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These are my first climbing shoes, I've been using them for two months now. Have yet to find a spot where I can't get a good foot hold, they smear VERY well. These shoes are very tight and feel uncomfortable, I say that as a positve because I can feel everything, there are no gaps between my feet and the shoe. They feel uncomfortable every time I put them on but I quickly forget I'm wearing them. They leave red marks but I have yet to get a blister or swollen feet. I wear them two to three hours a day three days a week on everage, mainly for indoor climbing but I have also used them outdoors and they performed better than indoors.

-These shoes are one of the lesser expensive compared to other Sportivas so I chose them. They have put out a great value so far and have gotten me up 5.12s inside and out. I have wider feet so they seem more narrow. I should have gone a size bigger. The rubber is great for smearing outside. Not too agressive and good for a full day of climbing

The rubber isn't very sticky and the soles wore out after less than a year of gym climbing. The eyelet on the side also bent and pinched the laces. They're comfortable, and for a beginner shoe I would say superior to some synthetic shoes. I was pretty careful to air them out after every use, and they still picked up a pretty bad smell. Not the worse shoe out there, but I won't buy this model again.

I got this shoe about a month ago when I first started climbing. It is a comfortable shoe and is good climbing easier things. I have progressed very quickly however and have started leading 5.10's and it just is not up to par. I had to return mine to REI because they were starting to crack at the toe (defect in the shoe, not all will be like this). Reiterating, very good shoe for beginners and if you arent going to progress as quick as I have, I would recommend. However if you are like me and cant stop doing something once you fall in love with it, I would recommend opening up your options 20$ higher and get something else like I just have.

These are my first pair of climbing shoes and they're great! So far I've only used them indoor, and they've gotten the job done. I have narrow feet and they're relatively comfortable for a climbing shoe - however, when belaying I usually will take them off.

I have had these shoes for 6 months now and am maxing out my climbing at mid 5.11 and V3~V4 using them. They are very comfortable and have stretched about 1 full (European) size since I bought them. I use them approximately 3 times a week at the gym and am able to get several good climbs in at the most before they are too slippery on my sweaty feet. I have climbed everything from smeary slab routes to overhangs without problem. They also do very well in cracks.

I'm 28-years-old and I've been climbing since I was 10. I've climbed in quite a few shoes over the years, but for the last few I've stuck to the miurra's. Buying new and resoling when possible. I saw these and thought I'd give them a try. I wear an 11 street shoe, 43.5 miurra's and went all the way down to a 41.5 in the tarantulace. Now the tarantulaces have stretched to be too big and one of the shoelace eyelets has popped out. Even before they stretched out I couldn't throw a decent heel in them. Now I only use them for warming up to save the rubber on my miurra's.

this is my second pair of this shoe. I used the first pair for about a year before I wore them out. I really liked them, so I bought a second pair, and the second pair is performing just as well as the first.

I started climbing six months ago, and this was the shoe I bought...

These shoes perform very well and are awesome for the price. They are not just for beginners. I have been Trad climbing for almost 25 years and these edge, smear, and get into small cracks about as good as any I have worn. They do not provide any ankle protection so bigger cracks will chew your ankles to pieces. They were extremely comfortable from the time I tried them on (in store). After 3 sessions of free soloing approx. 2 hours each, I am truly impressed. I tried 3 other new pre-tensioned shoes and found them all to be too expensive and too painful. The object is to have fun isn't it?

I purchased the velcro style in stores. Have been using them for over a month. It's an incredibly comfortable shoe. Ill often wear these the entire time I'm at the gym (4-6 hours at a time) and only take them off once or twice, and its not even because of discomfort (just relaxing and stretching). Material on the tongue and heel cup are soft but firm enough that you can get great toe holds and heel hooks. I wear a size 10.5 and ended up buying a 43. My big toe is longer than the rest of my toes and the 43 was the perfect size. no wiggle room on the outside, inside, or tip of my toe, and feels very sturdy. Again, THIS SHOE IS LUDICROUSLY COMFORTABLE. BUY THEM!

I'm new to climbing and did some online research before buying my first shoes, looking at many reviews. Most sub-$100 shoes seem to be beginner/all-around oriented meaning they have a relatively comfortable fit and flat soles. I like the leather construction of the Tarantulace because after a few hot sweaty wears they stretch and conform to your foot for a great fit. Also, some of the Madrock and evlov options in this price range with synthetic construction are notorious for stinking really bad.

A great entry level shoe. Strong midsole allowing for lots of support and comfort to stay in them while trekking around the gym or the crag. The rubber on the soles isn't brilliant for smearing and stuff you really need it to stick to but it does fine most of the time. The balls of your feet will hurt if you're doing a really edgy route. Honestly if you're willing to spend 20 more bucks just graduate to the Nago. It's their upper tier rubber but at a very reasonable price point. Buy them tight fitting. They'll break in.

I wanted a shoe to take to the climbing gym so I don't have to use the rentals. I'm still a beginner and not sure how much I will commit to climbing so didn't want to invest too much. My brother who is more experienced recommended a leather lace-up shoe as a starter. I'm happy with this choice, as it fit my needs (style, price, etc). I went 1/2 size down from my street shoe size.

I'm a new climber and this is my first pair of climbing shoes. Previously I have been renting shoes from the indoor gyms where I have climbed. I love these shoes and think that have made climbing easier for me. They fit my wide feet very well (and are actually comfortable). I love the shape of the toe area, it's great for getting into nooks. Have used them indoors and out. Highly recommended.

If climbing the 5.9 to low 5.11 range is your limit (like me) and you have low volume feet with a wide-ish forefoot and narrow heel, these are YOUR shoes. The most important thing about climbing shoes first and foremost is fit. European shoes are notoriously more low volume and sometimes more narrow than American made shoes. These are no exception. The rubber is good, it held up really well on my Tarantula velcros- no reason to believe it won't on these. These shoes are not completely flat- which I like. They are not as aggressive as other models, but unless you're climbing super hard overhanging stuff, you don't need them to be. Like I said- 5.9ish to low 5.11 these shoes will suit you very well.

I bought these at nearly street shoe size and still had my toes bunched up even after a moderate break in period. These shoes probably aren't your best bet if you have a longer second toe like me. Despite the pinching toe box there is no performance gain with the straight last and hard rubber, just decently good foot perception. These would edge great if the rubber was stickier. For another $20 you really open up the market.

I just got a rockclimbing membership and when searching for a good pair of shoes, these rose to the top of my list. An REI sales associate (I really reccomend TRYING the shoes on in store) helped point out the good features of these shoes: 1) Durable enough for outdoor and indoor climbing 2) Laces allow for more personalized fit 3) Leather construction does not chafe bare feet and 4) Combines price with functionality. I've worn them for almost three weeks. They smear well on walls, the grip is great and they don't pinch my toes. I'm usually a 9-9.5 in most shoes and got this one in UK:6.5, EUR 40, US:7.5. Also, the only difference between this one and the blue women's one, is the front toe part of this shoe is wider. So if you have a wider front foot, I recommend the green 'men's' one.

This is the only Sportiva shoe that is machine made, but still fits very well. It is comfortable enough for 3 hours of climbing. The fit is great and chose a 1/2 size down from my normal shoes. I feel like the shoe has not stretched much. The sole is durable. For the first few climbs expect a little green on your feet.

After using these shoes for six months of indoor bouldering, they have held up well. In fact, I'm waiting for them to wear out so that I have a good excuse to buy another higher quality pair of La Sportiva shoes.The tight fit became more comfortable after a few climbing sessions. The shoes have not stretched out too much, but rather just enough to be comfortable. So far I have only come across one bouldering route where I have thought that higher-quality shoes might help. As I transition more from beginner to intermediate bouldering, I plan to invest more in my shoe choice. Overall, the shoes are a good deal, especially for beginners figuring out if they want to climb regularly.

As a beginner I've discovered how hard it is to find the right pair of climbing shoes. I've got fairly wide feet and I found these to be the most comfortable fit.

The shoe footing is tearing from the rest of the shoes exactly 1 week after my warranty is up. I've climbed with them 10 time. Really poor quality product.

disclaimer: I haven't even climbed in these shoes yet.

I bought this a few weeks ago. I went down a shoe size, expecting it to fit well, but it could definitely fit smaller. I wear a 9, I bought an 8, but I probably should have bought a 7.

I think I might have gotten defective shoes. They fit good and feel good but they have absolutely no grip. I would find my feet slipping off the foot holds if I didn't have an perfect position. And it makes inverted walls an all arm deal because your foot WILL slip off the foot hold. Gonna go back to the store and check a different pair ir just get a new brand altogether, but as it stands right now I would definitely not recommend this shoe.

I went with the Tarantulace as a beginner shoe due to positive research and a good initial fit. I went with a men's 9 (my street shoe size is 11 or 11.5) as the 9.5 felt like the right fit and I was advised the shoe would go up a half size.

First time I went bouldering I rented a pair of Evolvs with straps and they were very uncomfortable! I bought these after my first time going and fell in love with them my first climb! I personally love the laces and they work very well as long as you double knot them! The leather/synthetic blend on these is the other key feature that I really like! It really helps with your shoes not smelling! Overall I highly recommend this pair of rock climbing shoes!

Ok. So I have no idea what others are doing when they climb. But they are giving you the wrong idea. 100% I love this shoe. I started climbing a little over a year and I half ago. I bought these shoes for price. They do stretch. So make sure you size down. Which if you want to climb for real. You should anyways size down. Buying these for price inadvertently found me my favorite shoe. I now am leading 5:13s I climb allot. Getting ready for el cap. These shoes just now after all this time got a hole. They smear amazing. The edge and toe very very well. Will they toe like some miras our solutions? No. But you also can't wear those all day or smear very well in. I trad climb all the time. I did 27 pitches In 27 hours at lovers leap and wore these the whole time and were always comfortable. I'm buying new shoes. And I'm buying these again. Do I have others? Yes. But these are my go to shoe. If you can't get these to do what you want, or you're blowing through them. Then it's your climbing. Not the shoe. I 1000% recommend these.

Great all around shoe. Pretty true to size. I typically wear a 12 tennis shoe and I found that the 11 fit pretty well. I actually elected to go with a shoe that had a little bit more wiggle room (compared to previous shoes) and find this to be much better. Went to the rock climbing gym and stayed in shoes for 2 hours straight without pulling them off. Similar to other comments, the first time out of the box these are pretty slick - i peeled off a few foot holds that I wasn't expecting and they didn't feel very sticky. I'm assuming I'll break them in pretty quick. Nice overall lace up.

Great beginner shoe! Very comfortable; great for the price. Buy them VERY small. Mine fit snug when I got them, but after about a dozen uses they have stretched so far I can't use small edges. (They are about a half size bigger.) Once you get above 5.9 climbing you will be limited. I'd still recommend this for beginners, but not once you have advanced.

I've taken these shoes to my local bouldering gym seven times since I've bought them and they've been quite comfortable and respectably grippy every time. They're definitely more comfortable now with a bit of usage stretch in them. They're not wearing out noticably, which is excellent, since I'm still a beginner and frequently slip and scrape my shoes. Overall, quite pleased with these shoes!

Had a problem with my first pair, after 2 weeks the sole started to pull away from the shoe. But REI replaced them and so far the second pair has been great. As with any climbing shoes, make sure you try it on! They say go as small as you can on size, but make sure its still comfortable. Too small is just downright painful and not worth it. Overall I really like the shoe, lace-ups are way better than Velcro (in my opinion).They are pretty grabby on the rock and allow you to get good grip on small jibs.

One of the cheapest shoes but good enough for now. I have had them for about a year the sole is starting to separate on one shoe. I climb in the gym every 3 days or so.

Great beginner shoe! I used these for my first couple months climbing and they performed well. I went one full size down from my street shoe and were tight enough without being uncomfortable. They were good for me up to climbing 5.11 and bouldering v4, after that a more aggressive shoe was necessary.

I am a beginner rock climber and finally decided to splurge on some shoes. After doing a bit of research, the Tarantulaces came up as one of the best investments for a beginner climber. Not only are they 100x better than the gym rentals I'm used to; the lace-up feature provides for better control/tightness for foot grip. I wish that I'd perhaps gone down a half size smaller, in retrospect, but in all other aspects, this shoe is amazing and has let me to climb bigger and better walls. Great beginner shoe, high quality, etc. overall!

When I bought these shoes I bought them cause they were cheap. To me these shoes are not worth the bang for your buck. I bought them and within a month I blew them out and had to get a second pair. Within two more months I had worn them out. I bought these shoes cause they were cheap, and that's what they are, cheaply made shoes that are just awful I thought that La Sportiva was bad, but then i gave them a third chance and bought the Finales when they first dropped on the market. I've had the Finales for 8 months now and I tell any new beginner thinking about getting shoes to get the Finales over these shoes. The Finales are great shoes that fit well, stick to the wall and fill amazing. The Tarantulaces feel awful, don't hold up well, and they don't stick at all. If I were to go back and buy beginner shoes again, I would pay the 20 dollars extra for the Finales. I hope that this helps if you are considering this shoe.

I should have given more time to research these shoes. I bought them in 2017, but due to medical reasons, couldn’t climb too hard and it’s taken me until now (Aug 2, 2019) to really understand these actually do suck- it’s not just me. I’ve climbed columnar basalt and City of Rocks granite with these- and both times they slipped at times that my old Mad Rock shoes held firm. Really mad at myself for not figuring this out the first year I had them- but lessons learned. Good fit, probably a great shoe as long as you don’t need to smear, but yeah- save your money.

I have been gym climbing since February but have already logged at least 20-25 visits to the gym. Just bought these shoes last week and in the 3 times I have gone since they already feel mostly broken in and 100x better than the rental shoes. The laces allow a lot of flexibility for tightness on different parts of your foot. Only complaint is that the tongue of the shoe has a lining that can get a little painful after a while and leave marks on your foot.

Great value. Solid quality shoe that won't break the bank. I'm a beginner but this has been an excellent shoe so far. Took a couple climbs for it to get sticky. Not the best since I have wider feet but I don't think any climbing shoes will be particularly great.

This was my first climbing shoe used only for indoor walls. Very comfortable shoe. Easy to get in and out of. I wore it duration of climbing sessions without feeling the need to pull it off between climbs. I think the grip has been fine but have slipped on a few foot holds that I thought shouldn't have. My biggest gripe? After a few months of climbing 2-3 per week, I have already broken through the rubber on the toe. Is this normal for climbing shoes?

I bought these shoes a couple weeks ago and have already taken them climbimg loads of times. I was most impressed with how comfortable they were even on the first day. Which is saying a lot because I have very very wide feet. Even after 4-5 hours at the gym climbing they were not uncomfortable to wear. Perfect for the price too! I can't speak to their durability yet but they seem to be holding up well. Very happy I bought these climbing shoes.

I bought these shoes a little over a year ago when I started climbing in a gym. I bought them pretty small, under the advise of an employee in the REI store I bought them from. It was solid advise. I normally wear a 46 or 46.5 in street/cycling shoes, but I got these climbing shoes in 44. After 14 months of climbing at the gym multiple times a week, and a couple trips to a nearby outdoor climbing area, the shoes are still working well. After about 5 climbing sessions, they had broken in to be comfortable enough to leave on for a 30 minutes at a time.

So far so good. These are comfy, the laces make for a snug fit. Totally affordable as a starter pair. My only complaint is the toe grip is not as....grippy, as I would like.

I climb exclusively outdoors for the time being and have climbed with these shoes avidly, 3+ days a week for the past 2 months. For the first month, these shoes were amazing. They fit very snug, are true to size, and lace up very tight. After the first month, the eyelits for the laces popped out on both shoes. A few days ago, I noticed a hole in the toe the size of the thumb tack. I feel like the shoes aren't very durable. They would be amazing for indoor and bouldering, but on limestone or anything as rough outdoor, they are not ideal.

I recently went from gym climbing a few times a year to a few times a week. Comparing to the gym-supplied shoes, the Tarantulace are the bomb! Tight, form-fitting, excellent moisture management, and grip is pretty good. They're not too bad to stand in - but here's the issue, when you go from climbing to belaying you have to untie the laces. Once these are wore out I'll buy a pair of Velcro's with a bit more grip. That being said I'm completely satisfied with these, they haven't held me back doing what I want at my skill level (5.10d so far).

I joined Sender One in Tustin in March and bought a mismatched defective pair of Evolvs directly from its factory. I was advised to size my shoes where my toes are slightly crimped, and so climbed my first couple of months in a bit of discomfort. I felt that was the price to pay in order to keep those tougher toe holds but after deciding I was in for the long haul, I decided to upgrade and purchase a matched pair. I went with these based on reviews here on REI and walking around the store for about 30 minutes and standing on the edges of their fake boulder (I wish they had a rock wall). I fitted the shoes snug but they are much more comfortable than the low end Evolvs and I've found I am still getting good performance on the smaller toe holds. I'm still just a plastic rock climber but these have been much more comfortable and enabled me to progress as a climber - a pretty good combination.

So far so good, I yet have to take em' outside (I've only been able to use them indoors so far) but I love them. The toe box on those shoes is wider than most other shoes sold by REI which is perfect for people with a wider (and longer foot). It was also the only shoe that had an accurate length. I would highly recommend this product, but I would advise to go to the store and try them on first.

Great for the price as a beginner. Also as someone that has wide feet, this was a great buy because they stretched out just enough to not have my toes killing me and yet enough support to do some climbing.

These shoes give me the grip and reinforcement to keep my feet on the smallest of ledges and in the tightest of cracks. Not to mention, they fit my feet perfectly. I bought a pair of Tarantulace shoes over a month ago and I have already gotten my money's worth from them. I have hear great things about La Sportiva and plan to still be using this same pair for years to come.

I am a beginner and these shoes give me extra confidence. Everywhere I stepped I felt like I my shoes were one with the rocks. I can't wait to be able to climb Bigger and more difficult obstacles and I would highly recommend these to anyone. I also like the lacing instead of Velcro. It feels like my foot is one with the shoe. I have been climbing a couple of times and I have had my expectations exceeded by these shoes. Greg was very helpful in the store and gave us all the information we needed to get the right gear and shoes.

Definitely try them on before buying to find the exact size. For me, breaking the Tarantulaces in was much more uncomfortable than my previous pair of climbing shoes, but since breaking in they have proven to be much higher quality shoes. At first, the suede on the upper portion of the shoe was stiff and a bit unforgiving, but it has since softened and conformed more to my foot. The laces almost to the toe allow for maximum control on comfort as well.

I've only been rockclimbing (indoor) for a month now so I can't say I'm an expert.

Being a beginner climber I knew I would beat up my first pair of shoes so I purchased the Tarantulace since it's at a low price point. I climbed with them outdoors 6-7 times and indoors 2 times a week. 2 and a half months later they already had a hole in the toe. I know they are a cheap beginner shoe but I figured I would get a bit more mileage out of them.

I am a first-time climber, and likely a casual climber (but you never know). I had rented shoes at the climbing gym but after a few sessions decided to get my own so I can wear with no socks. Like everyone says, try to get the smallest size you can manage. (Then maybe go half a size smaller!) I wear Women's size 8 or 39 in street shoes and got these in a 38. Also, not sure why they say this is for Women's. They look unisex to me. In any case, be sure to try on climbing shoes in person... or order a BUNCH of sizes to keep one.

I hardly write any reviews but the dismal quality of this shoe has forced me to write one. I used this one for a little more than a year but not too much. On average twice a month. Both shoes tore up and cannot be used any longer. My friends who bought other shoes around same time have no issues with the shoe. Strongly recommend not to buy.

These are my first rock climbing shoes and the only other ones I have to compare them to are rentals from the local gym. I have only used them once so far but trying on different pairs in the store, these were the clear winner regarding comfort (under $100). I did like the fit of the Nagos better but there was something about the top of the heel that dug into my achilles so the Tarantulaces came home with me.

Going in, I wasn't sure what I should be looking for, but REI website and staff were helpful, and these shoes felt pretty good in the store. I've been climbing with them weekly for about 6 months now, and they broke in really quickly and still feel great. When the bf made the change from rental gear to buying, he tried on every shoe in the store and ultimately got the same exact ones as I did, as for fit, break-in, and price, you really can't beat them. I'm currently shopping for an upgrade, but not because there's anything wrong with these - I'm traveling for work, and don't have my climbing shoes with me and want to check out a gym nearby and there's an REI across from my hotel so it's an excuse, lol! But these shoes are great, and a no-brainer for beginners, definitely.

I really like this shoe but I made the mistake of purchasing my EXACT shoe size, which seems to leave a bit of room between my toes. I'm also afraid that they'll stretch the longer I use them so I'll be returning them to get one size smaller.

I'm new to climbing and bought these as my first pair of shoes. I love them! I've had them for 2 months now and are great. Good grip and support for all sorts of climbing. I would recommend these shoes to any recreational climber.

Been looking for something to replace my old la sportivas. I went through the 5-10 newton, la sportiva nago, all the evolv's at REI, miura. This ended up being the only shoe with the right amount of stiffness for edging (lots stiffer than something like the nago or coyote), but soft enough to smear. (Also it was the only pair that did not give me hotspots/rub on top of my big toe and/or bursitis on my heel.)

So far so good. I recently received this pair and have been very happy with them. They have thick grips which are excellent in those tight spots and make it comfortable for long pitches. They aren't too narrow and even after two 4+ hour days, they still didn't give me any problems or discomfort. They're great outdoor climbing shoes but the laces are a bit stiff and don't like to stay tied. Overall, I'm very happy with their performance and am hoping they'll take lots of wear, we'll see.

I first started actual rock climbing less than a year ago though my rope experience is in mostly other areas and more extensive. I'm not a beginner but no where near avid. Somewhere in between. I bought an entry level 5.10 mostly just for price but they sure did work. Everyone had said they would be uncomfortable so I bought an extremely uncomfortable pair of shoes. After many a uncomfortable climb, returned them and decided on these after trying on every pair in the store they had in my size. Essentially I bought these solely with comfort in mind thinking the rubber would be similar. Newbie mistake.

These were the first pair of climbing shoes I ever owned. I got them because they were a decent price and I didn't really know much about shoes at that point. After only about 3.5 months of climbing 2-3 days per week (only indoor climbing), both the toes were starting to wear down. The left toe was significantly worse than the right one. I sent the shoes to La Sportiva with the receipt, and explained the issue. I assumed that since I had only used them for such a short time, La Sportiva would be able to repair them under the warranty. Sadly, that was not the case, and they called the holes 'normal wear and tear'. If normal wear and tear occurs less than 4 months after using a shoe, then you need to figure out a way to make a better shoe. I was incredibly disappointed, and will be sure to avoid shoes like this in the future.

I was skeptical when I bought them, but after 3 trips to the gym, and doing some hard bouldering projects, I have discovered these are such a great shoe, recommend to anyone

I have just gotten into climbing avidly, I climb 3 to 4 times a week and I think these shoes are amazing. I've been able to get the little foot holds and even do some smearing with them. The shoes are kinda heavy but for climbing indoor or bouldering I haven't really felt a down side to the slight weight. Also, I wear these for 3 to 4 hours at a time and when I take them off my feet are stained green, but it isn't a problem to wash it off. Over all I really recommend these shoes.

Being new to climbing, I didn't want to get an overly aggressive shoe and figured these would be great. However, if you have toughened feet (prolonged boot wear like military or construction), I would suggest a more moderate to aggressive shoe.

New to climbing. Shoe is extremely comfortable and performs as expected. Couldn't be happier.

Perfect for my wide feet, however it would have been great if Rei carried the Velcro version

I bought these shoes as a temporary replacement for multi-pitches while my Mythos are being resoled. While I still prefer my Mythos when I'm climbing closer to my limit (more sensitive, slightly better edging, better crack climbing), the Tarantulace may take their place for moderate climbs. They're very comfortable, have decent edging capabilities (especially considering I got them half a size bigger than the Mythos), have plenty of smearing friction, and should last forever with the 5mm rubber. Although they are geared towards beginner climbers, they also fit the bill for a cheaper, long lasting secondary shoe.

I needed something to wear while my helixes (helices?) were getting resoled and I found a more aggressive shoe for bouldering and overhangs. At 80 bucks it was cheaper to buy these than to rent for a month and... they're not uncomfortable. I have WIDE feet and these are pretty narrow but I can run the laces in a way that I can make do.

I typically wear a size 10.5 in shoes, but the 10.5 in these still left a good amount of room between my big toe and the front of the shoe. I went a half size down to the 10 and they are great; very snug, but no curling of the toes and very comfortable. They lace up very easily, and really wrap around your foot well. I am by no means an expert nor experienced climber, so at $80, these are a good deal. The grip isn't the best, which is my only complaint.

I got these shoes for indoor climbing and for the most part I like them. They're super comfortable and look good. The problem I would say I have with them is the fabric on the heel is starting to fray. Looking at other shoes, the rubber covers the heel completely, compared to these shoes where the leather is exposed on the heel. Overall I like the shoes, and hopefully when it's time to re-soul them I'll be able to get the heels covered.

I made the mistake of buying climbing shoes that were way out few my skill level and which did not fit properly at all. My feet are a little wide so I tend to just buy up in size a little bit. I tried this with a good deal on some La Sportiva Skwamas and absolutely hated climbing in them. Ended up getting these shoes a month ago and absolutely love them. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a starter pair of shoes.

this is an excellent shoe. i have owned three pairs so far and each one is consistently effective. breaking them in is essential because the rubber is a little slick right off the bat but that quickly goes away after the first day or so. the rubber is great for smearing and for tiny edges, effective on pockets, and good for heal hooking. these shoes are very comfortable after break in and i usually don't take them off for the entire time i am at the gym. each pair of shoes usually lasts a little over a year with regular use, 3-4 times a week at the gym, before one of them starts to wear through to the leather. overall these are an excellent choice for an every day gym beater shoe that will withstand regular abuse, and a great shoe for beginners. i figure a shoe that is good enough to climb 5.12s with is a pretty decent shoe. Can't beat it for the price

The TarantuLace climbing shoe was an "OK" shoe, yet I've climbed in Mythos for years and the TarantuLace felt like a large step down in quality, performance and comfort. If you've never had Mythos (an expensive shoe), the TarantuLace could be a viable option if cost is a factor. If you've had Mythos, I don't think you'll be happy with the money saved going with the TarantuLace. I climbed in them once, and returned them promptly.

I'm new to climbing but this shoe has seemed satisfactory for all of the (moderate) climbing I've done thus far: slab, crack, and face.

This was my first pair of climbing shoes so I was nervous about the fit. Well folks, these are very comfortable climbing shoes. While a little tight when walking around (as they should be), they are very comfortable on the wall. They provide excellent grip and a firm platform for climbing. Look around at the climbing gym or crag and you'll see these shoes everywhere -- with good reason. They are great.

I am new to climbing and these are my first pair of climbing shoes. So far they have been perfect. They are comfortable enough to wear for a couple hours at a time, but they are also very effective. As a beginner, I certainly would not know the difference between these shoes and much more expensive ones. I think this is the perfect shoe for someone starting out or who just climbs occasionally.

Love the fit of the Tarantalus; I have narrow feet and these wrap snugly around them in all the right parts, especially the back of my heel. I have had them for a few months now and they have stretched enough to be a tad more comfortable, but still provide the needed snugness for good support on the rocks! The quality for price is excellent, especially as a fairly recreational climber.

I've been indoor rock climbing in Jax Fl for about 1 year.....these were my first shoes I got, and I love the....I'm a size 10 regular but I these I'm a 40 (8.5) women size and they are perfect. Tight but not breaking my toe!! I just purchased same brand but different color because they are my favorite brand!! If you are just getting into rock climbing, I recommend this brand!

I'm used to velcro and slipper fit shoes, but the laces make a huge difference in getting good fit for my extra wide feet. I downsized from 9.5us to 7.5 for these to get the heel-toe fit and was still able get comfortable width fit. The rubber feels medium-hard to me, decent edging, good heel coverage, and the cushioning all around makes jamming and toe hooks feel prety good.

Good all around shoe. The rubber seems a little slick at first but i am hoping it improves with wear. Make sure to size down 1.5-2 sizes. I normally wear 12-12.5 street, and rei staff said to go down 2 sizes with this shoe since it stretches quite a bit, so i went with 10.5, which seems to be a good fit--slightly too much toe curl but bearable until it stretches.

I’ve been climbing for about 10 months now and have had two pair. Both wore holes in the toes after mostly gym climbing a couple times a week and a total of 2-3 outdoor climbs. Besides that they’re pretty comfortable but just wish they were more durable. I would still recommend me these shoes to someone else but would also give them a heads up on the durability.

Total junk! You should just climb in your tennis shoes instead! Within an hour it stretched to the point of being total slop even with a sock and that was with buying it 2-3 below my street shoe size! Stay away and spend the extra fifty bucks on a real climbing shoe!

I'm a novice, so just getting started with rock climbing. I heard these were good for beginners, plus they the most comfortable and fit well. However, after a while they did feel a little to snug on the sides, but my feet are slightly more wider than others. I would just switch to tennis shoes when not climbing. I tried them out today and they worked great.

I'll begin by saying that I started climbing about 2.5 / 3 months ago, and I've been climbing pretty hard. 3-4 days a week in the gym, and a bit of outdoor 3 months pace wise.

This is my first climbing shoe and it's amazing for my needs! It's low profile enough for me to sneak in some cracks yet offers enough toe leverage to climb at my level (V0 to V3 and 5.8 to 5.10a). Great price for a great beginning shoe! I wear a 12/13 in street shoes and Chacos but I wear a 10.5 in these for a snug fit with a little toe curl.

I use these exclusively for indoor climbing, generally top roping. My previous pair were the Evolv Defy, entry level, and I bought these to replace them when they were stolen.

These were my first pair of climbing shoes and I give them a 7.5/10. They fit very well and they grip well, but my right heel rubs and gets irritated in the shoes and the lacing is definitely cumbersome. Overall though, they've done great for my first pair of climbing shoes. Definitely would recommend them if you can get them for the right price.

These shoes are about the most basic beginner shoe you can get. They're one of the most affordable non aggressive shoes you can find.

Seem to be an excellent value for a climbing shoe...evidenced by how many people are wearing them at the rock climbing facility I now frequent. Best part is the fit, which for me, means a wider than average toe box. Also wanted lace-up shoes. As an entry level purchase, these shoes are well constructed and check all the boxes.

I'm a beginner climber and just wanted my own pair to avoid the rentals. These fit snug but comfortably at the same size as my street shoe - 10. My foot is a little wide (D) and the shoe fits just a little more snug than my street shoe. By comparison, the Joker was painfully tight in a 10.5 probably because of the narrow width.

Recently signed up for a climbing gym in February and wanted to make sure that I had a shoe that was able to fit my wide feet without hurting. These are a great pair to start off with. Very comfortable for climbing as well as belaying. Don't even need to take them off while belaying. Definitely a great pick as a starting shoe.

These are my third pair of climbing shoes. The first were so painfully tight I didn't want to climb. The second pair were overly loose, but kept me climbing until the soles wore through. These are 2.5 sizes (EU) smaller than the last, but even more comfortable. Goldilocks. They turn my feet orange, but I don't care.

Primary use: indoor rock wall. Owned: 2 weeks Took about 10 hours of solid wear to break in. Fit was very tight, but has loosened after breaking in. Fit after break in has been very comfortable. Works very well for gym use, smears well, grips toe holds well, hooks acceptably. Overall, would recommend for beginners.

I’ve had these now for six months and I absolutely love them. They’ve handled beautifully both indoors and outdoors 2-4 times a week for the past six months. They’re great shoes regardless of if you’re going to the gym for three hours with a group or multi pitch sport at Smith. Highly recommend for anyone!

This shoe has been an excellent first pair for me. I am very rough on my gear, and these shoes have kept up beautifully. They are a great combination of comfort and performance. I have wider feet and the laces give me the option to adjust the width in different areas of my foot. Worth every penny!

I needed a cheap pair of shoes to beat on for a few months so I picked up a set of these. I have been impressed and they will be hanging around after my right ankle heals and I can fit my foot in my solutions. They are extremely comfortable and I find myself walking around the gym wearing the left one (right leg is in a cast) and not even thinking about it. As far as climbing goes they stick well and I don't have to worry if I'm going to slip off anything even when overhung. With that in mind I do have one leg in a cast so have not been climbing anything above 5.8 or V3 so not sure how they will do on harder stuff but when I heal I will be trying them out on harder routes to see how they do. I am very satisfied and even talked my wife into buying a pair for the climbing bag. I haven't bought many if any cheap climbing shoes in about 20 years so i dont really have anything in this price range to compair them to but i am very happy with their performance and would definitely recommend them.

This product started to come apart at the seams after 3 light indoor climbing sessions. Splitting at the seams in 3 separate places. LA sportive offered an exchange but says that I will be without my shoes for 2-3 weeks. Dissapointing to say the least as this was my first purchase ever from REI

I had these as my first beginner shoe. They sadly only lasted about 4 months before the soles blew out and the toes had holes in them. They’re a very comfy shoe and can be worn all day long without feeling pain in the feet. Would only recommend to a new climber who needs a nice beginner shoe.

This was my first pair of climbing shoes and I love them. The only thing I can compare them to is the rentals I used that were old-ish and uncomfortable. My experience with them has been great. They're comfy and the laces allow for a custom fit that I didn't have with the Velcro rentals.

I bought this in the REI store by the recommendation of an employee. It was my first climbing shoe and he said it’s a great starting point and he was right. It’s way better than the rentals - I don’t have to waste money to rent them and they’ve only been worn by me. Love the colors too.

The tarantulace is a comfortable shoe for indoor bouldering. The rubber is not the best rubber compare to other shoes, but again, comfort is a great thing. One of the eyehole rivets for the shoelace fell out, but I exchanged it for a new pair and haven't had problems with it again

After a few wears they got very comfortable. I'm pleased it feels smooth (no seams) inside and that the laces allow me to adjust where and how the shoe fits along my foot. I have wider toes/ball of feet with narrow heels and this shoe fits very nicely. 10/10 would buy again

This is a great pair of shoes for my first! I do have to wear a band aid on my Achilles do to the rubbing that happens, but, that could just be due to breaking them in. They do appear to have too much fabric near the ankle while standing, but, it evens out up on the wall.

As with all climbing shoes I recommend going to the REI store and trying the shoes on before purchase to ensure a perfect fit. But if you happen to be online researching shoes this one is a heck of a steal! My feet get wider towards my toes and the ball of my foot, so naturally not many climbing shoes will fit me. These however were a beautiful fit right out of the box! Just wide enough to be tight without being painful. My street size is between 10-11US and these climbing shoes fit pretty close to my normal size at 10.5US The sole is fairly rigid, but the shoe does allow some flex! I was impressed with its edging abilities, and they definitely increased my performance over regular tennis shoes. Probably one of the best features of this shoe is the comfort. I was able to wear these for a solid 3.5 hours of indoor climbing without wanting to rip them off my feet. They may not be as aggressive as some of the other shoes out there, but if you're a beginner these shoes are a great place to start without spending a ton of money.

If a climbing shoe is the right shape for yoour foot you should be able to go down a half size or more from your street shoe size. I've got slightly wide feet and middle toes as long as my big toe. The LaSportiva TerantuLace shoes fit like foot-gloves

My previous pair of shoes where $140 these by far out perform them. I really liked them being laced because i can control the tightness of the shoe. After about 5 days of climbing with them they have formed to my foot and feel great!

It's hard to find shoes in the larger sizes but this was available at a reasonable price. It is a good basic shoe, nice support. Not as sticky as I would like so smearing was questionable, but they aren't broken in yet. Good so far

Noticeably better than the typical mad rock rental shoes you get at gyms. Provides much more toe power and uses great rubber. A bit tight on the toes though especially if your second toe is bigger than your big toe.

read a bunch of reviews saying to buy 1/2 size smaller. I did and it was slightly too small. sent it back to rei (had to pay shipping) and got the exact shoe size. now it fits great with standard thin socks.

Pretty comfortable, perfect for beginning. There are shoes out there that would be more performant, but you would also expect to pay $50 more for them. They stretch a little so get them a bit snug.

Blew the toe on my other pair on the first day at Red rock canyon. Went to REI looking for an inexpensive pair. Perfect fit. Like other La Sportivas. Fit my foot well. Definitely worth the money!

I have had these for two months. Already thinking about new shoes. I would recommend against.

This shoe is really comfortable and the fit is wonderful. The style and quality is also great. I found that they don't edge as great as I wanted but still a great shoe to get yo out and about. :)

I sized these out at the REI in Boulder, CO while on a climbing trip and out of all the shoes they had, these were the only ones that didn't squeeze my wide feet. They've also lasted very well.

My son has really enjoyed these shoes with his new climbing membership. May not be most expensive but good for intermediate level climber. Would recommend to anyone who wants to purchase.

I took this shoe to Yosemite after I bought them for a short multi-pitch climb (5), and came back with a crack on the sole....not the quality that I expected. Otherwise, very comfortable.

Pro- price was good, good performance. Cons- Only one so far, turned my feet the color of the shoe which is orange. But I'll live, did not affect performance. Good beginners shoes.

I have been very happy with my purchase of the La Sportiva Tarantulace Rock climbing shoe. They are very comfortable help with climbing. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

These are a great starter pair for anyone new into climbing or bouldering. Only been in use a month or so but so far they are fantastic. Just let them air out good after each use.

Beginner here and these shoes work great. I got the size where my toes are all curling a smidge. Not 90 degrees but maybe 15-25. Good grip and all around show for a beginner.

I bought these about a month ago and love them. They are tight but not uncomfortable. I enjoy the lace over the Velcro. Highly recommend for beginning climbers.

My daughter loves her new shoes! Her feet grew 3 sizes in 2 months, so it was time to replace her old shoes and these work great for her indoor climbing needs.

These shoes feel great on my feet. I prefer the lace-up as opposed to the velcro style as they feel much more secure to my feet. New to the sport but i love it!

If you are new to climbing, these are great, all-around, beginner shoes. Comfortable and provide you with the extra grip and balance to stay close to the wall.

Love this shoe! I took these out of the box at the gym, climbed for 2 straight hours, and had absolutely zero foot pain! It doesn't get better than this!

At the time I purchased these they were with the cheapest or second cheapest climbing shoes the store had a available. I have been very happy with them.

Love the shoes! Very comfortable, good fit. Thought the laces would be less convenient than velcro, but it's not bad at all. Would purchase these again.

I bought a size 10, down from my size 11 street shoe, and after maybe 8 days of climbing at the gym for several hours per visit they fit quite nicely!

I bought these as a beginner climber for indoor climbing and so far I love them. I have a great toe grip on the holds and they are super comfortable!

Love these... simple design that works at a great solid price. This is my second pair, and will probably be my future replacement of choice.

The rubber sole started to peel in a couple different spots after 3 months of indoor use. No point in resoling with the cost of the shoe.

Great price for comfortable climbing shoes. I am actually a female, and I bought these because i just found them to be SO comfortable!

I’m new to climbing and haven’t been able to compare to anything else but I’m very please with the fit and comfort level of this shoe.

easy to adjust and take on and off. not that you're looking for style necessarily but the color and style are easy on the eyes.

These shoes have been helpful over the past few weeks when I and my father went hiking in one of the mountains nearby the area.

Very comfortable climbing shoes for beginners, I have high arch feet, so the laces make it very comfortable to adjust.

Although they take awhile to break in, the shoes fit well and stay fitted to the foot. Super happy with my purchase!

I bought these shoes as a beginner and I've climbed well over 100 pitches in them--mostly in the gym but also outdoors. At $80, they've been a pleasure as an entry-level shoe. As I got into the sport, I wanted something that would be comfortable enough not to deter me from climbing, inexpensive enough to rip up with my developing (sloppy) footwork, but competent enough that I could get through most of the shoe's lifetime without feeling pressure to upgrade right away. These have fit the bill perfectly. They were comfortable right out of the box and broke in nicely without a huge amount of stretch. Smearing and edging capabilities are good. Pointing's not great, especially as the shoe wears, as the toe is pretty unaggressive. Trust me, though: as you're dragging your toes above footholds, doing weighted pivots, standing on your arches, discovering your sizing preferences, and so on, you want to be on an $80 shoe instead of a $150 one. I recently purchased something more aggressive, but I'm still going to keep these around for slab climbing, extended wear, and any time that I feel like putting on a more comfortable shoe. Despite heavy use, these still have some life left in them.

Awesome shoes great on my feet and size is very good.

I started to learn how to climb, and this ones make the difference! Now I was able to do the V2...

These shoes are great. I'm new to climbing and im very satisfied with this purchase.

Just started climbing and I love these shoes. Tried on a few before finding these.

Good for gym climbing on beginner routes. Still waiting to try them outdoors

This is a nice and comfortable shoe. Good for the gym and going out all day

Comfortable for all day wear. Low price. Stable for indoor and outdoor use

I was able to sport climb everything from 5.11 outdoor to V8 indoor!

I got lace up shoes for crack climbing. They worked good for me.

My son loves it. He climb much better with this then the rental.

Great beginner shoe has good strength. Amazing I love the look

I wanted to wait until after I retired these shoes to write a review, and I'm glad I did.

Great first pair of climbing shoes. My son loves them.

These have been great for my first climbing shoes.

They are working out great. Well worth the price.

Be warned: these run large, go and try them on in store if you can. I've recently started climbing and have been using these shoes for about a month, since I figured it would be more economical than renting shoes. They are quite comfortable, and the leather feels soft. The mesh toe is also breathable and I haven't had any issues with sweat wearing these shoes.

Currently suffering from a toe ailment which makes wearing my other climbing shoes quite painful after a few minutes. So I decided to stop by REI on the way to the climbing gym and grab a pair of mythos in a larger size so I could focus on climbing and not a throbbing toe. The mythos size I needed wasn’t in stock so I picked these over the BD Momentum (too loose in the heel) and LaSportiva Finale (they were fine, but the TarantuLace just felt better on my foot).


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