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I bought this to take for a week of BSA summer camp and as an adult leader I did not want to sleep in the old military style tent and cot. Thought it would be nice to stay in my hammock. Because of poor construction this rain fly leaked. The stitching down the middle was not “finished” and when they taped the seam it caused a leak. I had to take this product back to the store and return it and was advised that this was a common problem with this particular design.

You can find larger AND lighter silnylon tarps (half the weight!) out there for just a few more dollars. This has 6 tie downs which is unnecessary and means you are bringing a couple extra stakes with you. The shape and size also prevents you from being able to get the tarp down on the ground to protect from strong winds. Being able to block the wind is a huge plus in cool weather hammocking.

I like the look of this fly better than the normal rectangle. It worked wel keeping the rain off of myself, and my friend who had his hammock set up directly under me. It's a little pricey considering it's a tarp with some tie downs, but you get what you pay for.

After reading the other reviews on this item, I have to defend it. I understand that you can buy other rainflys out there that might be a little bit lighter as well as a little bit easier to setup. But when it comes to versatility and price, I feel that this fly will win you over. It can be a little bit on the confusing side the first time you set it up, but after you realize that all you have to do is put the tent pegs in the ground, tie the cord on the peg and then its a very simple tightening at the fly itself. The first time I had the fly setup, I thought that maybe having 6 tie downs was a little bit excessive... But after the first rainfall with a nice breeze, I realized that the tiedowns do a great job in protecting your hammock from getting nice and drenched. The cordage is nice and sturdy, and I have not noticed any wear whatsoever in the several times I have had it setup. All in all, I feel that it is a great rainfly that compliments the ENO hammocks nicely.

I used this on a recent 4 day trip on the Georgia Section of the AT and it performed well. Even with a strong storm blowing in, I was able to stay dry under the tarp system and had no complaints. This was a major thunderstorm and it didn't even flinch.

i took this rain fly to the boundary waters last summer for its first big outing and i have to say it rocked. the last day of are trip i woke up to zero visibility rains and 20 mph winds and i was the only one out of the 6 guys dry. and if you have any doubt with the size being a problem with keeping the wind off don't because with near horizontal rain i was the last one up and that was because someone woke me up

This product works great. It can be a little time consuming when being set up, but once it's dialed-in, there are no problems. I've been in sideways rain, and stayed dry. I've used the hammock/rain fly combination on many trips over 4 years and it's held up well, and is light to travel with. I've been comfortable in the low 30's temperature,but never tried it in the 20s.

I've had this particular tarp for a few years now- initially I had purchased the pro fly but I returned it and swapped out for this one because I found that I'd rather have the additional points for more options.

Bought this to go with my ENO Doublenest Hammock. Went on a backpacking trip on the Foothills trail this weekend. While we were out, a thunderstorm dumped bucketfuls of water on us. In the middle of the night, my friend awakened me because his tent was flooded and his sleeping bag soaked. I was dry and comfortable (a fact underscored by his assertion that it took him a couple of attempts to awaken me.) Looking forward to using this again, and again.

Was just in the valley below Mt. Madison in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during every thing from gentle showers to nearly two hours of torrential rains and thunderstorms. Through all this the tarp kept my hammock nice and dry. It is beyond simple to set up - took me all of three minutes while my friends were screwing about with their blue tarps. Nicely made and works well. Provides good protection even in blowing rain.

The tarp itself works well, not overly bulky, however the included cord easily breaks apart if pulled too tightly. May have to replace the cord if you don't know your own strength.

I used this at a scout camp for a full week ,in lieu of a tent . we did have a thunder storm it rained heavy all night then got windy I stayed dry and comfortable .

This is a great tarp for the ENO. Plenty of coverage for camping in all kinds of weather and easy to set up.


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