Snow Peak - Trek 900 Titanium Cookset

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This gear is great for the minimalist. You can get a can of fuel and a stove in this kit. I keep a Snow Peak Trek 700 in this with a stove and fuel in the 700. If I need more gear, I then stuff this in the Trek 1400. Like Russian dolls that can cook, I have all the mug/pots and plate/pans I need for any activity.

This is a very light cookset for someone minimizing weight. The lid functions as a small frying pan, however, for boiling water it keeps the heat in. Titanium distributes heat very fast so boiling water is quick and will cool just as fast.

This pot is great, except it is narrow for an MSR Whisperlite International. Other pots by MSR or REI - even ones with smaller capacity - are wider and shorter profile. The wide low profile shape absorbs more heat from the burner and is better protected by the stove windscreen.

I was really happy with this so far, but only used a few times. I was afraid it would be too small, but cooking on smaller things is new to me. I did cook some mac and cheese (entire TJ box) so could be for 2 people/servings easily. I also did 2 instant packs of oatmeal. There was room in the pot but I like to keep things 1/2-2/3 max - so I felt cramped, but will get use to it. The bigger gas can for snow peak did fit, but not with the stove in the carry box. The pan works great for a lid and it cleaned up easily. I did get the wind guard for my stove and it sits perfectly on the bottom of this for storage. The pot handle works great for pushing open my bear vault lid!

I bought this cookpot 50 miles into the 2,176 mile AT hike and never looked back. I still have it and use it today. It's a great size, and the lid/frying pan can double as a shallow cup for hot cocoa. It's perfect to fry an egg in (use some sort of butter or oil, though). The measurement on the side is a great help, and the titanium frame is very sturdy. It's big enough to cook a whole Lipton Side in and to store your alcohol stove in, but not too large as to take up unnecessary room in your pack.

I ordered this along with the Trek 700 Mug and the Mini-Solo so I could compare them all. This is the one I ended up keeping.

I bought this to fit my solo mini when hiking with guest. It fits but the lid on this set is sloppy and the handles don't stay where you place them lime the toaks products. they could have engineered it better.

I have to say I wasnt to pleased with this cookset. First of all, the mesh sack that comes with it is to big. I cooked on it for the first time with nonstick foil and the frypan looks horrendous. I should have spent my money on a nonstick set.

The handle on the miniature fry pan is not stable enough. The fry pan scorches immediately, and the food stuff sticks stubbornly.

Used this set for about 10 cooks. I am still using the same fuel canister. (The water boils about 45 seconds faster than the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 says it should.) Sets up real easy. The cooling after boil is fantastic. Boil water, pour in bag, use cook wear to hold bag and you can top off with the "fry pan/lid" to keep in heat. If you want something lightweight that is durable you will be happy. This item comes with an oversized mesh bag. Ditched that to save weight. Very happy that I have this.

I've used this cook pot for a few months. The upsides are light weight, and compact design. Durability is not going to be on par with stainless steel, but that is to be expected from titanium. The only downside I can see is the lid. It fits very loosely. I don't understand how this design passed the scrutiny of the folks at Snowpeak. If you own other similar sized cooking gear you might find a lid that works better. I use the lid for my GSI kettle.

Bought this product a few months ago and used it on a backpacking/car camping trip to Colorado (Snowmass Wilderness Area). Very lightweight, room inside the pot to store a MSR pocket rocket and fuel canister. It would be nice if the pan/lid coupled better to the pot for storage and cooking purposes.

Well this is my first titanium cookware, and wanted a small cook pot for solos and to use with a small alchol stove , it's a great little cook set titanium is awesome to cook in bake in only down side to this 900 the lid with handle out is not balanced, and it's not as versatile as the 1400

I bought this with the smaller 700 (ml)? version. The smaller version fits inside this one like a glove and of course you know the stove fits inside that one. We just came of a section hike of the AT and this was constantly used for boiling water and a small amount of cooking. The reason I love and will always carry both size pots is they give me the ability to boil water and drink a cup of coffee or have oatmeal at the same time. Then boil more water for clean up, its just a piece of cake using these pots.

I found out that this is the perfect size for my solo backpacking trips as i do more than just boil water for my meals. I also use the lid/ pan as a plate. I pair it with the snow peak mini solo cookset if i want to enjoy a cup of coffee while cooking or if i'm cooking for two.

The only thing I do not like is there is no snap or strap to hold this shut when it is in your pack. Unless you secure it it comes apart and rattles as you hike. Other than that I really like the size and weight.

This is a great Light weight cooking kit. The fact that my Svea 123 stove fits in it perfectly makes it all that much better.

I love this cookset. It is the perfect size for what I need. I usually cook mac and cheese with a big cup of soup at night. I heat the water up, pour some water in my soup cup, and then have plenty of water left to cook my pasta. In the morning, I can easily heat water for two cups of coffee and a double instant oatmeal. I use the frypan for my oatmeal bowl. This is exactly what I needed. And it fits my 250 g fuel canister, lighter, stove, and small towel.

I picked this up to replace a similar one that was stainless steel. This is lighter, and seemed to cook faster. I still have a stainless steel cup and it seemed to boil 8oz of water slower than this pot was able to heat up 2.5 cups of water. Theven handle did not heat up as much as the stainless steel version I had. These barely even got warm. Still large enough to pack a fuel can inside along with my coffee filter, and pocket rocket.

Pretty good cookset--as it should be for the price. Great place to store a small stove inside as well and not soak up too much room in the pack. Heats fast and evenly. A pour spout would be nice though. On day trips I just rinse it out on the trail and throw it in the dishwasher at home. On longer trips it cleans up well. Even on car camping trips with the family it goes along as it makes a perfect pot of boiling water for coffee.

great set, has what you NEED....i do the same thing as a previous reviewer, and freeze a filet mignon for the first day and cook that on the pan, works great for that (other than fuel consumption)just enough water boiling capacity for 2 peoples food, perfect for exactly 2 ramen packets...its the simple things in life, im sure it could be improved on with handles and such but im a happy camper with this one!

This is a decent, very lightweight pot. It does the job. My issue is with the lid/fry pan. It doesn't fit well on the pot. I have to use a larger rubber band to secure the lid on when I'm hiking or the rattling drives me nuts. It's also easy to knock off accidentally when cooking. All-in-all it works fine and my fuel canister and stove fit perfectly inside, taking up less space in my pack.

I bought this some years ago with several expectations, some good some not. Regardless, I knew that it was pretty straight forward what I was getting myself into. -The mesh bag I still keep for miscellaneous items but definitely not for storing the cookset in. There's too much room allowing the cookset to move around and anything that you had in there becomes free to float around in the bag also. -The dual pot and pan combo with collapsible handles is a nice feature that gives you the option to cook different items in. The highly visible indentations and measurements on the side also come in handy especially for those freezedried meals that require "precise" measurements. -It would be extremely useful if the unit came with buckled straps to secure the lid to the pot being as it rests loosely on it. I've made a custom strap for mine using two staps with paired buckles. I just crossed the straps and sewed them together then cut the excess. One clips around the side and the other upon the top, with no movement at all. TIP: Do not put the pot or pan on any self-contained cooking unit dialed up high with nothing in it. IT WILL BURN A HOLE THROUGH IT!! My friend almost did that to mine one time, and now I have a nice bluish rainbow circle on my lid/pan. -And I did drop it nearly 500' off a cliff helplessly watching it tumble into oblivion. I had no choice but to retrieve it since my pocket r... "cooking unit" was in it and I had no other way of preparing my food. It took me about 5 hours or so to finally find it and there wasn't a single nic, scratch or dent on it. (Okay, maybe a few) but none that compromised its integrity. Without that strap that I made all the contents would've been strung out across the mountain side. - so I will say that I've gotten every dollar out of it and then some. It is a truly durable, lightweight and dependable cookset. That's my 2¢, I hope it helped in your decision to consider one. -Doc Law

Good light weight combo, great for boiling water and cooking light meals. Did not give it a 5 star due to the fact that the pan does not fit the cup tightly like a lid should.

So light and tough! I use mostly for boiling water for drink and dry food. I use the fry pan for egg on very low heat (simmer). Very easy to clean. Love the idea of placing canister in the container to keep everything compact and UL. The mesh bag is little too big but there is a reason for that. You can put 2nd canister in to keep everything in one place. Make sense to me.

The main pot works well. The frying pan/lid is so-so. The lid always wants to come off when packed up, and a buddy of mine told me that when he tried to fry some fish in it he needed a powersander to get the char off! Ti isn't the best for frying I guess, so why have a frying pan? My cup and alcohol stove nest in the main pot really well though, and the price was good.

This set is great. I read some comments about a lack of stability and and issues with the lid. I cook on a Primus stove and I have had absolutely no problems with it. Even during a roaring boil, this pot was extremely stable. As for the lid/fry pan, if you fold the handle down and make sure that its over one of the arms of your stove, there is no problem with stability. And since the handle is already down, you don't need grabbers to lift it. Fold out handles were a LITTLE BIT hot after boiling 25oz (3 minuets on my stove) but once you remove the pot from heat, its fine. Fold out handles are very sturdy.

This was a great idea. It's light, it's large, easy to pack with many items that fit on the inside to make this a good package. Didn't care for the bag though, It would have been great to make a form fitting bag to keep the the two items tightly coupled to minimize noise. I kept having to stop to keep the rattling down. Finally fixed it with a bit of tape.

This is my go to, lightweight and big enough to rehydrate homemade meals in. My only complaint is the fry pan / lid doesn't sit well on the pot. This would be a 5 star pot if it had a lid option that fit well. If your rehydrating in pouches, and drinking from your pot only, the 750 is probably a better fit. All in all really good gear

I bought this and paired it with the MSR pocket rocket and it works phenomenally together. One complaint is the lid does not stay on and the fry pan is not useful for much. Would rather have a flat lid that fits more snug. The lid will take some getting use to and I would use something like the snow peak mini solo stove.

I brought this product because it's very light weight. After trying to make several meals at home in my test kitchen. I have come to the conclusion this cook set is only good for boiling water or lightly steaming foods. Do not attempt to cook anything in the pan. Everything sticks and burns to the bottom of the pan.

Great build quality and lightweight but it just wasn't for me. The titanium doesn't disperse heat well and I was surprised by how long it took to melt snow and boil water. Handle also gets pretty hot. Ended up returning it in exchange for an aluminum one. Still a good product if you're looking for lightweight gear.

This is a great minimalist cookset if you need a larger pot than the Snowpeak 700 mug. It adds a small frypan that doubles as a lid. Will store the larger fuel canister with the giga power stove in the case and still has room for a small packtowel. Set is very lightweight. Handles will get hot during cooking.

Nothing much to it, it’s a titanium pot with a good size and is super light, the pan I rarely ever take with me but it’s good to know if I ever wanted to it packs up nicely with the pot. A fuel cansister can fit perfectly inside the pot so less wasted space, and I can also fit my stove inside as well. Love it

I used over the campfire to heat water to conserve fuel on stove, and it warped from heat. Discolored purple right where it warped. Handles are terrible but I can work with them. I may have to return over the warp, if I have a problem with lid/frying pan fitting.

Great set for backpack cooking. Lid is just the lid & measuring cup, everything else I use the pot for. Starbuck's Via in the morning, check! Water for Backpackers Pantry, check! Cooking the mac & cheese, check! Carfull with the heat, no issues with warping or not normal discoloration.

This little baby is just the right size. I love the fact that the lid becomes a frying pan. And if going in a larger group it nestles right inside the larger 1400. Snow Peak makes the most durable of the titanium cooksets and the "nestling design" is great.

Overall a very fine product. I wish the pot handles were longer, but, overall well worth buying. I boycott all goods made in China, and I like the care, integrity and design that the Japanese people put in all their products. Domo domo!!!!

In my opinion the product doesn't justify the price tag. If it were $15-$20 cheaper it would be a good deal. I think my biggest complaint is the pan/lid doesn't stay on the pot very well. Other than that it does what's its made for

I bought this pot because I loved the other Snow Peak stuff, like th 700 pot, insulated mug and my favorite, the titanium stove.

Been using this for several years now. My cooking consists of primarily boiling water to reconstitute meals or for hot drinks and it does the job. The big plus for me was the size; first goes in the inside is a 2 cup Ziplock screw top container as my eating bowl and critter proof food reconstituter with some side trimming to make it fit in, then a Sea to Summit mug inside of that and inside the sea to summit mug my MSR micro rocket, the Ziplock lid fits inside the lid of the cookset. The measurement increments on the inside of the pot are not customary USA cooking units so I just etched 1/4 cup increments on the ziplock. Funny people complain the sack it came with was to big, I find it to small and hated festering with trying to get the pot with lid back in, so use a bigger bag. Present stove and thin titanium leads to burning of thick consistency foods so am contemplating making a 1/8 inch thick aluminum plate for the bottom of the pot for better heat distribution or some sort of spacer for the pot lid so I can fill it with water and place the cook pot in that for lower temperature cooking.

My daughter and I have used several times. Great, light weight cookware. We have the Snow Peak Trek 1400 and Snow Peak LiteMax stove. The stove fits into the 900 which fits into the 1400.

I love my SP700 and when I found out the Stainless steel Bushbuddy wood gasifier fit this perfectly it was a no brainer.

This ‘lil pot is great and super light, however I will say that the sack it comes with is too big for the pot, but still my favorite :)

I had this pot for about a year, and absolutely LOVED the compactness, durability, and (of course) the weight of it. It sits on top of the Snow Peak GigaPower stove perfectly and without slipping, even on slightly uneven surfaces, and boils water in a jiff. I realized immediately that the "frying pan" was useless as such, but works just fine as a lid if you prop the handle up so it stays balanced. Then, one unseasonably warm January day, I decided to go out for an overnight. I grabbed my gear and cookset only to discover two small holes in the bottom rim of the pot - several inches apart from each other and about two millimeters in diameter each, they looked like acid drips or something boring through the titanium. I had last cleaned the set after using it to make tea, and scrubbed it out with my Dr Bronners and the mesh carry bag as I always have, dried with my bandana, and then stowed it with my gear.. I still have no idea what caused those holes. Luckily REI is an AWESOME company, and they were able to let me exchange it, and I went with Snow Peak again, hoping that it was a simple manufacturing defect. We'll see how this second one holds up!

I have used this this pot for the entire AT and CDT and everything in between and since. Its great. Light and durable.

Planning a sectional AT backpacking trip and I am beginning my lightweight gear purchases,totaly pleased.

I was amazed how lite and durable this equipment was. A little more in price but worth it.

Holds lots of coffee, I use it at home, the office and when camping.

Light, packs small, fits fuel canister, and easy to clean.

Includes only the minimum of what you need, unlike all other mess kits, which have lots of pieces you never use. The pot is big enough to boil 1L of water.


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