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This is my second pair of Lowa Renegades - my first pair lasted for years, this year when I needed to replace them I didn't want to spend $225 so I spent a lot of time looking at the other offers out there. Based on what I saw, I ended up with another pair of the Lowa Renegades. They are comfortable from the first time you wear them, they will go through mud, snow and water always keeping you feet dry. After years of wear, they will still look like they did the day you bought them. The exterior quality is superior. If you are looking for great quality product that you will get years of use from, spend the money, you won't regret it!

These boots are the most comfortable I've ever owned. I got them a size larger because my feet swell a lot after a full day of hiking, and they were immediately comfortable with no break-in time. I do wear slightly thicker socks (mid-weight) with these shoes - when I wore them with very thin hiking socks the back of my heel became irritated. However, wearing the right socks, I hiked the entire John Muir Trail (over 250 miles with side trips) without getting a single blister! My feet did ache though, not sure if I could use a softer insole perhaps, but I can't really complain - I think with the intensity of hiking we were doing my feet were going to hurt no matter what.

I got these boots based on the reviews on REI, and they truly live up to what people say about them! AMAZING boots! I hiked up to the crater lip of Mt. St. Helens today (plenty of snow, water, rocks and soil) and these babies were such beasts! They dried almost instantly after trudging through snow and I didn't feel the rocks beneath the boots at all! Felt like I was walking on flat ground. GREAT BOOTS!

I bought these boots twice because they are so lightweight and comfortable, and was hopeful that the problems I had with my original pair had been corrected. I see in other reviews that I am not the only one who has experienced the molding around the toe breaking apart and separating from the upper. Last weekend I caught my foot under a root which tore the upper. Bought these last Memorial Day weekend. While they are very comfortable, I can't justify the expense to replace them as frequently as they wear out (my first pair also wore out in less than a year). I hike every weekend and need a tougher boot. Any suggestions?

I bought this boot a season ago. I have narrow feets so I was excited about there fit options and the fact it's light weight and Gortex. Unfortunately I noticed first off the water proofing didn't hold up after just a couple hikes (I do a lot of snow hiking) then I noticed the sole completely delaminating from the boot, then the stitching went. And I still get bad blisters hiking in them. If you want a boot just for looks and you don't hike this is for you but if you want something that is going to hold up for more that a month go use your money on something else.

These boots replaced my much loved Vasques after over 10 years of faithful performance. The Lowas were very comfortable right out of the box with no break-in needed. I was happy with them initially and have used them the past 2 years for anything from day hiking to multi-day backpack trips in the Pacific NW, CA, and WY. However, the deal breaker was the fact that the seams have completely worn through where my foot bends in the boots and the soles are coming unglued at the toes. These boots are unreliable when put to the test and I plan to spend my hard earned dollars on a better pair of boots that won't need to be replaced or repaired every 2 years.

REI's guarantee on boots is excellent. These boots fall apart quickly, but REI replaces them without any arguement.

This is my third pair of Lowa Renegades. They fit my feet -- narrow heels, average forefoot, low volume -- well, and continue to be comfortable for long days on the trail. They're waterproof enough for a quick splash through a shallow creek or moderate rain; not so for sloshing through a downpour. They're durable -- I bought the first pair 12 years ago, and they (and the succeeding pairs) have enjoyed at least once a week use during the late spring through fall every year since. They're good on most types of terrain -- good support, good traction, reasonably flexible, not too heavy. I recommend them highly.

I bought these boots about 3+ years ago, and I can honestly say it was one of the best outdoor investments I have ever made. I constantly had issues with getting blisters even from short hikes in all the other shoes I have tried. These ones fit perfectly and with added Superfeet insoles I have managed to hike all across San Diego with not one blister. They always keep my feet warm even while hiking in the snow and after I water proofed them I can walk through streams without an issue. I will continue to always buy these boots and will recommend them to anyone looking for a good all around hiking boot.

My cheaper hiking boots were getting old, so I went shopping for new boots to go hiking and backpacking in. The local outfitter assured me that these would be good boots for what I was wanting to do. I bought them last spring and used them last summer, this spring, and the beginning of this summer. Already the rims and seams are ripping apart -- not even a year!!!

I bought these after reading reviews about durability problems and was hoping for the best anyway. I live in New Hampshire and these boots have done about 100 miles of white mountain trail in a few months and they already look like they're 100 years old! At the front of the boot all of the leather has separated from the rubber. The seams are looking warn and warped. The leather at the front of the boot has big chunks taken out of it. I will note that I do in fact clean these boots every time I'm done hiking and do not mistreat them. I would only buy these again if I could repetatively return them for a new pair, as they are the most comfortable boot I own.

Bought this in January for a hike on Mt. Kilimanjaro in March. I loved these boots on a successful summit climb.

My boyfriend bought me these for Christmas 2017, now it’s only 9 months later and the sole is completely worn on the heels :(. I am a professional Wildlife Biologist, so I do hike quite a lot every year, but I’ve always worn Vasque. And my Vasques always last 1.5 - 2 if I want to stretch it. Unfortunately, vasque discontinued my favorite boot and I decided to make the switch.

These were awesome out of the box. Always kept my feet dry when hiking through mud and slush. But after a year and a half the leather started to separate from the sole and now it's too late to exchange them. Super disappointed :(

I hiked across the Pyrenees Mtns from Southern France to Spain in these boots, through mud, rain, ice, snow, boulders and rocky trails, climbing to 24,000 feet.

I've had these boots for about 5 years and have worn them for everything from office to backpacking. I love them BUT after a year or so, the seams started coming apart where my foot bends. They were repaired by REI last summer, and the same thing is already happening again. Everything else about them is great, but I'm going to try a boot with fewer seams next time.

My wife has trouble finding shoes that fit her wide feet (and bunion) and orthotics. Even wide shoes often are too narrow. First off, I wear men's D and I'm on my second pair of these in 12 years. They are great all-around lightweight boots that I get a lot of use out of. When my wife was looking for light hiking boots and saw that these were available in women's wide I urged her to try them because of how great mine fit and how relatively supple the leather is for a hiking boot. She was skeptical going in but was very surprised how good the felt in the store. Of course the proof is out on the trail and she's been very happy with them a dozen or so outings now.

I use these boots for both every day wear and out in the field, often in rugged or varying terrain. These boots are super comfortable, warm, and breathable. this is the first pair of boots I've owned where I have been out in the field all day and never once thought about my feet. They weren't sore at all for the first time ever. These boots are worth the money. My only minor complaint would be that when you cross your feet at the end of the day, the loop on the back somtimes gets hooked on the lace hooks and is tricky to get unstuck.

I wish I loved these boots. One of my jobs involves working outside for large parts of the day, and I chose these for my narrow feet to be supportive and waterproof, and because they're made in Europe. I've had them for about 6 months now, and I find them very comfortable most of the time. However, when I wear them all day for too many consecutive days, my feet start to get numb. I'm concerned about my 3 week backpacking trip this summer, and am considering getting a different pair for this reason. I bought these to replace my Merrell sirens, which died after many many years of comfortable wear, with no issues. I may try some superfeet before giving up.

I've had four pair of these boots over the years, but I will never buy them again. Each pair I buy falls apart faster than the last. They look and feel sturdy, break in quickly, but they are simply not durable. My latest pair is just over a year old and already starting to leak, making them useless for winter hiking. Unfortunately REI no longer stands behind its products after one year so these will go to the landfill in short order.

I wish I loved this boot, but it just wasn't comfortable for me. There is a plastic support at the back of the heel that digs into my foot anytime I go up even a small incline. I had hoped that thicker socks might make it unnoticeable, but I didn't even risk going on a long hike with them in fear that I would get massive blistering at the heel. My problem may have been buying the wrong size and having too much wiggle room in the boot, but I don't think I'd be willing to give this brand another chance anyways. That hard plastic heel is just unbareable - I'm returning them ASAP and trying a new pair.

As several other reviewers have noted, these boots required no break-in period at all. I used them for several short (3-6 mile) walks in the neighborhood, with and without load, in preparation for a backpacking trip. No hot spots or discomfort from day one. Good ankle support is critical for me, and the traction has been great. They are lightweight and comfortable. As with all hiking boots, tell the salesperson your intended use, how far you'll be going and how much you will be carrying in order to get an appropriate fit.

I bought these boots for an upcoming backpacking trip through the Redwoods but have found myself wearing these everywhere because they are so comfortable. They required no break-in period like most hiking boots, yet are very rugged and complimented by great looks! These are the one pair of boots you want in your collection as the all-around do everything boot from John Muir treks to Trader Joes. The staff in the shoe department was incredibly helpful and patient helping me narrow down my purchase. REI truly is the Toys r' Us for adults - cheers!

I wore these boots on the Inca Trail last week. The first day it rained, but the boots kept my feet warm and dry. I didn't feel the rocks at all. They were comfortable all 4 days. The only downside was that my ankles are narrow and they slipped a tiny bit when I tried them on in the store. The REI employee showed me how to tie them more securely around my ankle and they never slipped on the trail.

I was looking for a new backpacking boot and this was by far the best fit- the only boot that came in a 'narrow.' I took them on an extended, wet conditions car camping trip and they broke in easily (with smartwool hiking socks) and kept my feet dry through puddles and creek beds on the first 3hr hike. I haven't tried them with 'heavy' loads yet - and in backpacking I generally roll pretty lightweight - but their sturdiness and general performance throughout the long weekend, rain, and long hikes inspired confidence for my next backpacking trip.

In my opinion, these are the best hiking boots for women, out of everything currently available. I did not have to break them in (!!!), and did not get any blisters after wearing them for a month, on various backpacking trips and grueling day hikes in New Zealand. The sizing proved to be perfect, in my experience. I typically wear a size 7.5 or 8, and purchased these in an 8.5, as per REI recommendations. These are completely waterproof, thanks to the Gore-Tex material used, and are overall extremely durable.

I bought my Lowa Renegades because they felt right the instant I tried them on in the store, compared with the other boots I had tried. I wore them in the house and then on a few short hikes in nearby parks. Recently I wore my boots on an overnight backpacking trip of 4 miles in the Georgia mountains. It rained, and the trail was muddy. I knew my boots were getting a workout from the slippery path with its slick roots and rocks as well as the steep downhill grade to our campsite and the uphill climb back out. I expected hot spots, if not blisters, but the boots performed well and did not irritate my feet. They got muddy, but were easy to clean. I have not tried them on a long hike yet.

I love these boots. The second I put them on I knew they were my feet's soul mates. The only thing I had to change was the insole - not that the ones they came with were bad, but I have high arches so I needed ones there were a little "taller" in the middle. There was no break-in period, although I did wear them to work before I took them on the trail. But...sadly...I've abused them. I want this to be a cautionary tale to all who spend the money (well worth it!) on these boots. I didn't clean/condition them as well as I should have and now they are coming apart at the inside ball-of-foot seam (like where some people get bunions). The moral of this story is to CLEAN YOUR BOOTS and CONDITION the leather. It is important. I also feel like the leather has shrunk a bit after I got them absolutely soaked (the outside, I never felt any moisture at all on the inside) in the snow. Take care of these boots and they will take care of you.

Unfortunately, this is my second time returning these boots. The first time, the base of the heal cracked within 2 months and employees were surprised but admitted 'lemons' are possible with any brand. I take good care of my boots too. I don't throw them around and I condition the leather.

These boots seemed like a good deal at first. I work as a field tech for the USFS in the Sierra Nevadas, and so I need a good sturdy boot for field work. They came highly recommended by the guy in the boot department, and virtually no break-in period was needed. These weren't the most comfortable... the fit was good, but they were lacking in the "cushioning" department, so I gave them a try figuring I can alway buy inserts. I bought these boots back in June, and about 2 weeks ago I noticed the sole was starting to peel back near the toe. Then, when I was out hiking this past weekend I noticed that the sole was starting to come unglued from the other boot near the heel. I'm so glad REI has the return policy it does, because I am not impressed with these boots at all. I should have never turned away from my Merrels!

Exchanged these boots for a smaller size after 4 hikes - way too loose through the ankles in the larger size. Felt like I was wearing my father's shoes. No traction, slipped and slid all over the place. The smaller size (my normal size) was much better BUT - on the 3rd hike, I got caught in a major thunderstorm about a mile from the trailhead. The boots were completely soaked inside and out. The storm was on a Thursday and the boots didn't dry out until the next Monday. Clearly not waterproof, but I'm not sure anything could have stood up to that rain. I've emailed Lowa but have not had a response - I've used NikWax on other boots with mixed results. Thoughts, anyone?

I have had two pairs of Lowa Renegade GTX's, and they are everything the good reviews say: great fit and comfort right out of the box, good support, good traction, pretty waterproof, etc. But I think I have to find another boot for my next pair.

I love that Lowa provides a narrow width, and these felt great when I tried them on in the store. I guess I didn't spend enough time trying them on the uphill incline, though, because the second I started uphill on my first hike in them, my heels were in terrible pain. There is no cushioning surrounding the back of the foot, just hard plastic. It wasn't even an issue of blistering - just a constant, painful pressure on the back of my foot. Every other aspect of these boots is great, and I'm disappointed to have to return them.

While these boots are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers, they did not last my wife very long before the sole LITERALLY fell off of both boots! We were on a trip to hike in the sequoia forests of CA and thankfully she had a pair of sandals that she had to make due with... A sad outcome to very expensive boots that should have lasted more than a little over a year with hardly any use

I bought these for off-trail hiking trips in Alaska and the Grand Canyon, after reading the glowing review from OutdoorGearLab praising their durability and workmanship. They took awhile to break in, but I chalked it up to their “ruggedness.” Two and a half years later, just as they start to feel comfortable, the first thing to wear out was not the tread, or the laces, or the even waterproofing, but the stitching around the toe. So much for craftsmanship. Pretty disappointing in a $240 pair of boots.

I love these boots--so much that I've bought 5 pairs. There is no "break in" period necessary. I've stomped across creeks where my feet have stayed dry, I've backpacked on multi-day trips carrying 35 lb. packs with no foot soreness or blisters, and they come in a wide width that my foot needs. My only complaint is that the stitching on both sides near the widest part of the boot has failed on every pair that I've owned. I hike and backpack often, and each pair lasts around 2 1/2 - 3 years before the stitching starts to fail. I still rate these boots 5 stars because they are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.

Picked these up at the SOHO REI store in NYC 2 nights before my weekend camping/hiking trip in Upstate NY. No break-in time required. They're the most comfortable hiking boots. They're light in weight, warm, water-proof and rugged yet you are able to feel the ground below. They're rigid so it protects your ankles but the toes still feel connected to the ground and I didn't feel clumsy in these boots. I am a size 8 and I bought the 8 but there is room for my toes going down hill that I didn't feel like my toes were smooshed to the front of the boot. You want the room for going downhill. I tried on the Salomon Quest but they were soooo bulky & clumsy that I could not feel the ground or that mini rock pile in the store. The Asolo looked nice but were very heavy compared to the Lowa Renegade so I didn't even bother trying. I pretty much were in these boots for the duration of the weekend except for being in the tent. The only issue I had is that I have high arches so after hiking on rocks and stones for an hour, my heels started to ache but I don't blame the boots. The soles are comfortable but you need to buy insoles that will mold to your feet. I'm going back to REI to get softec sole inserts. I can only imagine how awesome these will be!! You will need to try on several sizes to find the right fit. The only reason others have not liked these boots is b/c they didn't get the right fit/size and insoles. Think of these boots as a blank canvas and you need to customize them to your feet. Once done they are the most comfortable, stable and attractive hiking boots on the planet!! I own the Stone color in size 8! I believe in after care so I cleaned the boots under warm water and a large kitchen brush to get the dirt off b/4 putting them back in their box. Oh & the laces stayed laced until I undid them which is such a plus. Nothing worse than needing to tie your laces while running from bears!!

These are my first real hiking shoe, and I tried on a ton of different styles and brands at REI before landing on these. I wore them around the house a bit but never had a chance to break them in before my 7 mile hike in Ricketts Glen, PA. My hike included lots of slick rocks along the falls, tons of roots, and plenty of uneven terrain. My feet and ankles didn't tire, there were no blisters or sore spots, and I was able to step in mud and water without my feet getting wet. Super happy I spent the money to get the right boot and look forward to more hikes! I usually wear a 9.5 or 10, but purchased these in a 10.5 which is great with wool socks.

Packed these boots in my suitcase for a hike in washington. When I opened my suitcase & grabbed them, the eyelet to lace them was popped out! Unbelievable. Really hoping I recieved a defected pair. I've heard nothing but good things about Lowa's, but for $240 bucks, these boots better step up. Will be returning for a new pair.

Bought 'em in Flagstaff the day before a five day trip across the Grand Canyon in November. I was nervous about using brand new boots for the hike, but my old ones had become too tight, even after having them stretched and these fit like a glove from the moment I put them on. The shoe salesman remarked that they were designed for no break in period and he was right. I wore them all that day and forgot I was wearing boots. Perfect for the Grand Canyon. Lightweight, comfortable, great boots. Have worn them for lots more mostly very rough, rocky hiking since and have never had a blister or problem. LOVE THESE BOOTS! Worth every penny.

tested out this boots' rainproof ability in Patagonia, walked in rain and snow for hours, my socks stayed dry the whole time. Great protection contacts on small gravel, large pebble, or protruding tree roots on trails. I am totally satisfied with this boots' performance. Though It is every hiker's responsibility to check, re-adjust, or tighten the shoe strings at the ankles during breaks, in order to protect toe nails from thrusting into the inner front. I failed to do so during bad weather and got a purple toe nail. And yet, I still want to keep this boots and continue to add its mileages. Plus a red color hiking boots is just fun to own!

I love the red color and I was actually able to fit into the standard size instead of the wide. Unfortunately they just didn't wear well. I had the same problem as one of the other reviewers mentioned, the toe cover separating from the leather. Not only did it separate, it cracked down the front. I managed to clean it out well and mend it with shoe goo, but I expected better wear for the money. They aren't even a year old. If he mending doesn't hold up, back they go. I will have to say a friend has a pair and hers are wearing just fine.

I've gone through three pairs of Renegades but that is because I wear them all the time. I live in the mountains and day hike in rugged country regularly. Every summer I take long backpack trips. These boots are very comfortable and I've had a lot of foot problems in the past, but not with these boots.

I bought these boots a year ago, and since then I've worn them along Appalachian trail, to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, through the Inca trail, to the highest point in Texas, and around the Grand Canyon. But I've also worn them to the grocery store, while walking around town in the rain, and on numerous long car drives.

I have bad feet, I am flat-footed with bunions. I like to do extended back-packing trips but my feet would be thrashed at the end of the day. I returned my previous expensive boots and tried several different types of boots at REI, went home with the Lowa Renagades. I was excited that they came in a wide width. I've put about 20 miles on them so far and I have no foot pain! They don't get too warm, which was part of the problem with the last boot. I haven't tried them with a heavy pack yet, but fingers crossed!

My understanding, was that these boots would be waterproof, and provide traction on the wet rock at Isle Royale National Park. It was muddy and rainy, and the water easily penetrated the leather. There was no traction on the wet rock, and I slipped and fell 9 times. I felt they were an investment, and I trusted them to keep my feet comfortable and to provide enough traction for safety. On the bright side, I didn't get blisters, and the arch support was excellent. Also the soles prevented me from feeling sharp rock underfoot. I bought these from the manufacturer, not REI. A ranger told me her Asolo boots kept her feet dry up to her ankles without the need to initially treat them.

I used these boot to hike the Manaslu Circuit (over 150 miles) in Nepal. I did spend time breaking them in prior to my trip and in a group of 14 people only myself and one other person did not get blisters. With the appropriate socks hiking in these boots is fantastic. My feet don't tire as quickly, I don't get the hot-spots from other hiking boots I've had, the boots provide great stability for both the foot and ankle, they are truly waterproof, and surprisingly comfortable! I use these boots year round to hike in all kinds of terrain and even use them for snowshoeing. They are so good that I actually bought a second pair just in case they stop manufacturing this particular line!

I have loved these boots in the year I've had them! They've gone on a few pack trips and hikes with me, and even in winter for some icy dog walks. I would recommend these for people with narrower feet (as I do). My foot doesn't rub or slip when wearing these on various terrain, and I even choose to wear them over my camp shoes on pack trips because they're THAT COMFORTABLE.

I bought these boots several months ago. I was looking for an all purpose boot for everything from 3-5 mile day hikes to multi-day, 100-mile backpacks in the deserts and mountains. I have hiked over 50 miles in them to date, and now wish I had invested in them sooner.

I bought these a few months ago for fieldwork. Normally I have to go a half size up to fit the width of my foot (even when they offer a wide width version). Not so in this case. Ordered an 8 wide, and returned them for a 7.5 wide. Toe box is nice and roomy and fits my feet with no problem. FINALLY!

I purchased these boots for work and have been hiking in them nearly every day for the last six months. The boots never truly "broke in" and felt really comfortable no matter the amount of miles I put into them. These are really sturdy, high top boots that have saved me countless sprained ankles, however my feet are in pain every time I wear them. I am disappointed that they did not work out considering how expensive they are. Everything else about the boot is great, the water proof, and traction are great, just not the overall wear. I usually wear an 8.5 in boots and these fit true to size for me, even when wearing thick socks.

I have very narrow feet, so finding boots that hold my feet securely is a challenge. I went to my local REI and tried on every women's boot in the store. All of them were stocked in-store only in medium width, and all of them were way too wide for my feet. Of them all, the one that came closest to fitting--while simultaneously being the most comfortable--was the Lowa Renegade. Fortunately, the Renegade also happened to be the only women's hiking boot that could be ordered in narrow via the REI web site. So, I ordered it. To be sure I was getting the best fit available, I also ordered (from other retailers) the only other boots I could find that came in narrow--the Vasque Breeze and an LL Bean model whose name I can't remember. Of the three, the Renegade was the clear standout for fit, comfort, and support. Even in narrow, it was still a bit too wide to keep my toes from bumping the end of the boot, but I played with different socks and premium insoles until I managed to take up the extra space. The result is a perfect fit--stunningly comfortable (especially with premium insoles) and supportive. I just got back from a week of intensive hiking in Yosemite with the brand-new boots. I got winded, my muscles got sore, but my feet never had a moment of discomfort. Traction on the Yosemite granite was great, and the ankle support was terrific in all those moments when I caught my toe on a rock. I've seen that a few reviewers have complained about durability, but so far my boots are holding up beautifully. And even if they were to fall apart in a year, I'd have to run out and buy another pair, because they're really the only option for narrow feet.

I loved how these boots felt when I tried them on, and they were comfortable on my first few hikes. I felt supported through my ankle and the waterproof was legit.

I’ve been wanting to try these boots for while. They were great at first, but if you do any real long term hiking or surveying these will NOT hold up. Within the first month I did 10 days walking on basalt and they were toast. I exchanged them for a new pair and they only lasted three months before blowing out on all seams. Would not recommend for the price.

My husband and I love this boot! We had been trying to break in our Asolo boots for a couple years before we gave up and bought a new pair.

This is the only brand of hiking boots I have ever worn for over 10 years. They always fit perfect and my feet were happy. Something has changed. The toe box seems to be to narrow and my right foot begins to get a hotspot on the ball of my foot after only 5 miles. Then the pain radiates to the top of my toes which makes me have to take them off and rub my foot before continuing. Sorry to say, I'm taking them back to REI and try to find another brand in a wider toe box. I have tried the wide version of these, but my heel slips around in the boot.

I decided it was finally time to buy a pair of good hiking boots. I tried a bunch of pairs on, and found the Lowa Renegade boots to be the best fit for me. I have narrow feet, and I found some other brands a bit too wide/bulky for me. Note that I normally wear size 8.5 - 9 in shoes, but sized up to 9.5 for these boots. I took them for my first hike on Saturday in the White Mountains. After almost 7 miles, they were still very comfortable. I had no blisters from the first wear, and I look forward to many more hikes with them!

These boots were so comfortable, even brand new, that when the rubber on toes pulled off I replaced them with a new pair... But when the same thing happened with the second pair after only 7 months of fairly light use, i traded them in for a pair of solomons....

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina and love to hike and camp, so when I needed a new pair of hiking boots to replace the cheap ones I moved from the city with, I did a lot of research. I've owned these boots for about two years and very much appreciated reading reviews of people who had owned the boots for a while.

These are the best boots I've ever owned. But be warned that the size chart currently showing on the website is incorrect. I reported it to my REI store yesterday, Oct. 7th. It seems the women's size column has slipped down one row.

I started trekking in 2003. My first pair of boots were a Lowa similar to the Renegade. I LOVED the boots - super comfortable & kept my feet dry while tramping through standing water. I put a lot of miles & memories on them before "dry rot" finally did in the soles ten years later. My second pair of boots are the Lowa Renegade, which I bought in 2013.

I bought my renegade mid GTXs in 2002. They are still the most comfortable boots I can find. I use them in the snow, rain, mud, rocks. Wash and treat with nikwax nubuck and good as new. I also bought 'tempest lo' for summer the same year and have finally started to wear out the soles slightly. I did notice that upon washing and conditioning both pairs, the renegade GTX mid absorbed far less water and dried more quickly, even though they are a larger boot. Hoping to find a summer boot like my renegades, but might just stick with these on the warm days. Lowa changed their sizing; appears that the US sizes compared to EU sizing are now smaller (e.g. EU40 was US8 and is now 8.5). I have to size up at least a full size higher than my dress shoes so that my little toes are happy and free to wiggle.

Lowa? Never again! How did they ever get awards? A number of years ago, I got a high and low cut pair. Comfortable. Look good. However, after two uses on the high tops and numerous Short walks w/ the low tops, the soles separated - on each pair. The low ones gave out when I was out on a 3 week stint w/ ARC disaster services. Tape and retape. Talk about uncomfortable and inconvenient. When I got home I got out the high tops for a hike. Luckily I didn't get further than a local coffee stop when those soles did the same thing. They didn't last a year.

Lowa Renegades are still a very good mid-weight, all-leather hiking boot, with good quality/durability. My only concern is that the newer version seems to have a narrower toe box than the older Renegades. This is an unfortunate development, because boots cannot be comfortable unless you have enough room for your toes. Perhaps a Wide size would work, but since I don't take Wide sizes in other brands (Salomon, Merrell, Asolo), I'm concerned that Wide Renegades would be too loose in the heel. If you do a lot of longer hikes (over 8 miles), you might find these boots hurt your toes.

These boots have served me well on the trail for a few years now. They were the most comfortable of all the boots I tried on and no break in period was required. Very waterproof, good traction. I'm a moderate hiker - typical 8-10 mi/2,000 elev. day hikes- and I love the fact that, at an age when aches and pains routinely crop up on hikes, my feet are never the issue. Now, that's a good boot! As noted elsewhere, the stitching is not the best and the inner lining is starting to deteriorate. At this point, I'm probably in the market for a new pair and, although I'm going to check out other boots, these are the ones to beat.

I bought these this summer, after wearing out my Asolo's. They were so comfortable, I didn't even know I had hiking boots on. I always got pain in the ball of my foot at the end of a hike with the Asolo's, but the Lowa Renegade, I could forget I still had them on. At the suggestion of REI's service reps, I ordered two pairs of boots to try, with the intention of returning both or one, depending on how they felt after hiking. I never even tried the other ones I ordered (Vasque) because the Lowa Renegade was so comfortable. The Vasque's hurt just having them on! Love the Lowa's. Now I know what it's like to hike for hours and not have sore feet. Would recommend to anyone to order more than one pair and try them out. Easy return, as long as you can get to a store sometime in the next year. Or you can pay the postage to mail them back. REI rocks!!

These boots are great! They are my first ever pair of hiking boots. I have been wearing outdoor sandals to hike in and needed something more sturdy for both day hikes and backpacking trips. I took them on a backpacking trip recently after I purchased them and was totally comfortable. Breaking them in did not take long. I wore them to work for about two weeks and I was fine for the trip (~15 miles). I felt sturdy and protected with my pack on in these boots. I like how they are not too clunky and the colors are neutral. I love these boots and would recommend them to any lady out there who wants to be comfy while hiking.

I bought these on a recommendation from a friend who had a pair she loved for years. They felt great in the store. I wore them on a couple of 2 - 3 mile hikes and they seemed ok. Then took them to Yosemite for 3 days do day hikes of 5 - 8 miles. Got a hot spot on my heel the first day. Turned full nasty blister second day. Was hiking in my Keen sandals by the third day. With the boots on I felt like I couldn't feel the trail. My feet felt like clunky rocks with every step. Unfortunately I will be returning these and looking for a different type of hiking boot or shoe.

I do not actually have these boots, but I tried them on in my search for my first pair of hiking boots. I'd been looking for the perfect pair for a long time, and the reviews here were really positive. However, these Lowa women's boots were too small for me, even when I went up to the biggest size. I ended up getting the Lowa Renegade LL Mid Hiking Boot for men in a Men's size 9.5 (I typically wear about an 11 or 11.5 in women's), and those fit me well! So I would recommend doing that if you are having a similar problem as I had. (See my review of the men's boots on that web page!)

Soooo comfortable! I had a pair of Merrell Siren Song and they wore out after 400 miles. The Lowa's have better traction and a stiffer sole so they do very well on rocky terrain, rock hopping across streams and scrambling in loose soil. Comfortable going downhill too. I wear 1/2 size bigger just for the steep downhills. No break in needed. Great ankle support. I've put about 50 miles on these so far in hot, cold, wet conditions. Waterproof, breathable and not hot. So far I've only used them with a pack of 10-15 lbs but I think these would be good for pack weight of 25-30 lbs.

This is my second pair of Lowa’s, I wore out the first but they are still useable, I just wouldn’t take them on a multi day!

I bought these a month ago and couldn't be happier. Theresa at Pineville REI helped me with suggestions and I am so glad I listened to her. They are comfortable from the first time you wear them... no break-in time whatsoever. They're rigid so it protects your ankles but I didn't feel clumsy in these boots. Thanks REI!!!!

I bought these boots almost three years ago, right before a backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail. Despite barely breaking them in beforehand, (bad idea, I know) I was blister-free throughout the whole trip and was the only one of the 14 of us with completely dry feet the whole time! Since that trip, I've hiked in these boots everywhere from local state parks and trails to the Inca Trail in Peru and the Mighty Five in Utah. I've also used them all summer for the past two years doing field research on tough terrain in Isle Royale National Park and Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. They've held up beautifully despite all their use and with some periodic use of the Lowa waterproofing spray, they've never failed to keep my feet blister-free and dry. They don't feel heavy on my feet, and their tread keeps my feet from slipping, even on wet rock. And, how can you beat the looks of these boots? I get so many compliments on the color and condition of mine, even despite the three years of heavy use. I'll never own another type of hiking boots if I can help it!

I bought the Lowa's in size 10.5 narrow before the 11s were available. Besides the fact that they are a bit short, they are perfect!! I took them out backpacking in Dolly Sods, WV over the past weekend and came out blister free - a few hot spots on the incline about 7 miles in, but nothing a seasoned hiker can't handle with some moleskin and duct tape. I just ordered size 11 narrows and hopefully they will help the toe-smushing factor. If they do, I'll be likely to buy two pairs since I've been looking for a boot that doesn't blister for YEARS! Thank you REI for carrying narrow shoes for those of us women with long feet! They are also quite attractive, which is just a cherry on top of these awesome boots.

First off, these are ALL Terrain boots! They are durable, waterproof, and comfortable. After reading the reviews, I was a bit skeptical because a lot of people complained about blisters and what not. Gotta say, I think it's the way "one" ties the boot that makes a complete difference. I needed boots ASAP for my trip to Peru - Machu Picchu. I "broke" them in within three days of hiking. They go above the ankle which is perfect, they are flexible, and the boot laces are awesome and thick! Highly recommend these boots!! Tie them right and tight --but not too tight ;)

I have been day hiking in trail shoes for quite some time but decided it was time for boots. I was tired of turning my ankles. Went to the local REI and asked the sales associate to recommend a pair of day hikers. His first choice were these, but I made him give me a alternative pair. The alternative shoe was a Merrell, which I am a fan of, but it was obvious from the start these boots gave great support. I have had them about six weeks and have hiked from 4 to 7 miles in them almost every day. Never a blister, never an ache, and no more turned ankles. The traction is outstanding and I have found I trust my feet much more than in typical trail shoes. I love these boots and look forward to wearing them out.

I hiked in these boots on a 4 day trip in the Grand Canyon and I wore them with sock liners and hiking socks. Everyone else on my trip got blisters but I did not. These boots kept my feet dry when splashing through streams, provided good ankle support when my ankles were tired, and laced well to give specific parts of my foot and ankle more or less support as I needed them to. [...]the most "forgiving" boots [...]. They moved with my feet and as I was hiking downhill, there was enough room and I was able to lace the ankles tight enough that my toes did to slam into the boot. I will wear these boots for years!

I bought these to hike the Wonderland Trail. The insides of these boots feel like a warm fuzzy slipper...so comfortable. I really liked them, but I have average toes and a very narrow heel and my heels kept slopping around in them. Not too bad of a problem for short hikes but not what I needed for longer distances. I was forced to take them back and try something else.

I bought a pair of these for myself after having bought a different pair of boots that gave me debilitating heel pain due to crossbars in the sole. I had 6 months of physical therapy to deal with the pain then put these boots on and loved them right away. I have already walked over a thousand miles in them and loved them so much I bought a pair for my daughter. I have been through mud, water over my head, very rough terrain, snow and ice and they still perform as I expect. They keep my feel dry and warm and barely show any wear. I strongly recommend buying a half size larger because if you wear the appropriate socks and hike as much as I do, your feet swell and any boot is much more comfortable when it fits through that.

I have had these boots for about a year now. They were super comfortable right out of the box. I have tons on miles on these boots and I've not had any issues with the soles separating or coming unglued. There are waterproof as they claim too. I've stood in the middle of a stream with the water running up to my ankles and my feet stayed completely dry. If I were to somehow loose my boots, I wouldn't even consider getting anything else.

i don't have a hundred miles on this boot. A few walks in a local park and two hikes up and around the Presidentials. probaly put more distance arounf the campground then on the mounaqin. first walk in the park it felt liike i was walking barefoot, The shock and discomfort had be remove the near paper thin inner sole and replace it with a better pair. then after my last hike up Mt Hale I founnd that the edge of the heal on both boots has worn through into the inner vacuum space. Total disappointment

Although lightweight these have great support for arches as well as ankles. The roomy toe space makes for comfort on long hikes when feet tend to swell. Yet the snug fit through the arch means there is no slippage to cause blisters. I like the set back at the base of the ankle which allows to tighten laces for the foot and then adjust the ankle snugness. Soles are flexible, too, which also adds to foot comfort. I had foot surgery several years ago and these will help me get back to hiking and it is important to me to have shoes that will keep my feet healthy.

I had over 400 miles on my old boots, so off to REI I went. Much to my surprise and delight there was a professional shoe person on site (Sacramento)! It's been years since I've had this experience and he put me through the paces on a small mountain in the store going up and down, stomping feet, etc. The boots felt a bit big to me, but he insisted they were perfect. The first few miles on the trail with my 25lb. pack I was convinced they were 1/2 size too large, but with some sock adjustment (liners) I got used to them and noticed a big difference in downhill areas - toes staying comfortably away from the front of the boot. I did not experience any issues with breaking them in and I now have about 60 miles on them. I really appreciated the help at the store!

I've loved these boots ever since I bought my first pair, and I'm now on my third. They barely need any breaking in, nothing to speak of. Completely wore the previous pairs to shreds, but then I do wear them practically every day of the year. They are great hiking boots, but also comfortable enough to wear around town and to the office. Only downside is that the seam just above the big toe seems to wear out after a couple of years - this happened to both of my old pairs and also to my sister's. Wish Lowa would look into that. Otherwise great, can't beat it.

Bought these boots for my wife to use for rough terrain hiking and for backpacking. So far she's climber over 10k vertical with them and this past weekend put 20 miles on them with a 25 pound pack. SHE LOVES these boots. Tried and returned a pair of Salomen 4D GTX due to rubbing from a hard surface on the edge of the tongue. Killed her feet/ankle. From the moment she put these on in the store she thought the fit and comfort was amazing. With minimum breakin wearing them around the house the boots were great on the trail. These boots have been great for her.

These boots are amazing. I bought them and only broke them in a little bit before taking them to Sykes Hot Springs and back--20 miles with a big back in 36 hours. I had ZERO blisters and my feet were hardly sore at all. The terrain was rugged--up and down, plus climbing over and through hundreds of downed trees from a previous wind storm. I stepped in creeks and crashed through brush and these boots were amazing. Totally waterproof, excellent support, really lightweight, and wonderful on the heels. I repeat, no blisters! I will only wear Lowa boots for the rest of my awesome life. Yee-haw and heck yes!

I have always had a huge problem with blisters on long-distance hikes, and I always thought it was that my boots were too small or not wide enough. I bought these a little big and a little wide (awesome size options), and they broke in so easily while training for the JMT...but unfortunately I still got blisters. However, on shorter distance hikes they are the comfiest boots I could ever ask for. I realize these aren't the ideal long-distance backpacking boots and I may need to try a heavier boot for that...But I still give these boots a good rating for shorter hikes and for people with less sensitive feet.

I purchased these at an REI garage sale. As you know, thats kind of a grab and go event. I picked up these boots and a pair of Asolo Fissions for $100 total (not a bad deal if they didn't work). However, I would have paid full price for these Lowas! (The Asolo's gave me blisters no matter how I tied them and they fit my foot perfectly.) The tag on the boot claimed it hurt the previous "owners" feet (they looked brand new so I can't imagine she wore them all but once), however I wore mine at the barn for a full 8 hours of walking to test them and I almost died of shock...at the end of the day my feet didn't hurt....and they ALWAYS hurt! Took them out on a 15 mile hike the next day and I'm now an Lowa believer. The Lowa's are true to size (I'm size 7 with a bit of a wider foot and I wore a UK5/38/Women's 7).

I’m a City Carrier for the USPS and need boots that will hold up for many miles and through all weather conditions. Since purchasing in October I’ve put over 1000 miles on this pair of boots and they still look almost brand new. As many other reviewers have said, they were comfy right out of the box with no break-in period. I need to re-waterproof them as my feet are starting to get a little wet in rainy conditions but that’s to be expected after so much use. I’ll be purchasing another pair soon to have a backup when this pair wears out although I don’t know when that will be as they’re holding up so well.

I'm on my third pair of Lowa Renegades, every pair lasts me 2 full years. I'm an avid hiker and adventurer and take these boots with me everywhere I go. Hiking is year round for me, it doesn't matter what the weather is or what the terrain is these boots are with me all the time. They are light weight & waterproof, so they are the best boots to snowshoe in as well. I have no time to break in boots & these have no break in time, they're just as comfortable from the first day. I've recommended this boot to others and the reviews from them have always been great as well. Yes, they last only 2 years for me, but I log in about 45 hikes per year...that's about 90 hikes for each pair!

I was looking for a pair of boots that felt more like sneakers, and after trying several that were terribly uncomfortable, I put these on and they felt amazing! After only walking a 1 mile "break-in" trail, I took these on a 19.5 hike with about 30-35 pounds. Although my feet were a little tender and sore, I didn't have any blisters at all and unlike with some other shoes, I wasn't constantly thinking of how much my feet hurt during the hike. We did get pretty wet on the hike out from dew and mist, and although my feet weren't soaking, they did get damp. I might try and put some waterproof stuff on them to make the goretex more effective. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

Purchased a pair of women's Lowa Renegade II GTX (Gortex) boots from REI back in 2008/09 and thought I was getting a deal since they were marked down on clearance. Little did I know they were already 2-3+ yrs. old (2005 model). I kept them in my closet only using them for strenuous winter hikes as they are heavy boots and I live in Charlotte, NC. I figured at that rate they would last me a lifetime! I probably wore them less than a dozen times when the sole completely disintegrated. I contacted Lowa and this was their response:

I could go on and on (and have for the past five years) about how much I love these boots. I bought these at the beginning of summer 2015 and they have been everywhere with me since then. Hiking in the PNW, on the East Coast, throughout Europe for 6 months, in Hawaiian waterfalls, etc. and I have never had a single complaint. Granted, I'm relatively easy when it comes to shoes: I have slightly high arches but that's about it. These boots have never given me blisters, have kept my feet dry until very recently because the seams are coming apart, and don't even smell after all this time. It's time for me to retire these boots (after 5 years of heavy use!), and I'm definitely getting the same pair.

We purchased these for my wife two days before a 3 backpacking trip into the Lizard Head Wilderness in Colorado. We would never even think of breaking in any other hiking shoe two days before a trip, but LOWAS are just simply the best. We covered 18 miles in three days w/35 pound packs. She never even got one hot spot. We are very happy with her LOWA Renegades.

I was ecstatic that Lowa offers narrow sizes for a serious hiking boot. I can't comment on long distance yet, but from the ~10 miles I've done in them so far, these seem like great boots.

At first I thought these were the greatest but after a year the rubber above the toes split. Took them back and got a second pair and in only six months the stitching started coming loose.

After a rigorous two day backpacking hike, my low top day hikers were just not up to the descents. Neither were my toes. A trip back to REI in Littleton,CO, hooked me up with Mike. Without Mike and his knowledge of all the boots, lacings, anatomy, arch and sole support, I would not have been able to complete the subsequent 3 day backpack hike. Learned so much! You may have all the gear but it's the people that know and make the difference! Mike, you are a jjewel. My toes thank you. The boot gave a stellar performance through streams, ascents and descents keeping the foot and toes secure.

I love these boots! Comfortable from the first time I wore them, easy to get into and out of, laces do a good job of tightening where needed and are easily loosened, sturdy soles, but I can feel the terrain beneath. I have walked through streams over the top of the boots and my feet never get wet. I can watch them dry within minutes no matter how soaked they get. Also, everyone admires them and compliments me on them. I love the red - they are the first hiking boots I have owned that were actually pretty. I have paid as much for hiking boots that felt too heavy and in which I could not feel the ground to get my footing. I have recommended them to several friends. I put them on by choice to walk my dog because they are the most comfortable footwear I own.

Finally decided to invest in a good pair of hikers and I am so happy with these... no break-in time whatsoever.

The soles just literally fell off both boots both the same time and I had to hike back carrying the soles walking in boots with no soles.

Had to buy new boots about 2 weeks before a 32 mile trip planned in Grand Teton. Only wore around the house before the trip - so little break in. Just finished the 4 day hike with no problems. Boots were comfortable and provided good stability over various terrain.

I've had these boots for about 9 months. I've put a lot of miles on them, but the rubber sole is already coming away from the leather... it seems too soon for that. Otherwise, they're great for light backpacking and hiking. Great support and waterproof.

I really loved these boots, for the first months that I had them. They let me speed through day hikes in NC and TN, kept me supported and had great traction. And then.... even with very loving boot maintenance, all the seams started to come undone. When I took them on a backpacking trip for three weeks, by week two the heel section of my shoe was SHARP. I ended up hiking in the scottish highlands for 60+ miles in sandals, which was less than ideal

I can't say enough about the women's Lowa Renegade. They were recommended to me by an avid daily hiker. I bought my first pair 18 years ago. I live in Alaska so hiking and hunting elevation for the first ten years I owned this was routine. When not hiking, I walked 3-5 miles a day in sand, mud, snow and ice with ice grippers in the winter months. I just replaced them. They are amazingly comfortable right out of the box and I have neuromas, plantar faciatis and bunions. I am now over 70 and can only hope these new ones serve me as well as the ones I am replacing but not throwing out yet.

Tried these Lowa Renegade Gtx hiking boots at Rei store while I was looking for trail runners. I could not believe how light they are. The shoes are stiff in the good way and super comfy for my high arch and high forefoot. Rei emplyees have incredible knowledge in shoes. The expresso/berry is a cute color too.

I've been travelling South America, and these boots have been fantastic. Granted, I got them mostly just for hiking, but they are so comfortable I've been using them whenever I'm not wearing sandals at the beach or indoors. They look bulky but are pretty light. I went right into a hike with it, without taking the time to break it in, and haven't had a blister yet! I care a bit about style, and these boots look good with pants, shorts, and even skirts I guess.

Got these boots after my Merrels had pretty much disintegrated after 7 years of use. I was very reluctant to get another pair of boots because my feet don't really fit into anything. I have not done any intense hiking yet, but these boots are fantastic! I wore them around school and they were waterproof and warm in the snow. I have wider feet, and I got the regular width boots. They fit perfectly, with a little extra toe room. They also support your ankles! I did have to break them in a little bit, but they are very comfortable. I went for a 5 mile hike with no blisters, so I am pretty confident that these boots will get the job done for the long distance hiking this summer. Simple, comfy, and durable!

I bought these boots because I trust Lowa to have a good product and their boots are a great fit for me. After a short time, hiking only a few times in the summer, I noticed the soles started wearing away or thinning. I was completely surprised since I did little hiking with them. I have a pair of Lowa backing boots that are solid and have lasted through the years with some really long, tough, continuous hiking, so I was really surprised when these boots started to fail. An expensive disappointment.

I've had these for probably 6-7 years, and they were perfect from Day 1. Now the soles are coming unglued and the sole filler is disintegrating. Okay, so they have been quite a few miles in mud, rain, bogs, [...] grocery aisles, pastures, boats, and just around and about. I have various foot problems (bunions, mild arthritis) and these are by far my most comfortable walking/hiking/outdoor shoes of any I ever wear. I considered shopping around just because that's what women do, then decided "why bother?" -- these were perfect for more than 6 years, so I'll just click and replace.

I've had these boots for around 5 years now. They never disappoint on my hikes through the woods or stream crossings. I don't worry about my feet getting wet because they never have! These boots support my ankles so are great for hikes with rocks and tree roots. I absolutely love them!!

Super comfortable out of the box, just as the reviews stated. But can't do long miles in this boot. Have had more issues with hot spots, blisters and soreness than any other boot I've owned. I real disappointment. Being two weeks out from a Patagonia trip, I'm at a loss of what to do now after having this boot for over a month for proper break in period. My feet are a wreak.

These boots were so comfortable I didn't even need to break them in. They are very sturdy with a waterproof exterior. They are structured but there is plenty of room for my feet to breathe. I took them immediately after purchase on a backpacking trip to Peru, got no blisters (in fact I had little to no pain at all), and they kept my feet protected in the rain and the mud. I could not recommend these boots enough. They are extremely comfortable as well as functional, I highly recommend these boots.

So, I bought these boots right before doing the Mountaineers route on Whitney...I didn't even wear them before the hike. (I Know, pretty smart) However, even with my plantar fasciitis and lack of braking in, these boots were great. I did get blisters on my heels (I do blister easy), but a little moleskin and all was well. For a17 hour hike. I was pleasantly surprised.

The most amazing pair of hiking shoes I've owned so far. I needed a pair that was waterproof for a 3 day, 32 miles trip in the Olympic National Park. I picked these up from my local REI just a couple of days before the trip and wore them for the very first time on the trail. 3 days, 32 miles, 30 lbs later my feet were very happy. Not a single blister!

I have a very wide foot across the toes and narrow heals, which can make fitting boots a problem, however I am very happy with the Lowa Renegade GTX in a Mens Wide. I am posting this to the women's page just in case someone with super wide feet is looking for options!

I purchased this boot several months ago in an 8 Regular. After a couple of months, the boots seemed smaller. I needed a longer and wider boot. I ordered an 8.5 Wide and it was narrower than the 8 Regular! Then, I ordered a 9 Wide. It was EXACTLY the same length as the 8, both the outsole and insole, and it was narrower than my original 8 Regular. I got so confused that I sent back any boots that hadn't been worn outside, and bought a Vasque Talus. No problems with sizing or fit.

I am so torn with these boots. I bought my first pair two years ago and without breaking them in, wore them on a 72 mile backpacking trip with zero blisters! I wore on a couple more day trips, but then noticed they were beginning to get rips in the leather upper at the seams, so I returned them to REI just within one year of purchase and replaced them with the same boot. Second pair, wore for mostly day trips with a few overnight backpacking trips sprinkled in, probably only totaling about 150 miles when the sole started to come apart from the leather upper. Luckily, I noticed it happening it within the year of purchasing, and REI gave me the refund(with a little trouble from customer service). These have been the most comfortable hiking boot, but unfortunately, they just aren't as sturdy as I'd hoped.

I bought a new brand of boots (Iowa) that were supposed to have more room in the toebox, which I need due to bunions. Although they were super comfortable in the store, I went on an easy 5 mile hike and I got a blister on my pinky toe within the first 3 miles. I also got a couple hot spots on the top of my foot. For being such an expensive boot I expected much better. Will go back to my old brand.

comfortable straight out of the box! They've never given me blisters. I wore them in extremely high running water while it was pouring down rain and still had dry feet. I've worn holes in the front from taking them on so many adventures and guess what? They're still keeping my feet dry and comfortable. Highly suggest them!

From day one these were the boots that fit like a glove. By far superior to the other brands i tried on. Leather that forms to your feet, great breathability, walk all over the city in snow and rain and my feet stay dry and comphy. I used them for working as a window washer up and down ladders and now i wear them about half the time for eveyday use. Have had them for about 1 1/2 years and they are fitting even better. Nothing faulty that i can see. Just pure comfort. my only complaint is that they are so comphy that i do not want to take them off or wear any other shoe.

I can't say enough good things about these boots. Waterproof, mudproof, comfortable and no breaking in required. Toe box is wide enough for my wide feet, and the ankle lacing keeps my narrow heels in place. I followed the salesperson's advice and bought larger than my usual size (1.5 sizes larger).

I've been wearing these boots for more than six years and am about to buy another pair. I've had them re-stitched twice just to keep them going, but they are finally wearing out now. They are comfortable from the first day I put them on. I wear them all winter, in mud season, summer and fall, walking my dog at the state park, hiking in Colorado and Big Bend. I even wear them grocery shopping and around the house (I can forget I have them on!). They run a little big, at least they did when I bought them 6+ years ago, so I bought a half size smaller. I love 'em.

Great little boot! They’re super light which makes them pretty versatile. I’ve worn them on long hikes, but can also wear them for a work day on the farm. They were stiff at first but loosened up after a day. I would give it five stars if the toe box wasn’t so narrow. I bought a 9 wide and I still feel like my toes could used a bit more room. They’re fine if I wear thin socks but I can’t really wear thick ones. These will probably be more of a summer boot anyway.

Was looking for heavy duty boot that could be resoled. Sales person insisted the Renegade could. After 9 months of wear the sole is shot and the boot CANNOT be resoled. Have had boots in the past that wore for years. Seriously disappointed in Lowa and REI sales.



I have a bunion on my foot and it is hard to find shoes that don't hurt.  If I get my size in a "wide", will they still be comfortable?  Anybody have experience with this?

My wife couldn't find a pair of backpacking boots that would work with her bunions.  After trying several different brands, I saw an ad for Hanwag boots for bunions.  These are specifically designed for feet with bunions.  I ordered a pair, on a whim.  They turned out to be excellent boots, providing ample room and comfort for her bunions.  These are the only boots that truly fit her feet.


I've had these boots for years & now seems like a good time to buy a backup pair (to help support REI during the Covid19 closures) My current pair give the size as "USL 7.5" on the inside tag. Is that the same as regular US 7.5?

The L that you are referring to means “Ladies” on the women’s Renegade boots. We recommend ordering a US 7.5 medium width in these boots. We thank you for your support.


What is the measurement of the width in inches of the 8.5 wide (at the ball of the foot)?

​Lowa does not publish the width in inches. These boots in wide are an EE width.


Are they crampon compatible?

Yes, you can use strap-on crampons with the Renegades.​


I am looking to climb Mt. Adams this June. It will be a one day hike. There will still be snow and I may need crampons. Would you recommend these boots? 

We do not recommend using these boots for climbing Mount Adams. The boots are not stiff enough to accommodate traditional mountaineering crampons.


Can this boot outsole be resoled?

Yes, this boot can be resoled.


What's the temperature rating for these? Considering doing a weekend (winter) trip with them

These are 3-season, waterproof hiking boots suitable for most trail conditions. However, they are not insulated and have not been temperature rated. Your warmth will depend on different variables including activity level, metabolism, perspiration as well as the sock layers you are wearing.


How do I order these boots by telephone 

Give us a call! Check this out:


Hi! I am looking for a footwear or boots good for hiking Patagonia and Dolomites, can you pls give me links of few that you would recommend?

We recommend a sturdy backpacking boot for those trails.


Will these work well for winter hiking/snow hiking. Let's say at least 2/3' of snow? For Mount Baldy, Cucamonga Peak (Angeles Forest hikes) Thank you.

These hiking boots offer waterproof protection to keep your feet dry and Vibram Evo outsoles for excellent grip and traction allowing these boots to perform well in light snow conditions. We do suggest pairing these boots with thick and warm socks or layering your socks as no additional insulation is provided for warmth.


Is the insole removable?

Yes, the insole can be removed.

Happy times

Hi first time to your sight. I am looking for a boot to keep me dry in the Minnesota winters. I prefer leather with fur trim with laces. What would you recommend? Also to keep my feet warm. Thank you,

These boots do not have insulation and generally won't be good for very cold weather. Here is our link to women's winter boots. Use the filters in the left column to narrow down your search:


Does anyone know if these would be helpful for metatarsal pain? Looking for a new pair of boots as I havedeveloped metatarsal pain. I do mostly day hikes in the northeastern USA. Average 10 miles a day in the White Mountains.

These boots do not feature a special fit designed for foot pain or a foot condition. We recommend speaking with your doctor. You can also check out this boot lacing article:


I ordinarily wear an 8 N in a shoe. What size should I purchase in the Lowa Renegade hiking boot? The question is for boots for my wife. Any other recommendations for a "light hiking shoe or boot" in a narrow?

Your wife needs the 8 narrow size. This is the only hiking boot we have available in a narrow width.


How tall are these boots? Are they fire suitable?

The overall height of these boots is 7 inches. The boots do not have any sort of fire rating.

Miss T

Will these work for Mt Kilimanjaro? 8 days. 

Yes, this boot is a really smart option for trekking and climbing adventures. It has lots of support and is crampon compatible.


Need 6 wide boot because of arthritis.  Renegade is only 1 on market in Canada & US. Had Lowas Light before. Loved them, but had stitching issues, and soles started to detach. Really in a dilemma, need a good boot to keep hiking! Ideas? 

As of March 2019, these boots are available in the size 6 wide. If you'd like some other suggestions, please give us a call at 1-800-426-4840 and we'll do our best to help you out!


I have a question about the sizing. I wear size 10.5-11 shoe size usually, but I have a very wide foot and am not sure what size to get. It is hard to find shoes that fit right since they don't usually come in wide options for larger shoe sizes.

​If you have a wide foot, we recommend a wide size which is a D width. Size 10.5 wide may be a good fit for you.


I have size 7.5 N. The heel is loose (altho I do the surg knot) and the toes a bit tight. Too much downhill gives sore toe tips. Better to try another size or switch to a boot that runs N like Vasque st elias GTX?

Great question! You can try a smaller size of these boots or a boot model that has less volume. You could also change volume with insoles.


I am going to Tahoe and will be doing a few hours of snowshoeing and walking around in snow conditions a bit around town. How are these boots in the snow?

These boots are waterproof and designed for day hiking. They can be used for snow adventures with the addition of appropriate socks since they're not insulated. We also suggest gaiters.


Are these shoes good for Kilimanjaro hike?

​Yes, they would work well for Kilimanjaro.

Iowa renegade

Can you put them in washing machine

We recommend hand washing with Nikwax Cleaning Gel and treating with Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Waterproofing Spray for Footwear.


I'll be hiking for 8 days (in July) in the Talkeetna mountains in Alaska. Will these boots work?

​These boots can be used on your trip if you are carrying a lighter backpack.


Looking for a boot that can support me through the Huemul Circuit in Patagonia. I am currently recovering from a stress fracture of the fibula and am comparing this boot to the Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX

These shoes will provide great support and may be a good option for you to use.


Traveling to Scotland for hikes in Perthsire Highlands . A day hiker who does not carry much weight, I already have these boots but a few seasons old. How best to assess when these boots need replacement?  Thanks!

​With normal hiking use, you will see spot wear or diminishing sole (lug) thickness. Once this becomes significant, you may seek to resole or replace your Renegades. If they still have significant tread and grip, then they will be still useful for some time.


Are this for a wide or narrow foot?

​As of March 2018, these boots are offered in regular, narrow and wide widths.


Is the leather thick enough to deflect a rattlesnake bite? I need these for the high desert.

​These boots are not intended to protect against snake bites.


How do these boots compare to the Danner Mountain Light and Jag boots in terms of comfort and durability? 

This boot is likely more durable than the Jag, not as durable as the Danner Light boot. The Light will be the stiffest of the 3 and you should expect the longest break-in period for them.​


Really like the Renegade & have narrowed my choice to these and the Keen Targhee III. What is holding me back is Lowa’s description of the required maintenance. How much maintenance is realistically needed? Use - light hiking.

The amount of maintenance is going to depend on terrain, weather conditions, amount of use and other variables. For light hiking, once a year is very typical.


I am going to hike the Alaskan Chilkoot trail in August for 5 days. Packs are to be 25-40 lbs. Is this boot sturdy enough to handle rocky trails and pack weight?

​This boot is ideal for weekend camping trips with a low weight load. For an extended trip you may consider choosing a backpacking boot.


Are these boots suitable for Everest base camp trek in April-May? (supported- we will only be carrying day packs) If not, which Lowa or Keen would you recommend?

​These are suitable for day hikes in moderate conditions.

Natasha S

Hello, I want to buy a pair of Renegade GTX Mid Womens online. Could you please inform (in mm or cm) the foot length and foot width for the following US sizes? 8 B, 8 A (narrow), 8 2A, 7.5 B, 7.5 A and 7.5 2A?

​We're sorry, that information is not available. As of September 2017, we also do not stock 2A sizes for this boot.

Briana H

I have a trip to Yellowstone in Winter coming up.  We will be hiking and snowshoeing  several miles a day in snow, and temperatures can reach -20 degrees below 0 F.  Would these boots be okay for this with thick wool socks and foot warmer inserts? 

​We do not recommend these boots for the temperatures that you described. A winter boot with insulation is a better way to go.

no acceptable screen name

I know this question has been addressed several times BUT, I am still unsure: I normally wear women's 9 with exception to hiking boots- Asolo, Oboz, where I have found that I should order a 9.5 for length in the toe. Is this the case with these boots?

We encourage you to order your traditional hiking boot size.


Where can I buy new laces for these? The laces snapped after 2 years of use.

We have replacement laces available for purchase here:


I currently own these shoes in an 8.5 regular. After foot surgery they now pinch my feet. I have started wearing a 9 W in running shoes. would you recommend going with a 9W in these or an 8.5 wide? I usually wear an 8 or 8.5 in street shoes. Thanks!!

Purchasing the same size as your running shoes is not a bad idea, but for the best fit we recommend getting your foot measured. Any of our REI stores would be happy to assist:


I normally wear a 7.5 shoe.  Sometimes I buy 7.5 boot or 8. Should I buy an 8? or 7.5?  I don't want to be slipping around inside the boot but be able to wear a mid weight sock.  I am doing long hikes and don't want any blisters.  

We recommend sizing this boot to your normal running shoe size. A 7.5 sounds like the best fit.


I'm in need of replacement foot beds for above boot 9 1/2 narrow can you help? Peggy

We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for replacement stock insoles. If you are interested in an aftermarket footbed, those can be found here:


My daughter needs a pair of boots for a 5 day backpack trip with her college.  The renegades are generally described as for day or overnight hike.  Will they do or does she need something stouter?

We consider these boots to be a great choice for moderate backpacking trips and long day hikes.


I'm going on the Inca Trail hike this summer and I have narrow feet. I liked the boot fit when I tried them on in stores but I see a lot of reviews about the boots not being durable and coming apart at the seams. Does this occur more with wide feet? 

In the rare occasion that a customer has received a defective pair of these boots, it is not limited to individuals with wide or narrow feet.


I need a boot that is at least 8" high for wildland firefighting. what are the specs in inches for the boot height?

​The boot height is 7.5 inches.


I am planning a 192 mile 3 week walk on the Coast to Coast in Northern England. There is a great deal of different terrain and bogs to cross. I also need good arch support since I have high arches and good ankle support. Please help.

These boots are a great choice for multi-day backpacking trips over rough terrain.


I am on my 4th pair of Lowa's. They fit me just right and have held up well. The last pair, bought a year ago, squeak which is annoying. I am about to go on a walking tour and don't know whether to get a new pair or not since I don't want to have the same

Shoes can squeak for a variety of reasons and it is not specific to any brand or style. From our experience, once a shoe starts to squeak it will continue. We suggest ordering a new pair of boots for your upcoming trip.


Had renegade gtx 7.5 with U.K. 6.  Current renegade gtx 7.5 says U K 5.5.  Did size change?  Should I get an 8 which is U.K. 6? Please advise 

If you previously had the Renegade GTX boots in a 7.5 US, we recommend staying with that size.


I'm a regular size 8.  Should I get these in 8 1/2 or 9?  Can't find them at a local REI to try them on so will have to order from REI on line.

We recommend sizing the women's Renegade GTX Hiking Boots similar to your regular shoe size. A size 8 should provide an optimal fit.

Cynthia Glenn

Which Nikwax product would you recommend to use on these?

Since this boot is mostly nubuck leather, we recommend using the Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof treatment. Here's a link to the Nikwax products we sell:


Do these need to be re waterproofed every so often? If so how often should I do it? Thank you!

We recommend re-waterproofing these boots every 3 months. Nikwax footwear products do a great job of cleaning the boots and maintaining their waterproofing.


Could you please tell me what the difference is (in measurements of inches across the toe box) between the medium and wide on a 7.5 Lowa Renegade GTX mid hiking boot - women's?  Thank you

The normal width women's shoes and boots are a "B" width. If a women's shoe size is offered in wide, the width is a "D" unless otherwise indicated.

City Gym Rat

Are these good for an Everest Base Camp Trek? My current Keens are giving me hotspots and blisters by the toes and ball of the foot.

These are great boots and they are a good choice for an Everest Base Camp trek. If your Keens were not wide enough in the toe box, you may want to consider purchasing a wide size in these boots as they tend to run slightly narrower than Keens.


Could you please tell me what the difference is in the width of the toe box between the medium and wide on a 7.5 Lowa Renegade GTX mid hiking boot - women's?  Thank you

​The medium in these boots is a B width. The wide is a D width.


Do I need to condition the outside material ever?

Conditioning and cleaning is recommended to maintain and extend the life of your boots. The following products from Nikwax are great choices.


I am looking for a pair of boots to hike across a lava field. The last pair had a 'material' top and they basically ripped apart in the sharp lava. Are these more solid? Sturdy? What are the tops made of?

Unfortunately, without knowing what your previous boot was we are unable to compare this boot and tell you if it will be more or less sturdy than your former boots. The uppers on these boots are made of nubuck leather.


New at hiking boots.....my foot requires a curved last, as in ASICS and Adidas. Will the Merrill fit me? It looks like a straight last. What can you recommend for high instep curved foot?

The term "curved last" suggests a boot that will fit feet with high arches and needing more shock absorption. This is not a feature that is typically called out by a manufacturer nor is this specific to any brand. The Renegade offers a moderate amount of curve or rocker and fits a wide range of feet.


Why don't the espresso/berrycome in narrow, and will they ever? I have the stone color, but like the espresso much better.

​Lowa only makes a medium width in the espresso/berry color.


Would these boots be appropriate for hiking Trolltunga in Norway (about 13 mile hike, rugged terrain)?

The Renegade GTX Mid boots are lighter weight boots and offer excellent support for trails similar to the trail leading to Trolltunga.


I'm going on safari in South Africa. I know boots with ankle support are recommended. Would these be a good option?

The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are a great choice for a South African safari.


Are these boots appropriate for a 14-day hike with a max altitude of about 5,500m? Trek will likely experience intermittent rain

The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are intended to be used as day hiking boots. If you are backpacking with a heavy pack we suggest something more stable with more ankle support.


Are these boots a could choice for backpacking in a warmer climate?I am doing a backpacking trip through Thailand and Australia and will be carrying a decent amount of weight with me constantly in my pack, so I'll need some pretty durable&breathable boots

The Renegade GTX boots are excellent boots for extended backpacking with decent amounts of weight. Breathability will have a trade-off of some kind. Any boot with a waterproof liner and leather uppers will not breathe as well as a boot without a waterproof liner and mesh uppers. Such a boot may not provide all the support you need though. You may have to decide what aspects are most important.


Hi, just wanting to confirm that when ordering a certain sized shoe the shoe sizes are US? Just want to make sure I order the right size :) 

The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are listed in US sizes.


 I am planning to hike Shasta in August and it looks like these can do snow, but can they accomodate crampons? 

The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are not the best choice for crampons. There is too much flex in the forefoot. For Mt. Shasta, a mountaineering boot or a heavy-duty backpacking boot with thermoplastic urethane shank is a better choice.


Would this boot be insulated enough for Kilimanjaro?

The Renegade GTX boots are not insulated. If you are looking for a boot suitable to high altitude climbs, we suggest the Lowa Mountain Expert GTX:


I wanna know if this would be too warn for summer hikes in Texas

What feels too warm or too cold is highly subjective depending on the person. Some people might find these boots to feel overly warm if used in hot summer conditions. Others will not mind having slightly warm feet, so long as they have good support and use long socks to help wick sweat out of the boots.


If I normally wear a size 6 in women's for dress shoes, and 6.5 for running shoes, what size do you recommend? Thank you for your help!

We recommend sizing the women's Renegade GTX Hiking Boots similar to your running shoes. A 6.5 should provide an optimal fit.


This is the third pair of these boots that I've purchased. Previous two were comfortable right away. This new pair feels a little tight and I don't want to scuff them up to see if they break in. Identical size, model, different color. Has the fit changed?

We have consulted Lowa about the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots for women. They say that the shape and fit of this boot has not changed over the last 5 years.

Cat Lover

Would these be a good choice for a Grand Canyon hike? I have a narrow foot so choices are few.

The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots will be a great choice for the Grand Canyon. They are durable and provide a lot of support.


I need to reorder my Women's Lowa Renegade boots in size 10. The inside of the boot says 270mm. Is that a narrow or a regular width boot? Thanks so much! Heading off to John Muir Trail!

The 270mm is the length. Per the Lowa size chart, 270mm is a US 9.5. If you purchased the boots from REI, call us at 800-426-4840 and we should be able to look up your purchase. We can then tell you what width you ordered.


Hi, Can you please tell me the exact width of the *insole* of this boot (in a UK 4 wide) at it's widest part? Note: this is for the wide-fit boot's insole, rather than the regular.

The Lowa Renegade insole measures 3.25 inches across the forefoot on a US 5.5 wide.


I have a pair of women's siae 7 Lowa Renegades that are 2 or 3 years old. Something has worn a hole through one od the inserts. Can I buy replacement inserts from you? If so, can You give me a link to where they are?

We do sell insoles that will work in the Renegades. Superfeet would be a good choice.


I have a pair of size 7 women's Lowa Renegades. Something has worn a hole through the insert. Can I buy replacement inserts on your site? If I can, will you please provide the link.

We do sell insoles that will work in the Renegades. Superfeet would be a good choice.


This states "Imported".  I know Lowa makes boots in Germany but do you know from where this particular boot is imported?

This Lowa boot was made in Slovakia.


What is the lace length and can I get replacement laces?  Also for the foot insert pad.

The laces included with Renegades will be around 60 inches. Size of the boot can affect how long the laces will be. Lowa sells replacement laces and replacement footbeds.

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