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I'd use this shoe for running around all day, but need good foot & arch support. Disappointed in this keen, like some of their other open sandal models, did not have any arch support. A few models do have it - I wish Keen would be consistent, or at least specify which shoes are really arch supporting and which are not, so I'm not paying for shipping on a product that is not suitable. If you don't need foot support, these would be great, cute shoes.

I own a pair of older, classic Keen Newport sandals that are useful for their intended purpose, but, let's face it, they're not the most attractive shoes - especially if you like to wear skirts. I travel lightly and needed a pair of sandals that could handle light nature trekking plus city sidewalks, wearing pants or skirts. Enter the Rose sandal.... When I first tried them on, I was concerned about the width (I have a wide foot), and whether they would rub uncomfortably. I'm happy to report that there is enough "give" in the sides of the shoe that there is no issue. Also, after reading reviews, I ordered a half size up. This will ensure not feeling too confined at the end of the day (plus I don't like feeling toe caps). These possibly deserve an Excellent rating, but I won't know that for awhile.

I have wanted a pair of Keen rose sandals for a long time. They look so trim and a tad dressy. Unfortunately for me the way the straps at the little toe side of the shoe are secured is inconsistent. I tried one pair in the store and they rubbed on one foot so they found me another pair that didn’t rub and I took them home to try on my carpeted floors to be sure . Well, after wearing them a bit it became obvious that that traps on the left foot this time didn’t rub but rather made my little toe stick out of the sandal after a few minutes. Upon closer examination I realized that the straps weren’t secured in exactly the same place on this shoe. I returned them for a different pair of KEEN sandals.

Had plantar fasciitis years ago, then began wearing Dansko and Keen.... no more pain! Keen, especially, is my favorite; I have 6 pair. These are my first "pretty" ones. i was concerned about the velcro being a bother, however it is soft, quick and comfy. They are just a tad long, however when we travel my feet usually swell so a bit of extra length is fine. .

I purchased a version of these shoes less than 2 years ago in the color black thinking that they would look formal enough to wear to weddings as I had no formal dress shoes. They looked and fit great but on my third time ever wearing them this summer, the stitching came off of one side of the velcro meaning that it no longer attached to the shoe and would not function anymore. My mom sewed that side back together, but after wearing them two more times, the stitching on the other side of the velcro started coming undone.

These shoes are making it possible for me to do anything this summer! A little over a year ago, I had foot surgery, and my left foot is still a bit weak and unstable, despite a long period of rest and lots of physical therapy. I tried these sandals mostly because I love my Keen hiking boots, and I have been shocked by how much of my mobility these shoes have given me. My son wanted me to visit a creek where he plays, and in my Rose sandals, I had no problem walking across rocky terrain, up and down muddy slopes, and through a shallow creek. They are as comfortable in water as out, and I didn't even have the "wet shoe" feeling as we walked home after the creek hike.

Purchased for walking on my weekends I have a flat foot with a bunion on my right. I choose comfort and good quality.

I bought these based on great reviews about Keens. The back strap on both sandals frayed considerably after less than a week of wear around NYC - they looked like they were falling apart. Maybe it was just a fluke in craftsmanship? I took them back.

Just love these sandals. Complete strangers will stop me and ask what brand they are. Women in the next stall will ask me where I got them. I can go from hiking, swimming, to dinner without changing shoes. They look great with shorts or a skirt. This is my third pair, and I hope they never stop being manufactured. Oh, and they are very comfy too! Why only four stars....? My last pair started unraveling after the first week. I cut it off, but it made it worse. Maybe I'll try super glue.

I work at a school with cement floors in the classrooms and separate buildings spread across a LARGE city block. I have to travel back and forth between these buildings several times a day while I am teaching. I have been wearing these at school for three weeks now and I love them! They are SOOOOOOOOO comfortable - give great arch support (I have high arches) and really cushion your foot. Can't say enough good about them. They look cute with skirts and pants - I have gotten several compliments on them.

I bought these sandals to wear at a professional nmeeting where lots of walking is required. I was looking for a comfortable and attractive sandal that I could wear with pants and skirts, both day and evening. I like the look of these sandals with my meeting clothes and am very pleased with my purchase. I spent 4 days commuting from exhibit hall to meeting rooms, with absolutely comfortable feet.

When I bought this product a month ago, I was looking for a pair of hiking shoes for the summer time. This product is extremely comfortable, made of high quality materials, light weight, easy on your feet and easy to pack. The rubber in the front protects my toes from any bumps and it has great anti slip surface resistant to concrete and off road pavements. I am very satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it for the folks that love to hike.

They're very comfortable, and would fill a real need in my life. But as other reviewers have said, the strap is frayed. I noticed it as soon as I brought them home, so it wasn't from wear and is clearly a production issue. Since it's reasonable for me to do so, I'll try an exchange and see if it's any better.

I get compliments on these shoes often. I wear them when I ride my bike into work then wear them to work. They are comfortable enough for active-wear but can also be dressed up. They are great for summer and are very breezy. People are often surprised that they are Keens. Overall...great purchase!

I bought these so I could have an attractive pair of sandals that were comfortable and I found that in these Keens. I have had so many comments made to me about these being such a nice looking sandal. They are comfortable and true to size. I love these and sure hope they continue to make these.

I bought these shoes with a toe cap on them because I wanted protection from stubbing my toes and/or tripping. These are my fifth pair of Keen shoes/ sandals. They fit comfortably, no breaking in time, and look cute, IMHO!

I wear these to work, going about on errands or whenever. This is my first pair of Keen's and they are wonderful! From the first time I tried them on, I felt like my feet were getting massaged! I have yet to experience fatigue after wearing these shoes, even after a 10-hour work day!

These shoes were perfect for a recent trip to Lake Powell. They're stylish and comfortable, while functional and supportive. Great for kayaking and swimming, and worked well for easy hikes around the lake. Cute enough to wear around town too.

I bought these shoes after foot surgery and the are the best ever. Only thing that had a problem on it was the velcro was coming off the strap so I took them to a shoe repair to have it sewen back on and they are perfect now. They fit true to size, I wear an 8. Never had any blisters. Very comfortable to wear from day one.

I wore these just for walking around doing some shopping in hopes these would be a good second pair of shoes for a trip.

I bought these over 3 years ago in-store while looking for some durable sandals to get me through a Vegas conference. I have very fat/wide feed that have never been suited to other Keen styles, but these fit like a glove with absolutely no friction points. The ankle strap expands enough to accomodate my ankles when the Caribbean heat and humidity make them swell, and the design of the leather straps running up to the toes is just right to avoid cutting into my feet when they're plumped up at the end of the day.

Love the new Keen design! These are feminine but soooo practical. They provide fantastic support, never cause a blister, and will be my summer "uniform" show.

I loved these shoes but they were too wide for me. I think they would be a great travel shoe...very comfortable but also somewhat dressy looking.

I purchased a pair of these a year ago and they quickly became a staple in my travel footwear wardrobe as they were very comfortable and supported my high arch, plus they went with just about anything I wore (pants, skirts, shorts). When the velcro became worn and unraveled, I needed to replace them for an upcoming vacation. I ordered a pair and when they arrived, noticed a strap above the big toe was sloppily sewn which resulted in the shoe not fitting right. I just received a replacement pair which also had a little flaw where the toe end rubber was not well glued and it had a little "wave," but they fit fine and I decided at half price it wasn't worth returning them, plus it appears as if the color I want is no longer available.

I just received these. I own a pair of the exact same style from 3 years ago and love them. These new sandals are beautiful, but are quite a bit smaller and much narrower than my other pair and are no longer comfortable. My feet are not particularly wide, and I own about 15 pair of Keen shoes, all size 7.5. I will try another bigger size, but don't have high hopes that they will fit.

Oh my gosh! Where do I start?! I went in shopping for a pair of shoes I could use for hiking and more specifically a white water rafting trip in the summer that I wouldn't have to worry if my feet got real wet. My first choice was chaco's but they fell off no matter what size I tried which isn't very dependable when your hiking or rafting thru some crazy water. I tried on the Keen sandals next and I have NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER have I EVER put a more comfortable shoe on my foot. Long story short it's hard to not wear these every single day. I am a Keen customer for life now! If you want a comfortable shoe and are finding that your feet hurt after a long day of walking, these are what you need! I honestly can't praise these shoes enough!!!

I recently bought these in black on sale because I wanted to replace my old Venice H2's, but Keen only makes those in bright colors now. They fit my wide feet and felt great right out of the box and are very stylish, as other reviewers stated. But they feel very different from my other Keen sandals; the ankle strap is a little tight and doesn't loosen as easily as other styles. I plan to take them to Seattle with me this summer, so the true test will come then.

I love the look of this shoe. I wear an 8 and they fit perfectly. I hiked in them and I won't be doing that again. The sweat from my feet caused my feet to slide around inside the shoe which compromised my stability. And, my feet have NEVER smelled so bad as they do in these shoes. I will be spraying them with a tea tree oil solution before wearing them again. For me, they are better suited for casual wear, not hiking.

When I opened the box and took out these shoes, they stunk so badly that I thought when I turned them over, the soles would be soiled and worn. They smelled like some one had been wearing them for a month! I can't wait to send them back - too bad I have to pay for the postage on these smelly shoes! I would not risk ordering from REI again.

I bought these before a trip to Thailand and foolishly didn't get around to wearing them before I left (it was in the 20's and 30's). Wore them every day for 2 weeks, on the flights, on cracked pavement, in ruins, through muddy grass, over stony paths, up rocky, uneven stairs, on slippery, highly polished wooden floors and to dinner in a nice restaurant. Bought 2 pairs of different sizes and returned the one that didn't fit. These shoes were comfortable both with compression socks for the very long flights and without socks, and in all terrain. They gripped on slippery places. They look nice enough to wear to a restaurant. I had no trouble with the straps, but I am mindful of previous reviews indicating the strap wears out quickly. If that is a problem I may revise my review.

I bought these two years ago for trips where I'd be doing a lot of walking and light hiking and they've more than lived up to my expectations on half a dozen trips - comfortable, durable, stable, and they pack flat so take up minimal space in my luggage. The style is simple enough to wear when getting a bit dressed up for dinner, a party, etc. The reason I give them 4 stars instead of 5 is that the sole doesn't grip well on smooth, wet hard surfaces - e.g., the old city centers in Europe. The size when I bought mine ran small so I had to get a full size larger than my normal size.

I liked the look of these Keen sandals so I purchased a pair in my normal size 7. I have never worn Keens before and didn't know they tend to run small. This design was also tight and seemed better suited to a narrow foot so I immediately returned them. I then tried on some other styles of Keen shoes and found the fit of this style was unusual. If you have a narrow foot, these may work for you. For me, I found the Venice style much more comfortable and I did get them a half size larger.

This is a very comfortable shoe except for the neoprene toe cap. I had one nail that kept catching on the edge of the toe cap and then the seam kept rubbing back and forth across the top of my toes. If they got rid of the neoprene toe cap, this would be a great shoe!

Bummed out, I always wear a size 9 1/2 across the board. Just received my size 9 1/2 Rose Sandals and my heel is hanging off the edge. Not stoked :( I wonder if they will stretch out allowing for more room or something. Anyway, just a heads up. These run small.

I bought two pair of the Keen Rose sandals in different colors for a 4 week trip to China and never wore anything else. They're comfortable and offer arch support for all the walking I did, they cover my toes so no stubbing on cobbled streets or uneven walkways and they're washable so I always had a clean pair. I just bought my third pair and even talked my husband into a pair of men's Keen sandals for our upcoming trip to Europe.

I have worn Keen Newports for years and love them. This are even more comfortable! And not quite as clunky-looking.

I bought the 7.5 because it is my usual size and was my size for past open toed Keen sandal. I tried them on a few times around the house and decided that closed toe fabric felt tight on one of my big toes. I took shoes back and got the 8 and have worn them several times for hours with comfort. My original concern was that back would stretch out too much with wear, but so far back has not stretched.

This shoe ran half of a size smaller than I normally wear in Keens. Fortunately, I purchased this in store so I had the opportunity to try it on. I've had them for about a month and they've held up well to infrequent wear. I did use them for an impromptu hike and some river walking and there was no discoloration or issue with traction, both of which were concerns I had.

I bought these as one of the pairs of shoes for walking miles every day for a week all over Barcelona. These were incredible. Miles of sidewalks, Montserrat, beach day, stairs, city streets. My feet have been high maintenance (foot surgeries, chronic pain, orthotics) for years and these were awesome. Will take on every trip from now on. Plan on buying a second pair.

Gave these 3 stars because they were attractive and well made. I liked the wide toe box, too. But the strap over the back part of the instep is not adjustable, and it cut deeply into the top of my foot. Ouch! Definitely makes be grateful for REI's very liberal return policy. Back to the hunt for a comfy black sandal with a bit more flair than my Keen Whispers...

Okay so I bought these for a trip to Costa Rica and haven’t taken them off since then. The Velcro strap makes it easy to take on and off. I’m also a clumsy person so I love that it protects my toe because I’ve never stubbed it on anything. It was nice in Costa Rica because it was so humid and i never felt that my feet were sweaty or uncomfortable, at most, they would swell from all the travel but i was always comfortable. Finally, even if the shoes get wet, I’ve never had a problem with the material irritating my skin and the shoe dries quickly. It’s perfect for hiking, days at the beach or just strutting around. I bought them a half size larger (I’m usually a 7.5/8 so I got it in an 8.5). I’m honestly tempted to buy more in different colors. 1000/10 would recommend.

This is the first time I have bought this brand of sandal and I am thrilled with how comfortable, supportive of my feet, and stylish they are. I was able to wear them for an extended time involving much walking, the very first time I put them on. I know they will be in my footwear wardrobe for a long time!

I lived in the cold climate of IA for 30 years so as soon the weather gets warm in NC I want to wear sandals. Being diabetic I need to protect my feet. Keen sanals are perfect for this purpose. I can walk, hike in them without my feet getting too warm.

I love these shoes so much, I'm ordering another pair. I've worn them for miles of walking, climbing, and even through water. They are the most comfortable shoes for my feet and I have REALLY picky feet. I also get complimented on them wherever I wear them. They're cuter on feet than in the photo.

I've only had these a couple of weeks, so can't comment on their durability, but these Keens are comfortable and don't look as wide and clunky as my Newports. I usually wear a 7 1/2, but took a 7 in these shoes. I bought the red, which is more of a rust, and I'm happy with the color.

Something about the layout of the straps hurt the front of my ankle. I was hoping maybe it was a day that I wore them out and it was hot and my ankles were swollen but I've also worn them inside the house with the same uncomfortable feeling. I plan on returning these. I don't see anyone mentioning that they've had a similar problem, so maybe it's just me. However, I really wanted these to work. I wanted to use these after I take a shower and need to protect my toes while walking around the campsite.

Cute for a very supportive sandal ! Definitely needed to order 1/2 size larger than usual. Great support over outer side of the arch and instep. Top strap is slightly adjustable but has a fixed elastic strap Under the adjustable one that does not come apart.

My feet love these sandals.. walk all day in them too. My Achilles and bone spurs feel much better, so I can hike with my doggie & shop longer too. I like the lighter weight of this keen & the look of it. I just ordered the other color also.

Either I am the perfect purchaser or I am purchasing the perfect shoes, because they are so comfortable. I wore them to a volunteer event and had to do a little running, they held up as if they were a running shoe. Good fit and perfect comfort!

I bought this shoe last month in preparation for a trip to Yosemite. I walked 7 miles a day for three days and the shoes were the most comfortable I have ever worn. Highly recommend them for your next hike.

Originally I had to return the ones I bought because the website said they were a half size smaller so order bigger. Wrong. They are true to size. They fit and feel great!

I’ve been wearing these Sandle a everyday to break them in for my trip next year. They are comfortable, with it without socks.

These are worth the money. They can be worn with about anything and look great. They are true to my shoe size 8.

While on vacation I noticed that another vacationer was wearing these sandals and I really liked the way that they looked with shorts as well as skirts. She said they were very comfortable. When I returned home I went to REI and tried them on and instantly fell in love with them. They do run a bit small so I had to get the next size up from what I wear in Teva sandals. The REI associate was very helpful as I bought the sandals in a REI store. I highly recommend them.

I bought size 10. Right now I have wide feet (gained a bunch) and the width is fine for me (normally buy a wide when I gain weight) and there is extra room in the toe. Extra room is great for socks. These do NOT unstrap. The back strap is neoprene and is solid. There is a fabric Velcro section to cinch. The ankle biters keep your foot from moving forward. I have a high fat foot (and some lipomas...Thanks Dad!) These shoes HURT. I love the style. The front is pretty much no support..just wispy fabric. Love the toe protector. Anyway I cant stand these biting into my ankles so I cut them (gasp) and am making them better. Love the awesome colors. They look fine with those low cut socks. The soles bend fine. HIGHLY recommend you try these on in a store. Without socks your side toes may tend to pop out. Don't know. They have a neoprene toe guard in addition to the black rubber big toe guard. Also, they don't give much arch support. Others have bought something to fix that. I am guessing I would buy more in other colors....

My wife found these and she loves them. They also look great on her

This is my third pair. I love them. My first pair was black and I wore them out. Second pair was grey and, sadly, my puppy ate one (they're really durable, she's just huge), so now I'm on my third pair, and I swear they're more comfortable than ever. Very versatile. I wear them with everything. And perfect for my long, skinny feet with high arches. Honestly I should be wearing orthodics all the time but I get away with these all summer.

They are cute and fit well with the exception of the stitched in neoprene at the toes! I wanted to fall in love with them, so I kept trying to walk around the house in them...and the folded over & stitched edge of the neoprene hits in an uncomfortable spot on my toes!I would have preferred that this would have been the rubber toe like in so many of the other styles or omit the neoprene all together. Just plain weird and irritating!

This is my go-to sandal for warm weather. I have an average width toe and a very narrow heel, so open heeled sandals/mary janes are ideal for me. I have not had any of the fraying issues the negative reviews mentioned, and I am on my second pair. The first lasted about two years of heavy use - almost everyday wear for the entire summer season.

I have weird feet so I have to be careful with what shoes I buy. I have worn these all day long without any discomfort doing moderate activities, so they have passed my weird feet litmus test. I'm not usually a fan of hook and loop closures, but these are okay. Most of the Keens I own are a size 7, but I ended up going with a 7.5 with these. They are very cute and versatile. They will likely be my go-to sandal for the summer.

These shoes are so comfortable, I can hardly believe it! Comfortable and stable footbed, secure, and lightweight. I ordered my regular size of 9.5, and this is the size I went with. I also ordered a size 10, as sizing up was recommended in so many of the reviews I read. Ordering online can be a gamble, but don't wait to order these in your regular size, before they are all sold out! Enjoy!!!

I've long been a fan of Keen shoes and sandals, but let's admit it - there's nothing even remotely feminine about them...until now. These sandals are still tough go-anywhere Keens, but they've done a great job redesigning the leather uppers to have a more feminine flair. The fit is nice and roomy and the stretchy strap under the velcro closure makes getting them on and off easy peasy!

The Rose Sandal is a lighter-weight version of the Keen sandals like Newport and Venice: great for a little more refined look and feel but still with toecap protection. Great to travel with especially if you want to wear a skirt, go to a decent restaurant or a museum, etc. but still have comfortable, supportive sandals for crawling about ruins, cobbled streets, unpaved ground.

I love wearing sandals and will wear them until it snows. I needed a comfortable shoe that I could wear to work all day. My dress code for work is casual and these a just perfect. I'm on my feet all day and they never bother me. My only complaint is my feet smell like I wore athletic shoes when I take them off. Other than that I love them. I wish they came in all black also.

I hate to give these a bad review, as I’m not wearing them long enough to review them at all. I think these are tight, though, especially in the toe box. They’re not the wrong size- the sole feels just fine, but the strap across my ankle, the strapping over my midfoot, and the toe box all feel too tight. If this were available in a wide, I think I could handle the snug toe.

I currently have a pair of Keen Newports and the Rose is a dressier version, with all the comfort of the Newports. I could honestly wear these with just about anything and they are very comfortable, right out of the box. I do have to undo the ankle strap to put the on, but that is really the only mechanical difference. I'll retire my Newports to camping!

I wasn't sure I would like these but they have quickly become my new favorite. Lightweight and so comfy. They are not the ones I would take hiking, but for around town and daily activity I love them. I got a half size larger (9) than my usual size (8.5) and they are perfect. Also the brownish color I got is very neutral and matches everything.

I really liked the look and feel of these shoes - but my right big toe was rubbing when I tried them out around the house and I know it would cause a blister if I walked any long distances. I was so disappointed that my feet did not work with these shoes. I had to return them because of my odd feet - not because of any problems with the shoe

I wore these pretty much all summer for all types of activities. They are very comfortable and were true to size for me. I wear a 10. I hand wash them with warm water and soap after water activities and whatnot. They still look pretty good considering how much I wear them and what they've been through (I bought the tan ones)....solid shoes.

This is a great shoe for travel - wore these all over the Galapagos, in and out of the water, hiking up and down mountains, etc. They even look good with skirts/dresses for time in town. I love them so much, I had to buy another pair!!! (I had to size up - not sure if it's my feet or if these run a bit small in the toes.)

I bought these on sale and was so happy to get them. When I out them on they sole seemed so comfy BUT it's NOT a true adjustable strap for your ankle. There is 2 is not adjustable and top one which is the second one. Very sad I have to send them back.hoping I can find another rei sandle that I can truly adjust.

I love these sandals. They accommodate all my foot issues. I need a shoe that doesn't pinch and is slightly wide. Yet don't look like hiking sandals and can easily be worn with a skirt. They did not need to be broken in and were comfortable immediately.. I wore them every day for nearly 3 weeks on our last trip.

So far these have performed beyond my expectations--they have been on walks on the beach, in the water, and scrambling on the rocks at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove. I often have foot pain, but these haven't bothered me once. They are lightweight, have good grip, support my feet well, and up above all are CUTE!

It took me years to let go of my last pair of this style sandal. This is my first purchase of this style and of Keen sandals and I am delighted. This is lightweight, comfortable to the max, easy to wear/adjust, and sturdy in all the types of terrain that I have walked so far.

I bought these a month ago, and am so pleased!! The neutral color and elegant design make these perfect for work AND the comfort and support make them perfect for day-long hikes (or walking downtown at lunch and/or after work). So great that I bought them in both colors :)

I use these for water shoes and have had to walk through mud half way up my calks, they easily washed off and dried quickly with no evidence of being covered in mud and clay. I have used these for hiking 5 miles and my feet felt great. I love the hard toe protector.

My wife loves these. Who would have thought sandals could be comfortable, protective AND stylish. We were surprised to find these and my wife has said they are some of the most comfortable sandals she has owned, plus she can feel good about wearing them.

I thought the toe cover would bother me but I got use to it and think they are cute. Walked 4 miles first time out and no hot spots. I have a left foot bunion which I must always consider and the ball of the foot was wide enough to not bother me a bit.

I already had another pair of these sandals and just love them. I purchased this pair just to have another color option. They are very comfortable for walking and look great with casual pants, jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Just love these.

I love these shoes. I bought them for a camping/kayaking trip. I used them for kayaking, hiking and camping. They were comfortable and worked well for an all around shoe and they are stylish.

I'm wearing more dresses this summer and needed sandals that could keep up with me and my family. I've worn them to the beach, in the water, out with friends, on a hike and running errands. Comfortable. Nice looking. True to size.

Absolutely recommend these sandals by Keen. I can wear them all day and with anything, for any activity. I wear them for work and play -- and running after my grandson (also play). As with all Keens, plenty of room in the toe box.

Got these about a month ago and Love them! Like most Keens, they were instantly comfortable with No break in at all. I work on my feet all day and these were perfect. Have gotten several compliments also on stylish appearance.

I bought these sandals a few weeks ago for a long walking trip, so far breaking them in has been easy and comfortable. No rubbing, soft yet durable materials. I'll write another review after I've worn them on my hiking trip.

These sandals are fantastic. I walk a great deal and I with spring here and summer around the corner I wanted something light and ventilated. This sandal fits the bill; its perfect. A true fit and extremely comfortable.

Love these shoes. This is my second pair. I wear them when I bicycle into town and dine or run errands. Can take walks in them too. Wonderful wide toe box. The style allows me to wear a sandal in summer, yet hide my toes.

Love, Love Love these KEEN Sandals. Comfortable and so easy so get around in.... from walking around town,scrambling over rocks during a hike (great traction) to even riding my bike! They have exceeded my expectations!

These are an imminently practical sandal. They go from beach to ballet. They fit like a glove with strong arch support. Comfortable for walking into and through town. Love them...and would recommend them to anyone.

I bought these after looking for a sandal that could stand some hiking. While it wasn't conventional hiking I wore these in Chicago to hike from Lit Fest to the Blues Fest and back . My feet felt great !

Walked 8-9 miles a day on sidewalk, cobblestones, upand downstairs and hills. Feet never tired and stayed cool in heat. Look good with dresses as well as street clothes. Great multi/purpose shoe.

From day one, this shoe felt like it was made for me. No discomfort anywhere. I bought this and another style of Keens and that's all I've worn since. For this style I had to go up by half a size.

Comfy shoe for this old lady. Helps to keep the plantar fascia pain under control when walking. Easy to keep clean and hides the dirt when tramping around. They are not cheap but worth the money.

These sandals were extremely comfortable from the moment I put them on. They are very well make and perfect for the Henderson triple digit summers. Love them and recently ordered a second pair!

I bought a pair of these awesome shoes 3 months ago. I was deployed to Florida to assist with the hurricane relief. My shoes look great and extremely comfortable!

These sandals fit the bill for "closed toe" shoes for work, yet breath, and never slip from your foot. Perfect for casual work, followed by a long walk, gardening, and a trip to the store.

Just got these for Mother's Day. I was wearing them around the house and they are very comfortable and I love the style. They're feminine looking. I can't wait to wear them on vacation.

I am so happy I bought these sandals. I wear them running errands in the city and my feet are very happy! This is the 3rd pair of Keen shoes I have purchased over the last several years.

I bought these to wear to work in the summertime. I work retail, so am on my feet for several hours each day. There is good support in the arches and the straps are very comfortable .

I love these shoes. Bought my first pair last year and literally wore them out. Wore them every day. Time for a new pair and love this color. They do run a half size smaller. Order up.

I loved my first pair of these. Unfortunately, the fit has changed and the new pair was too small. Since I wear an 11, I couldn't buy a bigger size. Too bad. I had to return them.

This is my second pair of Keen sandals. Started with hiking boots years ago and now I love the sandals. They are comfortable and can go from crossing creeks to going out to lunch.

Love these Keens for work trips and I get a Brazilian compliments, I wear them because they're stylish but because the Keen footbed is perfect for my high arched foot. Love them.

I have 4 pairs of these Keens. I did go up 1/2 size on this particular pair; maybe a little different stitching but not a noticeable change. I wear them everywhere; even to work.

I have the hardest time finding shoes due to the fact of large and narrow feet I have worn these shoes nonstop from the day I got the. Not a single blister, mark or soreness

I absolutely love mine and have gotten numerous compliments. They are extremely comfortable and have a dressier look than the other Keen sandals with the protected toe.

These fit great, are very comfortable, light weight, & look good too. Wore them hiking in Breckenridge and was so glad I spent the money. Very happy with this purchase.

Brought this on way to Alaska at the Seattle store. Perfect ft in a 6. Usually wear a 5.5. Very comfortable, but a bit flimsy for this price. Would have given a 5.

These Keen’s are super comfortable and look cute! I have been kayaking, hiking and regular life’ing in these shoes and I love them. I highly recommend them.

Love to walk but had tripped several times and wanted toe protection in a summer shoe. Cute and comfy. Just would like to have more cushion and support.

fit was perfect for my size 7 daughter. She needs a versitile shoe that looks ok with skirts and shorts but performs well on rocky and irregular surfaces.

This shoe looks perfect - stylish and function...but much too overall narrow for my medium width foot. Had to move to Men's line to find appropriate fit.

I absolutely love these sandals. I've had several pairs of all variety of Keens before...But these have quickly become my favorite. Comfy & stylish

I love these shoes! I can literally take this single pair of shoes for hiking, city walking, and even going out. They feel great and look great!

Comfortable and stylish for day to day as well as hiking, though a pebble slipping thru the side needs to be removed for ongoing comfort!

Loved these shoes for my trip to Africa this summer. Fit great from the start. Dried fast when they got soaked. Highly recommend these!

I liked these shoes when I first saw them on display this summer at my hometown REI!

Love this sandal. I wear them everyday. I have 3 pair: grey, blue and lavender. So comfy, so stylish, yet sturdy and practical.

The fit on these Keen's are so much better than previous versions, snugger, lightweight and such a joy to wear.

Yes love these shoes. They are my go to everyday wear. They are very comfortable and I like the color.

Perfect fit for my size 10 feet. So comfortable that I can walk all day in them. Great cushioning.

Good color. Nice style for city or country side. Protects toes. Good foot support. Comfortable.

Love, love, love them! My feet are never tired when wearing them, even for 12 or more hours.

I have never had Keens before, but they are so comfortable! I am very glad I bought them.

Just too tight across the top. I had to give them to a friend and so far she loves them.

These sandals are not only cute, but soooo comfortable. Pricey, but worth every penny!

Comfortable toe protection with style. Not suitable for long distance walking comfort.

Sandals fit very well, feel super and look great at the beach, pool or casual dining.

Looks nice, comfortable, easy on&off. Overpriced, waited until REI had them on sale.

I bought this shoe after seeing a friends. So glad I did. You can barely feel them

Very comfortable sandal, great support, can walk all day in them. Highly recommend.

Great for hiking, walking and for water. Light on the feet but sturdy. Comfortable

Love these solid black closed toe sandals! They are perfect for my ugly old feet!

Exactly what my wife wanted and was a excellent choice for our trip to San Diego.

Offers support as well as being comfortable. Good grip for rainy days .

So comfortable and the look is very stylish. Can do light hiking in them

Love my Keen shoes - they are my second pair and I wear them everywhere

They are very cute, comfortable and supportive I love wearing them

These are perfect for everyday wear. Comfortable and lightweight

Very comfortable and love that closed toe so toes are protected.

Went overseas and only 1 of 2 shoes I took. They were great.

Love this sandal for casual wear. This is nice beach sandal.

These are excellent sandals in comfort and attractiveness!

Comfortable, neutral color. Closed toe meets dress code.

Love these shoes! Can wear them anywhere. Cool and comfy.

put the sandal on and it was very comfortable to walk in

love them - from the bank to the beach with style!


world traveler wannabe

These are listed as a "casual" sandal, not a sandal for "watersports", but the description says "water adventure ready" and "Polyester webbing uppers perform well in wet conditions". So, are they waterproof?

Yes, you can use the Rose sandals in the water. The category above is simply a general category.


Will you be getting more Keen Rose sandals? I would like to get a pair in Ensign Blue/neutral gray, but I notice there are only 2 sizes remaining and none of my local stores have it (I wear 8.5). Thanks!

The Ensign Blue/Neutral Gray color has been discontinued. If we get more of these Keen shoes in stock, they will be offered in new colors.

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