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First off this is NOT a titanium spork as stated in some previous posts, it's aluminum. Hence the durability being an issue. I bought this as a spare right before my Rainier trip since I forgot my Snowpeak Ti spork. After hiking up to Camp Schurman on the first day I pulled it out for dinner and it was already bent, not a big deal though since it's pretty flimsy and I bent it right back into place. Overall it's a nice spork at a great price; however, expect it to bend in your pack and not last as long as Ti.

Great choice of aluminum for cutlery... The hard anodization, I guess, was to prevent the base metal from reacting with certain food additives. The tines on the spork are just right; long enough for pasta and noodles but doesn't affect the 'spoon' part of the spork for soup duties. I don't suppose the serrations on the table knife are going to last very long, either. But regardless, I still like them for the very lightweight and minimalistic design, does what it's supposed to do very well. Compared to the Snow Peak and Light My Fire sporks, I still prefer my Snow Peak. These come a close second.

I got this thinking that a spork would be the best of both worlds until I realized that I had no need for both worlds. I eat freezer bag meals on the trail primarily and I really have no reason for the "fork" component of the spork. It also makes me a little uneasy to dig into the bag even though the fork prongs are not sharp at all, I also didn't like have more edges to scrap against my non-stick pot if I ever used it directly. I do think the spork is great, lightweight, strong (couldn't get it to flex putting a little weight into it but not enough really to threaten it). My only problem again was that a spoon would actually serve me better with the types of things I eat. That being said, I will be returning the spork and picking up the spoon version of this instead.

I love this little spork. I recently went on a 9-day roadtrip and while I was going to be car camping the entire time and could bring what I needed to be comfortable, I still didn't want to be packing more than was necessary. This spork is sturdy, lightweight, and has that handy little caribeener so it's easy to clip on to a pan or mug handle when transporting it to wash dishes. Speaking of which, it is very easy to clean as well!

Lightweight all-purpose utensil perfect for backpacking. It's the only utensil we take on hiking & camping trips. Tines are long enough to spear pasta, holds soup and oatmeal well, long enough to stir in a 1L pot. My mouth is a little small, so the titanium edges of the spoon can rub my upper lip and leave tender spots in the corners if I'm not careful, but my husband has no problem with it. Also, I tend to misplace/lose everything - keeping it clipped to my pack with the handy carabiner has nixed that. No problems with durability, either.

I use this spork at work instead of plastic throwaways. It works very well! The tines can poke a tomato. The only issue is the width. It seems to be slightly wider than a regular spoon. This isn't really a huge issue but it was noticeable. I am sure with more use it won't be noticed. Overall this is a great spork and I will be buying more for my family to use on trips.

What can I say? It's exactly the right proportions, it's light, and the indent in the handle ensures that it doesn't bend. Someone took everything into consideration when they designed this. It's those little details that can make or break a seemingly simple tool like this, and there are NO flaws or annoyances that I have noticed in this spork's design.

This spork is super lightweight and strong. Its comfortable in your hand, and just the right size. It doesn't put any kind of metallic taste in your mouth. Its tough as nails and a breeze to clean. Fits just about anywhere in your pack that you cram it. This thing is so cool that sometimes i just take it out and hold it in my hands and look at it.

This spork is incredibly light weight, but that comes at the cost of durability. The titanium is so thin that I have accidentally bent it while packing it, while hiking, while cleaning it, and (after about 2 years or use) even while eating!

I have had this spork for a long time now, maybe 10 years. It has held up great, the finish is not coming off or anything, and it has not bent at all. The guy who bent this spork must have put it in a terrible place in his pack. It shouldn't bend if you treat it like normal silverware. It's not like I baby the thing. For a few years I carried it around to school and work in my everyday bag. I like the handle better than the Snow Peak spork.

This thing is a tank. it weights nothing, can clip anywhere, and is ultra strong. I have broken off pieces of tough meat, frozen treats and it hasn't come close to bending this thing. It isn't the most compact but is small and light enough that I've never had a problem finding a good place for it in any of my various setups either in a pocket or clipped onto something. It's also comfortable to hold!

Works well, the end portion is a good size and the "fork" part works surprisingly well. I would just recommend getting the longer version. Especially if you're going to be using it for the freeze-dried "backpacker" meals. I found that it's too short to reach the bottom of most of those sized bags. That's my only con. Very light weight and the small carabiner it comes with is a nice touch.

This spork changed my life! I had no idea just how much I was missing until I bought this life-altering utensil!! It has forever freed me from the unanswerable question of "should I use a spoon or a fork?" The only conceivable way to improve would be to make a Sporkife, but carving up my lips while eating my rehydrated lasagna would be a little disturbing for my fellow hikers.

This thing is amazing. I use it at work every day for lunch and snacks, and out on the trail, camping trips, etc. It's super lightweight but very strong. The only problem I have with it is the angle of the spoon head and how wide it is. It keeps me from getting every last bit of yogurt or soup or whatever out of the bottom of the container. Like I said, almost perfect.

I like to use this when out camping but the metal has a strange taste. To me it kind of tastes like i just licked a rock. (Trust me I know what that tastes like :P) Also, when it scrapes across my teeth it makes a sound like finger nails on a chalk board. I can't really hear the sound but I can feel it. It is very piercing and annoying.

I love my Spork! Just got done working on some Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli. The spork did well in all areas I've yet to try it on a nice bowl of soup but I will say it sat well in my mouth. Seems to be deep enough unlike some others I've used as a child. Also works well with a nice mug of hot coco..

I can hook this on my pack, I know where it is, so light I didn’t even include it in my weight total for backpacking. Sea to Summit used the best material so I don’t worry about chemical issues. I use my little sporky spoon every time, and the long handle, but not obnoxiously long, reaches in my pot keeping my hand away from heat. :)

I've used the Rei TiWare, Snow Peak, TiWare folder, LMF, and Campware Lexan. This spork beats them all. It is the lightest of the bunch at 6 grams and is sturdy enough for all eating and food-prep tasks.

After a bad experience with a Light My Fire Spork (which broke in half while mixing mash potatoes) I decided to go with something that could easily handle mixing some dehydrated food and not break and hopefully last me many years to come. This spork has not let me down. It is strong and light and relatively cheap.

I thought this was as good as titanium got until I got another titanium spork with a polished bowl. That makes all the difference. This one just feels rough in your mouth somehow. The polished ones are much more like eating with regular stainless utensils. Price and weight are comparable.

Bought this last week. Highly recommended, it's light and easy to use. Great price and very versatile. Good companion for backpacking and camping. In fact it is so light that you need to be careful not to dispose of it inadvertently.

I recently added this to my backpacking equipment for a 5 day Yosemite trip. It's ultralight and clean easily! I bought the longer version for digging into the backpackers meal bags and now they are my essentials

The perfect lightweight eating utensil. I use it for oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, car camping, and backpacking. The small carabiner makes latching it on to the outside my pack a breeze. Very easy to clean also.

This is an easy review as we are talking about a simple eating utensil. That said, it is very sturdy and I like the flat design. This is one of the lighter sporks on the market if you are counting grams.

Works for me. very light weight. Put one in my office for lunch use. One less utensil to deal with. Easy to clean and suitable for intended use. The carbiner is well made and useful. Good buy

Somehow this spork is lighter and longer than the other brand's titanium spork. The only downside is the rough texture, but looking back I realize that I rarely noticed that when eating.

In my opinion, this is the best Ti spork on the market. The design makes it very stiff. It is also a great length. I have tried all of the other sporks and this one is my favorite.

Love this thing, works like it's supposed to, its tough and doesn't bend, and it's super lightweight (the spork itself is lighter than some Titanium ones I have seen).

This is great, it's light and effective. the only thing i have found to be wrong with it is that the handle is a little short for digging into Mountain House bags.

Sometimes its' the simple things that make camp life easier. This spork is one of those things. Tough and lightweight it's everything I need in a camp spork.

I got this for backpacking and took it on a two day hike. This is a great light weight spark that weighs as much as the carabiener that comes on the end.

Have used this as my only utensil for numerous camping trips. Great little spork. Only complaint is that the spoon aspect is large.

Used this during our practice hike for Philmont in New Mexico. Great for simple meals and cooking when you don;t need a knife.

No complaints with the spork. Does the job without breaking and is the right length for reaching into the packaged foods

Great spork, and I love the tiny 'biner. Great for spooning and forking. What else is there to say? Get it.

A great tool to have! It replaced my other set of utensils with just one. Very lightweight and durable.

Excellent product. Nothing more to say than it's titanium and it keeps food on it.

Works awesome, lightweight but sturdy! Mountain house meals tasted either better.

Light, durable and perfect size. I would definitely take with me in all my hikes

Great utensil! Light, strong, and easy to find clipped on my pack. Good job.

This is the ultimate in lightweight for backpacking...there is no better.

Super lightweight yet functional and evidently strong. So far, so good.

Well made tough , and a nice length ,works great with my romen noodle

For a fork and a spoon, you really can’t get better than this.

sporks are the way to go for packing and this is a good one!

Great product. Light strong. 2 birds one stone. Thanks


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