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I had the privilege to use this product as part of a gear review before it came to market and have been waiting patiently for it to appear at REI ever since! I have the Exped UL 7 Short sleeping pad that I bought last year (great pad by the way). Now this pad only takes about 10 breaths to inflate by mouth but when you are at high elevation that can really take a toll on your head. With this inflation bag, it only takes three bag-fulls of air to inflate my pad to max capacity. The large diameter opening and rigid roll top edge allow you to get a decent amount of air into each bag unlike the smaller pillow size inflation bags. Simply open the top and allow the air to fill the bag, roll the top closed to create an airtight seal and push the air into your pad. No more light headed feeling and especially in cold climates, no more moisture in your pad. This is by far the best accessory you can add to your sleeping pad and the best part is, the bag doubles as a waterproof pack liner or hang bag if you are in bear country. At only 2 oz you can't go wrong! Just be aware that this inflation bag will only inflate Exped sleeping pads that have the flat valve system.

I purchased the REI Cirrus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad - Long Wide earlier this year to use on week-long bicycle camping trips. While the self-inflating pump built into the mattress pad does work, it takes a lot of pumping to get the pad inflated and would be bothersome doing it nightly. The Exped Schnozzle is not listed as being compatible with the REI Cirrus pad but the valve fits perfectly and allows me to completely fill the pad with about 4 bags of air in approximately 1 minute. This is the perfect accessory for the Cirrus Pad.

I thought this would match with my neo air. After I cut an old bike inner tube as an adaptor it works very well.

It really is as easy as it looks to inflate a mattress. I use it with my Exped Synmat Hyperlite and it only takes a few inflations to get the mat inflated to where I like it. It's light and well made for a tape sealed item so will use it to hold my sleeping bag. I also use it as a pillow inside a home-made microfiber pillowcase about 18" L x 16" W and feels great. Multi-use and like it a lot.

Small, light, and extremely satisfying when you are tired after hiking. Works with my REI pad perfectly. The REI rep told me it wouldn't work, but the REI and EXPED had exactly the same fill head.

I was able to inflate 2 exped mattresses in 2 minutes. Super easy to use and light enough to bring on our backpacking trips. We were skeptical of it at first but it performed exactly as described. No more feelings of light-headedness while blowing up the pads after a long hike. I still cant believe how fast it works. Definitely worth the purchase.

I am giving this an average review since it appears well-made and probably works well for mattresses with the right valve. It does not fit on my Exped Downmat, nor does it fit on my Thermarest NeoAir or Trekker, so I will be returning it. Looks like it only works on those kinds of mattresses that have "female" values. The "male" Exped valves are way too big for it to fit, and the Thermarest valves are just a little too tight. I would recommend for those mattresses that it fits.

Had a gift card and didn't need/want anything else so figured this could be useful. It's works as advertised and doubles as a dry stuff sack for cloths/bag etc. you need some open space to fill it but seems legit after 3 trips in the pack, I give it 5 stars.

I was afraid that the schnozzel was going to be a gimmick and not be a help in inflating the sizable megamat duo, but it works out great. The bag itself is lightweight and well made. I haven’t tried it out as a pack liner yet, but I think it will do well.

A couple of bags full of air and your pad is inflated. Saves all that huffing and puffing to fill your air pad (at least ones that have compatible valves). Yes, it's expensive, but can't beat the versatility and how lightweight it is!

I got this to go with my Exped Mats. It works really well, inflating the mat takes about two fills of the bag. Much easier than using the built in pump. As a bonus it's a dry sac for stuff, and it works well as a pillow.

While hooked up to my REI Flash regular, it didn't seem like I was able to capture much air in the bag but I was able to inflate the pad to the max in 2 bag fills with a lot of air left in the bag the second time.

Use it with my Synmat UL9. Easily inflates the pad in 4-5 good pumps instead of a billion breaths. Also works well as a drysack for my clothes. Worth every penny.

We use this pumpbag to inflate our Exped Synmat 7 UL and Synmat 7 3-D pads. It makes it very easy. And, the tremendous benefit is that the moisture from your breath never gets inside the mattress. The way we use it we DO NOT blow our breath into the pumpbag, we just flip it to fill it with air. The pumpbag is waterproof (or very water resistant) so we use it inside the tent to store things that we do not want to get wet from condensation (like down jackets for example).

The primary purpose of this bag--inflating your sleeping pad--is just the beginning! One and a half fills and my sleeping mat is ready to go. Nice at the end of a long hike in.

Works great! Hard to get the air in, but it works and better than blowing!

I got this at a REI garage sale so paid a lot less than MSRP.

Can use it to pack items like a sleeping bag, very light and makes filling my ExPed mat much easier than the small hand pump supplied with the pad. When setting up camp on a sunny day, the interior of the tent can get warm very quickly as you sit there pumping away. The Schnozzel pump make it a quick affair.

Using with the Megamat Double - the big dude. This bellows bag is 1000x more efficient than the included foot pump. The foot pump simply won’t deliver the psi to get you to max inflation. I would advise to buy this when you purchase your Megamat. Frankly, it should be included with the Megamat.

I was looking for something that did not rely on power to inflate a matress. This is a very simple solution that works with a Coleman matress. It's also dual use as a stuff sack for my sleeping bag and air matress.



Will it work with REI Flash Insulated sleeping pads?

​This pumpbag is compatible with all REI Flash pads that have a flatlock valve.


Will this work with the big agnes axl air?

​No, this pumpbag is designed for Exped products only.


Will this work with sea to summit comfort lite pad?

​Yes, the Schnozzel is the same valve size as the Comfort Light sleeping pad.


Will this work on the exped synmat 7 with built in pump 2015/2016 version?

The Exped Schnozzle with work with your Synmat 7 sleeping pad.

J Clark

Will this bag pump work with the Klymit Static V2 pad

This Schnozzel is not compatible with the valve on the Klymit V2.


Will this pump work with the Exped Synmat Hyperlite Sleeping Pad? Or will i need a flat valve adapter?

​This pump will work with the Exped SynMat Hyperlite Sleeping Pad.

Chuck Farrar

Does this pump work with Eureka Dualis ST Sleeping Pad--just purchased and received from REI Garage? Does REI offer a "better" pump? I am car/RV camping but want a hand or foot operated pump as opposed to a 12v pump.

Thus pumpbag is not compatible with the Eureka Dualis ST Sleeping Pad. You may want to consider the Big Agnes Pumphouse Pad Pump Dry Sack instead:


Is the Exped Schnozzel compatible with NEMO Tensor?

​This pumpbag is not compatible with the NEMO Tensor.

Hermit the Frog

Is the Schnozzle compatible with the new REI Stratus mats (which have flat valves)?

This pumpbag is compatible with REI pads that have flat valves.


How many bag fills for the megamat 10 lxw?

Unfortunately, we do not have that information available as it will vary on how full the pumpbag is and how full you would like your sleeping pad.


I'm also wondering about the Big Agnes brand: will this inflate a Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad? And like tnave94 I wonder: if not, what will...besides lungs?

If the Big Agnes pad has a flat lock valve (like the valve on the new Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad) the Schnozzel Pumpbag works. If the pad has the older style of valve, the Big Agnes Pumphouse Pad Pump Dry Sack is the better choice.


Does this bag work with Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad?

The Schnozzel Pumpbag is compatible with the Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad.


Will this work with a big Agnes double Z? If not, what do you think will?

The Schnozzel Pumpbag is not compatible with the Double Z Sleeping Pad.


will this work with a sea to summit ultra light sleeping pad? i prefer the dimensions of this bag over the sea to summit airstream pump bag. thanks!

Yes, the Schnozzel Pumpbag is compatible with the Sea to Summit UltraLight Sleeping Pad.


Will this work with a  Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad nozzle?

No, the Schnozzel Pumpbag will not work on that sleeping pad. It only works on flat valves that match Exped's design.

Traveler Guy

Does it work with Exped SynMat Air Pad with Pump? If not, what can I use?

The Schnozzel Pumpbag will not work with the SynMat Air Pad The Pumpbag is designed for use with Exped pads that do not have an integrated pump. Exped designed the pads that have pumps integrated to be inflated via that integrated pump.


Can I use this to inflate a thermarest? If not what could I use?

The Schnozzel Pumpbag will not work with a Therm-a-Rest pad. The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Pump Sack would work if you have a NeoAir series pad from Therm-a-Rest.


I own several Exped mats, and they all have integrated air pumps. Those are a great convenience. But not great when I have to fill several pads at one go. I'd like to use this "pump" and need to know if the adapter comes with it. Thanks.

The Schnozzel Pumpbag does not come with the Flatvalve adapter. If your pad is 2013 and newer, the Schnozzel will work without the adapter.

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