Sea to Summit - Delta Plate

Category: Camp Kitchen

would'nt carry it backpacking but great for car camping durable easy to clean

I tailgating Football, Baseball games as well as NASCAR and these plates are very good for that. They are a) strong b) lightweight c) easy to pack d) the sides keep food from running out e) the handle it great so you don't have to palm or grt fingers in the food. i pack these in the pocket of the cooler no problem.

This is great for backpacking and car camping. The curved sides are a nice touch, ensuring food doesn't slide of your plate. Tough plastic, doesn't scratch, easy to clean.

This plate is perfect. Lightweight and strong, I feel like this could take a beating in your bag or on a trip and come out perfectly fine. The little handle on the side is a very convenient grip, but the plate works fine without it. I found myself forgetting to hold it half the time, but was happy to have the extra support if I needed it. You could use this as a bowl as well if you had to.

Depends on what kind of food you take backpacking, you may or may not need a plate/bowl. These are a great choice though. They won't burn your hands with hot food, they have a good thumb grip for stability and they are easy to clean. They are a little bulky, so pack carefully.

I have been using the plate while camping (on the weekends during the summer) and more recently in the office (daily). A wonderful lightweight and versatile plate. Easy to carry around thanks to the thumb grip. I chose the orange color to lighten up my office mood...

These Delta camp plates are light weight and rugged, costing a fraction of titanium camp ware and weighing a fraction of enameled metal plate they are an outstanding combination of economy and functionality. I very much recommend this product.

I've used mine for camping and loved them. So I figured um tailgating was a natural choice. Awesome they hold lots of grub to free the hands for games , adult beverages wink wink. So to summarize great for camping and tailgating.

Great product. Light-weight. It's a great plate and with the raised lip, it functions like a bowl. I use it car camping and backpacking. Love it.

Seems sturdy enough. Haven’t had it out in the field yet


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