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Owned the Renegade GTX Mid for around a year's moderate wear. Was initially disappointed at the sole's durability around the heel area, as it wore-through very rapidly on both shoes and appears to be thin (first pic). The leather attachment to the soles on the sides failed (second pic). The area that the leather is glued to the sides of the soles is only 1/8 inch, and consists only of the inner leather lining. The outer leather that is visible didn't appear to be attached to the sole at all. Very disappointing in a boot at this price given the lack of appreciable wear at other areas of the boot.

Within a year of purchasing these boots they lost their waterproofing. I contacted Lowa about this issue and they offered me a 30% discount for a new set. I enjoyed the fit and feel of the boot, so I gave them another shot.

First the bad. Bought these a little over one year ago, which means they're out of warranty from Lowa and Rei, and just in the last week I've had a seam start popping and the toe delaminating. They also don't breathe worth a darn so say hello to stinky sweaty feet during the summer.

These boots have been around the block over a few years, but nothing extreme, more work wear than trekking. Sadly both soles disintegrated on the same day after spending a day walking on some snow covered streets. A large bite sized chunk came out of one in the heel, with the rubber turning to powder, and the other split near the toe making both unwearable. Not sure if this is a recurring problem, but swapped to Salomon Quest to see if they wear a bit longer. Overall, during use they were a good boot, with a wide foot, and workable with my flat feet.

Well over 2,000 miles on these 20+ year old boots. Finally had to replace as, structurally, the support wasn’t there anymore. only weakness was the seams which now are starting to give. Comfortable, well built. Fit right off the shelf. Used my 20% coupon to buy a new pair good for the next 20 years.

Based on my experience with a pair of year-old Renegades used for about 100 miles of hiking, the third hook down from the top is poorly designed and fastened. First, it is too small and occasionally allows the lace to pop out. Second, and far more serious, the rivets which attach the hook to the boot can pull out. The first problem fosters the second, because the laces have to be kept particularly tight, which puts more strain on the hook. The hook's rivets are fastened only through the thin outer layer of leather with no backing underneath. This is a major design flaw, in my opinion. The hooks on my older Lowas were attached by nylon straps that were sewn to the boot, and no rivets were used. That design was bomb-proof. The current design is anything but.

I bought a pair of Lowa Renegades last June. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, hands down. Now it's February and I just happened to look at the soles. I was horrified to see that spots on the sole on both heels were worn right off. I called REI and they said to bring them back to the store and they would replace them, which they did, no hassle. The soles are very "sticky" which I really liked. They felt very secure on rocks or logs. I am hoping that these soft soles aren't going to let me down again, it would be a real shame. I'm going to recommend them due to the extreme comfort but be aware of the soles.

I really liked the construction of the boot when I bought it. The ankle support was good, the lacing system was excellent, the sole was stiff but with good rocker. After about 6 months of hiking about 2 to 3 times weekly the sole has started to delaminate on both sides of both shoes near the ball of the foot. The sole has more than 70% of the tread intact. This is completely unacceptable for a boot in this price range. In 30 years of hiking, I've never needed to apply shoe-goo to a boot before.

I was looking for something that was Gor-tex, water proof...and very comfortable for long term use in all weather conditions, that would have good traction in mud/snow/ice. I train K9 dogs, and I find myself outside in some sloppy, wet...nasty stuff. I had tried some Solomon hightop Gor-tex hikers before trying these...they did not make the grade.

Hike almost daily in these, backpack, wear and admire anytime.

This boot met my important requirements of 1) built with membrane material, 2) light weight (a relative term), 3) comfortable. Ankle support is always hard to evaluate but so far no rolled ankles.

I bought these boots for a trek to Everest Base Camp. I have a large and wide foot...these are one of the few that come in a wide size. I did a lot of training in Shenandoah Natl Park before the trek and felt that there was really little or no actual break in needed. The trek to/from EBC took the better part of 2 weeks. Rain, snow, water crossing, dirt, dirty glacier, trail, rocks...these boots kept my feet dry, warm and comfortable. I bought a second pair when i got home just in case Lowa discontinued them which they don't seem to be doing thankfully. Oh, and they are incredibly light for a boot with this level of support.

I use these boots for day hikes. They are replacing heavier, stiffer mid-weight boot that I had been using for years after suffering an ankle sprain. These are supportive but aren't as stiff and they lighter. They are comfortable out of the box with minimal break in required. The quality is good and the boots have held up well so far. Time will tell about durability. Boots seem to have limited longevity these days across the board. They are certainly waterproof but they will be a bit warm for really hot weather. I don't think these are stiff enough for truly heavy loads but for me they have been a good compromise between weight and stability.

While super comfy - fit right out of the box, I bought these for light-weight, Sierra, fishing trips. (BTW, been backpacking 40 years now...100 nights/year.

I've had these boots for 2 years now, and taken them on a handful of 3 day backpacking trips. They exceeded my expectations for support and comfort, but began showing wear pretty early on. The laces they came with were replaced after the first hike, as they started coming apart. Recently the sole began separating on one of the boots, which I successfully glued back together. I now wear them almost every day to work, as they are so comfortable, but for a serious hiker I would look for something more durable. Still, I will buy these again- and have even been tempted to buy a backup pair less they go out of production.

side stitching opened up at flex point on side of left boot on 11 day of 17 day hike.

How can a $200.00+ pair of boots last less than 200 miles? Both soles have blown out at the toes. Believe all of the other bad reviews - I used to love Lowa's but they obviously making an inferior product these days!!

I had been going thru boots at about a once every three year clip so I thought I would spend a little more on my next pair. The Lowa Renegades were suggested as a step in in quality and fit. They fit great right out of the box but started to wear out quite quickly. First the side seams on the top toe piece started to open up on one boot. Next the boot laces had always been difficult to keep connected to the top eyelets. So I was forced to use more force than normal on the laces to keep them in place. The tight laces may have contributed to one of the eyelets breaking off the rivet. I thought maybe I had single bad boot but a couple of months later the same seams started to give way on the left boot also. I can almost stick my finger in the edge side of the boots and touch my toes on either side of both boots. An additional eyelet also broke from its rivet , the third one down with the two rivets into the leather. It is a shame because the boots fit well and I have not had any sole issues that other folks are complaining about. I still have some sole left on these boots but they are not effective in the shape they are in so I am going to shop for some other brand as a replacement.

I bought these boots 5 years ago and they've been all over the world with me, from rural China to Eastern Kenya on Safari to hiking the Smokies, in the Pacific Northwest and the White mountains. They've just started to break down in the last 6 months or so, and needed a new set of insoles and laces about 3 years in. I've just re-treated the leather and hope to get another year or so before they're kaput. The front rubber has started to come un-done from the leather just a smidge and the waterproof-ness isn't what it was for the first 2 or 3 years.

I have had a 4 pairs of the renegades and love them. Durability has been an issue. I detached the toe caps within the first 100 miles of the AT. Likewise eroded the inside seam stitching on another pair. Lowa promptly replaced them. An outfitter suggested prophylactically glueing the toe caps and Inside seams which I tend to rub together. This added protection ( gear aid urethane)has made long distance boots out of the renegades for me. Averaging over 1000 miles per pair.. I'm very satisfied with then boots with the modification. When the heal wears out I rebuild it with urethane and use it for everyday use.

I'm on my second pair. I find them among the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, but the durability is not good.

Very comfortable books, and I can see why they are so popular. But beware - if you intend to wear these in rough outdoor conditions or even if you plan to simply walk in them quite a bit, the heels can wear out quickly. And once they do, you are basically screwed since the construction of the Renegades is such that they cannot be re-soled. My feet tend to supinate quite a lot, and in less than a year, the heels of my boots were so worn on the outside edges that they became unstable to walk in. After contacting REI as well as a certain cobbler in the Seattle area, I discovered that it's impossible to have new soles/heels installed. So that was over $200 for boots that lasted about ten months.

I've had my Renegades for 7 years. I've hiked the Rockies, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, the Himalayas, and Iceland glaciers in these boots. They have seen desert, rainforest, freezing alpine, rain, snow, mud, asphalt and regular old dirt. They've been burned, and they've been frozen solid. Yes, the rubber wrap went on top of the toes, no it did not affect their water proofing or grip. The vibram tread STILL has potential for countless more miles. I carried heavy weight and light daypacks, and I wore them for work sometimes. I bought one size larger to give myself more toe room, no jamming on the down-hill. I highly recommend that with hikers. I absolutely love these boots. 7 years of moderate use. The stitching blew on the toes, maybe last year, and today for the first time in 7 years, my feet got wet. I'll be sad when I finally decide to put them away for good... if I decide to. I hear there's good waterproof spray out there.

Purchased a pair in March 2014 for work as a global contract pilot and they haven't let me down! Most comfortable boot out of the box I've ever owned. As a former Military Officer, I've worn tons of boots and since I liked the first pair so much, I bought a second pair a year later! That way I have these boots at each of my jumping off points for work. Rugged, waterproof and extremely durable too. I've also done a ton of hiking on the Appalachian trail and fortunately, have not run into ANY of the issues described by others? From Iraq to Afghanistan and South America, these are the ONLY boots I travel with period.

Like several other reviewers, I was disappointed that the rubber along the toe box began to peel off after less than 300 miles. I purchased the boots about 14 months ago, so REI would not replace them. However, on the advice of the REI shoe salesman, I emailed Lowa and explained the issue. Their customer support representative directed me to complete an online warranty claim and attach photos of the boots. Shortly after receiving my submission, Lowa issued a return authorization. When I received a box from Lowa via UPS a few days later, I was delighted to find a brand new pair of Renegades. Fingers crossed this time.

I use these boots in spring and fall where I occasionally run into snow and/or wet conditions. I almost always use them with long gaiters. I think they are a great design with one exception. On the second time out in the rain and snow they leaked. On inspection I see the side of the tongue of the boot is a pourous cloth that runs all the way down. (see my picture) I am pretty sure that can not, will not, did not hold the water out. I like the fact the boot is almost all leather (too bad the tounge isn't all leather) and the traction on rock is adequate. It took me a hike or two to break them in, but they are very comfortable now. Since I live in the wet Pacific Northwest I would not recommend these to a friend.

The best boots are the ones that fit your individual feet. These come in wide sizes. Beyond that, they are still in very good condition after two seasons. I usually hike twenty miles over three days with 35 lb. backpack. These Renegades have served me well in Anza Borrego Desert, High Sierras, Yosemite, Grand Canyon. Good waterproof in puddles, rain, and snow. They are stable and supportive. Warm but don't overheat with wool socks.

Very comfortable boots but not durable at all! I bought their newer improved versions, leather lined and Pro before realizing how delicate they were. They all started coming apart at seams near lower part of boots. Stitchings and bottom rubber soles separated and GTX models started leaking after my normal use! I would have given "no" stars for their durability. Don't buy these boots if you consider yourself a serious hiker.

I had an issue with the soles of the subject books coming apart at the seam of the sole. This started about 6 months after the original purchase. I tried to use super glue and had no luck emailing Lowa. Therefore, I called REI (and this was two years after the purchase) and after a very brief phone call with Tim Koster in Overland Park, KS Tim said come in and we'll replace the boots. I think in the end I simply got a "lemon" pair of Renegades because other than the before mentioned issue the boots are the best I've had to date. I'm very happy I didn't buy the boots at a "lemon" of a store. Cheers REI!

Daily wearers. At around 6 months the gore-tex badge fell off not a big deal. At around 15 months the thread started to fall apart. At around 18 months the shoes were un wearable. Warranty is only 12 months with proof of purchase. Previous two pair's of boots were Danner's and got 4 plus years from them. Lowa's $14 dollar a month shoes Danner's $4 dollar a month shoes. I had much cheaper shoes that wore as nice as Lowa's and lasted far longer.

I've worn these boots for two years now and I've hiked all over France, Peru, and the Appalachians. I've done everything from short day hikes to long distances jaunts going at 22-24 miles a day carrying loads that are probably 55-60lbs. These boots are fantastic but I wish there was a higher top boot since I've sunk further than the goretex protection a number of times. After trying on multiple boots at the store these were the ones for me, more so than the Solomon Quests that are so highly regarded. Definitely going to buy these boots again once I wear them out.

I have worked through two pairs of Lowa Renegades. I absolutely love the fit---have never had a blister. But the stitching in the second pair, like the first, pulled apart after surprisingly little wear--perhaps a total of 500 miles, most of which was on the flats, and grass and snow. I don't know why the stitching gives way, and it is really too bad. I'll probably get another pair, because I have never had any other boots that fit so well. But I am not sure I could recommend them.

I was steered to these boots through a process of elimination, as none of the boots I thought I wanted came in a size to fit my EE foot. Glad the salesman brought these out, as they really worked for me even if they cost a lot more than I had expected to spend. They fit true to size. No break in needed. Have used them on numerous day hikes and about ten overnighters, with daily mileage between 6 and 15 miles, and a load from 30 to 50 lbs. The boots have held up well so far. I tend to easily roll my ankles, and that has rarely occurred with these so I like the stability they seem to offer. They shed water when briefly wet on a crossing, and I have gotten them totally soaked as well. They do take a long time to dry out completely, but they will be dry enough overnight not to matter. Mud and dirt come off with a stiff brush and some warm water, then I treat them with Lowa's boot care products afterwards as I really hope they will last a long while.

I have been an ardent Hunter, Fisherman and Hiker for over 40 years. Through these years I have tried many different types of boots from Vasque, Merrell, Northface, Danner and various other manufacturers. I have to tell you how pleased I am with my Lowa Renegade GTX after two hard years of chasing Elk on steep mountains, walking broken river bottoms and hiking rugged trails they just do it all. I just got home from a tough hunt and after cleaning and conditioning these Renegades they look amazing! This is what prompted me to review these boots. They are super comfortable right out of the box, have just enough support to work almost anywhere, and are very waterproof. Buy a pair, keep up on cleaning and conditioning and they won't let you down. Best boots I ever owned!!

Bought them in a trip to NYC (I live in Chile and big size Lowa boots do not exist there, we only get until US 11-12, I am 13) and after each use, I started having pain in my heels. I broke my ankle a month after buying them so I couldn't use them until a few months ago, and the pain is back. It was strange, since they are 13 and I am 13, but after watching all other shoes, this one es 30,4cm long, when the normal US 13 is 31cm long (more than 1/2 US size smaller).

I have been through several brands of hiking boots with mixed result in how well they hold up. I am now on my third pair of Lowa boots (second pair of Renegades) and loving them. They break in easy and are much sturdier than the other brands I ave purchase din the past. They are so comfortable that they are my daily footwear in addition to trekking. I have been blessed to spend a lot of time in Innsbruck, Austria for business in the past few years and can really attest to how well they take to the Nordkette, Rofan, Glungezer, Nockspitze, Kellerjoch and Patcherkofel trails!

I bought these in May 2013 and started wearing them in late July that year. Now 2½ years later they are finally starting to show wear and are no longer waterproof. However, I have put 1300 miles on them since then. And I expect to get another 200 miles before they are completely shot. But that is remarkable - never have I had boots that have lasted that long. And I don't particularly baby my boots. I plan to buy another pair soon. I'm glad they are still available. Well worth the money. My wife has the same model boot. She also needs a new pair and wants another one of these.

Over the past several years, I have purchased this boot for my hiking. I chose them because they are very light and have a perfect fit. However, one pair separated at the sole, another separated (both L&R) at a front side seam (top). The soles are completely worn after a 1000 miles (one year) or so.

I bought these a couple of years ago to do some weekend backpacks and dayhikes. Love the boots. Went snowshoeing a couple of weeks ago and when I pulled the lace it snapped. Thought it would be no big deal to replace them and bought a pair of SofSole boot laces only to find out the shrink wrapped end would not fit through the eyelet. Went to REI and the person in the boot department found he did not have any laces hanging that would work. I bought the SofSole trim-to-fit laces at REI and made a pair that work. I had to heat the shrink wrap ends up and smash them a little flat so they would go through the eyelet and they work fine. Just some advice if others have had this problem. These laces are also cheaper, $4.

I bought a pair of these over 12 years ago at an REI and while I don't typically use them for fair-weather backpacking trips, I have used them on several multi-day snowshoeing/backpacking trips in the winter to Dolly Sods and the George Washington National Forest in Virginia and they've not let me down. I also use them in winter in our heavy DC snows and the GoreTex and design works well to keep my feet dry and warm. Vasques and other boots that are high-cut in the ankle usually end up giving me problems with my achilles tendon, so these are soft enough and cut low enough in back to keep my ankles happy. Good support and a grippy set of soles work on wet rocks, too.

Live in Alaska, have used these a bit this winter weather permitting. Traveled to Mexico, Arizona and California for winter hike-camp trips. After a 2 week break in...shoe fits well, no hot spots, great grip on rocks in Red Rock Country. No water leaks in Alaska early spring conditions. Very happy after going thru 3 different boot companies to prevent heal slippage. Shoe runs a bit small. I wear a 10 and half and bought an 11, shoe also runs narrow ....wide fits perfect.....good hiking to all!

Long time backpacker - have gone through the gamut on shoes - Renegades included - but... (full disclosure) my Renegades were not the Gortex model as was not intending on hiking that much over snow. IMHO, Gortex does little to help (read useless?) in the summer Sierra.

This is one heck of a boot. My first hiking boot in ever. I’m in Hawaii and without an REI here to try on I kind of gambled on the sizing and won. To reference sizes I wear 10.5 Altra Torin’s, 10.5 W Red Wing Iron Rangers. I purchased the 10.5W in these Lowa Renegades. The wide feels a lot like a regular width in the toe box but allows ample room to to wiggle my toes. The construction is solid, the sole is plenty sturdy and capable on various terrain including rock. The waterproofing is waterproof to the max. I guess the only con, and it’s not much of a con, is that the gortex does emit a bit of a funny smell. Nothing incredibly major or troubling but something I noticed.

I liked these boots and they were very waterproof, but on about their fourth weekend trip they got a split seam (through the waterproofing), and are now useless. I'll be returning them. Happened to my last pair of Lowas too, time to switch brands.

I went to REI to get a pair of Vasque hiking boots based on the reviews. After trying on the Vasques, I tried on these Lowa boots, and what a world of difference. They were way more comfortable. After spending a week hiking in Death Valley, where we were literally hiking 8-10 hours a day, I have to say these are the best boots made anywhere. Definitely will get them again if these ever wear out.

I love these—they have excellent arch support and great overall comfort within feeling too tight. So far, I’ve used them on several longer, higher elevation snow shoeing trails and they’ve performed like a champ within causing much chafing. The Gore Tex isn’t too hot on these—the ventilation works well without making my feet overheat. I’ve used them on general walkabouts and they’re comfortable longer term as well. Overall for general comfort and lighter performance I can’t recommend them highly enough. I haven’t owned them during the summer as of yet, so we will see how they handle scrambling and hopping then!

I have been wearing Renegades for the past several years and they are my go-to shoe for annual Sierra backpacking trips. With a thirty pound pack, they provide surprising ankle support. More to the point, they fit so well, they could be socks!

They fit great out of the box and gave great support and grip on my first hike. Unfortunately, the insoles began to slip and bunch up when heading downhill on my second hike so I brought them back in to return. The folks at REI suggested some Superfeet Green insoles which I figured I'd give a try. Luckily the insoles dropped right in with no trimming necessary. I've taken them on several hikes since and have been nothing short of amazing. If you're going to get these then I recommend budgeting for a pair of insoles as well. I've never bought aftermarket insoles before but I'm a believer now.

I purchased a new pair of these boots for a 12-day backpacking trip in the mountains. My previous pair of the same brand had lasted me 10+ years of trips to the boundary water canoe area and for general use. The comfort and support of these boots is great for my type of feet. One frustration I encountered while taking training hikes was that the insole would slide forward and bunch up under my foot while hiking, leaving my heal half on and half off the insole. The odd feeling was bothersome. I resolved the issue by buying another insole that stayed in place. The boots served me well on my backpacking trip, but since returning I've noticed that the threads on the insides of both boots near the ball of my feet have broken open. In addition, the threads on the inside of the heal of my left boot have also come out. While the boots are a year and a half old, I don't have that many miles on them. I've read other reviews stating that the quality of Lowa boot construction has gotten worse in recent years, and I couldn't agree more. I'll be trying a different brand for my next purchase. I love the comfort and support of these boots, but I don't love having to buy a new pair every two years. At this price they should last longer than 16 months.

I found these shoes to be top notch, the roomy toe box and the nicely padded sides made my feet few awesome. I have a wide foot and a high arch. I added a nice orthopedic insole for my arch. I’ve been hiking with these multiple times a week for well over a year. They have held up fantastically. I’m very hard on shoes as I started wearing these at well over 300 pounds.

I have owned Lowa products in the past with very good results. I was looking for a mid-weight Gore-Tex boot for general hiking, light backpacking and I found these boots to fit my needs quite well. They are comfortable right out of the box and offer very good support and traction. I carry a pack typically around 40 lbs for a few nights and these boots were perfectly up to the task. As I am in Arizona I have not had bad weather though I expect the Gore-Tex membrane will do it's job it the rain comes. The sales clerk at REI was great to deal with and he offered sound advice when it came to the choice of boots for the value they provide.

I own other lowa boots for hunting, I bought these boots for daily knock arounds in the cold and snowy mn weather and so far (after nix waxing) these boots have performed impeccable in the conditions. They do tend to run about half size big, which is the opposite of the lowa bighorns and other hunting boots, if I could change one thing it would be the ankle eyelets for lacing, it is hard to hook the boot lace in the eyelet hook, which needs to either be bigger or more proximal one the boot. Overall very satisfied with the boot.

These are one of my favorite pairs of boots. Let's get to why: Comfortable, short break in, good lining/water proofing, good sole/traction in dry/wet/various terrains, durable, solid ankle support, solid stability, and can be used for backpacking. I have used them from desert to mountain, from dry to rain to snow and ice, and they have served me very well, much better than other makes/models of boots that I've destroyed in the past. Bang for the buck, it's really hard not to like these.

First pair of LOWA's Renegade boot in 2011.

This was the Renegade GTX 310968 9449.

I thru-hiked the John Muir Trail in these and they are some sturdy suckers. They saved me from ankle twists and sprains more times than I can remember. They are super comfortable, and overall I highly recommend these bad boys. Just buy them, you wont be disappointed.

Especially thanks to MINA and FELIX off REI SOHO (shoes department) for taking time to accommodate me finding the perfect hiking boots. I haven't use this much to justify a 5 star rating so a 4 star for now. Used it in couple laps off giant stairs (palisades ny) for my practice hike knocks off approximately 12 minutes per loop on my usual 1' 45" and still my feet, legs and my knees felt great. If you're in a practice mode hiking for a planned permit-only-day hike, you must know your time and speed to calculate your most comfortable hiking pace. There's a lot of variance to tackle and one thing you need to figure out is your boots. IMHO, this boots will help me achieve what I've been training for.

I've had these boots for about a month and have done my best to beat them up. Ten days in the hills above Flagstaff tromping through snow and mud and water and my feet were dry and happy. Two days backpacking in Death Valley through waterfalls and creeks - feet still dry, amazing traction on the slippery rocks, and great support while carrying a pack. Two days backpacking the the Alabama Hills taking a beating scrambling up huge rock piles. A couple of day hikes in between where I appreciated the solid ankle support. These boots are super comfortable, they broke in almost instantly, and they've been my best friend the last three weeks. Worth every penny.

Love the boot. Well constructed, with great materials. Classic design. I just have a couple "minor" issues. First, the shoelaces are thin. The top three hooks are open hooks hardware and are supposed to lock in the laces, but it often just falls out when lacing up. A $5.00 lace upgrade would make this a non-issue. Second I ordered a wide width boot, but it looks like the toe box is not wide width. Toes are cramped, but a little toenail maintenance should make this a non-issue. The insole is a bit cheap for me. I will most likely change these out with something that will fit my "picky" needs.

I really liked these boots when I first bought them. They were very comfortable, which is what I look for first when it comes to footwear. I work outdoors and am on my feet most of the day, so durability was also important.

Bought these boots for work as I do lots of walking/hiking. However after 1 year and 2 months (outside the return time) the stitching in the toe box came undone and now the leather is pulling apart. I never even went backpacking with these boots I can only imagine how long they would last with an actual load on them

Do not purchase unless you want and can afford a new pair every few months. The soft rubber soles wear down quickly, and because of Lowa's boot design and manufacturing injection molding process, these boots cannot be re-soled. Vibram has confirmed this issue with a leading Pacific NorthWest Cobbler.

I am very careful with trying on boots and running shoes. I tried every boot that REI had and this one I felt the most complete support and since I slightly pronate I felt support in that form also. With the right sock this boot is for any weather, I've been in -5° in the snow and hiking in 90+ degree weather. I strongly recommend trying on with thick winter socks or double sock to allow slight room for swelling. I have a wide foot and I'm very happy that I went with wide. Also extremely happy with the REI STOCKTON Ca staff they showed me the many ways of tying the boot for walking versus the sanding and different ways to lease the boot for whatever occasion.

For the better part of the past 20 years, I've worn Vasque boots. But, either their boots are getting more narrow or my foot is getting wider (or both) and Vasque didn't have a wide option (at least not at either of the REI stores I went to). The Lowa was more expensive, but at least they had a wide option. Overall, the Lowa felt more comfortable and fit my foot better. However, after some wear, the boot doesn't seem so much built for wide feet as "large" feet - or, more specifically, large ankles. I'm 6' & 180 lbs. While the width of the boot's sole fits well, the rest of the boot is somewhat lose providing limited ankle support. I also find that the laces tend to slip off of the lower hooks, which seems to be due to the boot not fitting snug enough.

Two 5.5 mile out and backs in Santa Barbara front country...lot's of boulders and scrambling. Boots perform awesomely, however, ALREADY started falling apart at the seams. Inconceivable. 11 miles and coming apart. Took them back to REI (LOVE REI) and switched to the Salomon Quest 4D 3GTX.

I was surprised to see all the reviews talking about durability. I bought these boots in February of 2015, it is now January 2019, these are the only hiking boots I wear and they are still champions. I am a Search and Rescue volunteer, which means I am often off-trail, in muck, in briars, in mountainous terrain...snow, mud, rocks, you name it.

I climbed Kili in these- at first I was unsure about which brand to buy. I went with the out of the box comfort, because I decided I was going to climb very short notice, like in a couple of weeks. While hiking the trails of Africa in these boots, my athletic prowess was able to be on display. My party was merely hiking, but not me- I was going hardcore off of rocks and trees along the trail. They were gasping for air at the summit, but not this guy. This guy was hardcoring off of the rocks and even the guides themselves a couple of times. I styled Kili in these bad boys...Should really be in a magazine or something. On a seriously note- great boots. highly recommend.

I bought these boots in July of 2016 and by June of 2017 the sole was coming loose on the right boot. These boots were $200+ and didn't hold up for one year! I have owned a lot of hiking boots and most boots will at least get me 2 seasons of hiking before starting to fall apart and all of my previous boots were not as expensive as these.

When I've used these boots for hiking they have been great. Comfortable, I had to get them a little big because they didn't fit exactly half a size smaller and the other pairs of boots I tried on were to narrow around my toes. When on steep loose terrain they move around enough to create hot spots. After 6.8 mile round trip doing 3500' up and then down I didn't have blisters but continued use probably would have. I was wearing the same merino wool socks I used with other boots and never had a problem. It may be because I had to get a boot a little big but I'll have to watch out for my feet more now. The durability has been great and I enjoy the boots for most uses.

I purchased these in 2012 and have put 6 years of wear on them on both trails and brick sidewalks. I walk to work in an office and frequently wear them with dress slacks and most people don't even notice I'm in boots because of the dark grey color. The keep my feet warm and are the most comfortable hiking boots I have ever worn. Very light and flexible yet provide support in all the right places. They are water proof but breathe very well. They are only now beginning to show wear on the heel but, otherwise, the stitching and sole look good. I plan to purchase another pair.

I bought these a year ago, fit comfort were great. I wore these boots alot over the year and 1 month I had them. toe on left boot got a little wet leather cracked, thought i could live with it, then noticed sole beginning to separate from boot (8 to 10 months), after recent snow noticed threads in seams breaking on both boots, heels wore out. Good boot if you don't wear them all the time. REI honored warranty.

I've owned a pair of Renegades for about 4 1/2 years. They're comfortable like sneakers, with durable uppers and good traction.

I had trouble finding a boot to fit my wide feet but this one had the most amazingly spacious toe box. I was very excited to use these as the were highly rated.

I have traveld to 72 countries in my 51 years. Many of them hiking in rugged terrain both in hot and cold conditions. I have enjoyed a variety of boots and could recommend several. BUT a friend showed me these boots online a couple of months ago and I decided to buy a pair. I am thrilled. They fit well, are light, water resistant, comfortable, and enjoy wearing them. Now I have only had them a few days and will need to see how they wear. But for now I am saying these are the best pair of all terrain boots that I have bought. I would lightly recommend them to those who travel on hard city streets especially, for they are absorbing shock very well. Hope this was helpful.

I bought these boots about a year ago with the intention of using them for various hike lengths. I've so far used them on everything from relatively plain 5-7 mile jaunts here in the "hills" of Minnesota, to a 26 mile round trip (single day)hike of Barr Trail on Pike's Peak in Colorado. I will say that they are very comfotable for the first while, but after about the 5 mile mark my feet start to get pretty sore.

I hike about 30 miles a week on and off trails as far away from civilization as I can get. These shoes let me walk on rocks without feeling them and keep my feet very comfortable. No toe pinching on the downhill or ankle rubbing on the sidehill.

I just took these out for their first real test, several days hiking in Oregon and Washington, and they came through with flying colors. They provided plenty of ankle support going up steep climbs from ridges to beaches and the waterproofing held up great during some soggy days in the Olympics.

Would be great boots except the soles disintegrate where they are bonded in front = stay away! I contacted Lowa and they offered me 30% off on another pair. I told them i wouldn't buy disintegrating boots for 30% of and that I would write this review--no response.

I had these boots for a little over a year and was a little disappointed at how long they lasted. These are great boots if you aren't an avid hiker/backpacker but if you are they are only good for about a year. I hiked around 500-600 miles in these and most of the seams were busted, the rubber toe was ripped off or coming off, and they lost comfortability. If thats what is expected of these boots then I'd say they are pretty good but I am looking for a longer lasting boot that will hold together a little longer.

Purchased in salt lake store, used in flaming gorge off trail, rocky mnt NP, big bend NP, and Guadalupe NP mostly in mountains and rough terrain. Bought 1/2 size bigger as was advised due to toe issues in the Grand Canyon with the old boots. These were $100 more than than the old shoes so I would have been disappointed if they weren't really good. The guy in the salt lake store wears these and recommended them, but I tried on other boots just because I had to prove it to myself. Have had them a month, and will put them to a bigger test in the Grand Canyon in February. Only give 4 stars, but they could be 5 stars.

I bought these boots for trekking through Nepal. Even though I experienced steady downpours for days, and trekked through standing and rushing water, I was the only one on the trek who had dry feet every day. They are extremely comfortable, too. It is nice to be able to focus on the climb and not on my feet for days and days.

Just returned from a week hiking in Glacier. Couldn't have done it without these boots. I'd returned two previous pairs because they were too narrow and after upgrading to the Lowas I'm really glad I did. I went up a 1/2 size to get more width and toe room, but it worked out fine. 5 to 15 miles every day, up and down 2000 ft. and more, through water and rocky trails, never a blister, never felt squeezed or sore. Sure, they're a little pricey, but it would have been a miserable trip without good boots and I couldn't be happier with the Renegades. Highly recommend.

Between breaking these in on a 6 hour class 3 hike, and then spending an entire week in them in the Cloud Peak Wilderness in Wyoming, I can say I love these. From the trail, to bushwhacking, to traveling over talus fields, to hanging out in camp -- they're incredibly comfortable and have great support for wide feet with a rigid sole. After two full days of hiking and camping in the rain, my feet were still dry. Definitely very happy.

I have had my Lowa Renegades for only 3 months and have climbed 5 mountains, 2 very short overnight backpacks, and a few very easy day hikes. Probably less than 75 miles. Pros: Decent traction on wet rock, waterproof, no break in, were comfortable on quick short overnight backpacks. Cons: Not good torsional stiffness when sidehilling off trail, already showing wear in a very short time. These are not made for off trail hiking or scrambling. Talus and scree seem to be too much for them. Threads on toes seams breaking on both boots and the rubber on one toe piece starting to separate and peel back already. At this rate they won't last 6 months. Not what I expected for a $220 boot. If all you do are Class 1 and easy Class 2 trails, I suppose they might work for you. However, I am returning them to REI for something sturdier that will hold up to going off trail.

After I have tried Keen Gypsum, Targhee ii, Vasque breeze ii, Taku, I ended up with LOWA renogade GTX. They are really comfortable and amazingly light just right after out of the box. I just have done 12.4 miles hike to Cucamonga peak with my new LOWA renogade. I have nothing to complain about. It's worth for the money. I don't regret for spending a little more over these shoes. Compared to Keen Gypsum, the lug are so great and durable. Keen wore out quickly.

These are the best hiking boots I have ever owned, and I've owned many. In the past, I bought the "custom" boots in NH which took months to make, and they destroyed my feet and nearly ruined a multi-day trip in the Olympics. I also tried a popular brand with great looking designs which fell apart on day 1 on the approach to Aconcagua.

I have used Lowa boots for past 15 years. While living in Portland, Or. they wore very well but in the Nevada hiking terrain and climate they only last about 6 months. The rubber breaks off and the stitches come out. I continue to buy this boot due to comfort and not able to find a better boot for this terrain.

This is a great all around boot with solid footing and feel on all surfaces. I haven't experienced any foot fatigue, toe compression (get a size larger), hot spots or blisters. This boot now has about 40 miles on it with no signs of tread wear, loose spots, laces issues or other wear points. Break in was accomplished during my first 9 mile hike. I have a wide but low volume foot and this boot fits great so I appreciate the adequate toe box, unlike many others I've tried. This boot is great for light to medium weight backpacking, long day hikes, or technical terrain hikes. Look for a more pliable boot for short hikes on well maintained trails, paved paths, or every day use.

It took me a total of 6 hours to decide on these boots. That' 6 hours I won't ever get back. I am working here in Iraq and I don't have the ability to try boots on. So I read everyone's reviews on this product and made my decision to buy them. Now I have to wait another 7 days to get a new pair because these just didn't cut it. I wanted a pair of boots that were easy to break in. I could tell right away that these weren't going to be easy. I couldn't afford to go another 3 weeks with blisters on my heels like the last pair o boots I bought. If I had been in a store I would not have bought these[...]

Excellent comfort and the right trade-off between casual and alpine hiking. I tried the Oboz Bridger first, then the Lowa Camino GTX, and then finally this one: Lowa Renegade GTX.

I have a very difficult time finding boots that fit me well but these renegades really hit the mark for me. They are extremely comfortable and durable. Warm during cold weather and stay perfectly dry when it's wet. I put my boots threw a lot, and expect these to last years and years. They are perfect for hiking or just daily use. The quality is very high, and with REI's return policy, I have nothing to worry about. My salesman Mike at REI in Christiana de was extremely helpful in finding the perfect fit boot for me. That's what I love about REI, there salespeople are extremely nice and very knowledgeable!

I shared with the REI sales rep that I was going to Nepal for an eight day trek along with several days of touring. He recommended the Lowa Renegade GTX. The boots were immediately comfortable. Don't expect that they'll need extensive break in. Have worn them for several hikes and not been disappointed. Paired with Darn Tough trekking socks and nary a blister, or "hot spot". My feet never felt cold; nor, did they get wet while slogging through mud, wet snow. Materials used and construction superior to Keen and Oboz boots in my hiking boot "stable". Renegade's are heavier than either of the previous, but not surprising considering materials employed and great construction.

I bought these boots in preparation for the presidential traverse in the White Mountains. If you're familiar with the range, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. On day 3, one of the longer days from Lakes of the Clouds Hut to Madison Springs, it was sleeting/raining very hard. By the second hour in the weather, my boots and socks were completely drenched. I hiked for 4 more hours with water-logged boots. And they were still wet the following day for my next hike.

I've been a lifelong Keen fan, but lately their more serious boots have been too narrow in the toe and too wide in the heel. In a 14 wide, these Lowa boots fit great right in the store without the loose heel and narrow-but-too-long toe of my Keen Durands, and breaking them in has been surprisingly painless. My initial two mile break-in hike was better than any pair of serious boots I've ever owned.

I bought the Renegades after trying on quite a few different boots. The out-of-the-box fit was the most comfortable. I was in the market for a solid boot for moderate day hikes as part of my efforts to lose weight and change my lifestyle. I added a pair of heat-formed inserts to further customize the fit (also purchased at REI - great product).

I am on my 5th set of these same type of boots. I have worn them trekking thru the Himalayas, thru the Australian outback, when backpacking Europe, climbing thru bush, wading thru water and repelling thru canyons locally. When a set wears out I go in and up a new set. I think they can wear out a bit quickly particularly on the outside stich near the small toe… But it's not like I'm going easy on them. They are also a bit pricey but well worth it for a sturdy reliable boot.

This is my second pair of Renegades, most comfortable boot I have ever owned. I have ran the first pair way beyond its useful life and still continue to wear them even though the soles are worn out they have been patched together a few times. If these wear as well they will be well worth the money spent. I was a bit disappointed yesterday when I broke one of the shoestrings on the new boots. My old worn out boots still had the original strings so I stole one to use until I get replacements. Other than the strings, quality seems the same and I expect to put many many miles behind me in this pair as well.

I needed new boots for an upcoming Whitney hike. These boots were recommended by a store employee so I gave them a try. From the minute I put them on it felt like I had worn them forever. The first day I took them out on a three mile test run there was no doubt these were great boots, no hot spots or sore feet. During my Whitney hike these boots offered superior stability, comfort, traction, support and there was no problem with them being waterproof. I am waiting for my REI rewards to come back so I can by another pair to have on hand just in case for some stupid reason the company decides to stop making them, which would be a very bad thing because they are such great boots.

I wear this product both on long urban walks and hiking in moderately difficult terrain. It is comfortable, durable, and balances weight and support very well. I wouldn't recommend it as a casual shoe, but it provides excellent support for day hikes.

This regrettably negative review will do nothing to affect the point score of the very popular Lowa Renegade, but those who are considering this amazingly comfortable out of the box boot should realize that it can pack a surprise for your feet several miles beyond the normal trial and break-in period.

waterproof - check!

Liked the fit, feel & weight from the start. Held off on a review until I could get about 90-100 miles of the Colorado Trail done in them. Saw a lot of negative reviews about the durability of these boots, but bought them anyway. Still love these boots. No problems with stitching, gluing etc. Traction is great and the only noticeable wear is on the soles. A few small jagged areas on the tread now from some rough rock trails and a trip up a 14'er. Not an issue. If I get 500 miles of CDT/CT wear out of them, I'll have another pair waiting.

i bought my first pair in 2005 just before going to the middle east. while there i trekked around on city streets, roads, deserts, mountains, and hills. my only concern was that the traction could be better while climbing mountains and trails. the boots are still intact despite the fact they are my everyday shoes as well as used when i ride my motorcycle. i'm only now thinking about buying a new pair as the sole is worn in some places. i bought them on sale for less than $100 and to me considering the length of time i've had them; that's about the best bargain you're ever going to get. to replace them now it would cost me over $200 so i'll wait for the sale and buy them at that time.

Took these boots right out of the box and onto a 5 day hike in Georgia mountains -- they really do not require any break-in -- I had zero foot problems. I wouldn't do that again but in a pinch they were great.

I had returned a pr of Oboz I had 2 months for full credit. Our feet are all different and Oboz hurt me at a place that never had been an issue before. I knew that the Lowa Renegade would fit right to my feet as I have had two pairs prior. I was not disappointed. From REI store I drove to Liberty Creek trailhead and hiked about 6.25 miles out and back. No issues at all. I wore boot chains that day as all was snow and ice. I hope these hold up better than past two Renegade's and that is why I rated 4, not 5 stars as the Renegade's in past have began opening up prematurely on the tops near the toes.

Boots were comfortable out of the box and required little break-in . I appreciate they come in a wide size and they are very comfortable and supportive. Traction and support was perfect as was the water proofing which came in handy during stream crossings. I used them on a number of the more challenging trails locally (Mt Baldy, Wilson, Cucamonga, etc and to summit Mt Whitney. My only complaint is the rubber on the toe started to tear so the concerns in other reviews regarding long term durability are valid. I would still recommend the boots and just try not to beat them up too much (I know....).

I am on my second pair, first were used in Afghanistan. This pair are used for hiking, rucking and running/pt with armor plates. Every other day is pt or running. The runs are 6 miles half up hill with 30 pounds of armor/load out gear.

While walking off trail left shoe shoestring caught a briar and completely ruined it. Shoes are very comfortable but I feel like shoestrings should not fail so easily

I have wider than normal feet and it's hard to find that perfect fit in a hiking boot. These are just right for me - my feet feel secure on loose, steep terrain. I've also trucked around in deep mud from recent rains and melted snow/ice and my feet didn't shift at all.

I've had these boots for a few yrs now and have worn down the tread, especially in the heels, that I need to replace. While I'm a little disappointed in the tread wear, these boots are so comfortable, supportive, light and with good traction that I am going to purchase another pair. Totally confident in rugged terrain with these boots and they breathe well. Did replace the std insoles w/SuperFeet ones. Not a cheap boot, but worth the price.

I absolutely love these boots. I just purchased my fourth, or is it fifth, consecutive pair from REI and cannot be happier. They are lightweight, but sturdy and wear like iron. I have had foot problems since I was a kid (a very long time ago) and am always looking for comfortable footwear. Thankfully when it comes to boots, these have proven year after year they are the best I have ever owned, including some that cost a whole lot more than the Lowa Renegade. And, to top it off they are waterproof which means a lot in Oregon.

Bought the GTX Mid based on REI review. Comfortable, good upper and love the lacing design. Unfortunately, platform sole (while comfortable) is soft and not a sole for people who like consistent firm foot bed on long hikes. Lugs are shallower than many Vibram soles so concerned about durability. Result is more comfort and a good product for what it is but steer clear if you want reliable platform in uneven conditions.

I have a very wide foot across the toes and narrow heals, which can make fitting boots a problem, however I am very happy with the Lowa Renegade GTX in a Mens Wide. They have a very large toe box and the lacing options allow for the heal to be adequately secured. My first day out I was worried that they would rub and I tied them a bit too tight, but after that everything was good. I still wear toes socks (a must for those with very wide feet), but on easy days I tried them with normal socks and was still OK. I wore these boots for 18 days straight, for roughly 8 hours per day, and had no problems at all. I don't know how they will last, but they are comfortable and I highly recommend them.

I really wanted to keep these shoes, but they were just too narrow for my feet. Other than that, they were awesome. I blame the store rep more than the boots for steering me in the wrong direction. If you have normal width feet, these are sick boots. If you have puddle jumpers like I have, you're better off going with the Asolo TPS 520 GV or the Fugitives. The 520s are a little wider. I really wanted to keep these boots; oh well.

Had my third pair of Lowas fall apart on me, all with the same failure. The soles basically disintegrate after a short time. They don’t just come unglued, large chunks start falling off so repair is impossible. Maybe it’s a new type of eco-friendly biodegradable sole? Either way not a good thing on a $200 hiking boot. On the plus side they are really comfortable for the short time they’re useable, just don’t leave the house without a spare pair of shoes. Read other reviews online, this is a very common problem.

My first Lowas and I'm very pleased. I like the way these boots restrain your toes from jamming into the front of the boot on downhills. I had bought a pair of Vasque Breeze 2 men's size 11 wide and after one not terribly steep hike with properly laced boots I am now losing 3 toenails. I returned the Vasque and tried the same size of Renegades. With the Vasque on one foot and the Lowa on the other, I kicked the rock in the REI store to test both together. The toes jammed in the Vasque, but not any problem with the Lowa. Both boots had the same amount of toe room on the flat, but the Vasque would not restrain my foot. My maiden hike with the Renegades was up the Hamma Hamma River towards Mildred Lakes. There was some real tough terrain and these boots worked superbly.

I bought my first pair of Lowa Renegade GTX boots two years ago to wear while section hiking SOBO the north half of the AT. I have been through about 5 different styles of hiking footwear over the previous 10 years and have gone from boots to trail runners, and with this pair, back to boots. They broke in very well and were extremely comfortable. 2013 in Maine was very wet and they boots remained comfortable and my feet blister-less for over 180 miles. However, front seams on the outer side of each boot started to open up , about 6-10 stitches popped and after the hike, I exchanged them (I figured that it was a one-time flaw and my feet really felt good as we made it through the 100-mile wilderness, up Katadhin, and over the Bigelows). In 2014, when we started working SOBO again and working our way towards the Whites, I was wearing my second pair, also well broken in, but not feeling quite as good as the first pair. By the time we got to Mt. Madison, I had stitching failing on both boots, and on both sides of each boot. The rocky terrain and the large number of stitched pieces of leather on these boots just did not work out. (not to mention the funky rubber trim on the font that catches rocks and tears off - what is wrong with a solid piece instead of useless trim?). When we got off the trail at 186 miles, these boots were shot for hiking.

Prior to this year I've hiked 4 times. This year I want to go much more so I had to get a good pair of boots...but where to start? REI of course. The clerk told me why these were his favorite hiking boots. They fit very well, so I took a chance.

I've had these boots for a couple months now. Right out of the box, I was amazed at how comfortable they are. By far the most comfortable boot I have ever owned. They are light weight, and the sole is very flexible and relatively thin compared to other boots I own. I would consider them a "light duty" boot for relatively smooth terrain, or just an every day bad weather boot. For serious hiking or climbing, I would switch to my Asolo Drifters, which are much more stiff and rugged. I give these boots 5-stars since they are extremely comfortable and perfect for my everyday light duty use.

I had a pair of hiking boots for over 20 years and when the sole came off on one of them I decided to get rid of them they had more than served their purpose. I tried on more than 6 pair the renegades felt great from the time I put them on. I had no time to break them in or try them on for an extended period of time. My first wear with them was a 12 hour day feet felt good at the end of the day and when I put the boots on the beginning of the next day..I am 6 foot and 220 pounds so my feet take a pounding. I would recommend a person try them on if you are looking for a good hiking boot

This is my second pair of Lowa Renegade GTX boots. My first pair lasted 2 years of very heavy use. Some parts of my property are at a 30% grade. I spend about 3 hours a day in these boots and they are incredible. They are light weight, have great support and a very aggressive tread. I often have a 45 pound backpack sprayer on my back and these boost have saved a very bad trip and fall many times over

These are excellent light-duty hikers. Those complaining about the durability only need to look at the construction: fairly thin brushed top-grain Nubuck leather (not 3mm full-grain leather), glued on sole and rand (not Norwegian welt), fabric lining (not leather), too many seams, etc. If you need durable boots, buy proper backpacking/work boots. These are fantastic for light day hiking: waterproof, not too heavy, and very comfortable.

I have spent much time reading reviews and trying various hiking boots and shoes and socks. I actually purchased several different brands and styles. Some returned for defects and others were just not right. While returning another pair, I tried the Lowa Renagade GTX, and wore them for a full hour in the store. At last, a boot with room for toes, good arch support and seem to be built rugged. With a wide foot opening, these boots are easy to put on. Other reviewers have suggested the quality is not there, but I have not experienced this. I have been training for Mt. Whitney, and have 100+ miles on them so far, and no sole or stitching separation. The boot fully supports my foot and Finally, No Blisters!

First review that I've ever done but these boots are so awesome, I feel i have to. Bought them for a Colorado elk hunt this year. I put around 200 miles on these boots training for the hunt. Very comfortable, never had to worry about my feet while training. Spent 9 days hunting in the mountains of Colorado. My Lowa boots were wet at least 75% of the time. My feet on the other hand were dry the entire time. So pleased with these boots that I'll definitely buy another pair when/if this pair wears out.

I am a big boy and I have wide feet, and high arches (the shoe expert said "St Louis type" arches) with the addition of good insoles, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.

Let me start by saying, the weight may be right around 2.44 lbs, but these boots are so comfortable that you don't even feel the weight. They have very nice arch support, a comfortable support frame, Gore-Tex lining, and the Vibram Evo sole. If you're wondering about treads on these boots, I trail walk on a (at times wet) rocky terrain every morning, and the grip is phenomenal. I no longer have the fear of twisting my ankles, as the ankle support really adds confidence to my walks. I purchased the Espresso/Honey version of this magnificent boot, and I couldn't be happier. I would like to add, that the gentleman who helped me from the REI retail store really helped me with the proper fit, and cemented my decision on this purchase. The boots I tried on in the store were as every bit as comfortable as the one's I ordered and received in the mail through him. Of the many Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots I tried on, each were very comfortable right out of the box. Thank you Lowa for creating such a quality product.

I think that a recent lot of these boots has a delamination problem. I have had 2 pairs of these boots in the last six months and both have delaminated at various places between the rubber and leather, subjecting them to leakage. The first pair delaminated after 100 miles and 2 months. The second pair delaminated after about 4 months and less than 500 miles. The entire front rubber piece was flapping and caused me to trip when it caught on rocks on several occasions. This is unfortunate, because otherwise the boots were very comfortable and relatively lightweight for a boot with good ankle support. I used them on a 2-week backpacking trip in the Sierra and actually preferred to wear them around camp instead of my camp shoes because they were more comfortable. I hope they fix this problem.

Purchased these Renegades, wore them continuiously and then stored them for a year. Went on a backpacking trip in the Cascades and they literally fell apart. Thankfully had some paracord as by the end of the hike the soles had completely fallen off on both shoes.

Purchased a few years ago. I live in California. So no hard wear and tear worn maybe 11 times. rubber soles and trim are decomposing coming off in chunks

I bought these boots around one year ago. The boots were comfortable and served me well; however, I'm finding that they were only good for one seasons worth of hiking in all types of climates and terrain. They are no longer waterproof, despite being treated on a number of occasions, and the sidewall is quickly coming apart rendering the boot rather useless at this point unless it's absolutely dry out. I wasn't expecting this, but in all fairness I'm pretty rough on my boots. I was hoping to get more than one years worth of hiking out of them but I don't think they will survive much longer. I don't think this is to be expected from Lowa's but it has made me hesitant from purchasing a pair in the near future.

DO NOT BUY!!! Like so many other low-starred reviewers, these books are great looking and perform awesome in mountaneering conditions. That is, until they split open at the soles. Literally the guts spilled all out like they'd been sliced open. Both boots did this literally at the same time. I maybe wore them on a couple of 4-day trips, and a dozen times in-city in wet/snow conditions. I bought these back in 2010 so you can see they haven't address the issue in almost a decade!! DO NOT BUY!!!

These boots are awesome, very light and a joy to wear. I could run with them on if I wanted. I've had 2 pairs. The first did hundreds of miles on rough terrain (lava included). All good till when the sawing on the side started failing and a hole appeared in between the layers of the leather.

I observed the same problem that has been reported by others. Within 2 months of use, the adhesive failed at the toes on both boots.

I bought the Lowa Renegades in September 2014. I did a couple of day hikes in the Cascades and then developed achilles tendonitis and have limited myself to walks of mainly a mile or less since that time. I was quite surprised this weekend when I discovered that both heals on these boots have worn through. It is my understanding that resoling is not an option. Sad because until that point, I loved these boots.

These boots are incredibly light. Great for a day of casual hiking. They were wonderful until I added a pack. Once the pack hit 25 lbs., I started feeling every rock in the trail. Obviously I was exceeding the purpose of these boots, they are not made to carry a load. The boots are comfortable, no break in, and feel more like tennis shoes with ankle support as long as you keep the weight light. I was sad to turn them in, but my hikes now consist of carrying a decent size pack and they just cannot handle the weight. I wore them for over a year without any problems (500 miles).

I have 250-300 mi on a pair of these boots in 10.5 US wide. During a 100 mi section hike of the AT, my feet swelled up the last couple days and hurt real bad (otherwise these boots were great but seem to show their wear kinda quick). I bought another pair of these when they were on sale, this time 11 US wide. The boots feel great and I can't wait to take them on the next section of the AT. FYI, I used to have problems with rolling my ankles on low top boots and trail runners. These boots halped mitigate my ankles rolling by a good 85% to 90% from my experience on the AT.

I'm not one to write too many reviews but I love these boots. Have definitely put em through their paces and they are super comfortable and durable. I have added a Superfeet insert and new longer laces... but I definitely recommend.

Most "independent" reviews rank the Renegade very near the top. User reviews also a favourable. My only suggestion is that a prospective buyer makes every effort to try the boots on before purchasing. I ordered my Renegades on line in my normal size (12 W) and found them to be too short. My toes were rubbing against the inside of the toe box, even with light weight hiking socks. I returned them to REI (relatively painless) and ordered the 13 W. That size fits well and I will probably use a medium, possibly a heavy, hiking sock. If you have truly large/wide feet you may want to consider a size larger. The other areas of the reviews seem to be spot on. I can't wait to hit the trails. Happy hiking !!

These boots are the perfect all purpose boots. I've back packed in them in both summer and late fall in very rugged/unstable terrain with 45lb pack. In the summer, I didn't feel like my feet were overheating. In the late fall hike, when all the leaves hid the rocky forest floor, I felt they were warm enough and provided excellent traction.

I've owned three pair of Lowa Renegades, so the comfort and fit should be evident. However, the great feature is true waterproof.

I have used these boots for rugged day hikes around Vail i.e. Mount Powell, Mount Thomas, Grouse Mountain, etc. I am a Lowa fan having numerous Lowa boots and skiboots in the past. I still have my 1978 Lowa 6 1/2 pound mountaineering boots.

After less than a year of light use the stitching on these boots has begun to fail. Given the significant cost of these boots, I am disappointed in the quality and durability. I purchased the boot for day hiking in the Northeast and used them every week or so. I will not buy the Lowa brand again and cannot recommend this boot.

Comfortable, light weight, and no break in time needed. Mine fell apart - literally. The sole began to detach, and very quickly led to a complete failure on a light hike. What a waste of money. I thought something costing upwards of $200 might last a little longer. It seems to be a common problem based on Amazon reviews as well.

I have owned several pairs of Lowa renegades, both low and mid models. They are wonderful until the sole separates. It is a gamble how long they will last. My Lowa Renegade Mids just "failed" because the sole split apart. I have three pairs of Renegade Low GTX II still holding up. One pair is about 5 years old so who knows.

Unlike quite a bit of the negative reviews and bad

I am just replacing mine (with another pair of Renegades) after two years of hiking. I've hiked about twenty miles a week, plus doing 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago, and have been very happy with mine. No break-in required and the waterproofing has been solid. I'm hoping for the same good use out of the second pair.

I don’t hike in boots, but got these for snow and outdoor things. After a lot of research I was between the Danner crater rim and this one. As a first time boot buyer, I was worried they would be miserably stiff with a long break-in period. I didn’t feel any break-in was necessary. Out of the box they took the weighted hikes, running, and general work very well. The tread is incredibly sturdy on hard pack, cushioned from jagged heavy rocks, and very effective on most dirt. The GTX breathes just enough to stay comfortable without getting too warm. The toe box was roomy for my wider foot, the last maintained its shape, with no internal heel slip, and I got no hot spots! After two seasons, they are still going strong!

For the price I was hoping for a boot that would have lasted a few years, mine has a split seam. Yes there’s a broken lace too. But that’s a easy fix. They are my weekend boots

These are the greatest boots - I love them! They are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and very waterproof, even after wearing them 7 years (which is how long my previous pair lasted) and of course I just bought a new pair of the same boots! I've taken them camping and day-hiking in the mountains of Colorado; I've worn them through mud and rain (always kept dry); I've worn them walking on rocks, up and downhill and trudging through low watery/rocky rivers. GREAT BOOTS!!!!!

I love these boots, they look great and are incredibly comfortable right out of the box. So here's the thing, they will treat you very well WHILE they last, I'm on my 2nd pair of these shoes.The first pair was returned because they began to come apart at 6 months worth of use. Its been 9 months since then and i'm already looking for a new pair.

I have used Lowas for over 7 years which is why I remained with this brand. My old boots had a its sole separate which is pretty normal, but it is repairable by a cobbler so I needed a new pair to use while I get my old ones fixed. The Renegade is made of great material as should be expected from gortex and the price tag. It offers great support especially on a extremely rocky trail I took in Jan. However, the break in period is definitely required and there still seems to be some points which cause hot spots so adding shoe liners would definitely be a great addition.

I bought this boot only to have the sole delaminate after a couple years. Lowa have me a discount (wow) on a new pair since my boots were out of warranty. I purchased a new pair, and the second time I wear them the topmost “plastic hook” for the shoelace separates from the boot. Waste of time and money.

These were my first pair of boots, and I was extremely pleased. There absolutely zero break-in time. I wore these everyday for a month of backcountry hiking through various terrain in and around Yellowstone. Kept me warm on the cold days, and never overheated on the super hot days. The traction never failed me on steep, rocky, wet, or snowy conditions.

I've had a pair for 6-7 years. I did have the stitching issue mentioned but I am used to upkeep and have a good boot repair guy here in Roseville. Actually bought the leather lined version as well, but that is a little snug. I sometimes carry as much as 45-50 pounds on longer backpacks and in volunteer Search & Rescue work, day hike with 30 pounds and they give me enough support. They are very comfortable and I don't take them off in camp, just undo the upper laces and retie as a shoe. Several members of my team love these as well. I have had them re heeled and re stitched, and have Tough Toe put on the front to prevent sole peel. First pair may be nearing the end but I have the leather lined version ready to go.

Lowas fit me well; with a shoe or boot, thats the main thing I think. I dont think they are made as well they used to be though; had some stitches break after about 4 mos. of hiking use, and a bubble soon developed. All the same, the fit for me is great, they are light on the foot, and water tight up to the top lace. They are good clambering on rocks along the shore, crunching thru sharp encrusted shells, etc. They hold up to slogging thru heavy mud, and a good hosing down after. They can dry out in a day if you can find some sun. I am clumsy, so I need them to protect my feet, and they do it. Never had a sprain or injury.

I bought these two years ago as a spare pair, snapping them up at a very good price. I had a pair of Zamberlan 360's and anticipated using the Lowa boots less frequently and perhaps for lighter outings. As it turned out, I've worn the Lowa boots about 80% of the time for hiking. The Lowas are much more comfortable and agile than the Zamberlans (being 1.2 lbs lighter for the pair probably helps) and MUCH more durable. The Zamberlans have failed due to premature wear (my second pair of these boots for which that has occurred), while the Lowa boots are going strong.

I'm quite an expert on these boots, having gone through about six pair over the last 20 years or so. I hike almost daily, and would not even consider any other boots.

Gore sent these to replace a pair of Vasque Clarions that lost their waterproofing (if they ever had it). Had tried them on in REI as well as Zamberlans and Asolos but Lowas were the lightest. Have owned Asolo leather lined boots which were luxurious, but heavy.

I climb 14ers in CO. (26 in 2012 and have 19 to go in 2013). Many of my trips are backpacking with 40+lbs and these boots are perfect!

Purchased my pair in 2016 to replace another new pair from another company that was defective (and made my feet way too hot). I was wary of all the seams, but the fit was right for me (my feet are a bit wide). Since then I’ve put several hundred miles on them.

I am adding a video link for my review. Please subscribe to the channel. The boots are great so far. Thanks.

Admittedly I've only got one weekend of hiking in these boots but I'm so excited by my happy feet that I have to leave a review and spread the good word! I bought the men's version rather than the women's and the little bit of extra space in the toe box spared my little toes blisters for the first time in forever! The higher ankle protection helped prevent my ankles from twisting even on a root and rock filled mile of uphill switchbacks - and helped keep trail debris out of my shoes. I look forward to putting the miles on these boots for many miles of happy feet!

I have been wearing Lowa boots about 11 years and I haven't been able to find another brand that fits my narrow foot as well as Lowa. On top on that, I am getting unbelievable life out of them. I wear the Renegade in Summer and Winter. In the summer they are a little warm but they hold up to any terrain. In the winter with a set of Kahtoola spikes, they can't be beat. I also like the Zephyr which is cooler and more flexible for Southern Utah slick rock.

the boots are great. I was in a pickle and needed new boots with very short notice before a 4 day hike in Yosemite. Essentially what you should never do. That being said, there was never any problems. From day one these boots have been excellent. I will say that eventually you have to buy new soles for thes eboots, the ones they come with are cheap and the foam will be pressed together so much that it'll strain your achilles tendon. Might as well buy some super soles while you're in the store to being with

The 14 wide is simply not a 14 wide. At best it is a 13 wide, but feels more like a regular 13. Insoles cut down to size 13 fit perfectly with no play. Size 14 insoles have to be forced to fit.

I had these boots for several months. They're very comfortable but not very durable. The toe box started coming apart within 6 months. This will be my last pair of Lowas I'll purchase . I do a lot of hiking and I expect my boots to last longer than 6 months.

I have owned two pairs of this boot, one I bought in in the year 2000, I had to stop wearing them as they were completely wore out. The second pair I recently purchased in 2012. The design and fit have not really changed that much, which to me is great cause they fit me well. The boot is solid built and is light for how rugged it is. I have a fairly narrow foot with a high arch and they fit me just slightly loose. I like that these boots are fairly light yet they have the feel of a much more heavy supportive boot. I am not a huge fan of the lacing design and lace material as I find the laces loosen up and the upper ankle portion comes loose often. This just requires me to relace more often than I like and is a small price to pay for the comfort and durability. If these boots fit you they will last you a long time and server you well.

Good looking boot and fine for church wear but if they are worn on rocky trails the sole separates from the boot. I probably worn them over a year day hiking regularly. I hate to say this but I bought a second pair and the same thing happen (slow leaner).

Ive been wearing these boots for 4 years and they are awesome. I bring them out in the white mountains of NH for 2 to 4 day hikes and single hikes. These boots do both very well. I have read some reviews where people say that they are not waterproof. Now it is true that the leather becomes soaked it took 4 years for my feet to get wet any way other than from over the top of the ankle. The gore-tex does its job very well, the boots i wear are !beaten! and they just started to leak this year. I would not recommend wearing them on colder trips, because the waterproofing is all on the inside and the leather soaks up so much water they freeze solid overnight(early spring and late fall bring your mountaineering boots for a pre-season warm up) My only complaint is there is no rubber over the top of the toe, so it gets lots of wear on the leather.

I have seen plenty of reviews mentioning how these boots fall apart. In fact, as I was trying these boots on in the store, some random guy mentioned how he loved them, but they fell apart on him. After several day hikes with these boots, I think I would be devastated if the soles failed.

These boots were very comfortable and waterproof but didn't hold up. With very light hiking the sole material deteriorated and separated from the uppers. I had bought two pairs for my wife and myself and both pairs experienced the failure.

I purchased these boots after returning a pair of Garmonts that really hurt my feet and after trying a pair of Vasque's and returning them because the gore-tex membrane separated from the inside of the boot. (I love REI's return policy!) These boots are absolutely perfect if you have high volume feet but your feet are normal width. They were supremely comfortable out of the box and are perfect for my job which involves a lot of walking on wet, rough terrain. At the end of one week in which I really tested the boots; there was no foot pain, they were not too hot, they remained waterproof and comfortable. They are now my favorite pair of footwear. I am very hard on footwear but when these wear out, I will buy another pair!

I bought my first pair of these in 2012 and used them everyday for several years for 8-16 hours per day. They are still very functional and have a good amount of life left in them. They have never lost their waterproofing even after I ripped a 4 in. cut down the side of them (a piece of sharp metal on a construction site). Just this past week I bought my second pair of these, the first pair is still usable, but no longer breaths very well. As long as they make these boots I will stick with them. My wife now owns a pair of the women's as well and loves them.

The Lowa Renegade boots are really fantastic, specially if you have skinny feet like I do. They have great ankle support and nice traction on the rocks. The boot is light compare to other brands and very stable. I have hiked with mine for about 70 miles so far. They appear to be very comfortable.

Bought these for a trip to canyon country. Great traction, breathable. They also work really well for snowshoeing above 25F (haven't tried lower). Only use them for daytrips. Unfortunately, the stitching is coming undone along the sides of both toe caps and soon will make the boots unusable even though there is still plenty of life in the rest of the boot. For the price, they should be much more durable. Lowa used to be a good brand...

The title says it all. Boots/shoes are a personal fit thing. These fit me like they were sized for my feet in advance. Once laced up, they almost become a part of my body. They have performed well on the trail though mud and such. The only thing I noticed was a tendency to slip a bit on wet rounded rocks but not something which took me by surprise. The only weak point are the laces which I tend to replace soon. And like many others, I have wore these out of the box with no break in period and they have caused no pain or issues with my feet. Great product!

I have been a loyal customer of Lowa Renegede. This is my 5th one and recommend it to many of my friends . The last two have not been the same as the first three and the feelings are same with all my friends. Quality control is badly needed. The heels run down quickly and the comfort level not same as it used to be. Still like the style.

I exchanged the 8 wide in the similar Vasque, which I bought on sale in May in a Men's 8 wide (never wore them), but it allowed my foot to be sliding slightly forward and backward. So I exchanged that pair for this boot in an 8 wide, and they fit perfectly. I usually wear a women's 7.5 but rarely find them wide enough. I broke them in last week and no sweat! When hiking i wear a thin, wool liner sock and a bulky wool sock outside.

I used these boots on a 10 day backpacking trip in New Mexico with the Boy Scouts. I had absolutely no problems with them. No blisters either! These boots are a nice hybrid between the traditional leather boot and the cheap synthetic boot. Being a hybrid, the boot was very light and breathable but also pretty sturdy. If you are looking at a nice sturdy boot that has a good feeling and a decent weight I suggest the Lowa Renegade GTX.

Boots some what stiff out of the box. After spending a day out n the filed, they broke-in nicely. I did notice the insole does slide back alittle. Other than that, very comfortable.

I'm an avid hiker who lives in the mountains of SW Colorado and have worn this model for 16+ years. I've probably bought 8-10 pairs during this time frame; normally getting about 1.5 - 2 years use out of each pair. I would use them extensively for hiking (3-5x per week) as well as being my everyday shoes for wearing around town or to travel. I have a wide foot, so the wide size fit really well and would mostly buy this boot on the internet - knowing it's a good fit.

As soon as I slipped these boots on I knew I would buy them. Slipped I mean because they just melted onto my feet. I thought they might be too large and loose while walking but they are the most comfortable boots I've ever used. I've only done local hikes since having a back operation a few weeks ago but am doing the rim to rim in September and have all the confidence in the world in these boots. I'm a Lowa fan from now on.

The first day I really wore these boots, I went for an 8 mile hike. The boots held up nicely. I didn't hurt much at all afterwards. I think they'll get even better once they break in a bit more. My only word of warning is that these are certainly not "light" boots. I'm a little worried about what they'll feel like on a hot summer day. Aside from that, they seem extremely well made, and I plan on them lasting for many years.

I have done two 2-hour hikes in snowy / icy conditions and they have been great. Very comfortable. Perfectly warm in conditions down to 19F. The tread gripped well except on pure ice (of course).

this is my 5 th pair of these boots. first pair ha our 3000 miles, next pair about 2500miles. 3rd pair 2000. 4th pair only a little over 1200 miles. new pair only 400 miles & rubber around toe front with many splits which was the main problem with all the others . carry shoe - goo with me now. all were still waterproof which was the important thing for me. all very comfortable for my very wide foot. good traction

I bought these shoes specifically for climbing Kilimanjaro at the suggestion of the trip outfitter. I needed an all leather boot, waterproof (Gore-tex) and warm but also able to handle mud and rain at lower elevations. This boot appears to be ideal. I have now worn it for about 6 dayhikes in White Mtns of NH on mostly wet snow covered terrain and it hasn't leaked, it is plenty warm and very comfortable from the first day. Ordinarily when backpacking I wear lightweight shoes, I don't need the ankle support or stiffness, but if I were in harsh conditions I might want to use these for a backpacking trip, especially in scree or mud. My first pair of Lowas ever, but I believe they are very well made and a perfect all around 3/4 season boot.

I hike about 120 miles a week for work in some of the harshest terrain you can put a pair of boots through. This terrain has eaten 2 pairs of Merrell boots in less than 3 months. The first day I wore these boots in the field I put 16 miles on them and had no blisters. We also had a very wet week and I had no water in my boots even though I was soaked from head to toe. Love these boots and I will never go with and other brand.

I am on my 3rd pair of these boots first bought in Switzerland in 2000. Yes, the soles are not stitched as with almost any boot today and after a number of years, with or without use, they simply fall apart. It happened to me - twice now. If you are not an avid hiker then maybe these are not the boots for you since you may not feel that you are getting your money's worth. However, I keep buying them because they are wonderful boots until they fall apart. They are absolutely waterproof and I get hundreds of miles of great protection and comfortable wear and generally about 5-7 years of use before they disintegrate. This does depend somewhat on the amount of use but I assume the glue simply gets old and gives out over time. So, yes I would recommend if you plan to use frequently. If you are an occasional hiker along nice groomed trails then maybe look elsewhere.

These came unglued after 10 hikes. Lost my REI receipt. I sent them back to Lowa, and Lowa said, "Sorry." Have pictures to prove it. Do not recommend. I deserve a new pair from somebody!

I have an odd shaped foot. The last thing I want is a new pair of boots. But the darn things wear out. The slippery, gravelly trails in the San Gabriels just grind up soles. I was practically roller skating down hill in my old Zamberlains with the cracked uppers. I contacted the recommended Zamerlain repair doctor. Uppers couldn't be repaired. $100 for a resole. Time to bite the bullet. Face the fear of another boot disaster. (I've had more than one.)

I picked these up at an REI garage sale three years ago and use them mostly for winter hiking, camping, and snowshoeing. During the warmer months I prefer minimalist trail shoes and I do my road running in very minimal shoes. As far as boots go, these are very lightweight and flexible with ample room in the toe box, while still still providing enough stability and insulation for the wet and snowy backcountry. The only issue I've seen so far is the very edge of the outsole at the toe has started to detach from the leather, but I don't believe it will extend to the rest of the outsole which is in excellent condition considering these have seen a lot of miles. The upper is as waterproof as ever. Would buy again at full price when these fail.

let me first say that the sales-person was fantastic. i havent purchase boots in a store for long time, and the experience was great.

Boots only lasted 1 year. Seems like paying $200.00 should last longer than a year.

This boot is well engineered, well built and very comfortable. It's rugged construction can stand up to any day hike and most backpacking trip. I especially like the way it laces at the upper portion of the boot. This acts as a hinge and provides a good fit and stability. I was surprised how quickly it broke-in. Over the years I've had many mid-weight boots from other manufacturers, none are as comfortable.

I have worn these boots for many years always had two pairs to rotate them and allow them to dry out. I wore them every day all day and they would last usually a year or so which is worn every other day is not bad when you consider how much I walk all day long. but the last two pairs fell apart just like everybody else's comments here. It is a real downer to see great products become like everything else.

I bought a pair of these boots around the turn of the century and they were awesome. They fit my feet perfectly and were really comfortable and lasted 10 years with hundreds of miles on them. When the soles wore out I tried to have them re-soled, but these boots aren't made for that and the cobbler said they couldn't be re-soled. I liked them enough I bought a second pair a couple years ago, but these boots aren't the same. I've got some pretty bad hot spots in these (not in issue with my first pair) along with some blisters. I've noticed the traction on wet surfaces (wet rocks in particular) is horrible. I've only put maybe 60 miles on this pair and they are already showing cracks around the flex point of the toe on the sides. It's only a matter of time before these fail and I'll be happy when the time comes that I need a new pair of boots. I won't be getting these again.

I have slightly wider than normal feet, not extreme, but enough that I can't wear Asolo's (even their wide width) or Sportiva boots comfortably. I got these in 9 1/2 regular width and also tried the 9 1/2 Asolo's in wide width, if you compare the soles against each other, the Lowas were noticeably wider.

First time I wore these boots I hiked 24 miles um Lyle Canyon to Donahue pass and back in Yosemite. Not a blister or a hot spot. Since then I have hiked the John Muir trail, Zion and rim to rim in the Grand Canyon and more. These boots are the best. With a little care they will take care of you for hundreds and hundreds of miles. I just broke down and bought a new pair for my trip to Death Valley.

Recently I decided to upgrade from another great pair of boots: the Merrell Moab Mid Ventilator. I wanted the comfort and traction of my Moabs and I wanted to add water proofing and longer tread life, so I settled on the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots and what a great choice I made!

These are very comfortable right out of the box and I can vouch for them being waterproof after multiple water crossings on three recent hikes. These really did not require any break-in at all, and I've used them so far for multiple day hikes on medium to difficult trails. I did order 1 size up (bought 14 instead of 13), and they fit perfectly with REI liner socks and smart wool light hiking socks. No hotspots, so pressure points on my feet, no complaints at all. I am really, really happy with these boots. And I will be taking them as my hiking boots to Nepal for trekking around Annapurna in about 6 more weeks. They will be getting a lot more use on some training hikes between now and then. My wife got these same boots in the women's model, and she loves her boots too. She also sized up a 1/2 size (8 instead of 7 1/2) and uses liners with REI coolmax lightweight hiking socks for a perfect fit.

Unbeatable comfort right out of the box. Good ankle support and not too high. Sticky soles which correlate to lower total mileage before they wear out. I've also had a pair that started to fail in the stitching while descending a mountain with the added side forces. I have a pair of full grain leather shoes for climbing now but I wear these almost every day around town. Good waterproofness.

Life is a compromise and selecting boots is no different. I went through my first pair of Lowa boots quicker than I would have liked. But nice boots and quite comfortable. So when shopping for new boots I was determined to purchase a more durable pair. And believe me I spend some time looking for the right replacement boot. But in the end I came full circle and purchased Lowa again. Why? Weight, flexibility, and overall fit of these boots. For the money I thought they provided a good value proposition. Yes more durable boots exist but at a compromise on the key attributes for my style of backpacking. In the final analysis happy feet at the end of a long backpacking trip is worth the more frequent boot replacement needs of the Lowa. Be certain to treat the boots when new to offer some additional level of water resistance. Note water resistance not water proof. Another compromise in this selection.

I really like these boots. I have a wide foot so ordered the wide version and they fit really well. I had a bad accident several months ago that crushed my foot and sprained my ankle and I lived in these boots for about 8 weeks. My other shoes made my foot ache. Wearing these was definitely part of my healing process and I look forward to taking many walks in my new pair.

I have had these boots only for a short while, and finished my first real test of them. I wore them for a couple of days in the weeks prior to my trip as break in, and just finished a 15 mile day with loaded pack and they performed beautifully. They are very light and even with my large frame and non-trivial pack weight, they felt surprisingly supportive. The only place they felt a little light was the ankle support, but since I didn't roll my ankles despite plenty of opportunity, it clearly isn't that poor.

I bought these boots a few years ago. They are comfortable, waterproof, and look good. I used them primarily for day hikes, car camping, and for inclement weather around town. No hard use at all. I recently had a big section of the sole separate from the boot up near the toe. I am very disappointed with the durability of these boots, especially for the price.

This boot is the most comfortable boot I've owned I have yet to have a blister even on 30+ mile treks. I love when I put these on I just want to start hiking. At first I choose them because they were the lightest waterproof boot with full leather around most of the boot that I could find. After owning 2 pairs hiking around 1200 miles over the past 6 years or so the knowledge these boots will be comfortable keeps me coming back.

This is what I've been looking for in every other boot I have purchased but ultimately never found. Expensive? Heck yes. But after floundering through a host of lesser boots, I've found it. This is what boots are meant to be - comfortable, durable, water proof. A three hour hike through 4 inch snow with less than ideal footing was much easier with these boots. Did two short break in / warm up hikes before the long hike, and not a blister nor sore spot. Fantastic boot - great support, but not overly constrictive or heavy.

Lowa labels the Renegade GTX W as wide, but it is not. The area for the ball of the foot is wider, but the toe area is still narrow. The ball of the foot fits, but the toes do not.

These boots were one my radar for awhile before I purchased a pair. I was using low Merrill style hiking shoes, my feet would get fatigued with ease of rolling my ankle a bit on the PCT trails. Found these Renegades on a big blow out sale and wow! What a great boot, very very comfortable and lightweight. Overall performance was great. I currently have about 24 miles of hiking on them now with not one complaint.

I purchased these boots about 2 years ago. I'm giving them a couple stars because the boots are comfortable to wear. Thats about it. The part I dislike about these boots is that the soles wear out quickly. With in that two year period I've only put about 2 to 3 hundred miles on the boot soles. You're then left with a boot that can not be resoled.

While the Renegade boots I bought were comfortable and waterproof, they did not stand up well. I wore them a lot and hiked a lot for a year. Before a year was up, the stitching on the toe had given out--and also the boots failed to give much support. I replaced them with Asolo boots at $295 (now $300) and they are well worth the difference in price!

Purchased these boots in May so I could break them in for the Inka trail in June. I've never owned a quality hiking boot, and after trying on six pairs these felt right. Most importantly, they held my narrow heels firmly in place. I seem to wear a hole in the back of every shoe I own. The rei store manager led me to these upon hearing my plight :)) I'd say I walked about 30 miles in them before the trip. On the trip I probably hiked 90 miles in one week between the trail and the surrounding towns. Not a blister! My pack load was approximately 30lbs for the trail which was 34 miles.. Since the trip I've walked about 25 miles a week in local parks and have also began to use these boots as an everyday work boot. They are holding up unbelievably. Bottom line.......

I bought these for a planned hike in rough terrain with a 20 lb pack. I haven't done that yet, but have done about 20 miles of hiking in them with 10 lb+ packs on rough trails. So far I am quite pleased with these boots.

Out of suggestion from other Camino travelers I purchased these hiking boots. I thought at first they would be cumbersome, but over the past few weeks since the purchase I have logged in a lot of miles in preparation for my journey. they have worked quite well, light, comfortable and wonderful ankle support. I practiced walking on all types of terrain and found them have excellent traction , both on down hill gravel and over slippery coastal rocks . I would suggest these to anyone that likes exceptional support and safety.

I bought these after my Merrell Moab started leaking after only a few months. They are super comfortable. I have a wide foot and found that they fit the best. I tried on a pair of Asolo Fugitives in wide as well and found the sole to be real rigid and hard. They hurt my feet after only a few minutes. Very happy with the Lowa Renegades!

I love these boots. I’m on my second pair. Lots of miles between the two pairs. Super comfortable after changing out the insoles. The factory ones are like bricks. Super thin and hard. The first lugs that you have to tie manually need a mini redesign it can be a real pain to get the laces in there and I frequently don’t get them all the way in there and they end up slipping out. And that’s knowing they’re like that. When I first got them it happened more often. I truly love these boots though. I’ve walked several thousand miles in the past few years and tried several brands. These are hands down my absolute favorites. Great water seal. Extreme long distance comfort. Never had any blisters and no real need to break them in. Each pair I wore home from the store and did multiple 20 mile hikes in the first couple days of owning them with no discomfort. First pair I had delaminated on the bottom. But it was after 500+ miles. And they were replaced for free.

I bought a pair 3 years ago primarily for day hiking and short packing trips, typically 3-8 miles per day in rougher trails. I average about 120 miles per month - I'm retired :~) I have well over 2,000 miles on them now hiking and packing all over California, Washington, BC and Alaska. They have been unbelievably comfortable from the first hike and have gotten better overtime. I have a wide foot with high arches, I have never had tired feet or a blister. I have always been able to lace them with even tightness on my feet.The wicking system works really well. My feet have stayed dry in warmer weather and have never been cold. This year I spent a lot of time on the ice in Glacier Bay, AK. The heel seat has been especially good for me, My feet don't float around inside the boot. I bought them a full size too big so that I could keep my toe nails on on steep decents. If you sped a lot of time in boulders and cobbles you may consider this. It was a really good decision for me. The lateral support is really good for day hiking, I have never rolled an ankle or suffered fatigue from too much twisting. The leather has never soaked through. I have treated them with water repellent a couple of times each winter. I have replaced the removable liners twice. The boots have warn perfectly and I just sent them off to hopefully be resoled. The quality has been exceptional. Never a single problem. I really love the boots. They are best boots I have ever had for hiking, For extended packing trips with a heavy pack you may want a stiffer boot.

My boyfriend bought these hiking shoes for long day hikes with large pack loads for thru hiking.

Originally bought Lowa on recommendation of 2k/yr hiker. Used this model since 2000 for not-at-work daily use, light hiking, and since 2003 my motorcycle boots. 148,00 miles of daily riding year round fair weather and foul. My feet stayed dry through Central Texas summers and winters. Even short deluge downpours did not dampen my feet. It would take a light, constant rain an hour or more to soak through.

Great boot for day hikes when you don't have a lot of weight on your back. Boot's light weight and comfort are main attributes. After a long hike a few more ounces per foot can make a big difference.

I've used these for snowshoeing, winter hikes, and peak climbs/canyon hiking in the summer. After three years, the toe box shrank, causing discomfort on long hikes. They fit great for the first two years. The stitching around the toe area has failed on both boots. As much as I liked these boots, I'm replacing them with Asolos.

The BEST HIKING BOOTS.... From the minute I put them on... Have over 100 miles in the past 2 weeks... No blisters... No aches ... All good... This isn't my first rodeo ... Been hiking all my life and I'm 60 and going strong... I never buy any other and I have tried them all... Worth every penny...

This boot is the best fitting and most comfortable boot from out of the box to the 1000 mile. They provide great traction of on rocks and ledges. The down side to this boot is their durability. I hike a lot in the White mountains of NH and the rocky scrambles eat up these boots. Likewise the lava of Iceland wore down the toe cap. I am on my third pair in 9 years so even with the durability issues I love these boots. I do a lot of hiking (70 days on trail a year) and can't imagine wearing something else.

After about 150 miles the rubber separates and the seams came undone. Contact Lowa but never got a reply. I wouldn’t recommend for serious hikers. If they could only improve the durability of the product I’d buy again with a 5 star rating, but for the money . . .they fall apart to easily.

Surprised to see so many frustrated customers – I have only two pairs of these boots and they have been really outstanding.

These boots were comfortable from the moment I first put them on. And I've had them for a few years now.

Some people are just hard on everything. Their cars never last, household appliances break within 2 or 3 years, Their shoes or boots only last a year or so and what do they do? They get on the web and complain that the product is garbage when the only problem is THEM. If you wear these or any other boots in the water, snow or mud you must make sure that the leather is conditioned afterwards. If you wear these boot in 110 degree deserts then you must make sure the leather is conditioned. I have had these boots for a couple years now and put about 150 miles on them and they are in better shape then all the boots that people claim are 3 or 4 months old and are falling apart. I bet these same people are destroyers of everything they touch. I'm sure everyone has a friend that complains that his stuff never last and how can you have some of the same gear and yet yours lasts so much longer....Some people just don't get it. This boot is well made, comfortable and stylish. You cant go wrong for the money.

Day hiking ranges between spring/fall in Utah deserts, bushwacking (transects) through scrub oak and soggy montane terrain and snowshoeing in western Colorado carrying 10-25lbs. I'm on my 2nd pair now in a few years, debating whether the short durability is worth the cost. I like how light they are, it's a rare boot that fits me out of the box, pretty waterproof, good traction. My first pair held up better, but they saw much less moisture AND less conditioner, whereas 2nd pair has been subjected to more mud and water. Since purchasing them I've been applying Nikkwax after every couple of tough outings to condition them, but still the stitching is giving way on the leather around the toes, and the rubber in that same area came apart after a week in the oak brush- so, 10 months, maybe 200 miles, and they're on the verge of losing their integrity. It's a great boot when it holds up, but costly when they don't last. They get a beating and I take care of them- but maybe they're not up to that intensity.

My son decided to have a growth spurt about 2 weeks before a 20 mile hike. I figured we'd be out of luck. I found these boots that were affordable and hoped for the best. Well, we got it! These boots required little to no breaking in. Believe it or not...my son completed his 20 miler wearing these boots, wicking sock liners, and wool socks and sprinted across the last 20 yards of the hike with NO...count them NO blisters!!! These will definitely be a part of our pack gear when he hikes in NM later this year!

The Lowa Renegade II GTX hiking boots are well constructed. Felt great right out of the box, especially for persons with wide feet. Went on a six mile hike with light scrambling and I could feel every curvature of every fist size rock under my feet.

First hiking boots I've owned in 10 years so I figured I would splurge because I plan to get back into hiking. These were great, we were hiking a difficult rated trail in a lot of snow and water and I had dry socks the whole time. My feet didn't hurt at all, and they held up well.

This boot goes beyond what it is categorized in. I used a pair of these on a weekend trip in Mongahelea state park in West Virginia towards the end of winter. Their were places where the snow came up to your knees but the sun had been out many days before that so the trail was flooded everywhere. My feet stayed totally dry while my buddy griped the whole time about his soaked feet. They also prevented many twisted ankles with the many many rocks that were on the trail and though the traction has worn out a little, over the years they have lasted, they still held when I had to go up steep snow covered hills. I think the ankle support could get better but then again these aren't meant for serious backpacking. I was very pleased with these and may have to buy another pair of these.

After taking a spill on a slick rock at Hanging Rock State Park I decided that I needed to invest in pair of boots that offered the traction and durability I would need for backpacking. After checking the reviews I decided to go with the Renegade II and I haven't been disappointed yet. I had about 25 miles on them from day hikes before I wore them on a three day backpacking trip at Mt. Mitchell, NC. Encountered plenty of rain, mud, steep and rocky terrain; the boots held up great! No real break-in needed.

Purchased this boot for hiking the Chicago Basin in CO. Had 50 pound pack and hiked 12 miles into base camp. These boots where also used to hike some 14ers. The boots preformed well and my feet and ankles had all the support needed. Great looking and great quality boot.

The boots are very comfortable. Loved them! Wore them hiking weekly for less than 2 years.

Lowa makes much in its promotional materials about its craftman's pride in resoling and refurbishing its boots. After 10 months and more than 1,300 miles of rugged urban use, my GTX's Vibram soles were showing serious wear. (It turns out, Vibram soles are not optimal for urban hiking. I had always thought wear resistance was one of Vibram's defining characteristics. Not so, at least in an urban environment.) When I asked Lowa about procedures for resoling, I was disappointed to learn that the Renegade is not resolable. So after less than a year's use, I've got to toss these boots in the rubbish bin. That is neither good value nor sustainability. I've got very wide feet, and even the GTX-W was agony on my feet until I had them stretched. I would also add that this is not a supple boot. They felt stiff when I tried them on in the store. I asked the store rep if they would limber up and he assured me that they would. They really didn't. That same store rep told me that any boot with a Vibram sole can be resoled. Not true.

I bought this boot as I aproched a section of the AT this year. Deep gap to Fontana Dam. The boot held up well, had no hot spots and did not take a lot to break in. I will say the sole is not as stiff as other boots, but it served me well over 80+ miles on the AT.

I purchased these about 3 years ago and in less than a year after maybe 6-8 hikes the rubber rand dried out, cracked and started separating from leather. They continue to disintegrate and I'll replace them soon, but certainly not with another pair of Lowa's.

These boots offer terrific support to protect your feet and ankles from mishap when you are far from help. They last for years and years of aggressive use. I bought my first pair just before hiking the John Muir Trail, and there were several times when the loose rock or slippery slopes threatened real injury, and I credit these boots for removing that threat. I won't hike without them anymore. They were comfortable from the first day and broke in very quickly. Don't settle when it comes to your feet.

Now stuck with a third pair, all of which leaked after 3 to 6 months of mild use. Waterproof lining broke on 2 pairs and the leather stitching by the big toe knuckle completely split open on the third. Unfortunately they are not well made at all.

Bought these for wear on film sets as we go from fields to mountains to creeks to cities.

Bought these for Scrambling course in Cascades, although I have 4 other pairs of hiking boots. Have worn them on 3 full days in the snow, climbing, kicking in steps, plunge stepping, trekking, and glasading. In all of this my feet stayed dry! The most comfortable boots I have owned - they really do not need breaking in - as claimed. Have also worn them on 3 days of trail, off trail and scrambling on rocks, boulders, and rain forest. Very solid footing, and again they stay dry. Very satisfied!

This boot looks good and I like the weight and initially after trying them on I thought that maybe the tightness will break in being a leather boot. They didn't break in well for me and the toe box is small. I came from a keen boot looking for added ankle support, I got he ankle support but this boot is made for a narrow foot even in the wide size.

These are comfortable (but expensive) boots. After wearing them on light hikes for several years, I discovered the heels are disintegrating. On both of them.

I purchased these boots prior to a middle eastern trip where I'd be hiking about 125 miles. They broke in nicely and I had no issues during the trip.

Used 2 pairs of Lowa Renegade for 2015 NOBO AT thru hike. Overall very pleased with the boot--lightweight, GTX, comfortable, no blisters or foot problems. Wide width fit well. Only problem was delamination of toe guard. I tend to drag my toes when they are well protected. Lowa was very responsive to the problem. My next pair I prophylactically applied a layer of urethane at top of toe guard. I've got another 500 miles on them with no problems. Good boot. I will buy them for the rest of my life.

I measure size 14 but they are normally too short. My feet are long, narrow, and low volume. The 15, narrow fit great with a Super Foot Green. The shoes are light and very comfortable. I have used them in snow and traction is good. They are warm enough with a mid/heavy sock. Since I have only had them a few months I cannot comment on durability. I have used them in wet snow and they stayed dry. They are relatively expensive but worth it to me to get the fit I need since few brands do 15 narrow.

These boots have three problems that I have found first the sides are weak your feet move in these on inclines,second they need thick socks poor cushioning on bottom,third the eyelets are the worst I ever used they constantly let the lace come off have to retie them about two times a day.There has to be better boots than these for everyday use.

I love these boots!! I was looking for something for my constant day hikes and backpacks in the White Mountains of NH that was lighter than my Vasque Wasatch boots, which I like a lot, but are very heavy. These boots are every bit as supportive and tough and are MUCH LIGHTER. I have worn them on day hikes, backpacks, in the sun and in the rain, and they are great. The toe box is large and keeps your toes from getting banged up on downhills. Highly recommended, even at their steep price.

Without this boot, I would be an invalid. Have logged over 80,000 miles running, and probably more hiking. My back, ankles, and feet are a mess. Knees are ok. Unable to wear any other boot that REI carries, or any other vendor. Any shoe or sandal is painful. Wear one pair outside, another in. Need heavy socks, orthotic, and two spenco layers. Wear this boot over 70 hours a week. Not in wet areas often. No separation problems. Lowa may want to review exchange rule for separation problem

This is the third pair that I have owned, not that they wear quickly, just that in the winter and a good part of spring and fall I wear them almost everyday. Very light, comfortable and long lasting.

I wear orthotics, and it is crucial that my heels are locked in place for them to work. These boots do so. There are also the lightest and most comfortable I have found. I live in them.

I bought these boots about a year ago to be worn for intermediate to long hikes. I've used them on hikes ranging from a relatively tame 5-7 miles here in the "hills" of Minnesota, to the 26 mile round trip ascent/descent of Barr Trail on Pike's Peak in Colorado (no camping, just one day). They feel plenty comfortable enough for a while, but around the 5 mile mark my feet start to get pretty sore. Mind you, I usually have a pack on with at least 20-30 pounds (mostly to train, but sometimes out of need), so that could be part of it; perhaps these boots are not meant for carrying loads for very long.

I used these boots for the Inca Trail in Peru and they performed great. The trail is challenging for shoes because it goes through so many different types of terrain, so finding one that works across the board is difficult. The sturdy support was great for walking across the stones, loose gravel and muddy areas but were overkill on flat trails and in-town use after the trail.

This boot has no torsional rigidity. If you grab the heel and toe of the boot, you can wring it like a sponge. On a recent multiday backpack in the Sierra, I stepped on a rock and rolled over my foot and ankle. Ouch! This almost ended my hike. This never happened before with any other boot. So, although the boot is very comfortable and waterproof (especially when treated with a spray), I am returning the boots [...]. I think the boots would be fine for easy hiking with a light load.

I do a lot of backpacking and hiking (particularly in NC). I’ve tried many boots over the years (I’m 49). My foot fits on the wide side and this boot provides the width I need as well as excellent support, comfort, and grip (wet rocks!). The waterproofing is true unlike other brands. However, the best boot is the one that fits YOU, so be sure to try many different options. I buy about 1/2 - 1 size larger as that works for me. I use in warm and cold climates, but they are full leather, so they are pretty warm in the summer. Bottom line, they are sturdy, take a beating, have excellent grip, and fit me perfectly. This is my second pair and I will always buy the Lowa Renegade unless they change the style/last/etc. which I have found most manufacturers do over time which makes absolutely no sense to me.

I wear these daily. I needed dramatic support for my arches and ankles plus they needed to be light weight. First time I put them on I did not want them off. Only issue is when I go fishing in winter and they get wet, my feet just freeze and the shoes become very uncomfortable(suede just soaks up the water and holds it). But when I get home even though they feel wet inside they are not. Add insulation to these boots, use fewer seams and no other boot will be able to beat this one.

Light, well built boot. Went from trail runners that were killing the bottom of my feet on long distance, rocky terrain hikes to this boot. My feet feel much better now.

Bought these for my 4-day Inca Trail hike. I wore them only a few times before the trip, and I had zero issues with them on the trek. We were walking 7-10 hours/day over rocky, occasionally wet terrain. No issues with slippage or blisters. They were a tad hot, though. But not unbearable. Overall, I'm extremely happy with them. I've only had them for a short time, so I can't speak for their reliability, but our guide said that his last pair of Lowas were extremely durable.

Most reviewers say that these boots are comfortable. I found them to be extremely uncomfortable. I wore them for a few days to break them in a bit before taking them on a short hike. 5 miles over moderate terrain with a 30lb. pack. I got blisters on my heels and started getting toe jam.

Simply put? These shoes are comfortable and make long strenuous hikes a breeze. In less simple terms? These shoes are easily some of the best I have ever worn on or off the trail. They support the ankle splendidly and keep the toes from getting stumped on the trail. Do you have wide feet? You're in for a god dang treat! These shoes are perfect for my wide foot brethren! They fit as if they were molded specifically for your feet. A beautiful treat indeed. 10/10, would buy again.

I bought these 3 or 4 years ago and liked them. I've had these for a few weeks and their just as good as the previous boots.

The boot is great, only about 18 oz per boot, making it light. I'm going to use it on my next John Muir Trail hike in the High Sierras (a 25 day hike for me). But my boot laces wore out after only 3 single-day hikes and I was really dismayed the laces have a hollow core with super cheap threading (almost cotton like) fiber inside the core of the lace. These are expensive boots and to have the boot laces be so cheaply designed. I called their support and they said to get replacements from the dealer (90 miles away!). I would never want replacement boot laces so cheaply designed. I ordered ArmorLace 63" unbreakable boot laces and they're great and the type of boot lace that should come with the boot, but the laces would be better if they were 65" long. Do not do a long distance hike without replacing the laces!

Great boot, best fit, won't last a year for an active backpacker. Best for recreational hiking.

I hike the Grand Canyon for about 15 days a year and have used four pairs of Renegade's since about 2014. That is to say that a pair lasts only about 15 days in the Canyon before the stitching begins to separate at the instep and other tears in the stitching appear all over the boot. But I will say that no hiking boot has fit me better and in over 80 hiking days in the Canyon, no blisters or other "hotspots" to report. That's why I will buy a fifth pair soon...

I liked how they fit in the store and that they had the wider size for my larger feet. I took these out for 2-3 mile hikes one week apart. The heal has a piece of stiff plastic that tore up my heals both times and in the front above my pinky toe there is a seem that rubs causing blisters there as well. I felt I gave these a fair shot but there are some inherent problems with this shoe.

Right out of the box, no need for a break-in period - these shoes have wonderful support, comfort and traction - on dry terrain. Once it gets wet, they are waterproof, but the traction is gone, be it on rock, mud, or leaves. But I also have to say that I haven't found shoes doing significantly better under these conditions. I bought my 4th pair now - due to a strong tendency to supination the outer sides of the soles are completely worn when the rest is nearly new.

I just returned from around 3 weeks in Ireland. This was just the ticket for often wet conditions and climbing uneaven terrain. I only fell once when stepping on a slimy, wooden step.

I bought this because I was headed to Colorado for some backpacking. Did a number of miles up and down elevations in the Silverton area and found the boot to be comfortable and supportive. Fording some streams I was surprised at the fact no water got through. then I climbed a fourteener with a friend. Comfortable up and down. I guess the best recomendation is that I would buy this boot again. I did buy with thr recomendation of the REI salesperson in store.

Have had these almost a year with no issues. I bought them in Colorado on a hiking trip due to my other boots failing. I went on a hard 9 mile hike the day I bought them with no issues. After returning home I liked the comfort so much I started wearing them everyday for work and everything else. They have been completely water proof through winter even when submerged completely in water. I am going to buy a second pair so that I can dedicate the original to work.

Got these about 6 weeks ago and use them for working boots as an automotive consultant when I do not have to wear steel toes. Comfortable and wide - I can wiggle my toes! Fits well and rolls reasonably when walking - but still stiff enough to give support. Minor issues - lacing up is not as easy as other boots and laces sometimes slip out of eyelets while lacing up. Right boot is pinching - one seam at the front right top together with the eyelet is putting slight pressure on my foot and it is painful after a full work day. No blister or anything -just tender.

At 71 I would like to think I am not that hard on boots. I wear these everyday for work on the farm. They are comfortable and fit well from the start with no break-in. The thread broke out on the toe in about 4 months and the protective rubbers on the front broke off for the price I expected better service life. The laces lasted a month and I replaced them with climbing rope which is better. Waterproofing did not last long they would need to be retreated often.

Having been an Asolo wearer for years, I was looking for a boot that had a considerably shorter break-in time as well as a lighter feel. An extremely helpful associate at my local store suggested these.

I have bought several of these and am about to buy the latest version. I was surprised by some of the reviews. If you are looking for a great boot to deal with the winter, and also give you fantastic support and durability for day hikes and lite loads buy this boot. If you are looking for backpacking boots, buy the Danner Mountain lites, which I still have a pair for 30 years. and am about to buy the latest model, or the Explorers. REI only carries the best.



What is the heel to toe drop in mm?  Zero drop like Altra trail shoes?  Thanks

Heel drop measurement is well known in the running shoe industry, however, not readily available for hiking boots. We recommend you contacting the folks at Lowa.


I have M feet with wider toe box. I bought these in 11.5 M and they fit very nice except there’s mild pressure on the top of pinky toe on both feet.  Does the shoe expand a bit? Or should I get wide?

You can try a size wide, however, this may end up being too large for the rest of your foot. The Renegade does break in, but the pressure on your pinky toes can continue and may be injurious during hiking descents. We recommend choosing a 12M if this isn't too roomy, or call us at 1-800-426-4840 for more recommendations.


Are these good for mountaineering ?

​No, these hiking boots are not stiff enough for mountaineering.


Are Renegades manufactured by the same people that made Zion Williamson's Nike shoes? Looks like it.

Thank you for your question! REI stands behind the products we sell against errors and defects in the manufacturing process. You can see more about our return policy at the link below.


What does the S refer to in the Renegade GTX MID S? I ordered a size 11 narrow and the label in the boot says 11 US M.

The S on the tongue of the boots designates a narrow width. The box for the boots should also have the words "narrow" and "schmal," which is the German word for narrow.

Norester hiker

Can you use mink oil to treat the GTX renegade boots - the mink oil can states it should not be used on suede.

​Mink oil can be used on these boots as they are made from nubuck and not suede.


I just bought the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots. Do you recommend that I treat them before my first hike? If so what do you recommend I use for these boots?

These boots are completely waterproof out of the box. Treating them before your hike is not required. You can use Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing to add an additional layer of water repellency if needed.


Would like to check How to determine width. My foot are reasonably wide.any chart to detrrmine width 2.) Do you ship singapore?

​The wide versions of these shoes are an EE width and the standard width versions of these shoes are a D. We do not have a width size guide for our shoes and recommend getting measured at your local REI or a trusted shoe retailer. For international shipping please refer to the link below:


What is the classification of these boots (B0/ B1/ B2/ B3)? Looking for a pair to go mountaineering - wondering if this is enough. Thanks!

These boots do not have a mountaineering classification and are not recommended for mountaineering.


How wide is the wide version of Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots? I know that New Balance shoes 4E width work for me. Thank you

The wide version of these shoes are EE width.


What is the drop for this boot?

We do not have that information available. We encourage you to contact Lowa directly.

NE Peak Bagger

Will you carrying the Renegade Ice?

At this time (September 2015) we do not plan on carrying the Renegade Ice.


I heard from someone in the store that these have a moldable heel cup that can be permanently set some how, but I haven't been able to find anything about this. Has anyone heard of this?

We have contacted Lowa regarding your question. They are not aware of any sort of heel cup that comes stock with the Renegade.

randy webster

my first pair of renegades lasted 6 yrs I bought a new pair last year and they developed a crack in the covering on the back of the heel. I was using strap on crampons more.Was this the problem or ?

The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are not designed to work with crampons. You can use traction devices with these boots, but not crampons. To see our selection of traction devices, just do a search for "traction device" on REI.com.


Description states imported. Where are they manufactured?

The country of orgin is Slovakia.

Newby Hiker

I just bought my first pair of real hiking boots, Lowa Renegades. What do I do to keep them maintained and keep them waterproof?

Please see the Expert Advice article on Hiking Boot Care:


Hi, Does the tongue on this boot have a gusset connecting the upper is attached to the lower so that it's sealed against water, should the puddle be deeper than just the lower part of the boot? Thanks, Roger

The Renegades do have a gusset for added protection against wet conditions.


Are these boots durable & waterproof? My current Asolo boots' waterproofing lasted only 2 years before water started to leak.

The Renegades are waterproof. The Gore-tex liners will help keep your feet dry in heavy rain or walking through shallow streams. The nylon shanks provide excellent support and durability.


Some waterproof boots cause sweating - how are these boots at wicking away internal moisture?

The ability of a waterproof membrane to transport moisture is affected by the amount of sweat, the outside temperature, and how well the finish of the boot is maintained. No boot with a waterproof membrane will breathe as well as one without. The Lowa Renegades transport moisture as well or better than any other boot using a waterproof membrane.

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