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This was my first time buying a rock climbing shoe so it stretched a little more than I anticipated. However it works wonderfully for all the indoor and outdoor climbing I have done, including bouldering, toprope and sport/lead climbing. I like that the bottom is not one piece so when I take it off i can flex the shoe almost in half to help get my toes out of the tight fit.

The instinct vcs is a great shoe for boulders and overhung sport climbs, and an amazing shoe for heel & toe hooks. It is also stiff enough to perform well on slab and vertical climbs. I would not recommend this shoe for very steep climbs past 60 degrees, it is too stiff to properly assist with grabbing holds on a roof. I've also found that it's a little too stiff and not sensitive enough to fit in a lot of pockets properly. A great buy nonetheless, performs well on nearly every style of climbing and built with fine Italian craftsmanship.

This is my second pair of Instinct VS's. Used it for gym climbing, bouldering, trad and sport routes. Love the rubber on-top of the shoe- it protects the feet in cracks and allows for some creative bouldering moves...

I bought those last year on a sale and I'm loving them. I used to wear solutions, but I only use these now. They were a bit right in the beginning, but they stretched up about half a size (may be a sliver less, not more).

If you arw looking for a top of the line aggressive shoe, give this a try. The split sole allows for extra flex of the foot muscles for more downturn grip. These are great for toe hooking as well. I was really looking forward to an alternative to Solutions, whose heel cup is too big for my shallow heels.

I was climbing in the La Sportiva Solution for a year. I started wearing these 2 months ago and have not looked back. Great all-around shoe and more comfortable than Solution.

Bought these one European size down during the anniversary sale. Within two weeks, approximately 4 days of outdoor climbing and two days of indoor climbing, the rubber on the right toe was almost completely delaminated from the shoe. On top of that, the shoe slides on the heal making some pretty goof f#rt noises while climbing.

V5/5.11+ climber. I switched to these after 6 months of slipping off the walls in a pair of Tarantulace shoes. The difference was immediately apparent. These are great on small edges. The rubber is sticky, hard, and after banging them around on the walls for hours at a time for over a month, I will say that they are just as durable, if not more so.

I bought these shoes and at the second day of use, both the heel sole and the part over the bridge started to unstick. I have contacted the Scarpa Customer Service and they don't attend me. They always go from sector to sector and do not solve my problem. I am really disappointed with the customer service, and with the quality of the product. See the pictures.

This is the first shoe I've had for sport climbing, where I can feel a distinct difference from other shoes. Works really good on the overhangs, has a great fitting heel, and I can trust it on any little foot jib. Great shoe!

I have put these shoes through the wringer and they are my absolute favorite pair of climbing shoes that i have owned. They toe hook like a dream. Heel hooks are solid with no slippage. No dead space in the shoe. They really do fit like a sock. I wear them for bouldering and sport climbing. The rubber is nice and sticky but is not very sensitive. The toe hangs onto really tiny feet incredibly well but I don't feel very secure jamming my feet in cracks with these. I'm about to get them resoled for the second time and will be ordering a new pair at some point. Sizing: I wear a street shoe size 10 (U.S. Men's). I ordered these in Euro 42. When I first put them on they were fairly painful to the point where I considered exchanging them. With some reassurance from a couple routesetters in the gym where I work, I kept them. For the first week I had to take them off after almost every climb. At the end of the second week, I could wear them a little longer. After a month they really broke in nicely and before I knew it I could wear them for a long time before having to take them off. It's a very aggressive fit but they are super comfortable now. My only real gripe is that the price has gone up. I paid $170 for these at full price almost two years ago and now they're $185.


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