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I love that this pack makes backpacking trips ultra light while having variety. The only problem is the claim that you can just cook and eat with no soaking. Eating without soaking makes the digestive tract unhappy. Soaking is a must. With soaking, these vegetables are simply marvelous to have around.

As a backcountry cookbook author and recipe developer I have used nearly every item that Harmony House Foods carries. Simply put their items are some of the best out there. Their items work both in cold and hot meals. The beans are precooked so only need to be rehydrated to eat. All the vegetable are diced for quick use. If you like eating a wide range of food and you like good taste get the Backpackers kit. It will last you through many trips, has great shelf life and you will find yourself eating better than ever!

So you wanna save weight but eat well? Not alot of time to prep for a trip? Here is THE yummy DIY starter box of important veggies for trail stompers. Its smartly packed and resealable. Comes as advertised: Tomatoes, Celery, Corn, Diced Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Onions, Peas, Lentils, Beans - Black Pinto Northern Red and Green. And PEPPERS ! nothing hot (boo hoo) I was able to make 10 days of large dinners by adding some spices, dehy butter, noodles, rice and cans of meat. Tuna cass, Chicken Stew, Chili and Gumbo. Also did a skillet scramble, with a little help from some eggs and cheese powder, lots of combos. SO for me this would have been 5 stars IF they had some meat with the box, powdered butter and cheese but its a starter box and the nutrition info is on the back (way cool) helps with planning and knowing your intake. In all, its a good no preservative no additives (like tons of salt) healthy way to eat on the trail. I am holding out hope for an organic selection in the future. Gonk tested Gonk approved.

My best friend and I split this kit for a 10 day backpacking trip, and loved it. We prepared the meals a head of time by combining ingredients into one of the bags using the provided recipes or our own. You might want to buy rice or noodles and spices. At the end of the trip we still had extra, which we have used for weekend backpacking trips. I probably wouldn't want to use the kit for long trips because I would be too tired to care about a creative meal, but for a 10 day trip and weekend trips the Harmony House pack was awesome.

The advantage of being able to make a variety of meals was what attracted me to this product originally. But the preparation requirements of both water (which means more pumping!) and fuel (even after pre soaking) erased any real advantage as compared to other freeze dried products -- this became apparent on a recent week-long trek in Washington's Enchantments with a 7-person party where I was the only backpacker with Harmony House. Potential customers will note that one must bring their own spices (and I also suggest a dash of olive oil) in making any recipe from this product. One big advantage of this product, however, is the lack of whey products to those with whey allergies/intolerances. So I can neither totally recommend nor condemn this product!

In the past I would typically pack a few MREs for a weekend camping or backpacking trip, but I was getting frustrated because of three main concerns: price, salt, and serving size. The price isn't terrible, but it can add up. I don't have a problem with a little salt, but the sodium content on some of the MREs is pretty crazy. And I don't need 2.5 servings of chili mac or shepherd's pie because I typically backpack alone. This backpacking kit successfully helped me address all of those concerns. The upfront cost is more expensive than a few MREs, but it will last much longer. I can mix what ingredients I want and in whatever quantities and season appropriately. Overall, I think it's a great solution.

Versatile, light and very convenient. Mix with couscous, noodles, dried spices, dried beans, options are endless. Saves a lot of prep time and makes everyone envious at supper time. Add some water to a freezer bag supper an hour before you stop and there you go, everyone’s waiting for their god awful 20+ ingredient pouch to rehydrate and a little hot water later and I’m eating within minutes. Absolutely love to be able to make what I want to eat without all the work.

I bought the Harmony House kit as a last ditch effort to have dehydrated food for my through hikes of Zion and Bryce NPs. In the midst of my home food prep, my dehydrator bit the dust and left me high and dry with very limited food options. So, I turned to the mighty REI and came across Harmony House. Not having read any reviews and needing to make an emergency purchase could have been a recipe for disaster. However, it was one of the many highlights of the trip. Being surrounded by such beauty in the parks and eating phenomenally fresh food. The lads over at Harmony House have it going on. The food is fresh and re-hydrates very well. I highly recommend these guys for your backpacking food needs. Although I now have a new dehydrator I will continue to use their foods to supplement my own supply. Thanks again REI for hooking it up with these guys!

I bought this after seeing the display inside the REI store "Award Winning". I thought this would be a great way to add vegtables to my Mountain House meals for backpacking. Unfortunately even after soaking peas, carrots and greenbeans in water for over an hour, they were were still dehydrated and tasted bad because of that. There are no cooking instructions at all either. I wanted to like this, but it just turned out to be one of the worst purchases ever for me.

Soak the veggies along with some pasta and cook them with some seasonings!! Simmer your food and enjoy a tasty breakfast\lunch\dinner!!! The more time you soak the better it tastes :-)

Okay, this is a tricky one. These are great quality. But they are more add on supplemental items. Delicious but I wouldn't use them as a snack or meal. But to create a full meal with them.

The high sodium content in other popular backpacking meals made me really nauseous on a recent extended backcountry trip. After looking for alternatives, I found the Harmony House Backpacking Kit at REI. I am extremely happy with this product, low sodium and vegetarian options that allow you to tailor your own meals. I also like the fact that I can simply hydrate the contents and eat without having to boil water for ultra light situations.

I bought this product not sure what it would be like. I re-packaged it in small zip lock bags to divide it up for shipping to myself along the Colorado Trail. I added the vegetables and beans to ramen noodles and other prepackaged meals and it really made a filling meal. I plan on taking it again on my next through hiking trip! Highly recommended!

The variety and quality is amazing. I was able to make so many delicious one pot meals that didn't taste like camp food. Packs light, offers healthy variety rather than overpriced prepackaged meals full of preservatives. After a five day canoeing trip with two people we hardly made a dent in the box. I will be bringing this along on future trips!

This product is great. Not only is it light weight and easy to cook, you don't have to use much of it per meal. These pack small and taste great. They spice up every meal. No more tasteless meals just for energy. They even spice up Ramen noodles! Great for long treks. The pack comes with recipes that are really good and easy to make.

We have used the Harmony House meal products for many hikes and have always been completely satisfied. We supplement the Harmony House mix with either ramen, powdered potatoes or minute rice and it really goes a long way and makes for a hearty meal. You will need to add spices, as the dehydrated food is very bland otherwise.

At 11,00 feet I had to keep adding water to the pot to cook these foods and grew a little impatient while waiting for them to get tender. I was using a collapsible Sea to Summit pot with lid. I think a cooking time of about thirty minutes would be good. Otherwise they are wholesome, rather plain so be sure to have spices.

I bought two boxes, one for backpacking and one for my bug-out kit. Great quality food, I enjoyed making some soup with the kit on a recent camping trip and all I needed was water and a little salt :). Great kit for the price!!!!!

I wanted to dehydrate my own food for the trail, but ran out of time. I have peace of mind knowing that we have dehydrated food - healthy food - to eat on the trail. It's quite a bit of food in sturdy plastic bags.

Looking for something different than the same ole MRE meals? You have to try this. Add some rice or ramen and a touch of salt. All of that good and energy and no weight. Recipes really get you going.

Makes my dehydrated food healthier and tastier. I can also make some light soup with this if I'm not very hungry.

For backpacking, this is the way to go. Really delicious, healthy, and saves so much weight.



Do you supply a sample?

We're sorry but we do not have samples of this backpacking kit.


Is this kit dehydrated or freeze dried?

This kit is dehydrated food.


What is the shelf life of this product.?

​This food kit has a shelf life ranging from 12 to 24 months. ​


Is this kit also soy free?

This freeze dried backpacking kit is soy free.


I'm packing food for a family of four. I am guessing that I would not be able to create meals from this package because there wouldn't be enough of any ONE item to make a meal for four. Is this right?

This kit can be used for a large family. The determining factor would be how much of each material you require in your meal of choice.


Are there insulated bags we can pour boiling water into? Kind of like the mountain house brand.

​The bags included in this kit are not insulated and cannot accommodate boiling water.


Are any of the ingredients from China?

We're sorry, but that information is not available.


how many calories are in this whole pack?

Harmony House says this 18-pack kit contains a total of 4668.5 calories. The box includes a label the breaks down the total calories per serving as well.


Are the bags zip able?

​The bags that the food comes in have resealable zippers.


Do any of the soups contain Tamari?

Tamari is not included in any of the ingredients.


Are the items in the Harmony House Backpacking Kit gluten, egg, dairy, and soy free?

This backpacking kit is gluten, soy and dairy free.


Do packets need to be refrigerated after opening or does the shelf life remain a year as long they are in a zip locked bag?

The packets do not need to be refrigerated after opening, and will remain viable as long as no moisture is introduced into the bag.

Matt B

From one of reviews answered, it looks like this product has an unopened shelf of 12 to 24 months. I'm curious to know how fresh is the product before it hits the retailers shelf? Is there an expiration date on every package?

The Harmony House products we sell are received and go out quickly. They do not put an expiration date on their packaging. For a thorough explanation, go to the Harmony House Foods web site and click on the FAQ.


How long can the packets be stored unopened?

​The Backpacking Kit has an average shelf life of 12 to 24 months.


Will this kit fit in a bear can?

The items in the Harmony House Backpacking Kit will probably not all fit into a bear can together. Results will depend on the size of the can and if you plan to only bring portions of each item.


How many uses and serving do each bag have? I'm going hiking in Alberta Canada for a week would this supply me for that amount of time? 

There are 70 servings total in the backpacking kit. Each of the 18 zip pouches contains a cup of vegetables, but the serving size per pouch will depend on how you divide and mix your meals.


My son is peanut, tree-nut allergic. This product states the allergen is "Peas" which is great. Are there any disclaimers on the packaging about being processed on equipment or facilities also used for peanuts, tree-nuts?  Ex, Mountain House are.

We have made several attempts to contact Harmony House regarding your question and unfortunately, we were unable to get an answer. They can be reached at 1 (800) 696-1395.

Ultrarunner Jill

Do you need to boil the water or just add water to these meals?

You don't need to boil water for the dehydrated food, just rehydrate by adding the water back in. You can add approximately 1 part vegetables to 2 parts water and allow to soften, or use directly in soups and stews and simmer until done.

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