Hammer Nutrition - Energy Gel - Single Serving

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I've been using this product, non caff, for two years now, and it gives me the energy I need to start a hike, and keeps me going when I need a boost. Flavors are excellent.

Does what it says taste good keeps you moving......

Tasted GREAT but I didn't notice much improvement in muscle fatigue and energy after using it. To be fair, I've only tried the Hammer gel once. However, given that it's more expensive than Clif and Powergel, and I've noticed more + effects with these others, I probably wouldn't buy this again.

I used these at the halfway point on the bike in a few olympic distance tris last year and they really give me a great sustained boost that lasted all the way through the run. For whatever reason, the Hammer Gels had a staying power that some other gels/chews that I've tried did not. Personally, I hate the taste of these things (hence the 4 stars), but performance wise they're the best I've used.

I enjoyed this hammer gel more than I have the Gu or Clif brands. Its thinner, which might mean it doesn't pack as serious of a punch, but it's much more palatable. I have used these during my 1/2 marathon training and they have been super helpful. I also appreciate that their sugar content is so much less than other brands but still gives me the boost I am looking for. The huckleberry is tasty!

The taste of this gel isn't that bad, however towards the end of the packet there was a large amount of sand like particles. I'm sure it part of the supplement but it was really off putting and made it hard to finish.

The best thing about Hammer Gel is that is easily mixes with other Hammer calorie replacement or electrolyte drink mixes. I mix chocolate gel with unflavored Perpetuem and Sustained Energy to give it a chocolate milk flavor. Orange, Vanilla, and raspberry also work well. While not scientific, if it mixes this easily with drinks, it must break down quickly on its own.

I have used Hammer products for a decade. Never failed me. Easily digestible and I can understand the content ingredients ...a really nice description of all the ingredients on their website. I have no reservations using any Hammer product. If you have any questions, they have excellent representative to respond via phone. actual athletes, not salespeople.

This helped me get through the last 2 miles of my long run, just when I wanted to quit. I don't like sugary sweet gels but this one tasted pretty good and it was just like doing a shot of espresso - except in gel form. I didn't think I'd find a gel that I liked, but I went back to REI and bought a bunch more, all in Espresso flavor.

I find these gels very helpful with combatting fatigue on runs lasting more than an hour. I normally have 1 about 10-15 minutes before I start running and then 1 about every 30-45 minutes afterward..... The key is to use it just as your beginning to feel fatigued. I've only tried the huckleberry and vanilla, which are great...

I bounced around a few other gels before I landed on Hammer. This stuff is fantastic. It's not too sugary, so it's easy on the stomach. I'm a huge fan of the espresso flavor. It's gotten me through a couple of Ironman races as well as a few marathons. Recently, it helped me to a 2:42 marathon with no issues.

A friend of mine who competes in triathlons recommended this product. I did a bit of research on the company and their products; they use really sound biological and sports fitness research in the creation of their various formulas. I use this product as well as their after- and during- sports drinks.

These gels are great in taste and provide a great energy boost. Took 6 of these packs on a century bike ride and kept me going nicely. If you're unsure of which flavors to try, I would recommend getting the sampler, which provides a flavor of each along with the powdered drinks.

I love Hammer gels but the Nocciola Hazelnut-chocolate is my go to gel now. I love the taste and it is not as sweet as the others I use (tropical and raspberry). I sometimes take this with their peanut butter gel or just go with a Justin's nutbutter for a mix.

As someone who gave up caffeine years ago, I was looking for jello that didn’t contain caffeine. This is one of the few that fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It actually tastes like real huckleberry, and not some form of toothpaste.

I've tried many brands and this stuff is great. A little thicker than some others, but sits well on the tummy and gives an almost immediate boost. Espresso gets me started and raspberry gets me through the long rides..

It's so easy to toss a few packets of gel in your pockets on the way to the hill. Eat one on the lift when you're feeling a little hungry and you won't have to stop at the lodge for overpriced junk food!

Always goes down easy! Never burns and doesnt taste like chemicals!! Now if only REI would start carrying the peanut butter flavor, they would have the ABSOLUTE 2 BEST FLAVORS!

Decided to try a gel that had fewer calories than GU. I tried 2 different flavors and I found them lacking in taste. Perhaps those 10 calories are the taste calories.

I use these when I run long distances like half marathons. One every hour seems to give me the energy boost I need to make it through the run. And Hammer is VEGAN.

I trust Hammer Gel at any point in a race to give me a lift without a crash, for agreeing with my belly, and for getting me to the finish line.

haven't tried it yet ... but i'm sure it's another GOOD nutritional supplement for JOGGERS / RUNNERS or people that just wanna have fun ...

Didn't not like the taste- my boyfriend said "ewww" as soon as he tried it. I tried it too and agree- it also doesn't taste like raspberry

Better flavor than by gels. Tasted like chocolate filling. Didn't notice an energy spurt. I would definitely try again

works like the competitors, but thought I'd try this for a change. Liked well enough, and would purchase again.

Used this gel for BMO marathon in May and it was great. Love the 'nutella-like' flavored one.

Never thought I'd need these things but sometimes on bigger trips they help a lot.

Good flavour not too sweet easy to stash satisfying number of calories

Hammer Gel delivers the energy I need when cycling a hundred miles.

I used during the Ragnar relay SoCa aide with replenish calories.

Tastes kind of like the filling in a pop tart, but healthier!

i've tried them all and none compare...absolutely the best.


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