrong places and cannot believe that I did not think of REI sooner!

Great pillow, expands nicely and then folds back easily. The medium is the perfect size for children while car camping or for adults doing air travel. My husband wants the large for car camping. Note - even the medium is too bulky for backpacking.

This is an excellent pillow! Light weight, rolls up pretty small considering size when fully expanded. No blow up hassle and deflated needed. Just unroll and enjoy. I’ve tried a half a dozen camp pillows trying to find the right one, this one is it.

I have had my pillow for over a decade. Its been everywhere with me. I keep it open when not in use and compress before travel/camping. Having a piece of equipment that lasts 10 years + is amazing, This is my luxury item that is always in my pack!

My job requires a lot of camping in all weather so I have invested in a lot of high-quality, high-performance gear but had been unable to find a pillow that didn't leave me with a crick in my neck every morning (most compressable pillows don't provide enough support) and didn't make weird noises all night (like the two inflatable pillows that I have tried that squeek and groan every time I move). At home I sleep on a foam pillow and have gotten a bit picky about my pillows however most foam pillows get very hard in cold weather. This one doesn't… It doesn't squeek, it doesn't go totally flat or slide out from under my head, and it doesn't get hard and it doesn't take up a ton of space. It's exactly what I needed for my field kit.

Let me start off by saying I have two of these pillows - 1 medium 1 large. I bought the medium after comparing reviews and needing a decent pillow for a 2 week trip camping out west last summer. It was fantastic - I washed/dried it before using it and stored it unrolled until it was time to pack (per Thermarest instructions). I never had any problems with it expanding. As long as you give it half an hour or so it gets nice and fluffy. I slept very well on it for two weeks.

I love this pillow, I used it flying to Hawaii, taking naps in the afternoon and can't wait use it backpacking this summer!!!! Super comfortable, kind of big but lightweight and you don't sacrifice comfort on the trail!!!!! a must buy forsure.

This pillow is great for camping and traveling! I got the small and it's perfect! It's super comfortable to sleep on and rolls up so you can store it away in your pack. Also great for long car rides if you sleep on most trips like me haha!

This pillow is really easy to take with you. I take it backpacking with me, and canoeing with me. It folds up to be pretty small, and its pretty comfortable to have at night. It's really made backpacking easier and more comfortable for me.

This pillow is very comfortable. I had no issue falling asleep on it. I just wish I had bought the larger pillow instead of the medium one. It packs real easy and can easily fit in a backpack. I had no issue compressing it after use.

I picked this up at the store for my most recent snow camping trip and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of this pillow! I love how it packs down and is light weight. It is super comfortable! This is a must have for any camper.

The pillow works as promised and puffs to a large pillow once opened up. My complaint may be more tied to my pillow preference, but it almost works too well. It gets very firm and I have a hard time getting a comfortable position.

Worked well for my trip! Has plenty of loft and was small enough to compact onto the top of my pack. My only issue was the material used is very hot. I brought a pillow case along and wrapped it in that to use. A perfect fix.

I will be using this on a Motorcycle backroads adventure (Trans American Trail). It doesn't pack down as far as an air pillow but is CONSIDERABLY more comfortable and I can afford the luxury that it is slightly more bulky.

This pillow is great. It is very comfortable, and is pretty compact when stored. My suggestion is to follow the directions on the tag. Wash and dry it before you take it out. This caused the loft to almost double in size.

I bought this for backpacking and use it every single night on my bed. My pillow is at least five years old and is like new. I have washed it two or three times. My spouse tried to steal it, so I just bought one for her.

Replaces another Thermarest pillow that I have. Both are still in excellent condition, I just needed another one. It squeezes down to fit into it's self pouch. It's cushy and light weight, and easy to take with you.

I bought this pillow for backpacking and I love it, so I bought a second one. A very comfortable choice as it allows you to have a more restful night sleep. It amazes me as to how small the pillow will compress to.

We got 2 of these as a gift in February (something we had specifically asked for) and I absolutely loved it. We washed them once in order for them to fill out when we first got them, without issue. I have used it a lot for field work, camping, and general traveling - it is so much better than a stuff sack of clothes! My partner was not a huge fan of the fact that once it got compressed, it fluffed up a little less each time. I didn't mind, I still thought it was comfortable and I don't like firm pillows at all. Besides a being a little dirty, they held up really great.

got the large size and after letting it expand it was uncomfortably high and the foam stuffed inside isn't the most compressible. this would probably be great for people who normally like to use 2 pillows.

I used this on my first time camping, and it was very comfy to sleep on. It was smaller than my normal pillow, so I had to adjust.

This is not what I would define as a comfortable pillow. It’s great for packing because it compresses up tight, but it’s super lumpy. I’m back to hunting for that ultimate travel pillow, unfortunately.

I bought my husband one for his first backpacking trip, and now he's spoiled... I've done the dirty clothes in a bag thing before, but I won't do it anymore! Definately worth the space, weight and $$.

What can I say, it’s a pillow. It fluffs out to a good comfortable size. Not terribly small when packed, but a whole lot smaller than my pillow at home. It’s good for car camping and scout camps.

I bought the large size and it is perfect. I was skeptical as I am a side sleeper and was pleasantly surprised at the comfort of this. Packs up nicely and is a great addition to my camping gear.

Bought this for car camping and non back pack travel, it’s like a real pillow. Just broke it in for camping and wasn’t too happy, the filling is very lumpy as it’s a bunch of small pieces

We purchased this as a travel pillow for our 3 year old, it rolled up conveniently for travel and puffed up nice and big for sleeping. The material is soft and comfortable to sleep on.

I took this pillow to a camping trip in Central Texas. It's a bit bulky to hike with, even rolled up and compressed, but really comfortable for sleeping on the ground after said hike.

Needed lightweight pillow for weekend hiking trips. This pillow is relatively compact and lightweight. It is a little lumpy but provides enought neck support to survive the weekend.

I really appreciate how it compacts so nicely, yet when shaken out it is a perfect size to keep my head supported at an ideal angle without taking the space of a traditional pillow.

Pros: This pillow is luxurious, easy to use, and easy to care for. Cons: It is a little bulky and seems to leave fluffy residue of my face/eyes after the first few uses.

A very comfy pillow for hammock time! It provides a lot of support for my oversized noggin. It did not collapse as much as I thought it would.takes up space in my backpack

I bought this to use on long trips based on reviews. It works great and is really comfortable. I use this one with my inflatable that I keep in my backpack for flights.

I love this pillow, especially at the price. It doesn't feel too much different from a normal pillow, compresses really small and keeps your head warm on chilly nights.

I recently used this pillow for an overnight campout. I'm a side sleeper and this pillow had enough loft to support my head. I had a great night of sleep as a result.

I wish I had purchased this sooner! I love the soft microfiber material. It's super light weight and easy to roll up. I love it for camping and sleeping in the car.

My husband and I usually just bunch up a sweatshirt or something to use as a pillow on river trips. This pillow was perfect, packs small but is really comfortable!

Tried this in the store and knew we had to get a couple. Used this weekend and slept beautifully. Can't comment yet on durability but they seem well constructed.

Not impressed, expected more from a Therm-a-rest product. Bottom line is that it is a nicely packaged wad of lumpy foam. Still looking for a great camp pillow.

This pillow is absolutely comfy, but it doesn't compress quite as much as I would like. I have a medium, and it's bigger than my sleeping pad (when rolled up)!

Most comfrotable of all the camp pillows IMO, Bought in size medium. Only caveat is the size. I have 75L bag that hardly ever gets filled, so, no issue.

Great little pillow for camping. I recommend "fluffing" it every time you unroll it, but it works great and is a welcome addition to my camp gear.

Great pillow! Packs well for multi-night kayaking adventure. Light, relatively small, then expands to a very comfortable, supportive pillow!

Great little pillow. Rolls up real small. Fits in my sleeping bag perfectly. Has the support needed for a camping trip. No complaints yet.

Took these camping this past week for the first time and like them. They're a bit thick but will compress down some when pushed on.

I have several pillows but this pillow is a best one for my backpacking. It is very soft and packing size is also very reasonable.

The only thing more impressive than the pillow's durability and packability is the video model's uncanny resemblance of Brad Pitt.

Nothing but good things to say. Plumps up nicely and stores small (enough), enjoyed the extra comfort when sleeping immensely.

Loved this pillow. If you have room for this commodity, buy it. It was great! Kept it's shape and provided great support.

Bought this pillow for my son, for his week at Scout camp. Absolutely great. Very comfortable. Easy to wash and dry.

This pillow rolls up to be very compact and light. Comfortable pillow that works well backpacking or truck camping.

Love how comfy it is, but I should have bought the smallest size.

Im a little picky, with neck its a bit crunchy for me...I need a solid piece od latex foam....Thanxx..

This thing is great. I'm taking it with me everywhere. On a plane, road trip, camping, backpacking, whatever.



how thick are the small and medium sized pillows?

The Compressible Pillow in both the small and medium will measure 4 inches in thickness.

Ryan Rhodes

Does this pillow come with a compression sack? Or does that need to be purchased seperate?

The Compressible Pillow does not come with a stuff sack. It can, however, be stuffed into itself to save space.


Is it okay to store the pillow fully compressed?

Because the pillow is made from a synthetic polyester, storing the pillow full compressed will not be a problem.


My pillow is a bit dirty. What are the cleaning suggestions? Handwash? Washing Machine? Dry Cleaners?

Therm-a-Rest recommends using a front loading washing machine using a mild, non-detergent powdered soap with cold water on a gentle cycle. If you do not have a front loading washing machine, hand washing is the way to go. We would recommend using Nikwax Tech Wash (REI item #724687). Tumble dry with low heat. Do not dry clean, iron or use bleach.


Lost instructions on how to store my small pillow. Have stenosis of the spine so used it as a back support on flight from Minneapolis to Florida. Thank goodness my son wanted to roam his favorite store.

You roll it up and tuck it under the flap. Then you can use the cinch cord to close it up.

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